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Microsoft's vision of Continuum revealed in a new video, and it looks marvelous

During Microsoft's Ignite conference this week the next stage of Continuum for Windows 10 Mobile was revealed. Likely slated for the Redstone 2 release slated for early 2017 the "next evolution" of Continuum pushes the phone as a PC experience even further.

In a new video posted by Microsoft Ignite (spotted by MSPU) four main features, were discussed at one of the sessions.

Those new features include:

  • Independent Monitor Idle – Let one screen time out while you keep working on the other one
  • Proximity Connect – Keep your phone in your pocket and connect wirelessly to your dock
  • Customizable – Independently customizable Start screens across connected devices
  • More PC-like experience – Enable "win key + type"; Taskbar app pinning, System tray Windowing

While Continuum, as it is today, is interesting its applicability to the real world is somewhat limiting due to the incomplete analogy of the experience. While it looks PC-ish being able to see only one app at a time is rather limiting. Being able to move windowed apps independently, snapping them, and having them overlap is a much more familiar and useful scenario.

Microsoft is adding other bits too like PC-like notifications and right-click context menus to go even further.

With this next stage of Continuum Microsoft is now improving and refining the experience as they continue to blur the line between PC and your smartphone. This progression will only increase with each Windows milestone reached until the hardware and software experience closely mimics today's PCs.

Thinking of the Continuum project as a journey and it should be fascinating to see it evolve not only in 2017 but years from now as well.

What do you make of these features coming to Continuum? Does it change your mind at all about this concept of a smartphone and a real differentiator for Microsoft?

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • I'm pretty excited about trying this on the Elite x3. Continuum really is a process for Microsoft, not just a one-time thing. Hopefully, we'll see some of these features in forthcoming Insider builds.
  • It does look like a significant step in the right direction. Those changes improve the user experience quite a bit.
  • Do you think, that the 950 and/or the 950XL will perform good with this new version of continuum when it will be released? I'll pick up a 950 or XL in november, because I'll be able to buy it with a deep discount as an employee / corporate phone (I work at Vodafone now). And I want to try this out soooo much :D Sadly, there's no Elite X3 on the list of the available devices btw.
  • Great! Currently you are rocking Lumia 535?
  • Yeah, and I love it very much. But I want a flagship now :D
  • Good. I also have Lumia 535. I'm a student. Can't afford any new device now :)
    So you will be changing your insider ring then? :P
  • I think I'll stay on release preview with the 950 / XL, and wait until RS2 will be released, because a corporate phone needs to be stable. But I'll put my loved (now orange) 535 on the fast ring, and test new builds on it :D
  • Yeah that's what I was thinking :D
  • I got my dad a 535. It was a great device but lots of touch issue. The phonevwould randomly unlock itself and call people while still in pocket even when double tap to wake was off. Ultimately i returned it along with an even older nokia xl and got myself 550 while dad got j7 2016. Both of us are happy with our purchases now. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No touch issues here at all. So I love mine :D
  • Even the current continuum works pretty well on the 950s. Sure, it is not a pure pc experience, but it is pretty amazing!
  • Thanks mate ;)
  • Once you go flagship, its hard to go back. Ever since I got my 1520 I don't even wanna see lower end windows phones. Lol
  • So true !!!
  • Fire up the SNES emulator in Continuum and plug in the Xbox controller. Relive the childhood but now on a 50 inches TV. ;p
  • Yes, it really is. Bad news for Microsoft: My Surface 3 will be obsolete once HP releases the Screen dock.
  • Does the Netflix app work via Continuum yet? Just about to buy my mum a 950XL and would like the transition from laptop+1020 to 950XL to be as seamless as possible.
    ​(She uses Netflix, Whatsapp, Facebook, Youtube, email, word, powerpoint and Spotify; all of which I am hoping are Continuum apps)
  • No, but you can use Edge to view Netflix with no problem.
  • Yep, Edge works great with Netflix. Would love it if Netflix updated their app to support it but Edge is a good workaround for now
  • Go for the XL. Many reviews and my own experience shows that the Snapdragon 810 is BETTER at Continuum !
  • That's what I was thinking ;) I hope there will be some to pick up in November, because Vodafone has much less XLs than 950s. But thanks :D
  • :)
  • If Daniel Rubino said "eat a baby" he would get 82 likes.. Lol.
  • As someone who is using Continuum on a more regular basis, I agree. It will be very interesting to see Continuum evolve and become more useful as we approach Redstone 2.
  • Let me ask you, as a student on a budget, what is the most affordable way to get a wired continuum connection with my 950? I have a small Asus 2-1 I use around campus. But I would love to take over a library monitor and use that for more complicated work.
  • he dock is probably the best as you get usb ports etc as well.. but the ms wireless adapter will do the job as well and you can pick those up a bit cheaper...
  • Thanks for the input! How is the lag with the adapter compared to wired. That is my main concern.
  • Passable; depends on how often/how long you use it as to whether it is tolerable.
  • If possible, wait for HP's dock. It has one important difference for me, and that is Ethernet port, so you can just plug the cable from your library PC...
  • For casual use (e.g. to your TV in the living room or giving a presentation in a conference room, it's very usable). For use as a serious productivity tool, though, you might find it mildly annoying over a wireless connection.
  • Check ebay for docks that people are selling who got them for free with their phones... something to note, though, is that the dock is quite heavy (so it doesn't move around on the desk).
  • My library has wifi screens . So I can use continium just by taking my phone. But better experience when I take Bluetooth mouse.
  • What went under the radar is that in the demo video for windowed apps, the person is using a touch screen in a continuum enabled device, which is something that you can't do right now either. So instead of continuum laptop shells like the one that comes with the Elite X3, you will be able to have continuum 2-in-1 shells, So laptop, tablet and phone will all be one device!
  • Touch came with Anniversary Update IIRC.
  • Yeah, the Connect app on Windows PCs even supports it.
  • Oh I didn't know!!! thanks!
  • You mean the same thing Android did years ago and quickly realized was pointless? The future isn't going to be useless shells that require another device to be operational. The cost of internals is negligible. There is no reason to not just put a processor into it, especially when it brings a much better experience. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • you're totally right. shells are stupid, and they've bombed every single time a company has tried.
  • Nice pun
  • Cost of internals are negligible if you are american with dollars in your pocket. But what about the rest of the world? There are people who's first time accessing technology is through cheap smartphones, or through goverment laptops that kids get in schools. With continuum phones+shells you can give a lot of people the chance to have a phone+laptop for a much cheaper price. Not to mention companies that can purchase phones with continuum and give their employers a phone+shell to use for work. The wouldn't even need to have computers in the offices except for docks, monitors and keyboards.  And I have to be honest, I think that having all of this devices with processors in it is inefficient cost wise. you are never using more than one device at a time, and the only moment when you are is when you have to stop using a laptop to pick up a call in your phone, which is also inefficient.  Cloud sync never works as good as we think it does and sometimes you want a file that is in a device you are not near of, or want to use an app that you can use in your tablet but not in your PC, etc... One device that acts as a core for all of your other Shells/Devices is a pretty elegant way to solve this.
  • Phone + dock or shell isnt cheap, it is not like you are getting continuum experience on a 525, if indeed someone is looking for cost effective computing device then PC stick is the way to go.
  • It really isn't cheap. HP wants $1300 for the phone and laptop shell! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think it's funny how so many people around the world think that all Americans have so much disposable income.
  • @Bleached Continuum on Windows is a platform wide experience not device specific as with the Motorola Atrix.
    Android as did not have, nor does it now have, a universal platform that unifies an app from the core to UX level across form factors.
    Continuum on Windows also doesn't simply blow the app up on the large screen, it is a context conformed experience in contrast to Androids iteration.
    It also allows dual screens for say streaming on on and gaming on another. Android didn't do this years ago, nor have they done it today. :-)
  • Too right! Continuum is killer already and it will just keep getting better while Google and Apple are still thinking up plans for their me too approach. The way I see it, Microsoft is already 4 or 5 years ahead.
  • @jason It is incorrect to say android doesn't have a unifying experience, android from the beginning used to support layouts and ux based on resolution families. It is that  apps including Google's own and even the OS didn't adhere to it, and it doesn't have a multiple screen support like windows. Unless Microsoft moves fast it simple for Google to emulate the behaviour
  • The only current advantage of Continuum is really having "dual" screen since the phone is usable, which the great thing is you can use it as a touchpad and keyboard (though this aspect is largely under the radar as most people think Continuum only usable when connecting with keyboard and mouse). Continuum at the moment though is actually not much different to connecting an Android tablet to larger screen in concept since it doesn't have an actual desktop-like UX that Continuum should have been. Gladly this video finally nails the biggest issue with it and making it really PC-like, not glorified term "PC-like".
  • Android most certainly has apps that scale and function across tablet, phone, watch, TV, Car and VR. They have had that ability for a few years now. It sounds like the desktop version of Android is going to be announced next week too. Google is well ahead. Getting apps on their desktop will be easy. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol ok
  • You still ain't understanding android and ios has no were the unity of windows 10. Android sucks on pc and chrome is just a lazy attempt from google to get people to buy a computer from them when its just a web browser and yet people like you ***** if windows gets a web app buy google can put a browser on a computer and you think it's different cuz in essence all of Chromebook apps are web apps up till recently but even with android apps chrome is no where near as unified as windows 10 same with ios you got macs with mac os iPhone with ios apple watch with watch os and apple tv with tv os but windows 10 is windows 10 on phones/tablets/pc/hub/xbox/hololens/lot so talk **** all you want I don't know why you insist on coming to a windows site and bash on something that some of us like is it to make you feel better or are you just that big of a hater. Why don't you just go over to android central and talk to people like you that are basically just sheep anyways troll
  • The desktop Android is supposed to be announced next week. We don't know much about it yet, other than the hidden free form interface in Nougat. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • For using a tablet-like shell for a phone, UWP doesn't really differ from Android.
  • Exactly! This is actually innovative, as many fearful, and biased, iDroid fans fail to admit.
  • did microsoft share when this will be available on the fast ring
  • The code is pretty much on its early stage it would seem. Be patient as its better to test something usable than remotely usable.
  • This looks amazing... But I have a few questions for Daniel... Firstly, since the ability to resize the app is incoming.. Don't you think that now.. even if an app is not universal... It should run on continuum opening as a mobile like window... Say like WhatsApp... Similar to what remix OS has.... Second, since now web apps have begun making their way into the windows store as UWP.. Wont it be possible to load them on mobile and make them work on the big screen when they have that screen real estate like PC. Perhaps allow them to run only in continuum mode... I may be wrong but I don't think there's an issue of architecture for web apps if they're packaged as UWP on the store?
  • Don't you think that now.. even if an app is not universal... It should run on continuum opening as a mobile like window
    ​No. We shouldn't accept subpar experience. Continuum shouldn't have to be enabled though in a dev process anymore. It should be available to any app that has phone and PC support in a single UWP package.
    Second, since now web apps have begun making their way into the windows store as UWP.. Wont it be possible to load them on mobile and make them work on the big screen when they have that screen real estate like PC.
    Considering Start Menu will now be separate between phone's screen and Continuum experience, it certainly is a possibility. We don't have any indication form Microsoft that it will happen though, but they should seriously think about it as the more apps are available there, the better.
    I may be wrong but I don't think there's an issue of architecture for web apps if they're packaged as UWP on the store?
    It fully depends on the type of web app. Electron contained apps won't work on ARM, at least for now. Example of such app in the Store is Evernote. Example of such app overall is Slack or Visual Studio Code. WinJS (for example Groove) or Project Westminster (for example new Amazon Store app) UWP apps obviously already work on mobile and therefore could be enabled in Continuum mode even when mobile deployment is not selected by the developer in the Store - again though, it's up to Microsoft, I'm just saying that it's technically possible.
  • Good points. But just to note you don't have to enable Continuum in your Windows 10 UWP app, you do need to make a manual change to DISable it though. So by default it's there and working unless the developer decides specifically to disable it.
  • Checked docs. You seem to be right.
  • Lol. That's what he's saying. He's saying that it should not work that way, and I agree.. He's saying, by default, any UWP app should inherently be compatible with continuum, minus more advanced features if not enabled by the developer.. But, all UWP apps should at least function within some type of scale to a larger screen, and at the very least within their normal mobile properties.
  • Very happy to see that they did not kill this feature prematurely. Having multiple windows on-screen—even limited by default to 2 on lower-end devices and maybe 3 or 4 on mid- and high-end for performance reasons—is really important if the goal is to be productive like a boss whenever I want. Another thing that's good to see in the video is that the Start Menu came up quickly on first press after connecting (on my phone, the first click on Start takes a good few seconds before the menu finally shows up (subsequent presses are much faster). I can hardly wait to start testing and sending feedback on this in what's hopefully the not-too-distant future.
  • Oh, one other thing I'd like to see that wasn't shown in the video... being able to open up non-UWP apps on the bigger screen. Older Windows Phone apps should be runnable from Continuum in an appropriately sized (and shaped) window. This would be a good stop-gap measure until some developers take the time to update / convert to UWP. Some obvious Microsoft-owned examples would be Xbox, LinkedIn, Skype for Business and Join Conference, while some others I'd *love* to use on the big screen are Shared Shopping List Pro, Insteon for Hub, Package Tracker, and (actually, any of the dozens of apps that I use on my phone screen regularly).
  • I listened to the q&a after this session and that actually came up as a question, and a valid one. The guy from MSFT said they are thinking about ways to really boost productivity on continuum and definitely didn't answer no to that question. Fingers crossed!!
  • Excellent, I'll keep hoping!
  • Actually the q&a was quite interesting as well... Really worth the listen.
  • Do you happen to have a link to the video? I'd be very interested in watching the whole thing. I really wanted to go to Ignite this year, but my employer didn't get back to me with authorization before they sold out seats.
  • Will get it when I'm home at my computer :)
  • here you go : The Q&A starts around minute 27 :)
  • Awesome, thank you!
  • You're welcome :)
  • I don't think so.
    You need to be UWP.
    More likely you'll get better tools for bringing your app to UWP.
  • I am starting to think they are going the x86 route with perhaps Intel or Qualcomm cellular modem attached for "mobiles".It will be just a regular PC except it has a tiny screen and has a cellular modem for connectivity. When in mobile mode they will probably have to restrict x86 desktop apps that could drain battery but it's doable. Support for x86 desktop apps (at least in docked mode) brings something other platforms cannot offer and just might be enough to bring new users to the platform and help solve UWP app gap as well.  
  • It's not talked about much but usb 3.0 could handle an intel processor x86 x64 connected via a continuum dock. Mobile os mated to desktop os.
  • As well as a gaming gpu like surface book....
  • Once you start involving x86 docks and stuff you may as well have just bought another device. I think they need to have it all running from the phones hardware, like they do now if it's going to be truly successful - Especially when one of the target markets is poorer regions where people can only afford one device.
  • Docks isn't a bad idea, it's really just because Continuum at current state isn't really much of a benefit in my experience since it's not really offering a PC-like experience, rather just offering UWP apps to be scaled up on larger display with benefit working with mouse and keyboard. What Continuum needs is an hardware ecosystem around it, not just apps. Things like HP Elite X3 laptop accessory is something we need more like those and better. Other hardware I can think of is a keyboard+trackpad dock, monitor with dock, etc. On the video, they even discussed Proximity Connect where Continuum session is active even when the device is in pocket or not actively in use and detects the proximity of Continuum-based hardware and initiate the session. This is something that Continuum can really shine with actual desktop experience.
  • Totally agree about it being a process, the way I see it eventually when hardware catches up Continuum will actually become a real x86 Windows 10 Desktop that runs from the phone. When looking at rumoured hardware specs of the Surface Phone it doesn't seem too far away, I think at the moment its just battery technology that is the actual problem, either a new type of super battery needs to come along or a new intel processor like an i3 that actually uses the same or less power than an ARM chip. Right now my only problem with Continuum is that you can't open non-UWP apps like WhatsApp, I'm not sure why they took that route because to me it seems like they could easily run a phone app either snapped to the side or a fixed size window. I do like that we can use the phone and continuum at the same time but it annoys me that if I get messaged on WhatsApp while using continuum then I have to pick up the phone to answer the message.
  • Haven't tried but, you should be able to run WhatsApp Web in Edge while in continuum, right?
  • While that may be true, there are lots of other apps that don't have web equivalents.
  • Yeah that's the point I was trying to make, just seems strange and a bit annoying that a lot of apps can't run on Continuum even though there doesn't seem to be any technical reason stopping it.
  • Agreed! But for WhatsApp in Continuum mode, just try the harvester messenger!
  • Yeah it's going to be great. Will be good if it will be possible to have two spreadsheets side by side. Would make using my x3 at work far better.
  • I just want them to give me the ability to snap apps to screen on my Lumia 640XL and they can keep their Continuum improvements.
  • As Daniel said, this shows Microsoft still is working hard to improve Continuum, and Windows 10 Mobile as a whole.
  • Indeed! This is my biggest gripe about Continuum since it's basically just like connecting a tablet to bigger screen, not a PC-like UX. Finally they are catching up after a disappointing TH release and even RS1. This what Continuum should be about from the first place. The only feature missing from that video is Snap Assist. It is a feature that since the Windows 10 introduction, it's hard not to have one.
  • A phone capable of running x86 apps will change the entire continuum experience into a core PC like experience and that would be revolutionary.
  • Gotta say, looks pretty awesome. The corporate world should be all over this.
    Is this the life preserver for WM??
    MS need to bring a kick a-ss phone to market too compliment the X3 then slowly slowly, maybe they can carve a viable corporate niche.
    Absolute last chance, so here's hoping.
  • I'm actually interested that Continuum support will touch for display that support touch input. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • it does already.
  • I did it already by connecting my 950XL with Anniversary Update to my Dell Venue 11 Tablet with Anniversary Update: the tablet not only shares its screen, but also its digitizer.
  • Well then it's about time to add a Default App setting already and I better hear no such nonsense as "Oh why would you ever need that on a phone" from anyone anymore.
  • Continuum needs to be marketed to the general public once enough consumer devices are on store shelves. Although a great feature, I'm concerned that the average consumer will not know about it. Marketing is key for EVERYONE to jump on board, and see how W10M is indeed something new, different, and innovative.
    To be honest, for the past few generations, out of any platform, continuum is the only innovative feature to come.... MS needs to run with that, and use that idea for marketing.
  • Agreed, but general consumers would be more sold on andromeda than continuum, because thats what they are gonna see first, because MS will never market this.
  • Why would they never market this??
    People fail to realize that the same people that use Windows in enterprise, are also average consumers when they leave work. What makes you guys fail to realize that MS realizes this? Don't get it twisted... The relative focus on enterprise is not a company wide focus. MS always aims to fill every segment... Rather, the focus on enterprise is, by default, a tactic to keep WM afloat, because at this point MS has no other choice... Regardless, Windows, and specifically Continuum, are both aimed at enterprise, and the consumer market. Both! AND! Let's not forget that Continuum is not just a WM-PC experience. Continuum is conceived for total synergy between all W10 devices... Of course, it will take time for everything to come full circle, and the most obvious, and practical applications, will come first (phones)... And, that is most definitely plan. Marketing, on a consumer level, is paramount, because enterprise consumers are in fact consumer, well, consumers. Lol
  • Daniel does the Windowed mode on the apps its applied only to UWP or it can leave apps for WP8 in small Windows on the desktop?
  • Yeah :-)
  • This is so amazing! It's things like this that I think can eventually help windows mobile survive for the long haul.
  • Freakin' awesome!!!!!!!
  • I cannot wait for these features to start rolling out!!!!
  • Me too! Fast ring users will be getting this very soon ☺
  • The only thing that'd then be missing from that list to really blur the lines between desktop Windows and Windows Mobile in Continuum would be a Start Menu that looks and feels like the desktop one. They promised that you'd be able to customize the Continuum one differently from the one in your phone, but that's not enough to conclude we'll be getting desktop Start Menu.
  • Yeah one thing I always wish I could do is make the start menu take up more of the screen. Need to be able to resize it in the same way as the PC Start menu
  • Yeah, not just because for the sake of consistency but for same experience between W10 PC and W10M Continuum. Even at least when Start is opened, it should expand Cortana and make it a search box in the Taskbar like on PC. They can even just put the Hamburger left pane to have similar customizable shortcuts like on PC, even without the unnecessary Shutdown options and user switching.
  • They'd need to improve File Explorer significantly first of all. Start menu has folder shortcuts on the left and the one on W10M does not support folder pinning and is ridiculously too basic. We'd need network drive support too as well as a default app setting and an "open with" context option.
  • File Explorer is definately need to step up big time. Its a primary component that people use on desktop OSes for ages and very crucial to nail it. It doesn't have to be as heavy feature as the File Explorer on our Windows 10 PC, but it has to be capable enough with all essential features standard to every file manager across desktop operating systems. Things we need including you mentioned: - Networking support (directories, drive, etc) - Multiple instances, seriously who work with file manager that can only open 1 window? - Drag-and-drop, a functionality that sadly many people seem forgetten and taken for granted. This functionality badly needs in W10M Continuum no lees. It has to work between apps and the OS environment. - Metadata editing - Security/Permissions management, especially when networking is involved and Continuum is targeted for enterprise right? - Editable Addressbar - Groupings
  • Oh yeah editable address bar is badly needed, forgot about that. We'd also need a proper copy, cut and paste. Moveto and copyto does not use a clipboard, so we cannot copy files into other apps, even though, for example, UWP office supports it... Yes we can import files from within apps, but playing around with a file picker, when your file is already right there on File Explorer is just super inconvenient.  
  • Oh yeah, its rather subtle but copy-paste system is rather limited in W10M as doesn't seem to use a clipboard or very limited. This is system-wide limitation that seriously needs to be addressed if Microsoft is serious about pushing Continuum and W10M. I'm really gonna make a feedback about this, even though this should've planned long ago. W10M doesn't need to be super heavy at features, but it needs to nail things that are considered essential and basic on OS that we taken for granted. Some things are small and subtle but it can impact alot on user experience.
  • Share a link when you write your feedback, so I could upvote it then.
  • feedback-hub:?contextid=360&feedbackid=64031042-e902-4162-ad9f-594e44226155&form=2&src=2
  • Wouldn't the already advertised/promised (for RS2?) landscape start screen pretty much solve this?
  • I want that functionality... And, I want it right GD now.
  • This is great, but I hope the windowing is extended to non-Continuum scenarios too. Can you imagine side-by-side email and maps on a Lumia 1520? Or a floating video window whilst browsing another webpage?
  • Agreed- this is the only thing I miss from when I had a GN2 years ago. Would be awesome on an x3
  • Daniel, I have a question for you. Say there's an app that's written in UWP but that's only available for desktop. I don't know if StaffPad is a good example or if it's WinRT, but bear with me. This is an app that's not available in the phone store, but that would still make sense in Continuum. Does Microsoft have plans to let users download desktop app for Continuum use? What about pen support on touch-screen monitor? Thanks.
  • It's all up to the developer and what they want. Currently, they can choose to have their apps deployed to one or all of the following: Mobile, PC, Surface Hub, HoloLens, Xbox, Continuum-enabled. What I can tell you that is not public knowledge is Microsoft gives some 'big' name apps financial incentives for making their app Continuum-enabled. In other words, they are are aggressively courting app devs to make their apps Continuum supported.
  • Can an app be Desktop and Continuum enabled, but not phone? I can imagine quite a few apps where a small screen wouldn't make sense, but both Desktop and Continuum would. In that case, how do you distribute through the store?
  • To my knowledge, no. You have to enable Mobile and from there you can get Continuum. I'll ask around.
  • I suppose they could make it that you could click on the app and it would prompt you to "connect to continuum to use this app" But for this to work then the hardware requirements in store would have to include "supports continuum" to stop people with non continuum phones from downloading and being disappointed that it wont work and then give a 1* rating
  • User experience on phones and desktop/continuum doesn't need to be the same to my knowledge, they could always put basic features on the phone UI - read-only use cases for example - and allow the full power of the app only when it's used with desktop/continuum.
  • You can have a completely different UI for each of the device families just by following a naming convention - You could still share the ViewModel between them, but the UI can specifically be distinct per device family. It's not done as much, or shown as much in demos but MS have covered it in a few training videos.
  • Well... the biggest thing that was missed in this article that jumps out to me is that Continuum supports touch! Gotta love that. I also still wish it would be able to run x86 applications natively and more apps (Netflix, I'm looking at you) to support Continuum.
  • Touch should already be here with RS1 ;)
  • Yup. Would love Netflix to sup