Wileyfox Pro with Windows 10 Mobile launches December 4

With Windows 10 Mobile all but dead at this point, Windows phones are on their way out. But, like we saw with Trekstor's recently announced WinPhone 5.0, we still see smaller manufacturers occasionally revealing new devices. The latest comes from Wileyfox, whose new Wileyfox Pro with Windows 10 Mobile is now up for preorder at Amazon UK (opens in new tab) (via ZDNet).

The Wileyfox Pro was first shown off at IFA 2017, but it wasn't clear when the device would make it to market. Moreover, the phone didn't exactly impress with specs, which include a Snapdragon 210, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of onboard storage. Also included is an 8MP camera around back and a 2GB shooter up front. Interestingly, the Wileyfox Pro looks to be a rebranded version of the Archos 50 Cesium, with the exception of an extra 1GB of RAM.

Wileyfox is historically a manufacturer that has focused on low-cost Android handsets, so it's interesting to see it step its foot into the Windows phone world – even if it's late to the party. As Wileyfox made clear when it first announced its intentions to build a Windows phone, the WIleyfox Pro is pretty clearly targeted towards the business market. But at a price of £189.99, it could appeal to Windows phone fans looking to pick up a spare phone, even as Microsoft winds down its plans for the platform.

The WIleyfox Pro is up for preorder now on Amazon UK ahead of its December 4 release date.

See at Amazon UK (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • Feel bad for them.  Even though MS has killed it, I'm sure they started development before that.  Still mad that MS hasn't learned from previous mistakes in the consumer space, and actually committed to a product other than Windows and Xbox.  Everything else is constantly changing or being killed off. #FireNadella
  • To clarify, even if W10M wasn't dead, I still wouldn't buy this phone, lol. 
  • Father of two kids...perfect phone to start them on.
  • A father should love his kids...
  • My son absolutely loves his Lumia 950
  • My three sons love their three Lumias, 930, 640xl and 535, respectively.
  • To clarify, no one cares what you do.
  • Darran, to clarify, obviously you do just a little, otherwise you wouldn't have commented at all.  Go buy this phone and waste some money.
  • Boggles my mind that people don't understand why W10m had to die. How many years and billions of dollars would you expect Microsoft to sink into it? You think a trillion would have done it? Look I hate it too, but as a business decision I can't believe they stick it out as long as they did.
  • I think users do understand why, but they cannot put up with how MS handled it: lies over and over, the monumental mediocre way they handled the whole phone business and their lack of respect towards both users and devs.
  • I still believe that the biggest issue was that when WP first came out devs had to pay £1k for the development environment AND for the dev program to access the store. There was no way Indie devs could afford to develop WP apps. They did too little too late, and were never able to recover.
  • Maybe they haven’t read Joe Belfiore’s tweets about W10M being dead?
  • People read Joe Belfiore's tweets?
  • A tweet is not an official statement! Until then Win 10 mobile is alive...
  • Ahhhh fanboy.  IT"S DEAD!  They have came out and said...directly and in round about ways that 10 mobile is done....
  • Ahhhhhh fanpanzy downvotes for THE TRUTH! 
  • Please, do not waste yout energy attacking. WP users they know that the platform is dead and in one day they have to make use of the so-called freedom of choice, picking android or iOS device. I'm very sad about that.
  • I am sad too!   But...guess what...there is ZERO use to think it's still alive, etc.  what is the point?   Netmann states until there is an offical statement it's alive?   COME ON fanboy blindness at it's finest there!  living in dreamland.  
  • Problem is - they are up against the Acer Liquid Jade Primo in the Microsoft Store. This has a 5.5 AMOLED screen, Snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. As such, if you were in the market for such a thing - I would think the Acer would be the better choice (or a second hand 950XL). That being said - Amazon are selling this as a Business phone so if you don't need any additional consumer apps, it'll do the job. Unfortuantely, Microsoft have gone into their usual 'we are going to ignore this now and pretend mobile doesn't exist' by totally ignoring the platform. No insider builds, no tweets on the platform from anyone, bugs going unfixed in the apps (Mail and Calendar come to mind), minimal monthly security fixes (that's still good). We'll see what happens next fix.
  • "Amazon are selling this as a Business phone so if you don't need any additional consumer apps, it'll do the job." As long as your company uses Azure Services.  Otherwise you won't have access to Blackberry...Access.  Ironically.
  • Better specs but I believe Acer has not even offered Anniversary Update for the Jade Primo. That means no security updates much sooner than this phone. I feel for the folks that bought the Acer. They bailed long before MS in this case. Maybe they saw the writing on the wall bit still...
  • If I remember correctly, this was one of the phones listed by Microsoft that was to receive the latest W10M update.  Still wouldn't buy it at that price, might have considered it at half the price.
  • Anything but Apple!
  • GOD bless these companies who supports windows phone
  • and that list definately DOESN'T include Microsoft...shame really. Customer loyalty is an expensive commodity and by dropping Windows 10 Mobile like a hot brick - they've really enamoured themselves. 
  • A hot brick? It was more like dropping a yoke attached to a cart of broken bricks.
  • Whatever happened to that windows fan who was building a windows phone? Wc did a few articles on him I can't think of his name or brand. Point is havnt heard from him since Ms confirmed w10m is officially dead
  • Whartonbooks CEO. Dunno
  • yeah his dreams were killed the day MSFT didn't want to support Windows 10 Mobile or Windows phones.
  • They lost their investors and had to resort to crowdfunding which failed miserably. For some reason WC never did a finally piece.
  • Coz they first overdid articles on Whartonbrooks
  • GREG MURPHY? I think he on sold to Trekstor. Suckers.
  • No he never Aden...it's a chinese phone that anyone could have bought anyways....trekstor is just trying the exact same tactic that the best buy crew did....both will fail. 
  • Who actually cares anymore...
  • I'm thinking you do.. I mean, you did intentionally click on a totally WP related article.. Or, are you on the wrong article?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • Oh look...its the baby with his emoji keyboard back again....
  • Oh look, it's someone that can't find anything else to complain about again...
  • Oh look,  it's the pot calling the kettle black!
  • Should have called it the Acme phone because its sales possibility will blow up in Wile E. Coyote, er, WileyFox's face.
  • Buy one of these for someone you hate. :D
  • I don't hate myself as much for wasting money in ANY Windows phone.
  • Too little way too late
  • I though it was a joke...
  • Another article that starts with the same sentence. Can you guys write a mobile article with a different opener? 🤣
  • Wow, those specs are really bad, even for 2015! WTH are they thinking, 2 GB of RAM for a windows phone is useless. Hope they find a place for it.
  • 2gb front shooter? :/ the writer didn't pre read its typo errors. It should be 2MP front shooter.
  • I'm really getting annoyed with every single WC article on Windows 10 Mobile/Phone starting with, or including elsewhere, commentary about it being "all but dead" or some variation. This new phone article would work just fine without the first sentence. The constant need to include this "dead" commentary in every article is bordering on obsession at this point IMHO. I'd recommend keeping the commentary to the opinion pieces (e.g. Jason Ward) and simply report pertinent information on others.
  • Yeah, glad I wasn't the only one noticing. The articles are fine in content but I feel like at this point tech writers are overhyping the "death" as if they announced the end like Groove
  • because it is DEAD, fanboy! Wake up already!
  • Steve Jobs is dead, that's sure
  • However, his products and legacy still live on and sell very well....can't say the same for certian other CEO's  and "visonaries"  ha ha.
  • "legacy" you mean like the one he "borrowed" from xerox ? , .. let us reminisce in the times when mac os was said to not have any viruses.. the shameless lie of all times but in 2015 they introduced antivirus software into the apple store .. welp and icloud being hacked every now and then to the extent where apple blames the users but not their own security flaws.  let me know when ios works with bluetooth for other branded devices/systems or when an ios update for a new model, doesnt leave an old model in shambles or unusable..facts facts facts, then again we can always go back to the days of the "power message" where anyone could simply troll an iphone user with a simple message that would send their device into an endless loop of restarts, sad for them truely. steve jobs was a genius yes that is indeed true, he was a genius in marketing but nothing more than that and wozniak? he was the real inventor and the real brains but steve jobs didn't give where due, i really feel sorry for the people who worked right under him since they were being abused, surely bill gates didn't do it all alone either but hey least he knew programming and knew alot more and devised a much better plan in systems and thats why Windows PC's are the majority of used devices as so far it goes, bill gates invented productivity where as steve jobs invented profitting out of lying to the consumers face about "safety" that doesnt exist, cause all systems are man made therefore always will have man made threats/issues in it.
  • It is our duty to inform our readers what is going on with this platform. It would be bad manners for us to write about this phone and link to a location where you can buy it, without pointing out the fact that this platform is dead. Microsoft has said itself that it isn't building any more hardware or features for this platform, and that security updates and bug fixes are the only things remaining users can expect. This is not a platform new buyers should be spending money on unless they are contempt with the fact that this is an EOL platform. If they're okay with that, then go ahead and buy the phone. But we need to make it clear that this platform is indeed EOL.
  • As a user of a 928 Lumia who will need a new phone in the future, what do you suggest?  I hate the iphones, btw. 
  • The please say that it is an 'EOL platform' in the body of the article to be accurate. But it is not news worthy for it to be added to the title when it is already well known in the market.
  • I'm waiting for the Wascaly Wabbit Pwo from Warner Bros. Mobile.
  • To think it was two years ago day before Thanksgiving I plunked down money for my 950xl...memories.  Loved the platform and will keep this phone going until it dies.  Not sure I'd buy another one at this point but more power to those who will I guess.
  • I recently ordered a Lumia Icon, because for me W10M is not dead...
  • Me too!
  • Me 3
  • For you and many others! My constant and building irritation with the tech media (and Windows Central writers in particular) constantly claiming the platform to be "dead" is that it's an opinionated conclusion based primarily on Microsoft's reported change in "focus" away from new feature development. According to Microsoft themselves (search Windows 10 Mobile on Microsoft's Lifecycle Policy web page), the current version of Windows 10 Mobile (1709) will not be truly "dead" until its Mainstream Support End Date of 12/10/2019. Until mainstream software support actually ends, the platform can't be considered dead. Personally, I'll be satisfied to receive another two year's worth of Microsoft's monthly service updates to my "dead" Windows phone, even though I know my phone will never be able to bake cookies or be updated with some other fancy new "feature" that serves no useful purpose anyway. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • :)) another chance for delusional fanboys to lick more of Nadella's @$$ :))) WTF is this piece of garbage??
  • I think it's great news! W10M lives!
  • NO...it does'nt....only in your twisted fanboy mind!
  • i'm gonna twist your fan. boy :c ..
  • Yawn.
  • Design looks good. Looks like a good mid range phone.
  • Seriously, why? Who for? Who is the target market? 
  • It would be good if WC didn't appear to be in the "kill the W10M" camp. The fact remains that a lot of people vomit at the thought of the other OC's. If Microsoft would take a step back and consider that fact, would it break the company to at least support other manufacturers if they think they could market (& make $) selling Windows Phones? It seems the more "bad news" that is floated about Windows Phones, the harder this website pushes to convince people that we don't like/need/want a Windows Phone. Microsoft will not escape the legacy of Windows Phones. Why not make it the best that it can be? Sure, other phones are cool and have more features/apps, but there are those who just can not sign into a droid with a Microsoft account. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!    
  • There's no "kill W10M camp" because W10M is already dead. Microsoft has confirmed that they are no longer focusing on Windows 10 Mobile, with no plans to build new hardware or features for the platform. All Mobile is getting now is EOL support, which includes security updates, bug fixes and the sort. I even asked one of the people on the Insider team if there would be new Insider builds for Mobile. They told me to refer to Joe Belfiore's tweets about them not focusing on Windows 10 Mobile anymore.. which should tell you everything you need to know. It's over.
  • It would be great if MS could get this attitude to W7 as everyone would have moved W10 by now. But a large percentage of the PC using population still us the EOL OS with no new features being added.
  • EOL OS which is still way more stable and which gives you way more control over what the hell your computer's doing than W10. Don't forget that.
  • Zac,  No matter how many times you say it,  there are a group of fanboys here that are still convinced windows 10 moible is alive, kicking etc....silly fools!
  • F*k you bish, i've been stalking zac for a while now imma craycray, don't make me do something i'd regret :C ... like writing your name on my face! book! :C ... IM WARNING YOU!..
  • @Zac. Refer to the tweets?
    That is the cowards way out, honestly I am not impressed with the SLT with Satya Nadella at the helm. Only Phil Spencer and the xbox division have been consistent and only because of them I am considering the one x and recommending it without any qualms about it. As they have a clear focus, the rest - not so much as it's apparent the focus on short term profits comes from the top down not the bottom up.
  • Yes we see that W10M is dead...so my question is why does this site continue to post articles like this. Seems like a waste of time when there are other relevant MS news that could be reported. I kinda understand where Garry Terry is coming from. There are a few fans of the W10 mobile that still feel the sting of Microsofts abandonment of its mobile platform and it does seem, at least to me, that this site does focus on this abandonment  by publishing "what could have been" articles or "Heres a look at the LUMIA 9XXX that should have been released" or whatever. If the W10M platform is truely dead, it would be nice if this site would just not report on it anymore. I'm sure there are more interesting topics that could be reported on. Honestly, whats the point in kicking a dead horse? Just sayin...
  • OMG ZAC! :'c HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!?.. such hurtful words! no its not over this is not over, i followed you from winbeta to here, WE ARE NOT OV..oh wait nvm that's another topic.., i think i will go into the closet and cry while counting my Windows Phones...1WP, 2WP ,3WP. NO! WINDOWS PHONE ISN'T OVER TO ME ITS NOT DEAD ;  _ ;  ... ITS NEVER OVER! NEVER! D :  YOU CAN CRUSH MY SOUL BUT YOU WILL NEVER HAVE MY SPIRIT!
  • Checking back in here after Thanksgiving and finding a lot of passion on this topic and that many of you, Zac included, seem to be missing the point here. It's really about semantics and accuracy in reporting the state of Windows 10 Mobile by WC writers and others in the tech media. Simply put, the current state is: active development of the Windows 10 Mobile OS is now over and it is in "mainstream support" (call it "maintenance mode") through the end of 2019. To me this is important for the readers of Windows Central to wrap their heads around since understanding it can help them make informed decisions about their current and future interaction with the platform.
    All I am suggesting here is that the repeated characterization of the platform as "dead" is simply inaccurate from a product support standpoint. In the IT world, a product is not considered truly "dead" as long as it is in active support (consider Windows 7 and 8 - these OS's are still in use by millions today and still in mainstream (Win8) or extended (Win7) support - these OS's are not "dead" by any means even though they are not receiving any new features). The basic analogy here is that a patient on life support is not considered to be "dead" by definition. This is my main point here (and trust me when I say that I do fully understand the state of the platform as it stands today and am really not trying to make it sound better than it actually is)! I would much prefer WC, when they feel inclined to report the state of the platform, to report it accurately. I would have no issue with WC stating it as being "in maintenance mode," or in "mainstream support," or "only receiving security updates, bug fixes, etc." This would be much more accurate, and much less misleading, than claiming it "dead" because active development is over and no new features are being added. End rant... :)
  • blah blah blah.  dead.
  • Independant dev's were not the issue...it was the mainstream developers....meaning the major banks, hotels, shopping apps, travel apps etc...Independant dev's created crap apps for the most part.
  • Agreed.
  • I think it is great they released it!  I am guess they really like WP eve though they know it's fate. Hoping another company can obtain W10m....tweak it...make a niche phone?  Could get trendy?
  • My Win10 phone is by no means dead.  It is working quite well actually.  I grow quite annoyed by the so-called pundits calling it dead.  I don't listen much to pundits and am the wiser for it.  After much research into Android and iOS mobile devices I have decided to continue with Win10 Mobile.  Win10 Mobile is the more professional and solid O/S clearly.
  • If my AT&T 950 breaks I'll just buy a new one from Amazon for $135.