Microsoft's Windows 10 'CShell' adaptable UI in images and video (exclusive)

At the beginning of this year, I exclusively revealed that Microsoft is working on a brand new Windows Shell, called "Composable Shell," or "CShell," that's goal is to bring an adaptive, scalable UI across all types of device form factors, including PCs, tablets, phones, Xbox and HoloLens. Up until now, we haven't actually seen CShell in action. Thanks to Microsoft's recent accidental release of internal pre-release builds, that all changes today.

Here's a quick recap before we dive in. CShell is Microsoft's new Windows Shell that will eventually replace the existing Windows Shell in future releases of Windows 10. It's an adaptable shell that can scale in real time, adapting to different screen sizes and orientations on the fly. CShell is a shell modularized into sub-components, which can transition between those components when required, making for a far more flexible user experience on devices that have multiple form factors.

Shared UI and Continuum

CShell is a big deal. It allows Microsoft to build one shell that scales across form factors, and in this article you will see exactly what that means. Let's start with the Start screen, which with Windows 10 Mobile differs slightly from the Start experience found on desktop. For example, Windows 10 desktop has large tile sizes, context menus and a few additional options that Windows 10 Mobile doesn't.

With CShell, that all changes. CShell enables the same Start experience found on a PC on phones, which includes that additional large Live tile size, context menus, and all the same options found in those context menus, such as the ability to turn Live tiles on and off for specific apps. You get the same experience found on desktop on a phone powered by CShell. The similarities don't just end there, however.

You get the same experience across PC and phone.

The Action Center is also shared across PC and phone with CShell. When you swipe down on Action Center, you get the same, familiar Action Center design you already know from desktop PCs, directly on your phone. At the bottom, you can see your Quick Actions, all of which are customizable just like they are on PC. At the top, you see your latest notifications, which are also actionable and can be swiped away when needed.

Another new addition is a universal landscape mode that works on the Start screen and Apps. Turning your phone sideways shifts the entire UI, including Live tiles, into landscape orientation. We're not sure if this is just a bug, or if it's is the intended behavior. This is prerelease software after all. Regardless, landscape mode is there. Landscape mode feels universal. The UI jumps in and out of apps in landscape mode like you'd expect from an app that supports landscape. Adding landscape mode to Windows phones has been a popular request from Insiders, so it makes sense that Microsoft is finally working on it.

Continuum makes a lot more sense with CShell

CShell also introduces a number of new improvements to the Continuum experience. Booting into Continuum, you can see the work Microsoft has been doing to make the experience more powerful. Windowed mode is here, enabling the ability to run several apps at one time directly on your phone when connected to an external screen. It supports Windows Snap and Task View, too. Fluent Design elements also work when in Continuum, another nice touch.

These screenshots are also an early look at what PCs will look like when CShell arrives, with the addition of Win32 support, of course. The idea with CShell here is to bring the exact same desktop environment to phones, and vice versa. So, it makes sense to see CShell Continuum mimicking the desktop because it is the desktop. It'll be the same desktop environment on PC as it is on phone devices.

This is still pre-release software however, so not everything represents what the CShell desktop will be. For example, the Start menu seen in our images and video today is not an accurate representation of what the Start menu will look like on desktop. That'd be silly.

The next attempt at Windows on mobile devices?

Silverlight apps do not launch with CShell. Tapping on a Silverlight app such as WhatsApp simply does nothing, because Microsoft intends to drop Silverlight support with its next attempt at Windows phone. (You can read more about that here.)

Speaking of Microsoft's next attempt at Windows on mobile devices, CShell will play a huge part in it. We're not entirely sure if CShell will be coming to existing Windows 10 Mobile devices. There's no technical reason as to why it couldn't, but we think Microsoft might want to save CShell for its next major attempt at Windows phone, which we hear will debut sometime during 2018.

CShell Desktop Composer (Image credit: Windows Central)

If Microsoft decides to bring CShell to existing Windows phones, I expect to see that happen before then. But I'm not holding my breath. A timeframe for CShell on desktop is also pretty hazy, and my sources were unable to commit a specific release time frame. What we do know is CShell will likely be coming to mobile devices first before making its way to desktops.

The images in this post show you what CShell looks like on a phone. From there, it's not hard to imagine what CShell will look like on PC. It'll look identical because that's the goal of CShell; it's the same shell across devices. Your desktop will continue to look just like a desktop when CShell arrives. The same goes for Xbox, HoloLens and everything else that has a UI.

CShell is the another stepping stone towards Microsoft's "One Windows" vision and is a big deal for Microsoft and Windows in general. We can't wait to see what else the company has planned for Windows 10.

This article features prerelease software. The UI is not final, and there are several bugs and UI issues present, and some features are not finished. As is the case with all prerelease software, everything is subject to change.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • CShell is real! What do you guys think of it?
  • Wait what do we think of Zac's hairstyle? On CShell, it needs to come to current W10M devices like Alcatel Idol 4S, HP Elite x3, Lumia 950, 950XL, 650, and 550 so that mobile users won't be burned by another update
  • I don't think the 650 and 550 would run that well though. Those phones don't have really flagship quality hardware.
  • Then how they discontinued 1520
  • Not enough RAM on low end devices.
  • Nothing to do with ram. I am using Samsung galaxy J7 prime. Mid range device with 3gb ram still hangs significantly.
  • That's an android problem
  • 😂😂😂😂 Do you think it may have anything to do with Android?
  • No way it'll be getting installed on mine unless WhatsApp etc update their apps from Silverlight first. I'm pretty sure many others will be the same. There's little enough apps just now without losing the final few biggies
  • The man is right don't down vote him. It is a big deal actually. Do siverlight apps suck on win10m? Yes they do, but they are better than nothing! Rebooting the OS again without the apps in place is nothing short of demoralizing especially as he said there are little enough apps as they are.
  • I'm pretty sure WhatsApp have already said they're retiring their SilverLight App for Windows Phone 7.8 and Windows Phone 8, and that WhatsApp will soon only be available with Windows Phone 8.1+, as a WinRT app, which is what I believe the current one that runs on WP8.1 and W10M is.
  • Stop whining in this forum about the reboot and go to Microsoft twitter, facebook, etc pages. You should be commenting on funcitonality & features you saw in the video, not the reboot....Tell it to Microsoft, because as far as I know Windows Central staff members aren't coding for Microsoft.
  • Hey, it's either Reboot, or nothing... Take your pick.
  • That why they are waiting.
  • Same here. I can't move to CShell unless Whatsapp makes a UWP app. It is my one and only must-have app. If a CShell update were to be forced onto my 950xl that would be disastrous. Some people don't understand how important Whatsapp is to my social life and especially for my work, it's not like some stupid app like candy crush. But I don't believe the 950xl will get CShell anyway so no problem. I'm praying for WhatsApp to get on the UWP train.
  • Dennis...... The main takeaway here is that AS I SAID WINDOWS ON PHONE WILL NEVER DIE. WINDOWS ON PHONE WILL ALWAYS EVOLVE... It lives on, and especially now that hardware capabilities on smaller devices has advanced so that MS doesn't have to invest in two versions of Windows... THIS TIME AROUND PHONE, AND DESKTOP (and all other RELEVANT forms) WILL SHARE THE SAME MARKET SHARE... WM isn't needed anymore. WM has evolved into just Windows10; no need for a separate designation anymore. The only differentiator necessary now is the device name, and type. So, "Surface Phone" be it.
    Future updates? One branch... One branch... ONE BRANCH!😎
  • And, with that said...... Where are the haters now? Windows on Phone isn't going anywhere.... I've been waiting for the day I could say this, and today is the day.... So, here it goes;; are you ready???
    ❗ I TOLD YOU SO🙂❗
    Now, go give Jason Ward a big apology.
  • I think most of us did.
  • I can think of a few nonbelievers left.
  • Sure, there were the house-trolls... But they usually just come out if someone says something positive and they feel like they can "win" an online argument just by making things up.
  • Well, the evidence is too much to ignore.. It's obvious now.
  • There has been evidence almost every day though.
  • Yep.
  • cShell is a start, but impossible to say it's going to save Windows on phones.  Likely to continue on as a zombie unless they; 1. Get developers on board, which hopefully a truly unified code will help with, and 2. stop screwing up the basics and make everything JUST WORK, and improve customization.  I need repeating notifications, the ability to set more than 1 reminder (with custom time available), etc.  And a photo/camera app that isn't so glitchy and prone to occasionally not saving things.  I do hope it gets better, but I'm no longer holding my breath. 
  • Nobody is saying anything about it saving WP, and frankly, at this point it doesn't matter... WP is what it is. The apps aren't coming anytime soon
    .. Fans are just happy that we can look forward to continued use of Windows on Phone, and that Hardware is rumored to be in development..... The fact is that fans are beginning to see their dream device come to life. A mobile device made by Panos team, and running Windows... That's all we're claiming right now.
  • Zombie?? Whatever! Use my HP everyday and it's awesome. Best phone and OS on the market.
  • Same for me! Windowed continuum is the only thing that i miss!
  • Why do you people keep talking about DEVS??????? FFS man, U ME EVERYONE have to first accept the new OS iteration, love how it functions, brag about it on Instagram, blog, FB, WhatsApp, whatever to get the interests of masses peaked. Before any DEVS will take a peek we the consumer has to show interest first. ALL OSes need the consumers first then apps will come afterwards. There's no currently running OS that had apps before the users. devs will be watching how we the users accept this first. Don't understand how simply minded users expect any dev to create or update an app for a new OS without knowing if it works, if users like it, former users returning, current users of older versions upgrading etc. All that first before all the stupid talk about apps apps apps. Why would I want any dev to bring an app to my L950XL that when it gets to a certain battery % it shuts down or restarts, or wifi or BT doesn't work properly. Wouldn't I then be distracted about my phone not working always giving issues instead of telling people oh I have that app as well and that app also.
  • Um, what you're talking about is MS's job, and it's called MARKETING
  • If your 950XL shuts down or restarts after you hit a certain amount of battery capacity left, then it's 100% a problem of your battery. You should get a new battery and you will not encounter those problem again. I had the same issues. I even described it in detail on that (gilded) reddit post.
  • Well Tom at the Verge won't eat crow! I miss his winrumor days, he did a 720!
  • TheVerge...
  • Im still will still be dead without mobile centric apps.  Seeing as win32 apps are based on desktop...they are limited in mobile functionality.   That being said,  if microsoft can wrangle the devs somehow to get FIRST PARTY apps rolling in the store.....thats a big if,   I may buy a new one!
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • There are plenty of apps. And they don't need to be "mobile centric"... They need to adapt... Which most of my apps do when I use continuum.
  • yes...because you use your phone as a desktop...might as well just use a desktop computer....APPS ON A PHONE NEED TO BE MOBILE CENTRIC....if not,  whats the's supposed to be MOBILE....typical fanboy drivel from you.
  • Why should I use a desktop when my phone can do the same in my pocket? Programs/apps for a certain device is so old... They should be retired and forgotten as the saddest part of modern computing. Apps should be resilient, adaptive and work on everything.
  • But see thats the problem there Giddora,  THEY are NOT resilent,  adaptive and they do not work on everything...and will not for the forseeable future.   There in lies the problem....I do agree with you that They SHOULD....But the don't and won't.   That is microsofts biggest hurdle to overcome.   Getting the first party apps on the new system.  Functioning like the apps on my iphone/ipad.   My windows 10 desktop is AWESOME.   My windows 10 mobile does not compare in awesomeness.  It has huge holes in useability when moible.  thats the truth no, fanboy chest beating here.  I use ALL systems.   Iphone/Ipad has that phone/tablet thing down for apps.  IF microsoft can get all the major apps on board.  I am selling my i stuff and moving back to MS fully,  but,  until then.  the iphone is a better mobile device.  Cshell looks promising however.   But,  MS should be courting Devs and companies now to get their apps in the MS store.  I keep going back to texture,  it's an awesome app that has hundreds of magazines on it,  My wife and I use it daily.  Works awesome on our ipad,  my cheap lePan mini android tablet,  but is useless on windows 10.   It does not even work.  That stuff needs to change. 
  • So, in what way doesn't my current uwp-apps that I use daily on three different screens and four different devices not work as intended you mean?
  • YOu know how they don't work....I have been stating it since UWP was released....its the same...half baked **** apps.  they do not work....the first party apps are just NFC support because most of the UWP apps are just web wrappers, if they work at all.  Texture just hangs and does not do anything....I am sick of stating the same thing over and over to you....You are so childlike it's funny!
  • If useful, apps can be upgraded to run on the current OS, can't retire a useful app unless there is a better alternative.
  • Hey Steve, isn't that what universal Windows apps are for? So they work on all devices? Don't be a pud.
  • BEBO  waiting for your wrong two cents worth.....another blind fanboy.   Yes...that is SUPPOSEDLY what they are for but they fail because although they scale properly they are void of many features for when you are actually most first party apps aer NOT UWP so they don't work with winDOH"S phone anyways...Dont be a blind fanboy....christ..
  • I will buy one regardless because the other two do not interest me.  But I agree, for windows on pones to succeed they will need more of the popular first party apps.
  • As far as the mobile versions of Windows 10 are concerned, if you can run Win32 in emulation in ARM, you can also have the Dalvik/ART subsystem for Android apps. This way, you can get the ultimate mobile device at similar pricing to current flagships Galaxy S8, G6, etc.
  • Not me. I never thought it was dead. I thought the MS marketing dept. was dead from the neck up, but never the phones.
  • Those fired by Nadella
  • You mean the ones that thought, "DANCING" commerical would make people want to buy something? Nadella has made a lot of bad moves, but that wasn't one of them!
  • Rodney!! You are going off today.
    ...i love it lol
  • 💚💜💚💜💚💜💚💜💚💜💚 I'm cra cra cra cra
  • Forgive my ignorance, I've been reading here for ages that WM is dying, to the point where I got so demoralised that I got rid of my 950 and bought an Android phone. I've kind of ignored everything since, this site kinda killed it for me. Are you saying that W10M is not going anywhere? Really?
  • Windows 10 mobile is done.....
  • No, on the contrary.
  • is.
  • You're a pudd Steve because now all Surface devices can be mobile, not just phones.
  • so your going to take your suface tablet to pay for your coffee or whatever....please take your own advice...DON't BE a PUD!   asshat.
  • @Efjay D That's not what he's saying. For any of this to make sense you must first understand two things: 1) W10M is an OS, i.e. software. Although we've only ever encountered W10M on phones, it was originally designed to run on any mobile hardware. So W10M isn't really even about phones. It's really about providing MS with the capability to deliver a version of Windows that can (a) run on cheaper hardware (and compete with the cheapest Android tablets), (b) requires zero maintenance and administration, (c) require essentially no IT skills from users, and (d) be far more secure than full W10 (primarily by protecting users from themselves which W10 can't do). That's what W10M is really about! 2) The widespread idea that W10M (the OS) is dying or dead is BS. I've explained why in dozens of posts over the last two years in the forums. Those making that claim who actually understand what they are saying are just plain wrong. However, many who make that claim actually mean something else, namely that MS is exiting the smartphone market and will no longer build smartphones. That is true. That's just something entirely different from MS retiring an OS. Now, rodneyej's main point is that MS is obviously still interested in phone sized devices. The demonstration of CShell running on a phone sized display is very good proof of that. However, rodneyej also concludes that in the future, there will be but a single version of Windows that runs on everything from servers to phones, meaning there is no point to a seperate OS like W10M. That is where he is wrong, because full W10 will never solve all of the problems I mentioned which W10M was explicitly designed to solve. So, although it's currently not possible to buy any new hardware running W10M, it will continue to be developed by MS. Under the right conditions, it will be re-released at some point, hopefully under a different name, but it will still be exactly what W10M always has been... a slimed down version of Windows (by cutting all legacy capabilitites related to Win32) and being a platform for running pure UWP software. In a nutshell, MS can't afford not to offer mobile solutions. It's a far too important part of modern computing. For Windows, UWP software is the future, but MS will have to leverage the huge library of existing Win32 based software to make current devices useful and marketable, as they have so far failed to get UWP off the ground (the whole app gap issue). One more UWP software is available (that is still a big IF) and once having access only to UWP software is viable, then a device that can run only UWP software also becomes viable. That is when W10M, at least in spirit, will return.  
  • That's where I'm wrong?..... Have you been paying attention?.... THAT'S WHAT CSHELL IS ALL ABOUT!!!! What are you missing?...
    Now, I never said anything about Servers, or iOT, or any other specialize versions of Windows MS, and it's partners may see necessary. No, you're misunderstanding me... From what I can see Cshell, WOA, WinS,, these are all highly consumer oriented projects that have enterprise value as well.. There will be 1 OS for all screens including "phones"... Screen is the keyword here...... Now, tell me, what am I wrong about again? Today don't see as being that day to call Rodney out😜
  • .
  • Actually, Server and IoT share OneCore and can run UWP apps. Devs just need to adapt to the UI like every other platform, which, on Server and IoT, can be none at all but needn't be.
  • Yes, of course, as well..... This guy has some great points but somehow he has failed to grasp the moral of W10... One OS everywhere, bottom line...
  • @rodneyej Yes. That is where you're wrong. You seem to be saying that CShell is all about eliminating the need for W10M. You're wrong on that too. I know you're not a software engineer, so don't I don't blame you. It's complicated. Most consuers are very UI focused. For most consumers the UI is all the OS is, as that's the only thing they interact with and they have little to no understanding of what else constitutes an OS. CShell is nothing but UI. Overall, that's a very small part of an OS however. More importantly, CShell can't fix any of the problems I listed in my previous point. All of those problems are particularly troublesome for consumers, and they are the root causes of the bad reputation Windows has made itself over the years. Whether they know it or not, those problems are why most consumers prefer mobile OSes to desktop OSes. They must all be fixed for MS to become successful in the consumer space. That's why W10M was created in the first place. But guess what? W10oA fixes none of them. CShell fixes non of them. Windows S fixes some of them, but will never compete with Android or iOS in terms of battery life or how low the price of hardware that runs it can go. So sure, I'll gladly tell you again that you are wrong. Don't take it personally.
  • Please ignore the above. Actual reply is below.
  • Wrong... nope, with WOA, WM is not needed anymore..... THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF CSHELL!... Why are you not grasping this?
  • Agreed
  • @rodneyej I could just as well ask: why are you not grasping that Win32 is not the future of Windows? I'm not disagreeing with you because I don't grasp what you are saying. I disagree with you because what you are saying is wrong. The person not grasping something here is you, and I'm not sure you have the intellectual curiosity required to fix that. Anyway, the OSes you're pointing to and thinking they will replace W10M (W10, W10oA, W10S), are all firmly based on the two decades old Win32. That's probably older than you are. The only way to think any of them are the future and could replace W10M (the only version of Windows for personal computing that omits Win32), is by understanding nothing of the technological  underpinnings of these OSes. When it comes to software technology, being ignorant is not a crime. Being ignorant and pretending you know exactly what you are talking about might be though.
  • Who says that W32 is the future? I didn't.... 🤔 Where are you getting that?
    Man, it's simple. One OS that adapts to any form factor. End of story. Windows10. One, Windows that can run on x86, or arm,,, whatever the hardware is... The shell will adapt to the device. No reason for a Mobile build, and a desktop build. One Build... How did you miss this?
  • Yes, exactly. No reason for a desktop and a mobile build. That one OS will eventually be W10M + CShell. Until you get off you're high horse and consider that you might be wrong, this will likely go on forever, so I'll leave it at that.
  • WTF are you talking about? "W10M+Cshell"... 🤔
    Dude.. You can call it what you want. Whatever... One OS, one build. W10
    Are you arguing about a name differentiator? Are you that basic? Nobody here even cares about that... Call it kitty kitty mobile for all I care. Whatever pleases you. Fact is that unlike now, it will just be one build of W10 that's deployed on all devices.. I can't believe I've been sitting here arguing over some basic **** about "when its on Phone It's called mobile".... That's irrelevant, and a waste of time. Everyone is past that.. Dude, you've got issues. If you're a software developer then whatever you're developing must be jacked... Now, before you keep running your mouth post a link of your work.. Post a link of your work before we continue.
  • And, what are you talking about? W10 as it is is currently capable of running old W32 apps, and UWP apps.. Yes, MS wants to eventually get rid of those older applications, but that doesn't mean a newer OS is coming. It's already here W10. Now, you may think I'm young, and I don't know what I'm talking about, but your youth is obviously blocking your perception of what Windows Central is talking about everyday. I was born in 1977. Not sure when you were born, but in your time on this earth you've obviously failed to learn how to read.... Now, maybe I'm misunderstanding you, because from what I understand you believe that W10OA with CShell ISN'T what it looks like a purported "Surface Phone" would run? Are you saying that MS is developing something else for mobile?... Is that what you're saying? Explain.
  • Despite having absolutey no expertise in the field of OS development, you're so convinced of your own opinion that it's hard for you to consider alternatives. That and your boisterous writing style made me think you were much younger. I appologize. I'd also not put too much weight in WCentral's reporting on this topic. In general they are quite good, but when it comes to technical issues related to software technology or software development they are basically incompetent. I've called them out multiple times on their technical inacuracies over the years. I've since been proven right on every one of those occasions. I've gotten them to admit to most of those errors, but they downplay the confusion the misinformation causes and unfortunately aren't willing to go back and officially correct the record. Anyway, this discussion started because you apparently think W10 (with Win32) + CShell is the "one" OS MS wants to have running on all form-factors of personal computing devices. That is not true. What MS actually wants to have running on all form-factors of personal computing devices is W10 (without Win32) + CShell. And what is W10 without Win32? Exactly. That is W10M. We agree that MS would prefer to have only a single personal-computing OS. We disagree on what that single OS is. You think W10, W10S and W10oA (all with CShell) represent MS' final vision for personal computing. They do not. They are merely stepping stones. In fact, W10S was concieved solely for the purpose of deemphasizing and fazing out Win32. Take the hint already! To be clear, I'm also sure MS will develop some mobile device running W10oA + CShell. That doesn't mean W10oA represents MS' vision of a good personal computing OS. MS' vision of a good personal computing OS is far more accurately represented by W10M + CShell. Everything else is just a means by which to make that viable, i.e. more UWP software and less dependance on Win32. This is my third attempt at explaining the same thing. If you're still not grasping the gist of it I'd ask you to provide more specific questions.
  • @rodneyej Yes. That is where you're wrong. You also seem to be saying that CShell is all about eliminating the need for W10M. You'd be wrong about that too. I know you're not a software engineer, so don't I don't blame you. It's complicated. Most consumers are very UI focused. For most consumers the UI is all the OS is, as that's the only thing they interact with and they have little to no understanding of what else constitutes an OS. Overall, the UI is a very small part of an OS however. CShell is nothing but UI! That's the main reason why CShell can't fix any of the problems I listed in my first post. All of those problems are particularly troublesome for consumers, and they are the root causes of the bad reputation Windows has made itself over the years. They are why most consumers prefer mobile OSes to desktop OSes. They must all be fixed for MS to become successful in the consumer space. W10M fixes all of them. Those problems are why W10M was created in the first place. But guess what? W10oA fixes none of those problems. CShell fixes non of them either. W10S fixes some of them, but will never compete with Android or iOS in terms of battery life, nor in terms of how low the price of the hardware it decently runs on can go. You assume W10S, W10 and W10oA are all part of MS' final personal-computing vision. They are not. They are all just intermediate steps, bridges if you will, to where MS finally wants to end up, namely with a lightweight OS (that sheds the immense weight/bloat of legacy Win32 ) for all personal-computing-form-factors (desktop to phone) that focuses solely on the UWP. That is exactly/all W10M is. W10 - Win32 = W10M W10M + CShell = MS' actual vision for personal computing (but we don't yet have a name for this). That is where MS wants to go. Everything else is transitionary/temporary. So sure, I'll gladly tell you again that you are wrong. Don't take it personally. P.S. Sorry for double post. Firefox and this commenting system aren't compatible apparently.
  • you hoping to reason with that guy is really funny. In years he has never wrote anything logical and you still try to explain something to him 😅
  • Well, although I'm replying to rodneyej, my posts are actually directed at everyone who holds the same misconceptions as he does. They are quite widespread after all. I think that's understandable. If I knew nothing about OSes and software development, I could very well imagine harboring the same misguided views. As a software developer yourself, it's a lot easier for you to see where this is all headed. ;-)
  • W10 will continue to run on phones for the foreseeable future.
  • What I'm saying is that it doesn't matter.. Talking about this, or that, being dead is irrelevant.... The current 2018 C7 Corvette will be replaced by the C8, C9, C10, and so on. The Corvette doesn't die, rather it evolves over generation.. I see Windows on Phone the same, whether it be Pocket PC, WinMo, WP, WM, or Just W10... There's always gonna be a successor.. Now, if the C7 Corvette was in fact the last Corvette ever then Yes the Corvette would be dead... But, since we know the C8 is coming what's the point of saying that the Corvette is dead, just because GM will stop production on the C7 in a few years?? There is no point, and it's the same thing with Windows on Phone.. WOP isn't iDroid. I droid doesn't evolve in a generational sense the way Windows does, and it really doesn't need to.. IMO, that's what makes Windows special, and it's also my opinion that this will make Windows on Phone much more "functional" than smartphone centric Android, and iOS, if MS keeps merging everything together.. It seems as though we're at that point now, more than "we've" ever been.... WM is running It's course, just like the C6 Corvette did, and just like the C6 Corvette, WM10 is still in use, receiving support from it originator, and third parties, so figuratively, and literally, it is not dead.... But, yes, one day it will be phased out just like every other product on the market.... So, what does "dead" have to do with anything?.... In this case, with Windows obviously having a continued future on Phone, what does W10M being dead even mean? Sounds like a waste of time saying that bitter people use just to be unnecessarily negative... No, Windows on Phone isn't dead... And, if anyone disagrees with me, then put fourth as much evidence that it is dead,,, as we have that it is alive for the foreseeable future.
  • First of all, Lol. Second, Windows Phonism is not a real religion. Stop trying to separate the believers from non-believers. All of us that come here are fans, and we all want success for it. We're all just at varying degrees of frustration. Third, if Windows Phonism were a religion, and the non-believers were having a crisis of faith, it would be because their God repeatedly proved to be an all-powerful klutz, eventually abandoned them, and just left rumors that he/she would return one day.
  • No,, all of us here are not fans... Lol. Those days are over.
  • Oh, they (the haters) are coming Rodney, they are coming...
  • I am not a hater either....thats where you have me pegged wrong.  I am a REALIST.   if microsoft does not have first party app support in their next reboot...I don't care if the OS wipes your ass after you ****'s dead in the water...Wheather that be running bluestacks or first party support....either way would be fine.  bluestacks works great on my dell.  So that is an option I guess with Cshell...
  • I'll take back everything I have said about the killing off of W10M.  W10M would obviously fade with RS3 but the pocket W10 mobile devices with CShell will rise in a huge way.  It is not my fault though since MS never spell it out clearly about their future mobile plan, not even today.  We have to do educated guess all the time. Now if MS will indeed build a CShell based mobile device which can run all the Windows Store apps and web apps (or progressive web apps), then I think that W10M should die.  The app gap issue will be immediately resolved for most if not all.  MS and Windows OEMs will race to build all kinds of W10 ultramobile devies with telephony features.  They will be targeting at the W10 user base in the business and enterprise sectors initially and will gradually expand into the consumer sector later while the Windows Store apps keep expanding.
  • Lol.
  • :) I like your attitude.
  • Lol nobody said it was going anywhere. We just said that unless there are high quality apps windows on phone is as useful as if it was dead.
  • Got all the apps i need and want.
  • Good for you but nobody cares if that's enough for you. For me and thousands of others who were forced to leave mobile a subpar mobile experience is not enough so try and understand you are the minority and by a large margin.
  • Forced? No one forced you to do anything...
  • Forced by the absence of apps or functionalities obviously. You are either a provoker or just dumb.
  • Hey the guy who always talks with lots of CAPS and "..." just responded to me, LOL. How are you doing rodney?
  • I agree with Rodneyej. I've been following this W10M thing for some time now and I can't help but think back to when W10 first was going to launch, you know, when W9 was announced; that MS's vision is to actually create a "One" Windows operating system. This included the renaming of Windows 10 to just, well, Windows. I remember reading MS is going to eventually lose the version numbering. There would be no major updates by way of a "Version Number"; only upgrade builds, which is what they do now, of course, but once they get Windows with CShell on all devices, and running UWP apps exclusively, there will be no need for version numbers. My thoughts, anyway. - RW
  • Exactly... Plus, when the same OS is running on every device, and every device (including phones) are PCs, there is no more need to say WM... It's just Windows ... iDroid will be left differentiating thier OSs because they have a lesser mobile version.. Your next phone might be a real life PC, not just a smartphone. To me, that's a huge differentiator.
  • Well said!
  • I have never yet felt the urge to play games on my 950XL, nor on my Galaxy Note 2.  Candy crush seems mind-crushing, any time, any place.
  • My name is Rodney Jones.. Hahaha! Funny 😁
  • I have a feeling that unless you can afford a Surface Phone, or an updated X3, it won't be your choice to move, or not.
  • WhatsApp has a desk top app. If it works on full Windows 10 why wouldn't it work on a phone running full Windows 10?
  • Drop those low level phones 650-550, etc. I currently use a 950 and honestly I would rather get a phone designed from the ground up instead of the Nokia designed units we currently use.
  • Right... Seeing this, and thinking of new hardware (Surface) why would you even want this on your current phone?.. My 950 runs fine, as is.. Pen support is what I need.... I swear, when I'm using my Surface i switch to my phone, and forgot my pen doesn't work with it.. Gets me every damn time.. So many uses for a PC in my pocket... For one, I would look like I'm happy to see everybody.
  • Zak's hairstyle is "big city standard cut #004"
  • I would ask if any of the devices you numbered will be current when CShell is ready for going gold. That will be one of the big challange if Microsoft want to do a new try in the mobile device nisch and I mean real mobile devices, such as thoose you wear and carry with you (not, is that an laptop in your pocket or are you only happy to CShell). At the moment most of them are only selling the back stock and clearance. So will there be a phone or phone like device to put this on mid 2018? Microsoft needs to convince both bitter former fans and thoose who have no relationship to Microsoft on mobile devices. If this will only be for laptops, 2-in-1 and tablets not much will be accomplished. Microsoft will need to have an devices that is at least as good as the top tier Androids and iPhones at satisfing the needs of the consumers and on top of that something that lures them from a known and familiar ecosystem into Microsoft. That will be the real challange as in this game Microsoft is the unknown challanger up against the big old giants.
  • LOOK AT THE LIST OF SUPPORTED DEVICES FOR THE CURRENT CREATORS UPDATE.. AND, WE KNOW THE LIST WILL BE EVEN SMALLER FOR THE CU2..... IF YOU'RE WONDERING IF YOUR CURRENT DEVICE WILL SUPPORT THIS, THERE'S YOUR ANSWER... Seriously, the only devices that might support this are the 4S, and the X3,, maybe the 950 series... Don't count on any other current devices supporting this, and by mid-late 2018 I don't see why anyone would want to be using a Lumia that old in the first place.... A year from now you guys should be ok with getting a new phone.
  • There you have the big question. If there is a new phone. Microsoft must put something out but will anyone else?
  • I've been wondering the same thing. Apparently right now we have two devices that theoretically should be capable. The HP and the Alcatel. Both with 820's. At the very least they should be capable enough to run Insider Builds for the Fall Update. But what then?
    I don't think HP would have made the commitment they did without some insight into Microsoft's plans. Alcatel might just have the same information. I can't see them announcing the Idol 4S Pro for Europe if it were essentially obsolete (unless they've jut got that many laying around). This whole "Retrenchment" might just be coming together. Who knows, a Samsung Note 8 "with Windows 10"? C-Shell might be that "next big thing".
  • Same chance as a tooth fairy
  • I can't really get past Zac's pic to post something serious.  He looks too much like Tom Cruise in Risky Business.
  • This is great news but, for me, only if MS stands behind their product to the point where some effort, any effort, in actual marketing of this amazing OS is made, I will not buy back in to Windows Mobile. Until I see something that shows MS is fully invested in making it a competitive and viable option known to everyone, not just those of us who are already fans.  It is by far the best OS but I am not going to invest another multiple hundred dollars in a device that is basically ignored and disregarded in the mobile world.
  • I love the context menu for live tiles on windows mobile start screen
  • I wanted that since... forever.  I would really like that it keeps landscape support too for the Start Screen on Mobile.
  • If they do landscape mode, they need to get rid of those useless blank spaces on the left and right side. It needs to full the screen.
  • I love the extra large "square" tile.
  • The extra large square tile would look sexy for "hero" images. Something of our own.
  • It would be perfect for onscreen music controls....
    And if you think about it, there are already thousands of W32 apps that can take control of Windows audio... They just have to be bridged into UWP apps💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥.... Windows on Phone could turn out to be as customizable as Android... We'll see.
  • We've already seen both concepts and prototypes for stuff like this, so pretty sure this will all be part of the picture before a formal mobile relaunch.
    (I'm just hoping us insiders are there for the ride - I.e. this is part of builds for current hardware)
  • Yeah, that last sentence is what's important. All the current Insiders should get this. And also non-insider L950/XL, L650 minimum. HP's Elite X3 would be able to handle it for sure.
  • But they will not, thats the reason MS didnt launch any new hardware, look at what cerulean posted, they said MS just pulled back their support to Moment which means new hardware is coming, another reboot is coming.
  • What did they post? And where? Twitter?? I didn't see anything.
  • Sounds like a feedback suggestion....
  • It's so cool and thank you for sharing this with us! I was about to purchase an iPhone last week but articles I've read about MS's possible new mobile platform and this particular article (mostly) made me not do it and stick to my Lumia 950!
  • The possible new mobile platform? You mean win10 on ARM or win10m?
  • I do not know how often and where do you read about MS news however MSPoweruser and WC reported that Microsoft is working on a new platform for mobile. I did not mean any of those you named.
  • Because they didn't know they were wrong?
  • ARM, x86 or x64... that is the question... it is one Windows, only architecture that differs. Cshell takes care of the rest.
  • It's not a new platform.  It's the same old dead platform.  What did this article change?  Did it make developers suddenly remember that MS makes an OS?
  • Well, if you weren't wrong in the second sentence maybe we could have informed about the rest?
  • Replying to you from a Lumia 950 Running W10......... If you're reading this message, and you still think the platform in which your phone received this message is dead,,,,,, then maybe you need to see a psychiatrist... Actually, we both are seeing $h1t, so take me with you.
  • Zac,how you install that build
  • is one of those builds accidentally released last week. You can't get them now, unless Microsoft does the same mistake again :p
  • 16212 that was accidently released. It was supposedly causing a boot LOOP but I suspect, Zac must have kept trying while charging it, until eventually it installed OR he was just lucky.
  • That was an IoT build not a W10M build which is why it caused bootloop issues.
  • Yup. IoT, XBOX mix.
  • Don't you mean "Hack, how you install that build?"
  • I like. Its been a long time coming and makes a lot of sense, but it is just the same code re-purposed, I'd be more excited about new features (actionable live tiles, customisation etc.) - live tiles are front and centre in today's Windows, but have evolved very little
  • You do know it's not finished, but I agree about the customization.
  • No seriously, what changed for a windows user(not me) who doesnt follow that much tech news or doesnt care what Cshell is? No new UI(to me that's the problem) very much same action center, less apps, and same continuum experience. I dont think c-shell is that big of a deal the way it's shown here.
  • Microsoft is remodelling the UI along with CShell development. This is an early build, UI is not final and will change before release.
  • Hey Zac, in your video, i didn't see the CURSOR on the keyboard.. Is it removed or did you disable it?
  • Hello Zac, thanks for the video. What do you think: is it too buggy for a daily driver or, who knows, maybe we'll start getting those builds in the fast ring soon?
  • As the ladies in Grease would say, "Tell me more, Tell me more, I won't put up a fight"!
  • We already have a better UI... What more is there? And... Not the same continuum experience.
  • Better UI than what? My S8's UI is light years ahead of W10M in every way imaginable.  Every.  Single.  Way. Instead of not-very-live tiles I've got functional widgets.  Navigation through the OS is a breeze.  I can customize everything, including the font the interface uses.  I have Arrow installed, so my recent docs appear right on my home screen.  It's fast and fluid, instead of slow and laggy.  I can use FF as my default browser and Here as my default navigation.  I can have animated backgrounds.  I can access Cortana from my lock screen. It's much better it is.
  • cool
  • No, haha... Just, no.
  • Yes. In.  Every.  Way.
  • Haha, good for you. :D
  • Android?😂😂😂😂😂😂 Still a mess... Looks nasty.. Lots of functionality that Windows needs, and it runs OK now, but it's still nastaaaaay looking.
  • downvoted by stupid minded fanboys. Also own a GS8. Everything in the OS is hundreds of miles ahead of this mediocre windows mobile OS...cshell WOW..nothing changed but a new submenu on Tiles and some Actioncenter icons moved to the! indeed...the innovation..WOW...phalease...pathetic, simply pathetic. This is all MS has to offer? :)) for real?
  • So again, why are you here if what you currently use makes you happy? Oh, never mind, you don't have anything better to do on you S8 and in android central!
  • No, haha. Just no. I work part time with fixing these flawed headsets.
  • It's hard to blame them.  I was an early adopter of Windows Phone, picking up an HTC Arrive around launch.  At that time, it was completely fair to say that Android was a mess.  It was buggy, laggy, crashy, etc. If that was the last time you put in any serious time with Android, you'd still have that taste in your mouth. What the Android UI is now is unbelievably easy to navigate.  From launching apps to switching between them to running them side by side to the incredible lock screen to the customizable fonts to changeable default applications to "game mode" (or whatever it's called) to the choice of keyboards to the assignable "convenience buttons" to taking a screenshot of a part of a screen to...well...literally everything...Android is 5 years ahead of W10M just in terms of the core interface.  This has nothing to do with the fact that apps actually work on the device... Android is so easy to use I simply can't go back to the hot mess that is W10M.
  • It's hard to blame them.  I was an early adopter of Windows Phone, picking up an HTC Arrive around launch.  At that time, it was completely fair to say that Android was a mess.  It was buggy, laggy, crashy, etc. If that was the last time you put in any serious time with Android, you'd still have that taste in your mouth. What the Android UI is now is unbelievably easy to navigate.  From launching apps to switching between them to running them side by side to the incredible lock screen to the customizable fonts to changeable default applications to "game mode" (or whatever it's called) to the choice of keyboards to the assignable "convenience buttons" to taking a screenshot of a part of a screen to...well...literally everything...Android is 5 years ahead of W10M just in terms of the core interface.  This has nothing to do with the fact that apps actually work on the device... Android is so easy to use I simply can't go back to the hot mess that is W10M.
  • Android is a mess through and through. They really should do a reboot and fix all the issues and make a relaunch with a better product. Seriously. My head hurts every day I get home after work.
  • If your GS8's UI is light years ahead, then why are you here reading about an inferior OS? Get outta here!
  • Haha, because he wants to convince others he made a good choice for some reason.
  • Because I want it to be good.  I would rather use a MS product since I sit in front of W10 desktop all day, carry my W10 laptop with me all weekend, and spend endless hours using Office.  And I consider Google to be essentially a spyware company.  I hate that.  I don't want to use their stuff.  As a MS fanboy, I would like to see them succeed, not Google.  So, I check out this Web site in the hope that there will be some sign that they will be succeeding in the near future, so that I can come back. So far, I see none. I didn't want to leave Windows Phone, but Windows Phone left me.  W10M is is the worst smartphone OS I have ever used, and I've used Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Blackberry OS (the old one, not BB10), webOS and Windows Phone 7-8.  WP8.1 worked HTC One M8 was nearly bug-free (although it was still sorely lacking in applications and functionality).  W10M is...trash...and has been since the day it was launched.  My 950 is, far and away, the worst phone I've ever used and probably the worst electronic device I've ever spent more than $500 on in my life.  It's just...wretched.   I've now had an S8 for about two weeks and I keep feeling like I'm living in the future.  The gap between Android and W10M is a chasm.  It is fundamentally dishonest to say otherwise.
  • I'm wondering if Snap and Shake features are currently working.
  • Cool, this is where I was waiting for. I guess you don't have any information of  whether it  is coming available for the Lumia 950(XL). I hope it does the phone should be capable and Microsoft kinda owes the customers. Hopefully this time when they officially release the OS it wont be as buggy, like when they released windows 10 on mobile.
  • Me Likey
  • That Continuum Start Menu got really wide. Not a good thing.
  • Yeah Its mirroring the landscape mode showed earlier in the video. I wish the fix it to be like the desktop version
  • That would actually be great. Except for some apps like WhatsApp, gadgets and my carrier app
  • A CShell based ultramobile device in 2018 should have the following specs:
    - Snapdragon 845 with the new ARM Cortex A75, *** and Mali-A72 cores which focus on AI, VR and performance boost.
    - CShell powered Continuum which is truly PC like.
    - 5G ready with eSIM
    - A mini tablet version and a foldable screen version
    - W10 on ARM which supports all UWP, converted Win32 and web apps (progressive web apps)
    - Up to 8GB RAM and 256 GB storage
    CShell is a major milestone for MS' mobile effort and will also help expanding the Windows Store apps.
  • 5G won't be ready until 2020.
  • Starting from 2018:
  • You remember how 4G was deployed right? It's always in phases and takes time. It'll be South Korea that does 5G in the beginning.
  • Why do people keep making these things up?
  • Why not?  It's fun.
  • All pieces of puzzle are there or coming soon.  It is a matter how to package them or when.
  • Because it's nice to imagine stuff like that. FEEL.GOOD.
  • I'll take that.
  • I think I love you, Zack💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 🤓🤓🤓🤓
  • Jesus Christ😝😜
  • Hahahaha!..... He just confirmed my Surface Phone😂😂😂
  • It's Zac.
  • Oh, whatever.. Lol
  • Hahahaha I like you mate 😅😂
  • Lol. Cool!
  • Zac, I think it looks like a great idea. Of course there are a few things to consider but this is early days. I do expect them to bring this to W10 mobiles of today, however. There is no reason not to, they will get their zealots talking it up rather than down, app designers will be able to bring along their current user base etc. Basically, the only advantage to keeping it back from the current gen of mobiles is to force them to upgrade. Considering the small current user base that would potentially net very little income and I suggest would be less valuable than bringing along a rabid fan group who can make or break the next OS release much as they did with W10 Mobile. MS have brought them in via Insider, to snub them now would be a very big mistake. Sure, most of the fans would have bought a new device soon after the new wave comes out anyway, but it may take 6 months to a year for everyone to finance that switch and people buying HP Elite devices and the Idol (which is set to be VERY expensive outside the US going by plans for Germany) will certainly expect to update the OS on their older kit to back up their new devices. So, I expect the current gen devices to get updated long enough for a smooth transition to 'the new way'. If people have to dump and jump, they might well jump over to Android or iOS rather than throw their hats in with another MS reboot. Yes, even the rabid fans may do that as many have already done. If they do, they will be constantly talking about the next reboot to come and advising an approach of waiting to see if the latest MS phone fad takes. Understandable after the history and particularly after their treatment by MS over W10M. Others will listen, and wait, and so it will never take off. That's the risk, MS must SURELY have noticed it by now after so many reboots of so many things. If MS mess up this next reboot they probably won't get another chance in the mobile space which would be dire for them. So, considering there are no technical barriers to this, will CShell be coming to current gen phones? Yes. Yes, unless MS are terminally stupid.
  • Current Windows 10 Mobile (phone) users will be "forced" to upgrade in a few years time anyway when the batteries in their devices naturally wear out and won't charge anymore.
  • By then things would naturally be moving on. However, the trend in current gen phones has been towards user swappable batteries, so they are intended to last a little longer than the previous gen. And my L930 still runs strong on the battery for a working day at 2 years plus, so the previous gen was already pretty great.
  • Lol. Right.
  • Well, think of it this way Rod. Current gen Win phones are great, next gen are on the way with the look of a major hype train if MS decide to hire a decent PR company, and Satya Nadella's still at the helm. Two out of three ain't bad, right?
  • Actually, if MS could take a page out of Linux history, they would come up with a way to install the new WP iterations on high end recent (probably not very latest) Android phones such as Samsung Galaxy 5/6/7 and Note 4/5/6 models, LG G5/6, Motorolas (not current on their models), Asus, HTC, ZTE, etc, which would provide a huge supply of not-so-costly, but still capable phones. These phones would need to be unlocked from their original carriers (in the US at least), and then the real trickery would be to unlock the boot loaders many of them are stuck with. What do y'all think?
  • . Please update app with delete.
  • I liked the settings shortcuts on the bottom of the Action Center. They will be more accessible for one hand users.
  • Yes, for one handed users,,, especially when watching porn with the screen folded out......
  • I'm actually very impressed
  • What a disappointment. I haven't seen anything here that actually hints at a new shell, certainly not one that is "composable". Bringing the (imo ugly) context menu and larger tile sizes over from PC does not require a new shell. And continuum is the same as before, just a bit more advanced with Windowed apps. But we already saw that demoed 9 months ago, so I'm not really blown away by that either. And the new action center is also nothing more than rearranging of existing stuff. It's not even consistent with what was leaked in recent PC builds were the quick actions stuff was split off to a separate control center. Maybe it's just me but I don't see what the big deal is. I'm not seeing anything that hints at an "adaptive, scalable UI across all types of device form factors". It just the same old UI for phones that switches to a desktop-like environment in continuum. We already have that today. If I have to choose between this CShell stuff and support for old Silverlight apps, I will gladly choose the latter.
  • The context menu is just aligning the same experience from the desktop, there won't be any difference from the normal UI you see in the phone, desktop or Xbox. For the developer though this will be a big thing, they can develope an app and with minor works can pan across the screen of difference devices. For the consumer you will have an app that will scale nicely on the diffent devices you have.
  • Landscape mode on the start should be your first clue at something different.
  • Correct. There is nothing wow to see here. Same UI with a few modifications that show NOTHING I supposed to be amazed by a submenu and a new size for the Tile? :))) LOL Let's be serious. Landscape start screen :)) IOS already has it. Android already has it, so? what's so wow about that?
  • I guess you missed the part where I clearly state several times that the UI is not final. In case you don't understand, that means designs, behaviours and more are not final, they will change before it's ready. Any new designs you see arrive on PC over the coming weeks will also happen to CShell on phone too.
  • Wow...Cshell on phone.... 😄
  • Now they are forced to make decent touch and performing UIs, all that lag is painful to see, while android and iOS are capable to blur things, (look old, but consistent) and still animate at no lag the most trivial actions, the fact that the actioncenter pulls with lag is scary. I hope there is an improvement in graphics performance in android.
    I wish their focus in fluent design switch from eye candy to scalable touch experiences and consistent controls. I don't mind the state effects, but I would like Windows 10 to stop looking in mobile like Android ginderbread. and perform like it should in flagship phones, and well without the need of an nvidia GPU.. While adreno GPUs are capable of graphics in android, I would like to see a performance in windows Desktop and Mobile.
    Every glitch and frameskip subtracts to the entire experience, and the the OS entirely. 
    I like when the insider asks If I would recommend this build to a coworker, I imagine myself showing off the OS vs android, wich has particular launchers and customizations and a diversity of distributions in UI, they all kinda do the same, but all of them perform and deliver an experience that is %70 reliable where in windows if something isn't you got to wait.. My hope is that if they can't fix CShell they should open source that part of the OS, it might evolve faster, and depende less on their ideas, and mostly on the guidance that something like Fluent Design has to offer. 
    Which in comparision to Material Design is in it's infancy. 
  • @jmadriz, since the last update both my L650 and L730 have been blazing fast, no lag, no problems.
  • Panos sells CShells by the CShore :D
  • You've been wanting months to say that... Well, no better day, than today.
  • Cshell is fine. If MS gets it right along with some important app developers then there is some hope. BTW I don't know much about android but you cannot swipe away the notifications as soon they come you have to wait for the notification to disappear by itself and also android lacks that quick reply feature. I think that is called inline messaging.
  • actually android 7.0 finally introduced inline messaging and other actionable notifications. W10M has been enjoying this for ages now
  • Yeah, Google has never been intuitive and always a follower.
  • The way windows should've been from the beginning. From one PC to the mobile PC. No gimmicks!!!!
  • Pocketable technology, mainly chipset, just hasn't been here until now... "phones" would've been too big, and too power hungry.... Now is the time, and MS is finally first.... I hope they take advantage of this for once.
  • Why why why? Landscape mode should FILL the screen with tiles not just rotate the UI. There is empty space on the left-right of the screen. What a waste of screen pixels!!! There is room for xtra tiles or other elements
  • It's an early development. We have to wait and see the final phase. Maybe it'll be changed :)
  • Very early in development and If this is the way it looks after a month or so on internal builds, I can't wait for the Insider releases!
  • Agree, but wait.
  • They recently did this with the photo app on PC. Theres a empty space on the left and right side wasting space. I hate it!
  • That's why it goes to Insiders first AND it didn't go to all Insiders either. With the A/B testing, they limited Photo's to only some Insiders unless they got the email for the team and asked to get on early testing.
  • 👍
  • Hopefully they put it back the way it was.
  • Why?
  • It looks like crap. There is no reason why there should be a empty space there. New ugly:
    Old better:
  • I've just checked out Feedback Hub and I couldn't find any any feedback asking if they could reduce the borders. I wouldn't hurt to offer a suggestion.
  • The difference is obvious. I really wonder what idiot designed the new UI for this app?
  • When a moron CEO fired all experienced engineers, you cannot expect any decent quality to come out.
  • I'm excited for the possibilities.  Zac,  one question.. It has been mentioned that currently even though a company might create a UWP APP for W10 they still have to specify for what devices the APP will work on (PC, Mobile, Hololens, Xbox).including extra coding to run on the different form factors...  With this new CShell, would that just go away?  That any APP created as a UWP with Cshell work on ALL devices?    (What I'm saying is will it save time for developers?)  Or is that not so?
  • Yes, specifying what build to target will go away. All the developers needs to do is use Responsive Design principles and it'll scale. It's basically responsive website for apps. HoloLens and Windows VR headsets can run 2D apps and they don't need any changes to run on it.
  • Thanks for the explanation. Very exciting concept.
  • Finally a "windows" on windows mobile phone.
  • Have been looking forward to CShell for some time. And the prerelease UI version looks awesome already. Let's hope the landscape view on the mobile device is not a bug as that really piqued my interest. Can't wait to get it via Alpha ring Insiders to put it through its paces. I'm sure WhatsApp isn't too far away from bringing in a UWP version to overcome the Silverlight tech (that was oldschool for such a long time already). 
  • Zac, what I am really interested is if Edge on mobile will become more like Edge on PC and offer extensions and ability to play flash. That would huge news for me if it does.
  • there is no mobile. CShell just lets windows10 (on arm on a phone) be usable on the phone and PC without coding two start menu shell.
  • SeaShells been around for eons
  • Hi @zacbowden how u manage to install that build that supposed to brick your phone? :) got me exited on that cshell article
  • Do the apps run in background or are they just frozen?
  • I want that rom
  • Do we know if anyone has it running on a Idol 4S?
  • Hi zac I have a question what about the apps? can we able to install the same pc apps with cshell? like WhatsApp twitter messenger  i mean pc and tablets fbk messenger app has calling but not the win10 mobile can we get the same apps via cshell on over phones  please reply thankyou
  • I really think it makes W10 look stunning, and back on Engadget I was trying to list why it looked so much better than the W10 desktop (which admitedly is getting better all the time) - simlar tile hues, no irritating animations, more compact information relative to tile size. The B&W icons round the screen borders are great too. The Xbox icon is everything that I dislike about tiles - incongruous colour and too big relative to info displayed. These tiles could open out to menus then full apps. Surface Phones, glass panels you plug a SoC into, I say 'Windows eveywhere' - it's awesome UI goodness.  
  • What do we think of it? We think you should give us tutorial on how to install this on our phones. :D
  • did you try to push a UWP converted Win32 app to the phone?
  • Dose it really matter to us left behind using lumia 730? Waiting for the great switch but this time no more faith on Windows mobile. All we found hate from Microsoft by trading our love feedbacks. Good luck though. But they should love their own platform not others the way to gain developers and users in commitment
  • Excellent... *rubs hands together lucratively*
  • Surface Phone?
  • me too! I think I'm developing callus.
  • Lugubriously? Lubricatedly?
  • Great.
  • Is this in fast ring for windows mobile or its a new ring all together??
  • it was in an unreleased build that went out in the past few days
  • 16212 released by mistake.
  • That was Internal only but when it does flight to phones, it will start on Fast, then weeks later Slow and weeks/months after that, Preview Release
  • Yep
  • Great!
  • Ooh boy, this is GOOO. Hope current devices can get a piece of this before that ultimate phone. Wow!
  • Can not wait to get it on my Lumia 950 XL. I work through Continuum, and it would make everything much more easier for me!
  • And fun while using it.
  • Why would you think this would run on what will be 3 year old hardware?
  • It only came over from desktop a month or so ago and the past few Fast ring builds OS optimizations that ran great even on 650's. It won't take long before they begin shed unnecessary code for both Phone and PC. 3 years old or not, sure it's not a surrent 820, 835, but the 810 Octa core with 3GB ram isn't near as slow as most Android's out there which are what, 1GB memory, 8 GB storage, 2MP camera and 2 year old OS?
  • Why wouldn't it? The new OS structure is modular - onecore, cshell, and then the OS variant. The first two are the same on every OS. I think MSFT intends to shift to 64bit on phones, so the fall release will probably be the last big release for existing phones, but I think we will get it. (Not 550 or 650 though)  
  • I would hoped for a 64bit release before now but If we get an 64bit build soon, then maybe. If we do, I think you're right that the list of devices cut from new featuers will grow.
  • If there are no apps, then it's DOA..... I know i'm going to get down voted.  Even if there is some nice docking solution to a tablet/laptop like display I wouldn't bother owning just to display desktop only applications that i could have on a nicer dedicated machine. I'm hoping MS can win me back, but they need to get developers onboard somehow so this isn't some cool tech demo only.  
  • This will presumably be full Windows, so it'll have plenty of apps, even if you can only use the majority of them with Continuum.
  • All apps through Windows Store should work even if they used the project bridge Centennial, Westminister, or Islandwood. Although it's still up to the developers whether they want to make it available to phone-type devices
  • If the app doesn't get updated to a UWP UI, it won't scale properly to the small screen.  So just because things are in the store and can run doesn't mean it will be a useful experience across products.  Continuum is cool in theory, but for the most part will be pointless for years to come.  While we are seeing some great things with ARM, an intel solution will be better for the forseable future if you are carrying 2 different devices (which you will be with continuum, but one will be a dumb device)