What’s your next Windows Phone? Respondents overwhelmingly want the Lumia 920

On Friday, we asked our readers what Windows Phone 8 device they were leaning towards for their next purchase. And although HTC has yet to unveil their new phones, it appears that Nokia has by far demonstrated their dominance amongst our readership.

The poll was simple: Choose one of four new Windows Phone 8 devices, including the Nokia Lumia 820, Lumia 920, Samsung ATIV S or the HTC Accord (a device all but officially confirmed at this point for release).

Answers were randomized for selection and duplicate voting was blocked via IP and browser-cookie control. Total amount of respondents came to a sizeable 7,568 individual votes, making the sample size extremely reliable as ratios tend to lock-in at around 2,000 votes.

To say it was a blow out would be an understatement as our poll results usually tend to be a lot closer rather than an overwhelming clear winner. This time however, it was very different.

The Nokia Lumia 920 managed to carry away a massive 81.4% of the total sample (or 6,160 individual votes). Next up was the Lumia 820, which came in with 7.76% (587 votes) just edging out the Samsung ATIV S with 7.44% (563 votes). At the bottom was the HTC Accord, a device not yet publicly shown resulting 3.41% total or just 258 votes.

It's a clear winner, taking 81% of the vote


As we previously mentioned, usually our results are a lot closer but here, we can see a clear winner with the Lumia 920. Although the 920 builds off of the 900 in terms of design, bringing only slight modifications to the polycarbonate look, it is apparent that our audience was heavily impressed with the new technology behind the upcoming flagship phone, including NFC, wireless, inductive charging, PureMotion HD+ Super Sensitive display and the PureView 8.7MP camera with optical-image stabilization—a first for a smartphone.

Seeing as over 80% of our readership wishes for this phone, it is evident that they still prefer the “Nokia look” on the high-end Lumia line and that the Finnish company has done a good job convincing customers that the 920 is the phone to have this year.

Samsung ATIV S

Falling behind expected levels, the Samsung ATIV S

Seeing the Samsung ATIV S ranked so low when compared to the Lumia 920 is certainly surprising. The ATIV S is an extremely thin but seemingly powerful Windows Phone 8 device with excellent design and a massive 4.8” display. However, while the phone looks to be a winner, besides being thin with a large display, it does not bring any new technology to the table—it doesn’t push the boundaries. This may explain why the 920 faired so much better since it actually had a few “firsts” for a smartphone.

Likewise with the 820—certainly a solid phone but with its 800x480 display and lack of OIS in the camera, most of our readers seem more impressed with the Lumia 920.

Now about that HTC Accord. If there were one phone is getting under-appreciated it would be that one due to obvious reasons: it has yet to be officially announced, thereby skewing the results for it downwards.

Having said that, it is clear that HTC would really need reveal some “alien tech” to woo the 920 crowd over to such a phone and while Beats Audio and Super LCD2 will certainly make this phone a winner, it’s not clear that those two features alone will cause HTC to gain significant marketshare.

But there is one ‘X’ factor for HTC and that would be their rumored ‘Zenith’ phone. The device is expected to have a huge 4.7” screen and the first quad-core Snapdragon S4 CPU.  The only problem here is either HTC is being very tight lipped about it or the phone may not get its big reveal on September 19th as we’re only hearing about two phones being announced.

But assuming this flagship HTC phone does exist, will it be enough to gain ground on the 920 for our readers? With over 80% of nearly eight thousand readers opting for the 920, that’s a tough hill for HTC—or anyone else—to climb.

We’ll of course do a follow up poll after HTC’s announcement to see if anything has changed.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • For sure the 920
  • Agreed. The beauty of the device says it all. Add PureView and PureMotion and Nokia carries the day easily.
  • I second that
  • Nokia should package that all up like what Intel did with the Centrino brand and just say their devices have the PureBeauty package.
  • Combine all the technologies from Samsung, HTC, and LG, they still can't make a Lumia 920 equivalent phone lol
  • Please tell me this information was passed onto U.S. carriers...
  • I second this motion. I think Nokia would get the most success out of the 920 by releasing it on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon (Sprint can suck it for all I care). As I stated somewhere else, I won't leave T-Mobile and pay more monthly beause I want a certain phone. But if that phone came to my carrier, I'd jump on it in a heartbeat. I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking this.
  • Bingo Agent-P! 
    So you are telling me that everyone who checked the 920 box is running out to AT&T on November 2nd to buy a phone that is as big and as heavy as a brick with no data card slot?  No, wait, you’re telling me that there will be an iPhone 5 – Apple Store sort of line at AT&T on November 2nd just to buy the 920?  Sorry but my BS meter is blinking red.
    I can digest a survey of: "Based on the limited number of WP8 phones released, which one do you like the best?"  But the closer my BS meter gets to the current question and numbers, the faster it blinks.
    Just as we saw with the first Nokia 7.5 Windows Phones, AT&T will be lucky to get sliver or a slice of people who like Nokia to come over to AT&T.  There are other phones being rolled out that may skew that 920 number before November 2nd (HTC, Dell, Sony, Acer, Asus, other).  There will also be other carriers rolling out their own phones that could skew the 920 number (like Verizon and the 822 + whatever else they can bring to the party).
    Ever go to one of those Frat parties in College where you drink the punch out of the big garbage can?  Good time, eh!?!  Ever have some clown pour a bottle of Scope into the punch?  Well, before you drink the 920 punch, you better watch out for the Scope.  Lots can change in 45 days!  And depending where you are sitting in the WP8 airplane, it could be first class upgrade or a seat in the rear of the plane next to the lavatory. 
  • + 1000
    I could not agree more; I waiting to see what other OEM are pushing before I open my wallet.
    Furthermore I have a feeling that within six month Nokia will offer an "updated" 920 with SD card.
    Besides there is a big difference between what I want and what I can get..... I want a Porsche convertible but......
  • +10,000
  • Get lost.
  • +9999999 PS: Do u like Phenias and Ferb?
  • I think this poll is a little skewed,,,there is a difference between what people want and what there going to get. I mean SURE I would LOVE to get a 920 but I'm not going to change providers to get it. That being said from what is comming to my provider "t-mobile" I'm leaning towards the HTC mainly because of the LED notification light and the screen is going to be higher res then the 820. My second choice would be the Ativ-s for the screen size.
    I think the next poll should be "what pone are you getting on your current provider or are you planning on switching to get the 920"
  • That's why the poll specified if carrier wasn't an issue then which would you get. But realistically some of us are limited by carrier (including myself). I'm not about to give up my awesomely priced T-Mobile plan and go somewhere else just for a phone.
  • Get better coverage. My tmobile coverage is horrid
  • My T-Mobile coverage is awesome. And can't beat the price of 70 bucks for unlimited everything,,,,including trully unlimited 4g data with no caps or throttling
  • How you do that? They cap their 4g at 5gb max
  • They recently rolled out new plans,,,one of them being trully unlimited data,,,,the only catch is that tethering is not permitted,,,but sold as an add on for 14.99 a month,,,but I have no need to tether.
  • Lumia definitely stands out from its design and camera! Ppl just not noticin it much... However, I'm still disappointed from lack of Sd card slot; I'm not sure that 32gb is enough for me
  • I would have to put the camera side by side with the new HTC to see which is really better.. (if the accord is essentially a one-x with wp8 its going to be a great phone and possibly still the best camera). Its all about timing and who can get what out when..
  • Thanks but not thx, I do not want a lumia 920.
  • We all know the Samsung will dominate sales. Yeah, yeah the fan boys will get Nokia's. The new W8 users coming from Android will surely grab the superior Samsung with a sd micro slot, removable battery and bigger screen. It will rule W8 just like the GS3 rules Android.
  • Hey, the Samsung is a nice phone, no question but, it does not have the feature set as the 920 does, the display and the camera (stuff that I would use more than the SDcard slot).
    I'm not a Nokia fan boy at all, in fact, I thought the Lumia 900 was one of the most buggest phones I have ever seen. It was so bad that they gave everyone $100 to stop a PR nightmare (it got pretty bad press here too on the bugs).
    The L920 is the sexest Windows Phone 8 phone annouced so far. That has a lot to do with it..
  • You brought up something very interesting: I had a Lumia 800 and it was OK besides the battery short life and a poor camera, fixed by an updated firmware.
    Then I bought a 900 and in spite of having the latest firmware the phone is much more problematic than the 800: sometimes it hangs when ending a call, tehe light sensor has serious delays etc.
    I wonder why there is such a difference........
  •  Justin Bieber also sells a ton of records, and his music is absolute trash IMO. Samsung can sell 20 million ATIV's but it won't change the fact that I think all Samsung products are cheap plasticy POS.
  • +1 I got your point haha
  • +99999999999
  • supprised the 820 is getting that much support, worst screen of the 4
  • I, thought the same. The ATIV s looks to be so much better than the 820 and what HTC is showing.
  • Samsung does look better, but feel plasticky.  Therefore, I think 820 will have a better quality vs Samsung/HTC.
  • better call quality, signal reception, and better apps than the ATIV S.
  • Probably because it's more than just hardware related. Its the software and expected support from Nokia.
  • People keep saying "worse/worst" screen. Wouldn't it be more correct to say it doesn't have as high a resolution as the others? I mean, my Venue Pro's Amoled screen is pretty darn good even at 480x800. I never look at my screen and go, aww this is terrible. Anyway, just asking.
  • Its because of the exclusive content and Nokia's support to the platform.
  • Not to speak for the masses but I voted for it because of the rumors of a Verizon version, expandable storage, and Nokia exclusives.
  • I agree about all the advantages that Nokia has. And I voted for the 920. I love my 710 and If I had to buy another phone TODAY, I would get another 710. But I just see the old resolution as a big let down for the 820. I don't look the screen at my 710 and have that much of a problem with it, but its a 3.7". On my old HD7 iI noticed the screen resolution big time. And when I go into the local Tmo store and see the Sammy G3, I just drool (well I do that any way) but you know what I mean.
    BTW, speaking of screens will we see HDMI on a Windows Phone at some point? Or has that been announced and I've already forgotten
  • The instructions for the poll, though, clearly asked what you would want if carrier availability was not a concern.  It sounds like you voted in part BECAUSE of (rumored) carrier availability.
    To be honest, that plays right into Verizon's hands.  People will by whatever we offer them because they have no choice ...
  • For me this shows that you need to be different with either hardware or software features from the rest of the pack. For WP to succeed innovation is needed. Retreading already used features on a windows phone os is going to get companies to one place with any type of market share for the ecosystem, that place = nowhere!!
    What's my motivation to purchase an Ativ-S when if you compare the apps to the GS3 apps and features you have no incentive to really jump off android and onto windows phone. Yes in mainly all of our opinions its a better overall experience but generally speaking a consumer wants something to make them change to something new. Giving them more of the same and just saying ohh the wp experience is better is not enough.
    Nokia = Game Changer and thats why they will succeed, it's also why they were so successful in the 90's as well. Cmon Samsung, HTC, Acer and whoever else is out there thinking about making hardware for WP, we know it can be done, Nokia has already shown that, you need to wow us for those hard earned $$$$.....
  • Lumia 920 is the best looking device on the market today. I wonder though if Nokia would have sold a lot more of this device had not placed one on each carrier but with a sligh color change or something to define the set.
  • The reason why so many users chose 920 is not just because of new tech and design, but massive support from Nokia and dedication to the platform. Right now, Nokia is doing all the work in bringing new developers to the platform.
  • That's right, 480+ installed apps on my Lumia 800 that I got as a developer from Nokia. I have made 3 apps so far. I have just 1 Android app that doesn't move as sexy like in the Windows Phone environment :P I won't program anymore for Android :S. Waiting for the 920 to be release and the Surface or a Nokia Tablet maybe.
  • I have an idea for an app, but never wrote one before. Can u suggestion a couple of book to read? You help would be appreciated.
  • 100% right.  My wife has a Lumia 800, and the Nokia apps are amazing.  Plus, unlike every other phone, they actually update their products once in a while.  Samsung's phone looks good, but they are pretty much riding the Android horse at this point.  Nokia just has the better WP product and certainly support.
  • NOKIA ALL THE WAY...the ativ s is a nice device but SAMSUNG doesn't really care about it...
  • ^^^^^^
  • If the lumia 920 is going to be carrier exclusive so many people will be pissed off, including me.
  • Meh. eBay.
  • I voted for the 920, but I'm really looking forward to the HTC announcment. I have several friends with HTC Evos, and they have nothing but good things to say.
    Plus if the leaked Accord specs turn out to be true, that camera would be nothing to sneeze at. No pureview mind you, but the same F2.0 & BSI features of the 920. It could also have a larger sensor, 28mm to the 920's 1/3 in.
    All of those are just leaks though, but its got me waiting quite impatiently for the 19th.
  • Same here, the 920 is almost perfect besides the lack of a MicroSD slot but, it's a big question if Verizon will get it on release.
    I've had HTC phones over the years and they have been pretty much great phones. A high end HTC will tempt me just as much as the 920 is, IF, it can meet or beat it's feature set (camera, screen res, CPU, etc)m with Screen and Camera being on the top of my lists (removable battery would be nice too)
    I am also looking forward to HTC's event on the 19th.....
  • i think everyone that picked the 820 are tmobile customers and know that us tmobile customers always get the scrappy second rate phones , might as well vote for the one choice that i will only get...............sad but true
  • I will say this though, the 820 blows the 900 away in terms of features, so it's hardly a bad or "scrappy" phone...it's actually damn nice.
  • Besides the crap camera, screen, and ram. 820 is low end.
  • The camera isn't that bad. Just isn't as good as the 920.
  • Nokia is winning my vote, mostly because app exclusively going to Nokia. If apps were equally distributed, the Ativ would have won. But seems all apps are gonna be on Nokia phones so why even speculate on other devices?
  • I voted for the HTC, mostly due to it likely being the first decent device on Verizon, its perfect screen size while still being HD and the fact that it doesn't look yo have unholy amounts of phone around the screen.
    I won't really make a decision until Verizon announces what they're actually getting.
  • The poll asked THIS question, though:  "So, assuming carrier availability is no impediment to your purchase, which device would be yours?"
    So you voted based on what you think Verizon will carry instead ...
  • I would love a Lumia 920, but the lack of a micro sd card is a dealbreaker for me.  I live in a rural area where I can't get proper internet access, so I can't depend on streaming everything from the cloud.  Coupled with the fact that I don't wnat to have to constantly swap out what songs and videos I have loaded, the low limitation on storage space makes it so I will forgo Nokia (sob) until they offer something both robust and roomy.  So for me, the Samsung Ativ S is the only available option.
  • I see.. But im curious as to your solution for the current crop of windows phones which didnt get any higher than 16gbs. 32 should seem like a godsend no?
  • Just because he has to deal with it now doesn't mean he should continue to deal with it just to have a fancy camera and a couple exclusive apps. And some WP7 phones had internal SD cards you could replace and the Focus even had a user accessible slot. You can stick a 32GB card in there for 40GB storage. The DVP had just a film covering the slot in the battery compartment so you can switch out the SD card there and a small amount were actually manufactured with 32GB already in.
  • In response to the Samsung being so low in choice: I'll assume(I could be wrong) that most of us 7,000+ who voted are already Windows Phone owners who are aware of what Nokia is doing for our beloved platform. I think if this poll was taken amongst Android users(who we hope decide to join the ranks of Windows Phone), it would reflect a much different picture. The SGIII is the best selling device at the moment, not because it's the best device, but in large part to the many loyal users Samsung has. I believe that in order for many Android owners to feel comfortable in actually switching to WP, they'll need to see a device like the ATIV-S. Its recognizable with the form factor being that of the SGIII and hardware to match. I think in time Samsung will be rewarded for continuing to support WP. I'll be getting a 920, but like I drew attention to earlier, I'm already a WP owner.
  • Very insightful and probably in the end, true. From an android perspective, the ativ s is a very attractive option. We are just jaded because Nokia did a fine job this spring/summer making us sammy/htc wp7.5 owners jealous as alll hell. I love my titan but it gets no love like my friends l900! Lol
  • I love my titan too but if u don't pet the dog be doesn't stay under the porch very long that's why im getting a 920
  • Based on the feedback on many of the Nokia Lumia post on various websites, the response from Android users in general seem more favorable towards Nokia (all Lumia's including the 920) than for the ATIV-S; their opinion of WP however is, well, you know :)
  • My LG quantum is crap but a tank
  • 920 leaving T-MOBILE or not
  • What this says is over 80% of WP users are on at&t. Not good.
  • @independentvolume That makes ZERO sense. Nearly half our traffic is worldwide, not US based. We have 2 writers form the UK and one form S. Africa and one form China. The 920 is on preorder in numerous European countries, unlike in the US. So how do you get such data? Here's a fact: 35% of the vote for the 920 was US based. The other 4,000 votes for the 920 were outside the US. Please leave the analysis to those who know.
  • He's just thinking from a very American-centric frame of mind as if the rest of the world doesn't exist. If this poll were us-only then... Well actually, his statement still wouldn't make much sense lol
  • Truly it's either zenith or 920...
  • Spot on!
  • Could also be that many people are fed up of missing out on 3rd party apps that are exclusive to Nokia like ESPN Fantasy Football for instance. That almost makes hardware irrelevant at this point.
  • I wish Nokia could have the 920 on all carriers. Only way they can have mass penetration. Just like the Samsung Galaxy 3 being available on all 4 major carriers in the US and throughout the world. Only way they can sell millions in a rather quick fashion.   I can see the Ativ being much more widely available in the US that the 920 but wish that is not going to be the case. 
  • I second that. 
  • I picked the 920 because it has actually innovated unlike phones for the last year or so that have just increased resolution CPU and ram (all os's)
  • Not surprising considering all the Nokia koolaid drinkers on this site
  • I'd love a 920! BUT I'm on T-Mobile and can't buy it off contract. Therefore, I won't be buying a 920. Damnit Nokia. I'll probably end up with the HTC phone, if it comes to T-Mobile.
  • With att didn't always get the good phones
  • I voted for the 920, even though I'm on TmoUS. If Tmo doesn't carry the phone, I'll wait and see what other people have to say about how well it works. Meanwhile, I may just spend the dough on a Surface Pro and go non-Nokia.
  • Imagine if you could actually buy it!
    I'm going to try and support Nokia on this by taking a good look at the 820 (TMO) and possibly go as far as switching to ATT depending on what I see out of HTC on TMO. I really like the Nokia transit app and what they're trying to do in general to raise the bar.
  • I'm getting the ATIV S, I don't like how Nokia phones look.. Too big for me. I just hate that no one else but Nokia is getting all of the apps.
  • The Ative S is bigger size wise
  • This pole simply highlights why its a poor decision for Nokia to release the 920 on a single carrier. They should produce it for every carrier willing to support it. US handset sales tend to favor high end phones which often end up driving low end phone sales through name recognition (ie, Samsung).
  • We want a high end phone. Whoever makes the highest end, cutting edge Windows Phone we'll buy it. Nuff said
  • Voted 920, but had the Zenith been available as an option...
  • well i think it was obvious that most people would have chosen the 920. WIth all the exclusives that NOKIA has, and how streamlined Windows Phone fundamentally is, the difference maker is exclusives. NOKIA has them right now. The camera is certinatly a plus but the exclusives are a biggger draw. AND they have to have them because if they dont make some money fast, they are becoming part of Microsoft.
    I would like to see if HTC can do something but apparently the accord is the best they got. Unless they have some surprises in store.
  • No wonder Nokia said the Samsung Ativ S was just a warm up...
  • I'm sure the percentages for the Ativ S and 8X will increase drastically once more of them is revealed.  Samsung didn't get to show anything about the phone really and I have a feeling the 8X is going to be something BIG, as suggested by HTC.
  • I think the 8X/Accord will be as speculated. I think what will be big will be the "Zenith". As to the Ativ S, I think all you need to do is look at the SGSIII because it will probably not stray very far from that, not saying though that it's not going to be very good phone.
  • As much as I want the 920, I would hate to get excited about a phone that may not come to VZW.  This will be all about what phones are offered.  I do love the apps that Nokia is putting out for their phones, but I am not sure that the 820 will make the cut.  I want a really good phone. And my Trophy will go to my daughter.
  • OK, I Voted for the 920 out of the list because, it's the best phone in the list, AS OF RIGHT NOW.  I would grab it right now if it came to Verizon (and I am sure AT&T will get it first, so I wait again, thanks in advance Verizon) but, it all depends on what hits in that time.
    The 920 wins it in the camera, display and wireless charging, but, loses MAJOR points for the lack of the MicroSD card slot (what the hell where they thinking for the "flagship" phone ?????). Still out of it all, the design is nice, it's a sexy phone (just like the 900 was), nothing from any other company has been able to match in the design factor.
    Now, with this being said, the 920 does have a major flaw to me because of the lack of the MicroSD but, the good things outweigh the bad in this case.
    So, important things for me is, Camera, Display with at least a 4.3", 720p display and a higher DPI than the iPhone. I will look at it. I will not count out Samsun, LG, HTC or even Sony if they hit in fair time frame and hit my prefered carrier, Verizon.
    I just wish the 920 came with the MicroSD slot and came to Verizon on release, it would of been the PERFECT phone. Nothing is perfect I guess...
  • These are the results a company gets, when they tell a focus group we believe in the same thing u do. Then backs up their words with action. What the other companies are not realizing is Windows has it's fanatics too. HTC, Samsung, and etc will now have to wait until we forget about their fence sitting, and disbelief in the Windows community.
  • The 920 has the features that I want in a phone (no I dont care at all about a removable battery or sd card). The best display, camera, and sound (rich recording mics) are the big selling points for me. Throw in that I love the look/design and the extra Nokia software/support and nothing else comes close. Red 920 ftw!
  • 920 , no doubts
  • thats what you get when you put a lot of innovations with unique design, great services and apps
    Nokia doing what others can't do
  • The no.1 result for the 920 does not surprise me because I'll be getting one myself. But what surprises me is that the 820 came ahead of the better specced Ativ S and 8X/Accord in the poll!
  • "duplicate voting was blocked via IP and browser cookie-control"  Umm, hate to tell you, but I voted for all of them, simply by refreshing the page, because I'll take whatever the hell comes to Verizon.  Sorry.
  • Isn't the Nokia Lumia 920 a pentaband phone? It should work on T-Mobile
  • As a nokia and windows fan, i'm not sure whether this news is good or bad for windows itself.
    I think we need popular phones from samsung and htc to bring customers over that are fans of those brands.
  • I just wish the 920 had removeable battery and notification light. :-(
  • Just did some researching and it seems it doesn't have the AWS 1700 frequency. That's not good I want the 920 so bad. This is the shit that pisses me right off. I don't want the 820 and I don't want the others and I don't want to loose my awesome plan. Worse comes to worse I'll just get it anyways and tether it off my HD7. Fuck Nokia don't do exclusives if you don't plan to put your phone on every network like all the major Android Phones.
  • Would love the 920 if it came on Verizon, but sadly it prolly won't.
  • Me and my "none of the above" vote were not registered. I'm used to my votes not counting, having voted Nader the past three elections...
  • An amazing poll results. I think, However that the anakysus put forward in this article is niy entirely accurate. I have doubts if the readers choice can be attributed to the design of the brand. I would speculate that a demonstration of commitment and ecosystem thinking are the key winning arguments for the 920. The other brands, as far as accuracy in quotes go, more careful in their investment in the wp7 platform. The other brands have talked about their phone but have niy shown to add a futher value such as branded branders and accessory support. I think these are also important factors that show commitment to the brand....just like the iPhone in a way. Customers dont want a one dat fly, but something of value and that lasts a lifetime.
  • To all of you who have chosin Nokia over Samsung and HTC
    Am sorry to say that you are going to regret, and am 100% Sure.
    Nokia Has never been the right choice to any one.
  • Daniel-i need ur help man.. My lumia 710 restart every 5-10 minute whenever the internet connection is on(both wifi n cellular) dnt kno why..
  • And also my windows live account is not updating..it says not up to date :(
  • Please email me if you could do anything about this.. parvinder_bhalan@hotmail.com
  • Can't help but think that Nokia should just change the line name to THE Windows Phone! With the partnership with Microsoft, the exclusive apps and the introduction of new technologies, I can see there only being one choice over the next few years for your windows phone. Unfortunately I can't help thinking that this will hurt the OS though, given that if Samsung & HTC see thethe kind of numbers from this poll, they will end up dropping WP8 and concentrating their efforts in the more competitive android market.
  • "The ATIV S is an extremely thin but seemingly powerful Windows Phone 8 device with excellent design..."
    It's that "excellent design" bit... It's simply not excellent design. It's a very dull looking phone from a manufacturer who hasn't supported WP in quite the way many of us would like. HTC's offering looks a little more exciting, but it's still nothing like as well concieved as the design coming out of Nokia these days.
  • Nokia lumia 920
  • Lumia 920 black :)
  • Well I you should tell your carriers to pick up the phone, nokia is not Samsung or Apple so they can't force the carriers to sell their products
  • Neither Samsung nor Apple "forced" all carriers to offer their flagship devices initially. They EARNED the clout either by selling really well on one US carrier (Apple) or by selling lots of lower-end devices on all carriers (Samsung). 
    Nokia and Microsoft haven't put in the work to craft a successful launch strategy. Remember how the first Windows Phone launch had NO CDMA devices for 3-4 months? That resulted in Verizon and Sprint getting just one device apiece, both of which bombed with the lack of enthusiasm. Not like the "premier carrier" AT&T did that much better. Then when they finally had a chance to build momentum with the Lumia 900, they force it into obsolescenece less than six months later with the 7.8/8 fiasco. Worst of all, Windows Phone 8 wasn't anywhere near ready, so they depressed 900 sales with this premature announcement for no reason!
    Now we have a Nokia "launch" with no specific information, and Windows Phone 8 still isn't ready. By the time it launches, Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 will have had weeks upon months to lock down people wanting to upgrade for the 2012 holiday season. Meanwhile, Samsung has done it again and has guaranteed that the Galaxy Note II is coming to every US carrier well in advance of the release here.
    Is it because they "force" the carriers to do it? No, it's because they are capable of executing, whereas Nokia - at least in terms of the US - has shown no such capability. 
  • SD cards are overrated I don't think I need 64 gigs worth of music on my phone, $10 a month for Zune pass is the best deal on any phone plus free 25 gigs on Skydrive, streaming from Netflix and Crackle & hopefully Veetle (wp8) 32 gigs is more than enough for me of course
  • Btw red L920 unlocked coz At&t is killing me with these bills, so ill try that tmobile 4g
  • What no iphone 5 hahaha j/k 920 all the way
  • I really hope TMO will have the 920 but alas TMO only has low end phones....
  • As much as I would love to get a 920, I'll most likely have to go with one of their cheaper models that are coming out.  The best phone I ever had (before getting a WP7) was the Nokia 6085.  When that broke and I needed a new phone, I thought I couldn't go wrong by "upgrading" to the Nokia 6350 but it ended up being the worst phone I've ever had.  I became rather anti-Nokia after that, but I have to admit that all of the attention that Nokia is giving to Windows Phone has me wanting to give them another shot.  I think it would be hard for anyone to not be impressed with what they're doing.
  • Nokia treated me so well with customer service and I ended up getting the l900 for free, plus about $80 on my first phone bill. All this and i never had a single problem with my phone. that is why I will probably get the 920, even though I like the ativ better.
  • wait till we add the price tag to the polls. then it should be quite interesting result.
  • Until the release date and price are confirmed, It will not be my first choice.
  • For Windows phone, i would rather go for Lumia. I think it has good features and specs. I want to buy one for my mother actually. - Carmack Moving and Storage