Trekstor is now crowdfunding its Windows 10 Mobile handset for release in 2018

If you're one of the few remaining on Microsoft's all but dead mobile platform that is Windows 10 Mobile, we have some good news for you. Trekstor is now crowdfunding a new mid-range Windows 10 Mobile handset for release in 2018 that's packing a Snapdragon 617 with 3GB RAM and 32GB of on-board storage. All for just €249.

Known as the WinPhone 5.0, Trekstor is looking for €500,000 to complete its funding goal, and has around a month left before that goal needs to be reached. Trekstor says its looking to release the device in March 2018, as long as its goal of €500,000 is reached.

The full spec-sheet is as follows:

Trekstor WinPhone 5.0 Specifications

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Display5.0-inch 1280x720 IPS Gorilla Glass 3 Display
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 617
Memory3GB RAM
Internal Storage32GB
Camera13MP rear-facing camera
5MP front-facing camera
Ports3.5mm headphone jack
MicroUSB port
Dimensions71.6 x7.6 x 142.4 mm

This device fits comfortably in the mid-range arena, and for the price of 249 you're getting an okay deal. The biggest problem with this device for most people is the fact that it's running Windows 10 Mobile, which outside of dedicated fans, isn't enough for most people these days.

If however, Windows 10 Mobile is fine for you and you are interested in this device, you're going to have to help Trekstor reach its goal of 500,000 before a month is up, because if it doesn't reach said goal, the device will not be funded and as such, won't be released.

Support Trekstor at IndieGoGo!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • I think it looks like a reasonable device for someone wanting to "dip their toes" into what the competition had to offer.
  • I like the way you said that... "had to offer"
    But, this still makes me ask the question.... "why"?????? Well, here's one very good reason why.
    When you take competition with iOS, and Android, out of the equation, and take market share, support from MS, apps, and all that out of the equation, you're left with fans who still want to use a WP device... That's why someone would attempt to sell a WP device, especially when nobody else is.... That is because to Microsoft, Samsung, or Apple, a million (if that) WP users is but a drop in the bucket..... But, for a smaller company; if they could get thousands of WP fans to give them $250 it would be worth while. Especially for a rebranded device that's already in production.. Even though it's crowd funded. Don't let that Crowd funding BS fool you. These few WP devices could make someONE rich.... You just have to look at the smaller bigger picture.
  • I don't get the Whole concept, why would they release a WP? With Microsoft not even supporting it...what's in it for them?
  • Nothing, that's why it's being crowdfunded instead.
  • Suckers MONEY...just like a certian other "company" releasing the exact same phone here a few months ago.  At least Trekstor is not touting it as the BEST PHONE EVER unlike said other company.
  • Both my L650 and L730 got updates today.
  • Hey @bebochek wondering what the Russian sites are that still sell Lumia 950/950xl? Do you know of any?
  • I did an interview with the Trekstor folks, it's up in my post here - their only real chance with consumers is for 'replacement' devices, for people who do like W10M and can't get new 930, 1520, 650, 950 etc anymore.
  • Yeah but let's say going from 950, why would i want that?
  • Nobody is asking you to buy something you don't need, or want... It's just an option for those who do need, or want, a new WP device... Like I said, an option.
  • If your 950 broke, this might be a way to stay with the OS even if you couldn't buy a new 950 anymore. That's the theory, anyway!
  • two big things missing from here is the camera quality, a USB-C port, and 1080p display.
    Even the cheapest Android phones have them and this is going to go just like the Cerulean Moment did - aka down the drain and die.
  • Did they mention smartagent id gladly fund that
  • Oh man. I'm so sorry guys. This is like showing up for prom after everyone has already gone home. The only people left here are the janitors sweeping up the mess everyone made...and a few kids who got too drunk to know any better in the corner.
  • Lol, can't +1 from the ****** wc android app but count me.
  • Looks like Whartonbrooks all over again. I don't think poor Jason Ward is ever quite going to live that one down.
  • As much I would love to crowd fund this product and recommend it but in good conscience I just couldn't do that. You can now get a 950 XL for about £100 on ebay and it's way more spec heavy than this mid range phone. With ebay everyone knows you're not going to get much in way of support and for 249... on a platform which Microsoft obliterated themselves.. sorry, just can't do that...
  • Have you actually looked at how much 950xl devices are on ebay or are you just guessing?  Don't get me wrong, I am not sticking up for this device and their price point but you are waaaaaaay off.
  • Actually I bought a good used 950 for 100 euros online just last week. Lumias are still available if you look.
  • Yeah the Lumia 950, 950XL, and 930 are all selling on eBay and Alibaba for around €130. If you convert that to CAD Dollars or British Pound then it's still better than paying for this Trekstor junk you're going to get.
  • The xl rocks a much higher price
  • Do they come with any warranty? If issues occur, will Ebay and Aliexpress help out?
  • Dead On Arrival? They help. Otherwise - no
  • @Tjalsma, I've actually been keeping track. My L930 is on it's last legs and I need an upgrade. I'm not spending more than £100 on a WM10 phone given Microsoft all but pushed it down the drain. Past auctions have gone for £100 to £150, It's decreasing over time. My guess it will plateau around £120 mark for buy it now for Grade B listings, Grade A if your lucky. I brought my L930 for £80 mint condition, it plataeued in the 70-100 range.
  • I'm "one of the few"... sadly, not even because I believe there is a future, quite simply: i) it works, and ii) nothing else worth shelling out hundreds of pounds on. I'll stay here on my 950 until it or the apps I use die. I really can't understand why anyone would buy this (6-12 months ago maybe, but not now!).
  • I don't use my 950XL as my main device anymore, as sad as that is to say, but I keep it around for the integration with Windows 10.
  • Same here. Got an S8 that is now my main phone, but I can't live without my 950, so, I use it almost as much as the S8. To make the S8 perfect, it needed the camera and flash from the 950, and Windows 10 Mobile. That could have been the perfect phone.
    But after 1 week with the S8, I feel it is a strong, beautiful and a very good phone, but it lacks Windows, so, I'm sonsidering sell the S8 and go back to the Lumia. I'm undecided, and the problem is that I love both of them for different reasons.
  • My daily driver is still my 950xl.  I've got an Android phone for the occasional time I need an app I don't have on WP.  Most of the time my Android ends up emptying its battery waiting on the counter...
  • What Android brand and model?  I am thinking of getting such a device for the critical apps not available on WM 10. Like you, my 950XL is my main portable device, increasingly so.
  • a quick question @neo158 you kind of look like Colin on the "This does not Compute" youtube channel, are you him or am I just getting confused?
  • "Are you still interested in new Windows phones?" Why?  Is this now Android or iOS central?  Of course I'm still interested in any new Windows Phones!  Why do you think I come here?!  It's because I'm interested in Windows Phones!  Not some Android device.  I mean, that should go without saying.
  • We will be covering Android phones more on Windows Central now that Microsoft is done with Windows 10 Mobile, as Microsoft is pushing Android and iOS with its new mobile effort. We will also be covering any new Windows phones that pop up.
  • Heads up Zac buddy!   Better put that flameproof suit on.  You are going to be getting lots of venom from the rabid fanboys 3....2....1......!
  • I just became Steve Adams only anti-fan
  • No...I have many....Don't flatter yourself!  🧚‍♂️
  • I don't read Android Central much, so can't speak for them. But I welcome a couple of device reviews. I'm resigned to Android for next year. As for devices, they need to do more than my 950xl. Hoping the 240fps in 1080 is possible next year. I nearly jumped for an LG V30 or HTC u11 plus. Both good, but both fell just short. Hate the curved Samsung glass.
  • I had to go to OnePlus 5 phone running Android because a few apps I use such as BlueDriver, Lukas Dashcam, RBC Bank, and Blackboard were discontinued on W10M a month ago.
  • Do u feel no Andromeda or do u still feel its comming
  • @Zac "We will be covering Android phones more on Windows Central ..." Thanks for the honesty.  I got the chills when I read your post.  And not in a good way.  :)  It's rather depressing. 
  • Not trying to flame you guys but do you have to lead all your mobile related articles with the phrase "Windows 10 Mobile is dead?" I don't mind the coverage of Android devices, but at times, the repetitive message is a drag. The OS didn't die, the ecosystem did because of a myriad of things... but that's a whole diff discussion... I'm just tired of reading the same opening on every mobile article.
  • It's called click-bait. Yes, they certainly have to. More heated conversations.
  • No CyberAngel777, It's called trying to get it through the fanboys heads.  Some are still asking about w10m and how it's moving forward,  and the "cold dead hands" comments etc.   TIME TO MOVE ON PEOPLE.  I did,  and have been happy having all the latest stuff available. 
  • I originally came here for WP, but I still come here for Xbox and Windows PC. 
  • some day you'll only come here for Azure and Office365 stuff.
  • Well said. Someday nobody will come.... Who cares about Azure and Office365 crap anyway... ???
  • @Keith Absolutely!  I come here for all Microsoft news.  I just can't get into Android news.  Just can't.  I'm sure there are those who don't mind.  I'm just not one of them.  But that's just me.
  • This phone concept is DOA already for me if launches with anything less than an 835. I'm still loving my Alcatel Idol 4S until something I like better comes along. This not only is a downgrade but a underwhelming Win10 Mobile experience vehicle that will only serve to potentially disparage the reputation of Win Mobile further. There's no bringing back Win10 Mobile. Let it die. I look forward to potentially running full (read: Not Mobile) Win 10 on ARM in my next phone whenever that is. Running real 32-bit x86 apps on my device. That's a future worth looking forward to and it's finally not that far away. Intel delayed it with their ineptitude but where they failed it looks like Qualcomm intends to WIN.
  • I found the Idol and the X3 to be inferior to the 950XL. The HP seems to lock up and has wierd stalls, not sure if thats a upgrade to Win10 since I switched or not. But the Alcatel was too fragile and seemed sluggish to the 950Xl. Just mentioning it in case your like me and are staying until the end and need to replace later.   
  • Can't speak for the Idol, but my X3 is definitely inferior to my 950XL.....I just got a Lumia 1520 and upgraded it to Creators Fall update. I've been using that for the past 3 weeks and i'd say my X3 is inferior to even that!! 
  • I got stuck with updating my 1520 to CFU at a point where it gives error 0x80070273 while trying to download Windows 10 Phone 10.0.15063.728. What advice would you give?
  • What, exactly, is Microsoft's new mobile effort and how are they pushing it toward Android/iOS?  I finally got fed up with the whole Windows phone thing and purchased an Android, which I am not happy with.  Please tell me how I may utilize Microsoft on Android, step by step.   
  • Best to forget Microsoft and all their crap services;  
  • ? Why are u here?
  • While I would love to return to a Windows Mobile phone, the software is too buggy for real world use, with no real hope of it ever getting fixed.
  • I use mine all day every day for business and personal, all in the real world.
  • I was using it daily too. Daily random reboots, unable to answer calls, unable to make calls. I tried to stick it out but couldn't. 
  • a dozen of Windows phones. Only Beta software did this. It was fixed either by a reboot or the Factory Reset. OR by the next Beta.
  • A crowdfunding project that has "you will never get your money back or the device" written all over it.
  • oh you will get a device. If they cannot crowdfund it then they will ship you a Lumia 710 device running Windows Phone 7 and call it a day.
  • lmao
  • The L950 price dropped at about this level almost 18 months ago, and its specs were higher... people who wanted a WP already have one since then, and they won't change for a lower spec device. The design is unchanged from 2 yo phones, and it has a uUSB... I can feel the fail coming...
  • micro USB is such a fail for a device releasing next year especially if their main target are those replacing the current Windows phones (Lumia 950, 950XL, HP Elite x3, Alcatel, etc.)
  • LOL
  • Since my wife is still using a L920 from 2012 and is reluctant to try another OS, this would be a good replacement. I've got a brand new S7 sitting on the desk that she won't touch. 
  • yes, because Android phones suck.
  • And that's your opinion. Android works great for me. Launcher 10 for that Windows 10 look and feel and all the apps. It's a win-win.
  • Ha, a Win-Win! Windows  - Windows! Sorry, I'm done with my puns now.
  • If it is not Windows phone, it can never be like Windows phone. That's just it.
  • If it is not Windows phone, it can never be like Windows phone. That's just it.
  • Smart woman...
  • Just donated 5 euros to the project. If only 100,000 people who enjoyed windows phones throughout the years would donate 5 euros each, the funding will be complete. Lets prove Microsoft wrong!!
  • I would not donate 5c to a dead platform...and subpar hardware....
  • You are a fool! The whole premise is to fund the phone, so they will develop it, and you can buy it. You would be an even bigger fool to donate anything to something you continue to **** can (yes, i've read you other posts). Go troll somewhere else, cuz here you just look like an idiot!
  • Hi Darren,  Since your entire post towards me makes absolutely NO SENSE.....I can point out that the only "fool" is you for posting that incoherent drivel.    MS HAS SHITCANNED windows 10 mobile...why would anyone in their right mind support this's DOA.   Just like Wharton Brooks Attempt at the EXACT SAME GROUND BREAKING, MIND BLOWING, SECTOR SHIFTING DEVICE.   Use your brains....
  • Satya Nadella is using an Android, Bill Gates is using an Android, Joe Belfiore is using an Android, Trekstor wants you to buy a Windows 10 Mobile
  • Yes, Dumb, dumber, and dumbest.
  • actually Joe Belfiore uses iPhone 7
  • If Microsoft was still behind Windows 10 Mobile it might make some sense. However, Microsoft's last flagship handset was in 2015 and this phone is (at best) 2016 design.  I don't this is going anywhere without any real OS support. 
  • If the phone was baseless and rock 🤘 835 and reasonable camera, would jump in, even tho I have S8, Lumia 950xl and Lumia 535 to my handsets
  • Lenovo needs to tighten up with Microsoft and offer WP versions of their Moto phones or a way to flash over windows. I would love a Moto z play with WM10 or Andromeda
  • I would love for a way to flash android apps on Windows 10 Mobile. If only some good dev (hint: Rudy Huyn) hacks that capability back similar to Project Astoria.
  • My Lumia950 is still fully functional running superb and I use it 24/7 as my main phone every day.....but hate to think about the day its time to leave this intelligent platform..... I wonder how many users we are left worldwide these days, not counted in percent of total smartphone marked (sub 0,3 % I guess), but in actual numbers ..... 2 million or less?
  • You, and me, and another two. That's about it:))
  • My wife and I, so there's two more. Apsolutey nothing wrong with them.
  • less than 0.25% of the world uses Windows phones today.
    Sad but true story was that Windows phones was around 5% just 2 years ago.
  • My wife and I and my mother and father in law so 4 here. Just gave my wife the option to opt out and she asked for the alcatel
  • We are waiting for Andromeda. It'll be so much like winmo....the press will get it wrong. Also lots of stuff is updated every day, Cortana store office outlook home remote prysm staying.
  • Me too 950 and 640  
  • 5 x 950xl in my family wife and 3 kids  stil rocking!
  • 4 🍀 Just bought (4) 435, (3) 950's, (3)640xl's....back ups for my backups...+10 in use on AT&T. Supported until 2019. All devices work flawlessly. Who needs apps. Uploaded music to OneDrive and you can still stream with groove, bank, auto, and any other Financial institutions all work great with edge. I do everything through online bill pay. Never understood app frenzy.
  • Intelligent platform is a great description - Android and Apple are just DUMB.
  • Well... that's a sad news. I'm crazy (was?) about the W10M platform, but still I wondered why when I read the news. Microsoft mobile platform is dead and Microsoft itself is losing somehow momentum with the general public.
    Hence why should anyone launch a Windows mobile today?
    Even if it was the vapor Surface Phone nobody would really care anymore.
    Honestly, who pays real attention to what Microsoft does outside of the corporate arena? So why launching a W10M today? I really don't get it!
  • Just buy an Idol 4S instead, it's already in stock and has better internals.
  • Yes, and no. I ordered one from the US for Australia, and theoretically it should work but I couldn't get reception. I've heard some bad things about the quality control and other problems. I feel sorry that I had to send it back because I loved it otherwise. Although, way too slippery.
  • never buy phones from US because their 2G/3G/4G/LTE bands are slightly different from the rest of the world.
    I always get ones from European Union or Britain.
  • I sent it back for repair because of speaker issues, it's been more than a month. Takes too long for delivery, Alcatel is slow, forwarders are slow. It's rough for us Australians importing things here.
  • There's a guy who said Vodafone gives him best coverage in Melbourne.
    I use Optus in Sydney, it was decent but could be better.
  • They are trying to sell a €50 phone for €250. Makes sense.
  • It makes no sense.... 2018, really, they could at least try 2017, maybe not all the people heard about microsoft killing it. Till that date there will be none left that does not know this. I see no reason why would somebody buy it....
  • Ummm...nope
  • Wouldn't it be better to figure out a way to load Windows 10 Mobile onto an existing Android phone like an S8 or something? You could have the latest hardware and Windows 10 too.
  • This is running an SD617 for a reason. W10M isn't compatible with much hardware let alone whatever random Android hardware you might have.
  • I was totally against this only a few months ago, and if you had asked me straight after MS ditched Groove I would have laughed, cried and then had a rant. However, since then I have been using an Android phone as well as my X3, 950XL, 640XL etc, and I must say that I really do not want to use anything else but WM or at least Windows on some kind of device. Andromeda hurry! So, in the mean time, I think this is a good idea, especially at this price. The specs aren't bad, I don't expect the camera to be anything more than average, but that's okay because my X3 is excellent now with updates, except low light, otherwise very crisp.
    I'd buy this except that I just ordered a 950 on EBay (hoping it's not dodgy). I will still consider trying to get one of these and support this effort from Trekstor. They've done a much better job than Mr. Murphy!!! :)
  • Hey Aden, could you please tell me the seller name from whom you bought the phone? I've been looking for a bit. Also, if you could give an update on the phone once you get, that would be appreciated.
  • The Palm Treo Pro is available for $99 in Amazon A very good Windows Mobile device.
  • Looks like a great device, but when the os is dead, what's the point?
  • Propping up a corpse and pretending it's alive is never a good idea.  
  • Hey, Weekend at Bernie's got two movies out of propping up a corpse and calling it alive
  • Weekend at Balmer's!
  • Still rocking hard with my Lumia 950 XL not gonna change it out as long as it works as smoothly as it does.
  • This is exactly the range of device that was completely missing from the market to help spread the OS...deliberatly sabotaged by MS. I hate Android. It is absiolutely not user friendly, still unstable, and very resource hungry. It is still a mistery to me why people are loving is so much.  It is colurful, no doubt, but that's all I can say as benefit, everything else is lacking solidness.
  • It will be interesting...! Maybe people ho like WINPHONE now that Microsoft dont Invest at the winmobile more
  • Where are the high end phones? Is there a windows phone that runs a 835 chip?
  • Riopato...are you high?
  • :))) pathetic. Another junk like Cerulean. No thanks!
  • Why buy this and not buy a 950XL?
  • @VasTheGreek,  The proper question is why buy ANY windows phone at this point.  
  • Seeing as the trend is smaller bezels, this phone is D.O.A..  Granted, lack of support from Microsoft should make that D.O.A. before this, but if you're like me and can't let go of Windows on phones, it would have been better to crowdfund a device that's higher end or at the very least, decent internals with little to no bezels. 
  • I don't think it would make a difference for me at this point, but does this support Continuum? I think some of the 600 series chips did. The only Windows phone I'm interested (on Verizon) right now is the HP X3, but the price seems high for a phone on an OS that's not upgrading, has only a mediocre camera, and lacks Glance.
  • Ah, I watched the video after posting my comment above: it does indeed support Continuum.
  • Omg people, let that platform die. 😂😂😂 I love WP as much as the other fan but let's not make it a cult. MSFT decided to stop backing that OS a long time ago.
  • It is a cult - just because it's better than both the Android and iPhone based products out there - it was before it's time (but too late for the market). That doesn't mean there is space for any more hardware out there though. If the software is stopped being developed by MS, there is no point releasing new hardware for it.
  • I'm not sure how they are going to get the software to install on this. It's obvious Microsoft don't want to know now - whether it be the software of supporting any OEM going forwards. They will fulfill their obligations with two years of fixes for current devices then stop support. I already have an exit plan but it's a shame when the phone I have (Lumia 950XL) has so many great features only found in expensive phones by the competition. As such, I'll keep using mine until it breaks or I can't get the apps I currentl use but I certainly wouldn't want to invest in a new player to the market.
  • Lumia 950 still one of the best. And continuum.. Keeping it until it will make me to sad and melancholic to look at it. Shame on you Microsoft.
  • Nice logo, is that a goat hoof?
  • LOL
  • Nope...Camel Toe!
  • If someone is to make a new Windows 10 Mobile phone, it should at least have the specs so there would be a possibility in the future to reflash it with the new Windows on ARM.  So it should at least have a Snapdragon 835.
  • I personally own multiple Win10 Phones but I don't see the point in this one considering you can buy better Win10 Phones for marginally more cost and the close to the same tier phone already for less. I'm all for the continued support and marketing though so more power to them.
  • i really miss the live tiles. :(
  • I'll replace a Lumia 950 with another Lumia 950 in this case from here. You can get unlocked Lumia 950 which trounces this for ~$202.40 on ebay right now, so would I want to pat 249 Euros for this (the 50 of 50 for 209 Euros are gone), Even at 209 Euros, that is still more expensive than $203 for L950
  • Hmmm...that's not bad idea...
  • What an utter waste of time. Windoze on phones is dead...even m$ say so. Plus, it's a boring (hardware wise) phone running a terrible OS. Don't waste money crowdfunding something that is over before it started.
  • OMG.....they are at 5%, why at this rate....they will reach their goal in......never!!!!! What a pointless idea.....especially at that resolution......yech....
  • Why do they bother?
  • Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft both say that the platform IS NOT DEAD. Please, stop spreading false news. It will only make you look like a fool or a damn liar.
  • Don't know what you have been smoking,  but MS HAS come out publically stating that windows 10 is DEAD.
  • Win10mobile I mean...before anyone gets their panties in a bunch!
  • Still at least, W10M are getting security patches until Autumn 2019. Not the right time to call it dead yet.
  • So...RT is alive and well i guess then Fat8893?   W10M is RT....DEAD....getting simple patches does not mean it's alive.  Having new features,  full support from OEM, MS,  as well as developers means it's alive.   W10M is FAR from alive.   MS is just keeping it in the morgue for the silly twats that bought the HP X3. 
  • Man I miss Win10 mobile.  Great platform with no commitment.  Using Android now it's hard to believe people told me it's the best mobile OS out there.  They should just say it's the best app store out there that's what makes it tolerable.  Windows mobile does everything else better.
  • So true on that. They may have way more apps than us, but that... was it, really.
  • Specs are worse than Lumia 950, unless I'm missing something?
  • But the physical size is....exactly!
  • They should crowdfund a windows os for the latest x86 phone instead: Similar specs, but 8 core atom instead of arm.  The thing won't game but should beat an x5-z8300. Supposedly going to be 130.
  • 30buks phone? This is the how much I can expend and a windows phone
  • Very low spec and why try and make it look like iPhone or Samsung?
  • SD 6xx is hardly very low.
  • So compared to even mid rangers in 2017
  • The Snap 617 is like 3 years old... I'd rather use a Lumia 640. This thing will be a dog.
  • Or,  how about any 200 dollar android based mid ranger now.  ANY one of them will smoke this **** in speed and smoothness.
  • Why? Is there a loophole that will allow them to keep the money they collect when it fails?
  • Who can understand Microsoft,1st; they want to kill the windows Lumia phone and everything win phones., 2nd; is  giving propaganda to Android devices  but now a company release a new windows 10 phone The bad thing of this phone is that is using micro usb port.
  • @Norbert Rivera,  MS is NOT releasing this phone...I start up company is,  and its a device from 2016.   just with new branding.  MS has NOTHING to do with this device and it's a deadend before you even get one.   And no,  the bad thing is NOT mUSB,  it's windows 10 mobile.
  • about traction in this one.  Should kill the "best buy" crew (wharton Brooks),  that Trekstor is almost past their entire amount in two days of crowdfunding....Suprising.   I will keep tabs on the amounts every few days!  Like I did with bestbuyfund.
  • Oooops...Miscalculation!    MistaGreg and the best buy crew got 29,793 in one month...... TrekStor's attempt at this crap phone already has 35,947 after only 2 days of campaining!  WOAH!      
  • Funding update.    Bestbuy crew - 29,793 Trekstor - 46,670 Coming up on doubling the BEST PHONE EVER.
  • I thought i saw a headline suggesting that MSFT wants to make an android device. I assumed the article was on Windows central, apparently it Isn't. But warn MSFT, if ever they make an android phone, i will actively campaign against users buying it. I'm even sure many windows phone fans here and elsewhere will not even give the useless contraption from MSFT a second look.
  • @Xanderone,  Im sure MS is shaking in their boots because YOU will tell all 3 of your friends not to buy it.   AHHHHHHH the immature fanboys at their finest here folks!  SOOOOO CHILDISH!  Oh,  and another will not a be a "useless contraption" as you call it....considering windows 10 mobile devices are canned,  therefore they are the USELESS ones....MS's phone running android will do just fine even without your AMAZING SUPPORT....****!
  • Let Windows Phone die,pay for a phone with a system without apps or support from Microsoft it's just wasting your bucks,Developers,Microsoft & market forgot Windows Phone you should do the same. Android and iOS are good options,i was a Windows phone fan but i realized that this OS was crappy,now i use just the Microsoft services that i want on android and have a good performance on my phone :)
  • Microsoft andoend the Windows phone users and I am disgusted with them. I like the Windows phones but I don't like the ay thhey treat teir users.  They also gave up the tablet market to Android.
  • If there is an upgrade path to Windows 10 for ARM then it could make a go of it.
  • A New Windows Phone is all well and good but isn't Microsoft ending support for Windows 10 mobile sometime in 2018?
  • Trekstor overestimates the passion of Windows Phone enthusiasts.  Regardless of their passion, it is a dead-end street. Now, if I could take the phone (with Windows one it) and then isntall Linux's coming Librem 5 phone, or Android, when it becomes too much after Microsoft stops providing even security updates, then maybe.
  • I like the design looks slick. I'm undecided on what my next phone will be.
  • It's such a shame it is not dual-sim :(
  • I feel if they sourced this at $60-80 a unit they would get more backers, but even then it would fall short of its goal due to lack of exposure. Nobody even knows this campaign exists besides enthusists .   
  • it looks like a nice phone, by since nobody is developing their apps for Windows Phone, you are still going to have the same problem that we have always had, apps you need are not available. When I had my Lumia, for the most part I was able to live without certain apps, or use alternatives that were available in Windows store, but some I could not live without, and some of the features missing from Windows mobile that could not be replaced with an app just become too much. SO I ended up going back to Android.
  • I wonder if the loyalist's can force msft's hand and get them to fully reengage ? Hmm...although Nadella would have to go. He has been absolute killer to the consumer side of the company
  • <p>Nothing beats Windows 10, not even in Mobile format.</p> <p>I am surprised Mircrosoft is pulling the plug on Windows 10 Mobile. It is a great OS. On the other hand i guess people need more ? I bought me a tiny tablet PC, really small footprint. Runs Windows 10 PC version and if you rotate it in portret mode it actually looks like a phone. A big one that is. There is a Tablet mode but why didn&#39;t Microsoft added a Mobile 10 mode? I mean it is already, right? Just make things look like Windows 10 mobile builds. These Tablet Pc&#39;s cost around $60 some are $100 with a 5Mpx camera. Just what we need, extra large batteries also. I think Microsoft did not think this through.</p>
  • Unfortunately they did not make it before the deadline. The campaign has expired.