Why the new Windows Phone UI is called 'Metro'

The new interface introduced in Windows Phone 7 Series is called "Metro." Why? Uber-Microsoft writer Paul Thurrott (of WinSuperSite.com) found the explanation on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Wash. [via @thurrott]

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  • Rather lame...
  • Yet another reason why this blog needs commentary voting... Oh well, at least WME beat Engadget to this story...
  • It'd be great if they had the same system Dailytech had.
  • Anything at this point would be better than nothing...this we we could down vote all the haters..and stupid people.
  • should be called RETRO!! *pointing at the ugly blue tiles and akward placement of home screen* ha! bitch!
  • i look forward to your postings mr. fun. you are so predictable.
  • Those posters should come with Windows Phones. The name and concept of Metro is very original and authentic, the team that developed it should be very proud. And I'll challenge the haters to come up with a better one. Bet you can't.
  • A guy who is more woman than man, or the city's dirty transportation system, are some of the last things I would want to call my new GUI.
  • its cuz its a piece of shit just like metro pcs
  • Cool. As a graphic designer I find this interesting.
  • if the operators of this site want something interesting to post, pretty much every site except this one has got their hands on some of the 3d gaming WP7s will be offinging. they are some very impressive pics and supposedly they were created very easily by some legit developers.
  • I thought it was because it acted gay but liked women...
  • LMAO!
  • Oh, wow, there are some clever comments here. Do you guys have writers or did you come up with that stuff yourself? Be careful, you guys, you might poke someone's eye out with that sharp wit...
  • Humor and sarcasm are welcome here, those who don't have either, well... Quit whining...
  • hmlolkz. I guess it's a good thing you have great skills in discerning what's humor and sarcasm and what's whining...
  • I could honestly care less what MS calls the UI on their castrated next generation operating system :)
  • Glad you were able to spend so much time with it to determine it's functionality.
  • If you bothered to read everything that has been released about it, you would find that it is not only more locked down, but will be more than likely far more restricted... Hopefully a lot of that is proven wrong. You don't have to spend time with something to realize it won't be useful for you. I don't have to test drive every car on the market to decide which one I want, I read about most of them first.
  • What I've (and you've) read has mostly been speculation, hearsay, and FUD. Those are hardly the best things to use when judging something. Unlike your car analogy, where people have likely already driven the cars you'll be looking at or an automaker will have released a list of true specs and features, there isn't that much to go on about WP7 yet. The fact is only people actually working on WP7 are going to know what it's like before it (or its information) is actually released (and they've done a good job at keeping the secret... probably without raids on their employees even...). Anyway, I highly doubt that no one is going to figure out a way to change the UI if you don't like it. Also, even though they've said WM6.5 apps won't work on WP7, there will always be programmers who'll capitalize on other programmers' laziness by mimicking any of those old apps' functions (seriously, I'd even get back into programming to do that). So, again, be skeptical if you want, but it's way too early to judge.
  • Windows Mobile 7 Series is getting rave reviews. Bloggers say Microsoft really has started from scratch to get back in the game with Apple and Google. Microsoft is playing to win in the consumer space but we wonder where the enterprise fits in.
  • METRO seems to be an nod at a major buyer segement for iPhones: metrosexuals. They're a constant market (along with kids) for any phone that's good looking, easy to learn, and popular.
  • The same people who say "damn the functionality, my CEO has one!"
  • i just installed tried android 2.1 on my TP2 and played with Android for a couple hrs and Being a zune HD owner i can really really SAY that Android might look better than the Current WM (although not as functional) but the interface is no where as cool as the Zune HD, Android is like a customizable iphone screen. Having said this i can honestly say that I cannot wait for WP7, that phone is going to be SICK!!!!!! in the graphics department and the cloud.
  • I'm surprised that the graphic designers of Metro couldn't come up with a better poster to explain and demonstrate it. The poster itself is none of the things Metro or the Zune interface are.
  • Windows Mobile is no longer the OS we can wait for. There are far better options in other Mobile OS. Good bye Windows Mobile. Its the end of your era.
  • Windows Phone 7 Series marks a turning point toward phones that truly reflect the speed of people
  • I guess it's a good thing you have great skills in discerning what's humor and sarcasm and what's whining...
  • The poster itself is none of the things Metro or the Zune interface are.