Is Windows 10 on ARM really the savior Windows phone fans are hoping for?

We write a lot about Windows phones and Windows Mobile today, despite the sorry state of the mobile OS. But perhaps the one ray of light that shines through the constant doom and gloom is Windows 10 on ARM. The basic concept is that Windows phones will be able to run a full version of Windows, which should drastically increase the features and value of the OS.

Many of us are counting on Windows 10 on ARM to "save" Microsoft's mobile efforts. But will it? Windows Central forum member aj173 posed this question and provided some thoughtful analysis in a recent thread.

I already have full Windows 10 on my Lumia 1520. It's called RDPing through my desktop. It's nice to have full W10 on my phone in a few very specific circumstances, but overall, I fail to see how this will add anything to the mobile experience. It's nothing that great. I also fail to see how leveraging the desktop user base will do anything to bring missing phone-centric apps to Windows. I...


The forum member raises some valid points, and it's hard to argue the rationale. However, Windows 10 on ARM is still a clear step in the right direction, and it's tough to predict its true value at this point.

What do you think? Can Windows 10 on ARM save mobile Windows? Or is it just another step on the OS's long and winding road to the tech graveyard? Does it make sense to be optimistic or realistic? Hit the forum link below and let the community know.

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