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CShell is a new universal Windows Shell for Windows 10 that scales across PC, Mobile, and Xbox

Myerson Windows 10
Myerson Windows 10 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

The Windows Shell is essentially the Windows environment we all know and love. In layman's terms, it gives us access to system elements and objects necessary for running applications, and houses features such as the Taskbar, Start Menu, Desktop and more. Currently, the Windows Shell is different depending on the version of Windows 10 you're using. For example, Mobile is using a different Windows Shell than desktop; but Microsoft is working to change and streamline that.

According to my sources, Microsoft is building an "adaptive shell" into Windows 10 that'll work across PCs and tablets, phones, HoloLens, and even Xbox. As it currently stands, the Windows Shell isn't a true universal element of Windows, unlike the OneCore subsystem and Universal Windows Apps. PCs and tablets share the same shell thanks to Continuum, but Mobile, HoloLens and Xbox have their own individual shells that are updated and maintained separately.

Over the next few Windows 10 releases however, Microsoft will be bringing each of these device categories under one Windows Shell, making for a true universal Windows 10 experience no matter what device you're using. Internally referred to as "Composable Shell" or "CSHELL", this new Windows Shell will be able to scale in real-time between all types of devices, similarly to how Continuum currently works between desktop mode and tablet mode, only this time it'll scale across Xbox and Mobile as well.

For our more techy readers, the Composable Shell is essentially a shell modularized into sub-components. The system can transition between each component if it is required, making for a much more flexible experience on devices like 2-in-1's or something that has multiple form-factors.

We're told that the Composable Shell will begin showing up over the next few major Windows 10 updates, for Mobile, then Desktop, and eventually Xbox too. In fact, Microsoft has already given us a glimpse of this Composable Shell in a demo a few months back detailing improvements upcoming to Continuum on Windows 10 Mobile. In the demo, Microsoft showed off a Continuum environment on phone that was extremely similar to the environment we know and love on actual Windows 10 PCs today. This is essentially the Composable Shell in its infancy.

That demo showed us that Microsoft is enhancing Continuum to go both ways. Windows 10 Mobile can expand into a full desktop environment, and eventually, Windows 10 desktop will be able to do the opposite or scale further for devices like HoloLens and Xbox.

A perfect example of this Composable Shell is with the rumored Surface phone and Windows 10 on ARM. We all want Microsoft to release a phone running some kind of Windows 10 on ARM, but as it currently stands that would be impossible — Windows 10 doesn't have a UI that adapts well to screen sizes of less than 6 inches. With this Composable Shell, that wouldn't be an issue because Windows 10 would be able to switch into "phone-mode", providing an experience one would expect on a Windows 10 Mobile device, except powered by a universal Windows 10.

In addition, with the Surface phone also rumored to have a foldable screen, the Composable Shell would simply be able to adapt itself accordingly when folded out. When folded like a phone, Windows 10 will be in phone mode, but when folded out, it'll automatically switch into tablet/desktop mode. A Windows 10 machine in your pocket, with a full Windows desktop environment and phone environment whenever needed; these are the kind of experiences this Composable Shell can enable.

The other benefit of an adaptable shell is that Microsoft will no longer have to maintain and update each individual shell separately. The Composable Shell, being scalable across all kinds of Windows 10 devices, will be the same shell everywhere, meaning Microsoft won't need to worry about updating individual shell environments. Update once, deploy everywhere.

Now although this new shell is universal, that doesn't mean certain devices will be encumbered with features and behaviors they don't need or play well with. Xbox will still be primarily Xbox orientated, Mobile will be primarily Mobile orientated, and Desktop will be primarily Desktop orientated. That's the magic of Continuum and the Composable Shell. It adapts.

And in regards to the name "Composable Shell", why call it composable? Well, I think the definition of composability explains it perfectly. _"A highly composable system provides recombinant components that can be selected and assembled in various combinations to satisfy specific user requirements."

Of course, we're still a few major Windows 10 releases away before this new shell begins showing up across all versions of Windows 10, but assuming these plans don't get canceled, this is a very exciting concept for Windows 10 and one that will enable a whole new market of devices.

Updated: Corrected some information regarding the potential of a "Surface phone."

Zac Bowden
Zac Bowden

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • Great news! I am eagerly waiting for it.
  • Agreed. I hope this means we will have some flexibility in how we group, title and space Live Tiles. Having the ability to create groups of tiles on phone the way we can on desktop would be nice. But I would like the additional ability to space out the groups or tiles wherever I want them up and down the scrolling home page. This would give us the ability to create less cluttered home screens that worked well with combinations of wallpaper and transparency. The more flexibility for customizations the better!
  • all well and good/awesome, but if developers dont port their mobile apps, and/or ms giving the ability to install .apk files, it will be another niche device
  • Great to hear this!
  • I wonder what elements of windows 10 ui (if any) would carry over to the Xbox. Intriguing.
  • I'm interested in this too. On XBox I'm 80% entertainment consumer, and 20% gamer.
  • I got the XBox One S and loving it, and I'm a 0% gamer.
  • Can't say this is a big reveal to me, I figured that to be the obvious next step once they announced the Holographic shell would be bundled with Windows 10. Still, it's great to know it's confirmed, can't wait to see this coming together!  :) 
  • Sounds nice, but useless without new hardware.
  • You will have the devices when it is ready.
  • That's not a statement of good things. That MS is so bad at planning and promoting is a problem. We were told Summer 2016, then Spring 2017, now we're hearing 2018. Giving me "when it's ready" is more of a statement to not expect anything. That's the kind of stuff that chases people from the platform (and is the reason I'm finally considering leaving myself, after pushing so many to join).
  • We are talking about full Windows here, with an adaptive shell that will run on every device, which is IN DEVELOPMENT, and you are asking for devices with it NOW. You will have the devices when the software is ready, that's obvious.
    Who promised you things for the summer of 2016 or 2017? Not Microsoft, that's certain.
  • OK, if you're going to take things and twist them to mean something different, then I've got no time for you. Software doesn't have to launch at the same time as hardware, nor does it need to precede the hardware. Launcching the hardware, with a goal to get some level of quality established in the market (see: not another Lumia 950 debacle) has purpose. It both lets MS see how their models hold up long-term (a major problem they struggled with whne releasing the Xbox 360, Band, and Band 2), and it gives the current install base something to use while waiting for a more -complete experience (rather than expecting people to sit on a 2-year-old device for another year, with expectations in the toilet in the meantime).
  • The rumored "Surface Phone" (or whatever it will be called) should make a bang. It should surprise people, like every other Surface device did. So it will be presented only when the software is ready. In the meantime, you can buy phones from OEMs.
  • Hoping it will be marketed as a Surface 3 successor. A phone would flop no matter what tbh.
  • You should leave. What are you waiting for? I, for one, certainly hope Microsoft doesn't launch until EVERYTHING is ready. They get one crack at a first impression and there is no room for half-baked hardware or software - that was painful enough with the 950s. I don't want them coming to market too soon just because Keith heard they were releasing it this summer.
  • I should leave? LOL, OK, whatever makes you feel like a winner. It's apparent that you don't follow the logic of your own sentences, so asinine demanding of a stranger on the Internet must have to do. "They get one crack at a first impression and there is no room for half-baked hardware or software - that was painful enough with the 950s.​" Microsoft has made first (WP7), second (WP8), third (Nokia partnership), fourth (Lumia 830), fifth (W10M), and even 6th (Lumia 950) impressions. You say they only get one crack, yet point out where they failed for the FIFTH time. Your comment lacks any logical consistency, where as mine is examining what Microsoft has done for 6 years wwith abject failure. Microsoft's model has been try, fail, abandon, reboot. It hasn't worked. They never iterate towards improvement. Waiting on the hardware and software at the same time, it begs for problems, and big ones. Look what MS did with their first Lumias--overpriced the 830 into nonexistence, sent the 930 to the wrong U.S. carrier, then had their first self-made, W10M 950 released with half-baked software and hardware with obvious flaws. Look where the first Windows on ARM movement (WinRT) went--it was a disaster that never should have happened. Look at where their first move with fitness led them--a Band with clear hardware faults that got addressed (in exchange for new ones), only to result in a brand's death. Look where their first efforts to release a unified app platform have led them--essentially killing W10M in 2 years. Look where trying to do PC gaming in their store first went--no graphics settings, disjointed navigation, and a dearth of software. Look where their first efforts with Xbox One went--into a sales pit due to terrible marketing, PR, and pricing. MS is fundamentally incapable of doing things right the first time. The question is if they will support something long enough to correct their mistakes. Waiting on the hardware for another year, while gaining no user data on use cases, build quality, longevity, and overall satisfaction, means they fly blindly into the market YET AGAIN, with terrible perspective and planning. W10M is basically a beta test of W10A. The Lumia 950 is far from that, when compared to what a Surface Phone is meant to be. They're primarily hurting themselves by having no real testbed, planning, or efforts to retain customers. Your condescension, lack of explanation, and inconsistent logic are appreciated, though.
  • I disagree where you say they don't iterate with improvements. Look at Surface, 2 in 1 side of things they are on the 4th iteration and are very successful. Mobile side of things hasn't worked out the same way but you need to remember it's been a completely different team and different model up until recently. Microsoft doesn't want to continue with the try fail abandon model of the past, they want the hardware and software ready at the same time for a quality "first release" and then they will start to build on that and iterate the same as they have done with Surface. Sure they could do with releasing an interim 960 or something but all that will do is disappoint fans and lose a ton of money so where is the business sense in that?
  • Not really sure how you can disagree with what he said when he is pretty much spot on. (I am a fan of their products as well.) I had the Surface RT, fantastic device that they did nothing really with. Then I also got a Surface 2, fast, small and lightweight that they killed off as well, instead of expanding things into the desktop on that. I have the Lumia 950 and 650 and love them both but, they are far from perfect. It does not help that more and more apps are leaving the mobile platform although, thankfully, I have not had to deal with that personally yet. The Microsoft Store games platform did have a few significant issues in the beginning that really hurt the first impressions. Thankfully, they are sticking it out and improving things which is why I buy Play Anywhere games from them for my XBox One and Windows 10 computers. The Band and Band 2 were highly useful products that had terrible reliability. However, instead of fixing the issues and releasing a Band 3, they abandoned the whole thing. Honestly, at this point, a Surface Phone seems about as likely as the Phantom console, basically vaporware. If you guys do not like what I am saying, that is on you but, I have paid my hard earned money on their stuff, it would be good see them stick it out instead of abandoning things.
  • creating that hardware costs a lot of money. they're still a for-profit company. they can't just bleed that money to get some test cases. they can pay a smaller amount for controlled test cases.
  • Not at all, a single common-shell shared between devices is beneficial for all Windows 10 machines. And besides, this shell will be how Microsoft brings a much more familiar desktop experience to Windows 10 Mobile Continuum, which works on the current Lumia 950/XL, Elite x3 and Alcatel Idol 4s :)
  • Zac, do you have any news on the windowed apps in Continuum? Could have swore that at the Ignite session they said it was scheduled for an RS2 release, but that's clearly not going to schedule as there's no hint of it on the fast ring yet. Wondered if you had any info?
  • They never explicitly stated RS2, but rather a "future release of Windows" or something along those lines. The Windowed stuff on Mobile will be showing up alongside this new adaptive shell, if my understanding is correct.
  • If they release the Surface Phone / Surface 3 successor before this shell is done, it could spell disaster for mobile
  • I would love to see Microsoft expand what my Lumia 950 XL can do with Continuum, but... I'm almost expecting another total abandonment of their mobile audience for the 7th time (CE5 to CE6, Smartphone, CE6 to WP7, Kin, WP7 to WP8, WP8 to W10m [for the majority of users]), 8th if you count the abandonment of Windows RT users (for absolutely no reason, because clearly Microsoft has continued developing full Windows on ARM).
  • They need to allow RT users to upgrade to W10A when its ready to go 
  • I don't think it will run on the hardware. MSFT seems to view the SD835 as the minimum chip to run WonARM. Don't think that Integra chip will get the job done.
  • I believe MS will push Windows on ARM as a competition to Chromebooks. That'll include 6" to 14" phablets/tablets/netbooks. Whereas, Windows 10 Mobile is for 3" to 8" devices. Currently, the SKUs have different shells (desktop interface, mobile start screen interface, Xbox and HoloLens interface). With a single shell adapting to all five of them, an SKU will just adapt to UI for the device's screen size, no matter what the features of the SKU are. W10M is not going to be abandoned. Suppose two 6" mobile devices. First with full Windows 10, and second with W10M, and both having CShell. On the mobile device, they'll show a mobile interface. And when connected to a larger screen, they'll show a desktop interface. They both will be able to run UWP apps. But only the first one will be able to use win32 apps (like file explorer and control panel etc.). Also, Windows 10 on ARM on a 10" device wont be a 'phone'. And 6" device would be an expensive phablet, targeted only to a specific audience. Do you really think that'd make them abandon W10M? Not everybody wants to use win32 on the go. People want light devices with same UX, and that's where MS has Windows 10 'Mobile'. So, no. W10M is not going to abandoned. But it'll stay on the ventilator for a couple of months.
  • I'm sorry but WP7 to 8 and 8 to 10 are not abandonments.
    When you buy a smartphone no where does it say you will get all updates forever. Judging by mobile providers most people tend to change there phones when the contract expires so going WP7 to 8 you just waited till you got a new phone same with 8 to 10 - unless you were one of the Lumia models that was supported of course.
  • What does the Surface 3 successor matter? It's just a small SP4, and runs Windows as it always has. It would likely see little change with the shell adjustment, since it probably continues to exist as a traditional PC setup. Also, your claim of a disaster for mobile ignores that we've spent the last 6 years in a disaster for mobile, thanks to a lack of long-term vision and support from Microsoft. This shell means nothing if it gets no dev support, then tossed in the trash after 2-3 years, like we've seen so often before. On top of that, getting the shell ready, but releasing bad hardware, dooms things just the same. That's why I've been saying it makes more sense to do a first run of mobile hardware now, then you have some experience and real-world testing to put into the push with W10A. Look at how the Lumia 950 family has gone to understand, or how the first Surface Pro and Band devices went over. All of them had needs for refinement that came the second time around (granted, the Band 2 developed arguably worse flaws after). I don't think a company that has produced one phone with sub-par build quality should hold back and assume they'll get it right the first time. No one has faith in the 2017 stuff, and fewer will look at it seriously. Using it as a test bed makes more sense, because the alternative is spending 2+ years putting out no hardware, chasing off the loyalists as best you can, and expecting perfection in one go. If the first phgone falls short, it's no different than releasing unfinished software.
  • If these devices will be upgreadable to the new releases, likely 6a bit, of the OS. A big if...
  • The problem there is the quality of the hardware you name. The 950 family needs replaced, it's basically 2 years old now (since it launcched with the Qualcomm hardware that released in early-2015). The Elite x3 is incredibly limited in its availability, and we have no clue what kind of long-term support it will get. The Idol is a budget device that won't age well to a beefier OS. None of those are a solution to problems in 2017. Now, regarding Continuum itself, and this adaptive shell, it's got potential. However, Continuum had that the first time around. MS did so little to push it though, it's hard to trust anything different this time. The fact we got told mobile wasto be the Spring 2017 focus, only to now hear there might be no mobile device at all (and everything will be software that will be dumped when W10A comes out anyway), it's disheartening on a good day. As devices operate, there's little benefit to the shell change. New hardware needs to come out and support it. What we have can do it, but probably not well. That means things like mouse and keyboard support on Xbox and hardware to handle true, PC-like application usage. I simply don't believe what we have on mobile now can do that, given the previous unwillingness to even try it.
  • Umm... Idol Pro 4S is a beast. SD820 with 4GB of RAM (same as X3)... what's not to like? Until the first SD835 units start rolling out, there's nothing better.
  • They will build software then they will release 'new hardware'
  • Actually certain current hardware will benefit a lot
  • Great news but they need to implement it fast
  • I hope they add Android emulation for mobile apps. If mobile screen size adoption goes up, then people would write UWP apps. If they can do smooth x86 on ARM through emulation, why not Android?
  • technically you should be able to install bluestacks in your Windows on Arm device. there would be two layers of emulation, but its possible.
  • Technically, Bluestacks is a pile of dung. While Xamarin App Player was perfect, and has been cancelled.
  • 'Coz dev will develop for Android. MS will get nothing from it. Google does.
  • Chicken and egg. With no apps, market share is falling and we continue to lose apps anyway. Why not try something different?
  • The "something different" doesn't really work much to their advantage. Emulatioon means linking to Google, which means giving Google access to your assets, while not getting a share of the pie in funding. For consumers, Android emulation helps them switch. For Microsoft, it's spending a lot of time and resources to bring people over to funnel money to Google. It would have to be an extremely long play where they think the migration to using emulated Android apps convinces devs to build apps for Windows, even though they can just keep doing it for Android with the same results. To me, emulation means admitting you can't compete in software.
  • They already had Android emulation and it degraded WP's performance over time, if you paid enough attention to reports on WC.
  • Everyone is aware of Project Astoria. But now the processors are more powerful and can even emulate x86, so why not revisit Astoria?
  • There is difference between "poor performance" and "performance degradation". You can't fix the later by just beefing up hardware specs.
  • The way they designed Astoria was bound to fail. They needed a
    store-based cross compiler to turn apps into UWP apps, connected to Github and other services to make a build for Windows more or less zero effort.
  • This!
    Keep old droids where they are, in this side of the Windows we move better with Azure/Bing/Cortana/UWP/XBox & OneCore combo.
  • There's so many reasons why this wouldn't help or matter, the main one being most Android apps rely on Google's proprietary libraries, which is also why there's so few apps for Amazon devices.
  • Cool cool cool. The next logical step in the evolution of one windows. Can't wait to see what Microsoft has in store for us. While we are at it they better include wearables (circular smart watches and fitness bands), smart TV, automobile infotainment screens, large touch screens as in Surface Hub and iot shells included within it to be more through and comprehensively cover all device types. With ARM support, Microsoft can theoretically deploy full windows anywhere and they should so as to get more market share and offer better incentives to developers to develop UW Apps.
  • How would it get them more market share? The lack of ARM laptops isn't what is wrong with Windows Mobile. Lockdown UI, rigid hardware requirements, missing features and a lack of software are the big issues. Being able to buy an ARM laptop with likely performance issue initially, will not change any of those problems.
  • These are YOUR issues. The "lockdown UI" doesn't hurt tablet/PC sales and the iPhone survives with one. This also addresses lack of software. There will clearly be new features added, but you'll dig until you find something that bothers you and copy/paste it on every article, as "the problem". It's as if because you're personally not happy about something today, they should just close up shop and not do anything tomorrow.
  • The iPhone is a single device running a platform that Apple isn't trying to sell to other manufacturers. The lockdown Apple strategy isn't ideal for Microsoft as they are trying to do two completely different things. Apple is selling hardware while Microsoft is selling software. Why would Samsung choose Microsoft's lockdown software when they can use Android and have control and differentiate their device? I don't want Microsoft to make the same mistakes of the past. This strategy hasn't worked the last three times they tried it. They need to allow manufacturers to change the shell at least.
  • So now this isn't about sales and people just not liking the locked UI? This is now about Samsung, specifically? Other OEMs who are not making a profit in Android can be courted and they aren't worried about such things. PC and tablets have OEMs who aren't concerned about tinkering with the OS UI.
  • No. People never get to experience the UI because Microsoft has to first sell it to Samsung or HTC or whoever AND get them excited to push a device they have no control over. Android's openness, allowing those manufacturers to differentiate thier devices and control the experience is what made Android popular. They are much more excited to sell and push a device they designed and have control over. Carriers too and they have the real control over what sells. Microsoft will never have luck selling Windows with their "our way or the highway" attitude. Microsoft isn't Apple, that strategy will not work for them.
  • Androids openness has allowed one OEM to make profits. You think those are selling just because they do something you want. That's not proven causality.
  • It has allowed one OEM to make huge profits and a bunch of other ones to make smaller profits or at least be relevant in the market. Windows phone has not done either of those things for anyone. Even if Samsung was the only OEM making profits, which isn't true, then that is still one more than Windows phone.
  • You should really read up.on the Android market. Also, is not a static shot that will not change.
  • Somehow, notebook builders achieve differentiation despite Windows being the same. They didn't move to Linux, which they can screw as they want. A couple.went to ChomeOS, but this is even less customizable than Windows. The thing is, you expect a decade of work from your notebook, but only a year and something from your phone. Android works reasonably well for this timespan, and it has all the apps you need. It is always just stable enough to forgive the crappy parts, and crappy enough to make people wanting a new device.
  • Drink some bleach already, and GTFO :P :D Nobody cares about you :D
  • Windows has historically been an open system.  Microsoft fully acknowledged that locking down Windows RT, Windows Phone and WinRT apps was the wrong thing to do.  There's a Channel 9 video discussing it. This is why you can now unlock developer mode and sideload apps on Windows 10, and why Microsoft allows developers to create and deploy Windows 10 apps outside of the Store as long as they are signed.  
  • Windows on ARM is planned along with the new Snapdragon 835 which supports virtualization.  From what I read recently, this would allow emulation for x86 apps running on ARM, so Windows on ARM could basically run like a normal Windows laptop, allowing to install x86 apps.  This could also mean the supreme Continuum mode on future Windows Phones equipped with this SoC. Basically Windows RT as it should have been :-)
  • The ideal situation is that developers recompile their apps for ARM, which will happen for most higher profile applications.  My personal hope is this means third-party browsers for mobile. The single biggest user issue with Microsoft constantly abandoning their mobile base has been the lack of third-party browsers to extend the life of the device.  And while I really like edge and use it on desktop and mobile, if Microsoft decides that they aren't going to continue to develop the OS for older devices, we will be shortly screwed when new internet technologies appear.
  • That will not help xbox
  • My preview: The surface phone will use ARM chip, will use the full windows 10 with this new shell, and of course will be foldable.
  • Do you have the lottery numbers for this weekend?
  • and who will buy it? Because foldable displays will cost a fortune... but nobody is interested in WM10 on mobiles... so... and I didnt mentioned the battery life. 2 or 3 displays on 1 device? Sounds like a 3h./day experience
  • And they will kill it at the last moment because every manufacturer will have a similar device available already. They will not be unique and will still not have apps to make it work.
  • By then we will be moved away from apps. Web Apps and personal assistants will be taking over. Hey Cortana get me an Uber! Cortana won't need an app installed as she will talk directly to the Uber service platform.
  • If Alexa, Siri or Assistant all become more popular what makes you think Uber will bother with Cortana? Cortana has a rough road ahead with Microsoft not having any Mobile penetration. No one is going to use Cortana because it isn't the default on 99.6% of the phones sold. Will Cortana be able to replace Mobile games or other apps that don't lend themselves to voice interaction?
  • Did you forget Cortana is also on Windows 10.... Desktops, laptops, tablets, and more.... idk how you figure Cortana is only on .4% of devices lol.
  • Desktop is irrelevant to the discussion. What good does it do you sitting at home on your desktop when you always have your mobile with you? Desktop is not where an assistant has historically been used and I don't see that changing as Mobile devices become more popular and desktop more niche.
  • Ummmmmmm its called one Windows. Windows 10 across all devices. Anyway then I will say Mobile, car, Xbox, Windows type Alexa soon, Holo Lens, Windows VR, Windows Home Hub, Surface Pro, Surface Book, laptops, and more, so I took out desktops for you and still not seeing your .4%...... My wife and I use Cortana on our Surface Pro 4s, I also use on my phone, Laptop, PC, and server running Windows Server 2012. Soon I will be on Server 2016, about 2 weeks from now (waiting on my new server to arrive).
  • You are the exception, not the rule.
  • No he isn't 
  • Jason. what is server 2016 like compared to 2012, which is what I have for my server I am setting up now.
  • Now I haven't used it much, will be soon, but best way to describe it is 8.1 to 10 is 2012 to 2016. You can try it free with an ISO on Microsoft web site.
  •   While I agree on the point of desktop being irrelevant in the future, I think mobile devices will begin to morph and become desktop devices, TV media devices, game devices and laptop devices when we want, because of Continuum.  Google has viewed your phone as being your entertainment source using Chromecast, and even Samsung believes this to be the way, and in many respects, Apple as well with iOS across phone, phablet and tablet., operating with slight differences depending upon the device. The issue is, will Microsoft bring users with them, or fallaciously attempt to lure new users?
  • And Windows 10 has been available for a year and a half, and the Store still looks like a shady flea market of apps, so if app developers aren't targetting this huge market with apps, what makes you think they will do it with services?
  • know...they already have. It sounds silly when you get all hyperbolic with the "no one" on a subject where the "someone" we're talking about negates your point.
  • OK, sorry, I should have said only a few people will use Cortana as it isn't the default assistant on 99.6% of mobile devices sold. Does that make you feel better?
  • No, because your wow number of 99.6% is still not an actual breakdown of users. You're using quarterly sales numbers from a quarter in which there were almost no.options to buy a Windows powered phone. I haven't been a part of any quarterly sales data since the launch of the 950, but I'm part of the userbase data. No, because what is true today isn't necessarily true tomorrow no matter that YOU don't see anything changing. Cortana is available and a lot depends on what Panos and team come up with and if they can shift the paradigm. With your rationale, GM would still be the largest auto maker, IBM would be the largest PC maker, Apple would have bankrupted, MySpace would be huge and Facebook wouldn't exist.
  • Sales tells you what the user base will be going forward. When you are only .4% of sales today, your user base is going to be nearly non-existent next year and the year after. As if the user base isn't already irrelevant today!
  • That's true, only in a simplistic world that doesn't exist. Previous quarterly sales data is but one predicting element of the future. Users who choose to stay with their current device because there are no upgrade options suitable to them are still users and future sales. Those who have strayed but will come back are part of the future userbase. Those who will be enticed to switch after a major innovation or other market altering event, are part of the userbase. Problems and solutions are more complex than what can be printed on a T-shirt. The truth is that neither you nor I nor anyone here can predict what will happen. The difference is tgat you present your personal opinions as verified fact and your projections as infallible.
  • So far, my predictions have been infallible. After seeing the failure of WP7 and other Microsoft products, it is quite obvious and not too risky to say they will fail again with the same strategy. Unless Microsoft has some breakthrough technology that no one is expecting and can change the paradigm, they will not be able to come back. They need something like the iPhone in 2007. WOA and foldable displays aren't it as everyone will have them at that time.
  • ...and there it is. You have finally revealed the arrogance that allows you to present opinions as facts and use awesome data like "no one" and "everyone".
  • It is an internet comment. A bit of hyperbole isn't crazy, especially in this case. In relation to Android and iPhone, no one uses Windows phone. I really think I literally mean no one?! Come on!
  • I'm Windows Phone user, loving it and will be a Windows Phone user until there is no way to buy one and my last one dies. And I know quite a few Windows Phone users around me.
  • Literally? *sigh*
  • They do have the strategy   Running x86 on arm with the new 835 means buy a phone a good lap dock then the only upgrade you need to do is a phone every two years   Not a lap top and phone    Business will love the cost savings and so will consumers 
  • Your question is easy. Because it's Window10/Mobile and will work across devices... The more Cortana and others can do the less apps which eats space and processing power is needed which would be great and hopefully make for a faster device...
  • Microsoft isn't the only one with those capabilities. Not by a long shot.
  • bleached, why are you bothering to write comments here? If you are not interested in Microsoft or its services why are you here?
  • As it turns out, Cortana can do that right now.
  • Can she do it with Lyft?
  • Think she is Uber only for now. 😎
  • And we remember that there are still countries where Cortana is not available.
  • You really think Google and Apple will make a portable PC device?
  • Yes. Google already has free form desktop interface included in Android and the Galaxy S8 has leaked slides pointing to a desktop mode as well. It is only a matter of time.
  • Apple is a phone and tablet company, in terms of sales.  They already have a portable PC device with the iPad (in their estimation).
  • This is cool and all but how are we going to keep developers and consumers interested in the platform in the main time ?
  • I think Game Mode and cross-buy is going to do a lot, in my personal estimation.  Windows is surviving in the consumer space due to gaming.  Bringing the Xbox Hypervisor to PC (that's basically what Game Mode is) is an excellent idea. Microsoft **** the bed by cancelling Surface Mini.  They need something to create a bridge whereby consumers can see themselves buying a Windows Phone, and a small tablet would have been a good place, IMO.  It's possible they will still release one with WoA, and just call it the Surface 4, with Surface Pro being for the larger devices.
  • Anyone remember my comment on foldable patent article? Anyways so if this shell is going to get in future build then then its certain surface foldable mobile in october even as they introduced studio/surface 2 in 1 only device right now which will make distrub will be mobile. So in future windows will be xbox mode,mobile mode,pc mode,tablet mode,desktop mode,hololens mode, home mode amazon echo competitive, car mode...only hurdle size/heat/battery..they might use HP layer battery(which looks like sheet) anyone remember??
  • Based on past remarks, I was always under the assumption this was an end goal of the whole Windows 10 universal platform / One Windows, etc. thing, but nice to have some further detalis.
  • Great, just great. So they will make the mobile device look as crappy as the PC/tablet does now. And I wish people writing articles would quit using absolutes like "everyone" or "nobody".  I do NOT care about full Windows on Arm.  I do NOT like the Windows 10 Start Menu, compared to the actual Start Screen.  I don't like task bars, widgets or notification/action centers.  Windows 8 was better for me in almost every way, and there's no amount of configuring that gets W10 to come close enough to W8.  And now it appears Microsoft is going all the way down the tubes.  This is very disappointing.
  • If you like Windows 8, use Windows 8.
  • Exactly.
  • The lack of critical thinking is astounding.
  • Really, tablet mode since anniversary update works really well. If the system would switch back to desktop mode after each update, I would be even happier.
  • I used to be a windows 8 fan when 10 came out and stripped all the touch interface out. That was a dumb's all back now in edge and it works really good. I am 100% windows 10 now. I have to purchase one more copy to update my latest acquisition, my HP elitebook 6950 shop laptop. I cannot wait to get 10 on that either.
  • sea-shell?
    for clam shell phones?
  • I assumed that they were working on this years ago since they announced continuum. Nice to know it is evetually coming. But like the article says, We are all kind of assuming that the Surface Phone will have to use Windows on ARM in order to work on continuum like a full PC, and in order to do that the CShell would have to be ready by the time the phone launches, so this would mean two things: -Either CShell is more advanced than the article saida, and will be shown at BUILD in a few months and announced for the next version of Windows (finger crossed but unlikely) - Or The Surface phone will launch once CShell is ready, in a few more versions of Windows, so Mid/late 2018. The question that remains is: Once Cshell is completed, meaning that all versions of windows will be one and the same ready for every type of device, what will that mean to Windows phones that are out today? Will windows mobile have an update that includes CShell? Will it still be updated once the Windows on ARM phones start coming out? Can a W10M phone be updated to WoA? Or will it be abandoned? Despite the low marketshare, it would be unfair from microsoft to abandon Windows Phone users again under the premise that this new devices are 100% universal, despite the fact that they promised that the ones that we have right now are universal as well.
  • CShell will be ready in stages. For Mobile devices first, then PC, then Xbox. I suspect it'll be ready sooner than you'd think. In regards to your second question, CShell is coming to Windows 10 Mobile as well. So current devices on the market that ship with W10M will also experience this shell upgrade, enabling the full desktop environment via Continuum and whatnot.
  • That's good to know!!! Also, once this is ready it means we could finally have a wireless dock for the tv where you can connect your windows device and have an Xbox like interface you can use from your device. Like connecting your phone to your TV and have a Dashboard appear with all your apps and media. That should be sweet! Or maybe a wired dock for your Surface so you can plug it and game on your living room. The Surface Switch :P.
  • You can do that today; Continuum with phone, wireless display connection with Surface...?
  • Surface switch pro
  • Zac, if I am not mistaken they promised the windowed Continuum, that is the first step of this CShell project, would have be available with Creators Update already. Am I wrong? I doubt they'll reach that goal in time. Few weeks and the Update will be feature locked and no Insider has seen it even in any form. If CU should be skipped, I start be doubtful current mobile generation will get included in the Windowed Continuum experience, to be honest. And to be fair, there are reasons behind: having two or more app at once means a deeper and stronger multitasking than showing just one at a time. Yeah, probably the not selected app would "freeze" its state. Still its UI would eat some juice, and I don't know if current generation could take it gently.
  • My Lumia 950xl got an 8-core Snapdragon 810 with 3GB or RAM, I think it will be able to handle some multi-tasking. It already does if you use an app on the external monitor and on the phone screen at the same time.
  • Judging from Microsoft's past handling of Mobile updates, current phones will not be updated. I imagine you will need to be capable of running WOA, so SD835 or newer chips will be required. Current phones will probably be too slow and Microsoft probably didn't sell enough of them to justify continuing development of Windows Mobile. It will be another reboot.
  • Judging from you not owning any Windows phones, I say you should go troll somewhere else. :)
  • I do own Windows phones. How am I trolling? Microsoft does not have a great track record of updating their phones.
  • I've never seen you make a positive or at least non-inflammatory comment about Windows phones here. If they make you this unhappy, leave and don't look back.
  • Sorry, I want to see Microsoft succeed and give me a good option for a mobile device. That will never happen with Windows phone strategy and I have been quite critical of it. Maybe if this website and you fanboys were honest about that crummy platform, they would have truly rebooted it and not be irrelevant today.
  • Or maybe I have been very happy with the devices I have owned, the 920 and the 950 XL, like many others.
  • Given the sales numbers, even at the peak, not many others compared to the market.
  • I do hope you are wrong, but your are absolutely correct that Microsoft does not have a great track record when it comes to supporting old phones.
    I had the Nokia Lumia 800, was told ot should be possible to upgrade Windows Phone 7 to 8, never happened, had the Nokia Lumia 1020, was told we should get Windows 10 mobile, we got it as an Insider build, and when it was time for proper release, no update for the 1020. Now I have the 950XL, and I would not be surprised if it will not get this coming updates when that time comes.
    However I would not be surprised if I buy the next phone MS makes as well anyway :) For me Windows 10 mobile is great and there are no options out there that even comes close, and I have tried.
  • I have a lumia 930 and thankfully it is still being updated to this day, so almost three years since launch give or take. I'm not saying that they changed, but considering it is still being updated and don't see any reason why it shouldn't get updates in the future, perhaps they learned their lesson an are commited to leave no one behind this time.
  • Eh I do own a Windows phone and I agree with his comment. I could maybe see the Elite X3, 820 and above maybe but it wouldn't be the best experience imo. I would love for him to be wrong but look at the past and tell me this guess is bad lol.
  • Your asking questions as if you don't already have the answer. Considering the need already for the next upcoming ARM chips that is about to be release...
  • True and not, WOA is already running on the HP Elite X3 and its an 820. Now will it run well, in the demo yeah..... but real world who knows lol.
  • I'm waiting for new breakthroughs in hardware that would allow holographic emitters in a small phone-sized device that would allow you to holographically project an interactive touchscreen of any size you wish, along with a holographically projected tactile feedback keyboard/mouse, and with new advances in battery tech to make it possible to power it for a week at a time all in the size of the current Lumia 950 (not XL). Of course, I want workstation powered graphics that can keep up with the best of games, video editing, or CAD on the market as well. That would make this Composable Shell absolutely kill every PC, game console, tablet, and phone on the market. A whole new market would emerge and everything would be redefined. Yeah, I know I'm dreaming, but I dreamed of 5" size computer that could plug into a monitor, keyboard and mouse, yet have it's own screen for on-the-go work. Dreamed that back in 1995. I knew some day the tech would get there and it would happen, and it's here already with Continuum and Lumia 950. It may take another 22 years, but this dream will someday happen, or something close to it. Sad part of it is, as old as I am now, I will probably be too dead to enjoy it. :P
  • @gourav very interesting point about the different windows 10 modes. It is starting to make sense when windows 10 for phones was announced, the naming of it once a big topic, no more windows phone but windows 10, but for phones which is a mode, windows 10 (phone mode). I personally think that Microsoft have a huge engineering mountain they need to climb but they are proving to do it. They are evolving windows into what I would call a mutant operation system that whatever device you are using it can flex and adapt to your form factor for the best experience. If they pull this off, then they are giants 👑 when it comes to software
  • Id rather wait another year for the Surface Phone than get a device not running Win10 on ARM
  • Does this also mean that we'll be able to enable "phone mode" on the desktop or tablet like "tablet mode"???
  • automagic when you fold your tablet into a phone
  • Doubt it, it'll be more of an automatic transition if your device transitions from a large screen to a screen small enough to warrant a phone mode.
  • Thank you BonzeUK and Zac!!! 🙂
  • What I am wondering is how the apps are handled going forward. Seems obvious for UWP. But for non UWP, would you still install the mobile apps? And how are legacy win32 apps handled on the smaller screen, if at all? Could get confusing for some users. Curious to see how this will work with W10 on ARM.
  • I guess if the desktop or laptop have cell antenna and sim card (could even be a USB connected one), I don't know why it wouldn't be possible, talking using PCs microphone and speakers or connected headphones with mic or bluetooth headset. I guess nothing could prevent it now except the lack of phone features in the current desktop Windows.  But sometime last year appeared a "Phone" app on desktop Windows... who knows what future this app has :-)
  • So it's like webapps (the good ones developed with responsive design at least). This is all good but will this work with win32 programs too?  Windows UWP apps and parts are already nicely responsive right now. Yet nobody bothers to make decent desktop worthy apps. I am curious to see if this will change when this gets released in 2018/2019
  • Naw. After Samsung releases the Galaxy S8 with desktop dock, people will start developing desktop interfaces for their Android apps. In 2018-2019, Microsoft will start working on an Android emulator for Windows so you can have the new desktop apps! Then they will kill it for Windows 11 which will have their new SURUWA platform (Super Ultra Really Universal Windows Apps). They will promise this time Windows will really be universal and that this will make developers come to the platform.
  • Are you still claiming that you're not trolling?
  • This is fun for him. He likes to throw out a bunch of opinions wrapped up to look like facts and when you debunk those, he throws more and more.
  • My comment was obvious sarcastic. That is exactly what Microsoft has done with the last two reboots. Remember WP8 was released and they said it was now using the Windows kernel so apps can easily be made for both desktop and mobile. Then they killed that and released Windows 10 Mobile and said now it is exactly the same as W10 and you can really make the same apps for either. Now they are doing the exact same thing again. This time Mobile and desktop will be the same! It is funny if you think about it.
  • Making an opposing argument is not trolling. Abuse is trolling and I dont see that here. Who would want to be in a place where everyone agrees with each other? And I'm a Windows Phone fan and would love it to succeed.
  • Microsoft's Clipper application or whatever it's called now is a desktop app and it looks like it's a UWP. GitHub for Windows is also a desktop app based on WPF I believe.
  • My guess is that they are going to lock win32 apps from opening on your phone unless your docked.
  • Do it now and do it well! Sounds like a great plan though :)
  • Landscape phone home screen!
  • The design will be deferent according to the device u use it wont look the same as PC plus upcoming neon new language Windows will be the choice of everyone.
  • Pretty much proves that the current W10M is a dead end.  The future (for mobile) are the Snapdragon 835 chip's and higher running this adaptable shell that dynamically changes based on screen size.  It's all Win10 (which is a good thing), but it does mean that the current phones are a dead end.
  • Why?
  • Because all future 'Mobile' versions will be straight up Windows 10 apps, which will require the Snapdragon 835 & higher.  Coupled to that this new version of Win10, with its new adaptable shell means nothing today will work on it.  The current phone hardware won't meet the minimum specs, the current Win 10 Mobile shell will be obsolete.  They won't come out and say that of course...but the current Mobile shell with wither on the vine with way to 'get current', apps can likely be compiled to work, but who's going to with under 1% market share? If there's any life left in Windows 10 for mobile, it will start on the 835 chip, coupled with the new adaptable shell and grow from there...essentially, Mobile is being rebooted again.
  • This pleases me
  • Any news on when the windowed apps using Composable shell will come to mobile? I could have swore that at Ignite they said it was an RS2 feature coming early this year. I regularly ask about it on Twitter but the messages either don't get seen (natural with how many there are) or they can't/won't comment on it
  • My Lumia 550 says hell NO! It may be great, it is a good idea, but not now for low end hardware, give it to me by 2019 when it is ready from its roots to the higher end hardware. By now i just want the current shell to run as smoosh as WP 8.1 did, but in Windows 10, please.
  • This is more exciting to me than Windows 10 on ARM, although they may go hand in hand. The updated Continuum is something i see being extremely useful for me, i use continuum now while traveling to do work and watch Netflix on my 950 XL at the motel, etc. but it is definitely limited in what it can do.
  • Coming soon!
  • Wen? I prefer more Windows 10 on ARM than this shell.
  • Lets start from scratch once again.
  • Been waiting for this for a long time. It'll be great.
  • Sounds great
  • Very intriqing news and opens the door for the OEMs as well...
  • So if I connect my Xbox controller to my PC will continuum make it look like Xbox dashboard?
  • Finally! Been ages wanting to hear/read this news!
  • Without mobile apps, nothing will change.
  • apps are soooo last year
  • Apps serve no weight...functionality is what pushes innovation and challenges, and most of what Microsoft already has in its Windows platforms is well-above what I need in my pocket. Quite frankly, I see no need to waste my data or time on Snapchat or other video-bogging apps.
  • Too bad you aren't the mainstream. Microsoft needs these things even if you don't. Even if they can convince OEMs to use their locked down phone platform, which has been tough to impossible for them to do, they still need to have the software available for mainstream consumers to buy them. Otherwise they have no chance going forward. Windows does not have the mobile software required by today's consumers and with recent sales trends, they never will.
  • I feel the first Surface phone will not be a foldable display, I feel like they will be trying to go all out sure but at the same time be on the safer side, starting with foldable and it going south could hurt them even more then mobile for Windows already is. I hope I am completely wrong though. I do wants this more than anyone else I'm sure (other than Daniel Rubin of course) lol.
  • Interesting concept, just like windows phone 7, 8 , windows mobile and UWP. Lets see if MS will be able to turn this concept into a product that they will actually bother to market and sell. Past experience proves that having a good concept is no guarantee for success.
  • Oh also check out, Arrows Tab V 567, this is a 6 inch Tab running Windows 10 Pro, pretty crazy. Expensive though.
  • I have commented a while ago that Windows Mobile will be the new Windows. I only see confirmation in this. I.E. full Windows on Mobile is not the best description for what is happening. There is One Core all over already, including ARM. Win32 apps on ARM only means that that will be included in One Core.
    What I get from this article is that it won't be the desktop/tablet modal shell going to Mobile or "full Windows". Msft is building One Shell (CSHELL) from Continuum on Mobile, replacing the other shells. So, the upcoming Creators Update is likely the last update driven from desktop/tablet Windows to get all those Windows 7 users onboard again. Following updates will be driven from the Mobile/Continuum end. Satya has said while ago that after Creators Update there would be a lot happening in Mobile. That lines up nicely.
    All for the better, as we should do away with this modal switching between desktop and tablet as fast as possible. It is not about device type modality, the lines are blurring more and more, large screens having touch and pen. It is about screen size, input types and user ux/ui preferences, which are not modal at all. I have spent word in this in Windows Feedback Hub in December.
    Of topic is that I would like to see Live Tiles to become explodable into larger panes with actionable Notifications, doing away with the Notifications in Action Center. Also, I would like to see the Start Screen evolve to multiple, configurable Start Screen pages like Microsoft's Arrow launcher for Android.
    Without doubt we will have an interesting Windows future, surpassing others.
  • One binary or deployable is not necessarily the same as one single design language and one single shared interface library, for example.
    Without further specification, a term like 'scaling' or 'scalable' is still meaningless even given the context.
  • Surface Hub also has its own shell today.
  • Perhaps it will finally shut up anyone who thinks Windows phones are going away when the devices are running an identical OS and app store to all other PCs.
  • This is very forward thinking, nobody is doing anything like this. Microsoft is planning ahead of the curve to change the world. This whole slab smartphone/grid of apps paradygm is long dead.
  • Really? You realize Android has done this for years now. It scales according to screen size and even has a desktop UI in the newest version. Today you can buy TV boxes, gaming consoles, watches, car stereos, VR headsets, tablets and tons of other devices that run Android. The apps also scale according to platform. Microsoft is actually behind in this area, they most certainly aren't the only one doing this.
  • Its amazing that you are so far up your own ass you fail to realize youre so full of ****... probably because you are used to the smell 
  • I see you have no argument.
  • Mate its not the same. Lol. Android is a mobile OS. Not a full OS running software. It can only run apps. This is so future MS mobiles scale full Windows. Android has no answer to a full Operating System.
  • Full operating system? What does that really even mean? If full Windows is so important, why has sales been dropping for 5 years now? What mainstream Windows program doesn't have a mobile replacement? There are certainly niche, professional programs that are needed, but there is no mainstream software that hasn't been replicated on Mobile. Android has a free form desktop UI available today and ChromeOS is around and can run Android apps. It is only a matter of time before Windows is relegated to professional and enterprise use.
  • Multitasking? Ever heard about it in your singular app world?
  • All boxees run the Android with ugly UI and text sizes, not in the adaptive mode.
  • What is the market share of Android in TVs or set-top boxes? What is the market share of Android on gaming consoles, watches, car stereos, VR headsets, and so on? Android has 80%+ of the smartphone market, and scales into the tablet market, but with lacklustre developer support. Not all is well in Android land.
  • Dr,
    Sir me you going Android sweet phone so my phone know windows and os system, so please help me my sweet Android phone ok.
  • This was so bad it's good. I have no idea what you're trying to say here.
  • Now THIS is good news. The Windows Shell has direly needed an upgrade, and rightfully so, to run better applications across platforms. This will be awesome to see how Microsoft pulls this one off. Cannot wait to see this in action in the upcoming months! Go Microsoft! =D
  • I read reports that Microsoft will require every Surface Phone buyer to say the following 5 times fast before they can hand them the phone:
    She sells CSHELLS by the sea shore.
    She sells CSHELLS by the sea shore.
    She sells CSHELLS by the sea shore.
    She sells CSHELLS by the sea shore.
    She sells CSHELLS by the sea shore.
  • Nope...
    Suzy sells CSHELLS by the sea shore.
  • And people wonder why MS are stopping Minecraft updates for existing mobile OS Windows 10. Mobile OS is yesterday's tech. People who have a Surface Phone will play full Minecraft. While Android and IOS users have the small Pocket edition.
  • Soweing the seeds of the evolution of both Surface phone and pro devices. Imagine a pro that unfolds into a widescreen laptop.....razer might not be too far off. Or a phone that unfolds to a tablet then docks in an intel powered performance base. Now sell multiple trim levels of base....and the market is changed forever.
  • As always, hopelessly enthusiastic about trivial stuff.
  • Awesome stuff!
  • One Windows to rule them all! Hahaha
  • Like always, the future is bright but the present sucks.
  •  PCs and tablets share the same shell thanks to Continuum
    I'm not sure how Continuum is relevant for that, it's just the same shell because it's the same flavor of the OS on both PCs and tablets. Continuum is a W10 Mobile feature
  • Now it will extend to Xbox via scorpio
  • Just for your information, "continuum" is the name Microsoft uses for "tablet mode" in all of It's promotional and educational materials about Windows 10. Since they also use that term to describe how mobile adapts to desktop, then one can say that "continuum" can be used as a general terms for all sorts of adaptive interfaces on Windows.
  • I honestly can't believe foldable screens won't show signs of wearing off being bend over and over. Also imo flexible screens, although high, tech look cheap and fragile imo. Unless the screen is elastic it will need some free space to maneuver there where the bending happens. I can imagine the dust getting behind that... So the surface phone will have to fix all these problems.
  • I'm sure the first few gen's will have issues.
  • I will believe it when I see it.
  • Nutella will have finished his plan of decimating the Mobile portion by the time this is of any use.
  • So, will Windows 10 on ARM work on the 950/xl? Had there been any official word?
  • I don't think the chipset will allow for it, but I'm not an expert. So take that with a grain of salt.
  • I suppose by technicality, it could. It seems like MS drew an arbitrary line in the sand much like they did with W10M; the hardware is almost certainly capable, to an extent.
  • That W10M line in the sand sure was arbitrary! The latest Fast Ring build runs better on my 1320 than it does on my 640XL!!
  • As a Windows fan , I like to ear those thing.
  • Just waiting for this to purchase a new Windows Mobile device, once compilers and dev tools can be run on my mobile phone I'll say goodbye to my XP Netbook from Acer (2009 model). My contract ends on Nov 2017 so I hope by that date the Windows 10 phone will be sold in Mexico where I live.
  • Hopefully this means: Explorer.exe has stopped responding... will become a thing of the past
  • No, it just means you'll be able to see it on all your devices now =P   j/k
  • I'm still wondering if dumping Minecraft Pocket Edition somehow factors into this.
  • Windows On Arm is why they're dumping Minecraft Pocket Edition. With the small audience and that there will be no need for it in a year or two time (WOA devices will be available running Minecraft for Windows 10 Edition), there's no point in trying to save it. It'll either "die" then (replaced by Windows 10 Edition) or it'll die now.
  • Ok. It's safe to say now windows 10 mobile is dying. In two years it will be gone. It's only here until windows 10 arm devices take over. Some will be phones. Some will be tablets. But it will be full windows, changing shells, that can get texts and make calls. Perfect. I'll upgrade to that as soon as I can.
  • Will this CSHELL change performance? Because if it lowers computer would be equivalent to toaster level of computing. If it raises it then yay I can finally run two website with a decent amount of ads at the same time without my computer blasting off.
  • I don't think the shell that Windows is utilizing is your problem.
  • Neat! And so the journey continues :)
  • Will there be any mobile phones to run this on though? I hope so but not much sign of it at the moment.
  • Why release the hardware before the software is ready?
  • Well Microsoft introduced windows phones a few years ago with W7 and if the software had been properly ready then we wouldnt be in such a mess with the lack of users hardware and apps(aledgedly) now. My concern is if I will need to change phones in the next 12 months and my only options are expensive HP, second hand or Android. If  I chose Android and got used to it i'd probably not return.
  • Does this mean that we will be able to turn on the Xbox UI on Windows 10? If so, those mini PCs will finally start to make sense :D
  • Hey...somebody gets it.
  • This is one more piece to the puzzle of the final Windows 10 big picture and it looks good! A wise decision for Microsoft not to urge for new mobile devices yet.
  •   Is Microsoft moving towards a Steam Box like experience? Bad, bad news for Xbox. ​Not saying that they're killing Xbox, but think about it: they're building Windows 10 around Game Mode, now they're making one shell with Xbox too. Next step? Sell licenses to Alienware, Razer and they build gaming pc machines for the living room, if it succeeds why in the hell Microsoft should keep making Xbox consoles? I mean, in a business scenario. Honestly, I'm a Xbox fan and the future scares the **** out of me.  
  • There is no reason Xbox can't exist as software on your PC as well as being on a dedicated hardware. It expands the world of Xbox which is a good thing.
  • Ok, as a note, your premise and conclusion also imply that Microsoft has no business scenario in regards to the Surface (they license Windows to other manufacturers, so why should they keep making Surface?). Are you still sticking with your logical argument?
  • Does this mean eventually no seperate build for mobile and desktop and just one build for all updated and released at once?
  • yes
  • Finally! This what we were waiting for!
  • Just want to know your take on WOA.
    Thurrott says it doesn't make sense and won't gain traction because there is no meaningful app store so why would you want WOA on a phone ?
    Without the apps it's DOA others are saying.
  • except it could gain traction with regards to Continuum. Imagine not needing a desktop PC because your phone could run all your legacy windows apps when connected to a keyboard, monitor, and mouse. the hope is that with the ability to have access to x86 apps, that could fill in some gaps. You may even get quick hack apps that are just small x86 apps meant to run on tiny screens with a touch screen.
  • IMHO Scorpio should be a PC disguised as an Xbox.
    With all that power and running 10 why not allow us to plug in a KB and mouse and use Steam too as well as anything else a PC can do. It would be a Win for Windows.
  • Ah...the joy of registry errors comes to Xbox ?
  • Huh. When I first heard about One Core and UWP, I was thinking they already did that. Then I learned that nope, they didn't. Well, good to see them actually heading in that direction.   I originally thought the core firmware/drivers would have had underpinnings to the specific architecture (ARM, x86/x64) while the OS was common among the form factors. For x86 enabled form factors, they could insert the "x86 module" allowing for legacy backwards compatibility/functionality. Sounds like that was simplisticly wishful thinking on my part, then.
  • I bet this enables a landscape mode on phones like the 1520, 930/Icon, 950/950XL. ​they may also include some of the new visual elements / design language from Project NEON.  
  • And here come's the fourth shell. After the infamous Command Prompt, Windows PowerShell and the most recent launched with Windows 10,i.e., Bash on Ubuntu on Window 10.
    ​Here Microsoft brings another, named CSHELL. Common Microsoft, just remove cmd and Windows Powershell and Make a Simple "Windows Shell". Let the Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10 be there as it is.    
  • Dude, they're not talking about a command prompt, but about the system responsible for the GUI ._. 
  • Did you even bother to *read* the article befgore posting this utter twaddle?   You've just made yourself look very silly indeed.  Here's a hint:  try READING before POSTING.
  • Laying the ground work for a modern cross-device Windows development platform and ecosystem. Exciting times.
  • it god chance we will see this on mobile first maybe after rs3 get few build in
  • It's a really good news to hear that  Connectfirms
  • why windows central NOT know project neon being worked by microsoft this is outdated, you know this is very very interesting!
  • Ah, WTF are you talking about, they know about Neon, they've covered it in other articles.
  • "We all want Microsoft to release a phone running full Windows 10 on ARM, but as it currently stands that would be impossible — full Windows 10 doesn't have a UI that adapts well to screen sizes of less than 6 inches" - Am I the only one that wouldn't want such and just mobile, I'm glad that with CShell that it's possible now to scale better for continuum improvements and I welcome it, but maybe i'm thinking too much security wise, don't want to have .exe files being able to run on mobile.i guess they'll tweak such.
  • That's great.  Now how are you going to get developers to take the platform seriously?  Until you address the 600 lb. gorilla that is the app gap, you're just rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic, at least from the consumer perspective.  IMO, if MS is serious about getting a foothold in the consumer space again beyond what they have in XBox and the like, they should go all in on making Islandwood the real deal, where iOS developers can see their apps ported to the Windows realm with little or no additional effort. 
  • Ahy...  This constant pitch about the difference app numbers is really misleading... As a past iPhone and iPad user who converted completely to Windows Surface, Surface Pro 3, Lumina 920, 1020, and 1520 systems, I do not feel deprived.  The vast majority of apps... are junk.  Do I want the UWP development environment to expand yes... but, this is more closely tied to the release of a family of quality mobile devices, in conjunction with expanding the Windows 10 toolset.  Lasly... a real marketing campaign of the likes of what we see on a daily basis for the Surface, Surface Pro, and Surface Book are needed. MS can no longer just think that because they built a quality system people will migrate.    
  • Morris, I agree completely about MS' marketing. The "one Windows" story is compelling and they might very well make inroads if they executed on that, but only after they get new cellular devices that propel the Surface story forward. I hesitate to call them just "phones" because it sounds like they're trying to avoid the single-use limitation, and that makes sense to me. Call it a "Surface cellular PC" or whatever, but they should indeed leverage the fact that they're much more well positioned than their competition is in providing a single platform that can run on many devices. It sounds though like apps are less of an issue with you than they are with me. Personally, however, I DO feel deprived, to the point where I finally made the leap to - gulp - an Android phone (ZTE Axon 7). I still prefer the Windows 10 Mobile OS from a user experience perspective and would resurrect my Lumia Icon in a heartbeat if somehow Islandwood and UWP took off and the apps I use on Android that don't exist - third party or not - on my Windows phone suddenly became available. And I must emphasize that I'm speaking about this strictly from the consumer perspective and not that of the enterprise.
  • The real question is, THERES BEEN NO NEWS ON THIS EVER SINCE WHEN IS IT COMING OUT?! #hypeforcshell Also, I saw that Microsoft is going to be improving OneCore, so maybe these "improvements" are CShell in disguise and that's why it's going to be really buggy.