Will Cortana get the final World Cup prediction right today?

Hey. Did you know there's a major sporting event happening right now!? It's the 2014 World Cup final with Germany and Argentina battling for the prize. Cortana has made some stellar predictions during the World Cup tournament, but she did get yesterday's game between Brazil and Netherlands wrong. She predicted that Brazil would prevail. However, the Netherlands took that game 3-0. Someone on Twitter said that Cortana's match prediction algorithm didn't account for a team giving up. Anyways. Is she going to be right today? Will Germany beat Argentina? Sound off below.

Take our poll above and let us know if Cortana is going to be right about Germany winning today! Right now the score is still 0-0 going into the half. Don't forget to root for your team down below! Also, be sure to open this article in the browser to take the poll if you're reading this in our app.

Sam Sabri