WhatsApp Web now works with Microsoft Edge

If you're a heavy WhatsApp user, you'll be happy to know that the WhatsApp web now appears to work with Microsoft Edge. Previously, WhatsApp's web extension, which allows users to send and receive messages from their browser, only worked with Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Users on Reddit recently began to notice the change, and we were able to confirm that WhatsApp Web is indeed working with Microsoft Edge, as seen in the screenshot above.

Prior to official support, it was possible to get WhatsApp Web working with Microsoft Edge, but it required using developer tools to emulate Chrome or Firefox. While things appear to be working fine for most, some users on Reddit are still reporting issues with getting the web app to work in Edge. If you encounter issues, you may want to try clearing your cache or simply waiting a bit longer. It's entirely possible that support is part of an ongoing rollout.

Source: Reddit; Via: WMPU

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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