Wibree Assimilated into Bluetooth SIG

So last October, Nokia announced they were creating a new, lower-power bluetooth-esque standard - because regular old Bluetooth took too much power and they wanted to put "personal area networking" features on watches and, I dunno, earrings or something. Anyhow, I panned the idea then so I'm happy now that Wibree the brand is getting put out to pasture while Wibree's technology is getting rolled into Bluetooth.

That, my friends, is how keep a standards-adoption-train rolling. Now, maybe this was Nokia's plan the whole time - to strong-arm the Bluetooth Special Interest Group into having to pursue low-power versions of Bluetooth by publicizing a competing standard. I'd like to think it was, because "Wibree" was just too silly a name to take seriously.

The Wibree forum, the group specifying the Nokia developed ultra low power wireless technology, will be merged with the Bluetooth SIG.

Read: Nokia - ShowPressRelease via jkontherun.

WC Staff