Karbonn A6 Windows Phone rip off

We’re thinking of a new series to bring you simply called “Who’s ripping off Windows Phone now” because as many of you know, Modern UI has been lifted by quite a few companies and websites. In all honesty, we’re flattered and if anything it validates the attractiveness of Microsoft’s design.

But we do have limits, especially where “inspired by” crosses over into flat out copying.

Such is the case with the low priced Karbonn A6 Android phone that’s available in India. The phone physically looks a lot like the HTC 8S, a Windows Phone but from stock images, nothing is shown regarding the onboard Android OS. The phone features a dual-SIM, 1GHz CPU and a 4” IPS display running Android 4.0. At those specs, you have to know Android will be struggling.

HTC's 8S is flattered...

Now, in a new official ad the OS is finally shown and it is a 100% lift of Windows Phone 8, make no mistake. We’re not too sure what to make of that: is it just a marketing scam with the device actually just running stock Android or are they running a skin on top to make it all pretty-like?

We’re not certain but we’d file this under misleading, to say the least.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Mohd. N., for the link!