Why have things gone so wrong for Windows phone?

One question that we at Windows Central, and the good members of our community, have been wondering: Why exactly is Windows Phone having such a hard time right now? For a lot of fans, Windows phone is the best option available, so it's confusing why so few people appear to be interested in the platform.

There's a lively thread in our forums discussing this very thing.

Just switched from android to to Windows Mobile 10 with a nice Lumia 950 xl. I'm going to be blunt, I can't see why Windows phone is having any problems at all. The OS is great. Windows Mobile 10 is amazing. Easy, fast, feeling like Windows on my PC. I kinda can't see why its not doing so good. Now being that my last Windows phone was a dell venue pro witch was WP7, I have missed a lot. I...


But Windows phone itself isn't the problem, it's Microsoft.

Right now, Windows 10 Mobile appears to be an afterthought at Microsoft. The latest major update for Windows 10 Mobile includes no new features worthy of note, which is just one example of Microsoft's lack of commitment to the platform.

Another example would be a lack of hardware, which for so long has plagued Windows phone fans. Microsoft even killed off the Lumia brand, which is evidence of Microsoft's unfortunate approach towards its mobile platform. Windows phone is having such a hard time right now because of Microsoft, and maybe the app gap, though for some fans that's really not much of an issue.

That's what we think anyway. Hit the link below and let us know your thoughts.

In the forums: Just got my Lumia 950 XL, love it. Why is WP having such a bad time?

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