Windows 10 installed on over 75 million devices, covering over 90,000 unique PC and tablet models

Microsoft has now revealed that Windows 10 is currently installed on over 75 million devices since its launch on July 29, and that those installs cover 90,000 unique PCs and tablet models.

The new information was revealed via Twitter by Yusef Mehdi, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President, for the Windows and Devices Group. He stated that Windows 10 was "running in 192 countries, virtually every country on the planet". He added, "Even some devices manufactured in 2007 have upgraded to Windows 10."

Mehdi also offered some other related stats:

  • More than 122 years of gameplay have streamed from Xbox One to Windows 10 devices
  • 10 million achievements unlocked: Microsoft Solitaire Collection, Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta
  • In response to "tell me a joke", Cortana has told over half a million jokes since launch. :)
  • Windows Store for Windows 10 has seen 6X more app downloads per device than Windows 8

It would appear, at least on the surface, that Microsoft's strategy of offering Windows 10 as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 owners for its first year is generating positive results

Source: Yusef Mehdi (Twitter)

  • Hope that is enough for developers to start looking this way. It should be, but some are just spiteful. (looking at you snap chat)
    To be clear, I was commenting more towards the mentality of a lot of developers, snap chat is just the wider known example. I don't give two craps about snap chat. Never had a need, never will. But I will also tell you as someone in the industry, it still matters to the sellers, and that matters to us.
    And to say this is not about phones is 100% incorrect. Windows 10 for PC will either fix the "app gap" or it wont. Mobile is now relying 100% on desktop to secure any future for the platform. Whether we like it or not.
  • Oh please stop about snapchat. I think it's pretty clear by now that the CEO of snapchat is a dick and won't make an app regardless of the amount of people running Windows Phone (don't forget this isn't even Windows 10 Mobile yet. These numbers are irrelevant).
  • I like this comment hrhe
  • Hahaha hope snapchat's CEO is reading this :)
  • That former CrApple's iSHEEP, will NEVER read or wants anything to do with MS/Windows. As long as there are people like this idiot CEO, there will be a problem with some apps, that i personally don't give a crap if it ever comes to windows or not. 
  • There are reports that Snapchat had a horrible finantial year and is losing money .  That's a great opportunity for them to reach a huge market  and stop collapsing
  • Or a great opportunity for them to collapse and die :p
  • +929
  • he he - if there's god
  • This. The world was fine before snatchchat, it will be fine after.
  • couldn't say it better. 
  • CEO is not only a dick, he is an idiot. Microsoft was offering to make the app for free. that means access to millions more users without any additional expense. that's a win win and he turned it down. Facebook offered $3 billion and he turned it down. Now it was shown that they made $3 million in revenue and lost $128 million. this guy is not a businessman. He will eventually sell snapchat for a lot less and will be licking himself for the rest of his life. At that point we will get an app.
  • I'm pretty sure any time there is a potential deal like this, the buying company gets to see the books before they sign the deal (with confidentiality of course). It's like buying a car becuase you've heard good things about the brand/model, without knowing anything about how well it runs,
  • It is just a Win Win if you would actually have a wayto generate money out of users. until now they really dont other then getting investors on board
  • Hahaha happy to see them going away for good.. Stupid CEO.
  • Nowadays many sw companies works thanks to funds, their value comes from user number....
  • It does not matter how many users they have, snap chat is hemorrhaging money because they don't have a revenue model. Snap chat is free, and has no ads. How they have managed to survive this long is a miracle.
  • I hope they disappear all together actually - but somehow I doubt that's going to happen, unfortunatelly.
  • I agree about the snapchat kid (I say kid because he is an immature punk), but the 75M number is not irrelevant at all.  A major reason for the free upgrade is to bring a large number of users to the ecosystem and get them downloading apps.  The hope then is developers will build  universal apps that will then make Windows 10 Mobile phones more appealing and increase the mobile user base.  That is the strategy, Satya Nadella spoke about this specifically.
  • We know, we just hope that it does go like planed.... otherwise WP is screwed :-(
  • I get measles anyone mentiones the s* word. Some developers have too much power in their hands I'd say. We're going through a bit of funny period with the society (world) in general, internet is no longer a 'new thing' but some phenomenons like that still are.
  • Ppl need to get of from WP .I was really WP fan but no more.No need to explain you all know that WP is wasted money.
  • Don't know if you've been following but snapchat is going downhill right now.  So give it about a year and it will be gone.   
  • Good riddance!
  • Tell that to the sellers in the stores...
  • There is no doubt that MS will reach their 1 billion goal, but probably be sooner than they expected.  The 6x more app downloads per device is the most important stat for the future growth of Universal Windows apps.  It would help clearing off the fence most of the developers sitting on.  UWA will become the hottest app developing platform in a few years.  W10M will be one of the main beneficiaries.
  • That's the plan :)
  • Driving to 1bil desktop users drives phone. So I agree. In fact my mother and friend Dan who are devoted mac users and don't even know why since they also use win pc's have updated and love the onedrive,cortana,office integrations so well they have both sworn off iPhone and will pick up Tallman upon release.
  • What's Snapchat?
  • 2 words for a solution for snapchat for windows pc; Download Bluestacks !
  • Normal consumers wont do that though. We both know that.
  • Best Windows Yet,no doubt
  • I am not sure about that, especially if you have a tablet. Windows 8.1 was better IMO. It is better than 7 or XP though.
  • It is all good on a tablet
  • Still need some tablet mode tweaks. Taskbar should auto hide. WiFi should move to action center fullscreen should open that way...etc
  • If your tablet upgrades... which it is not doing if your tablet features Intel Media Accelerator.
  • I actually like the tablet mode on W10 better than on W8.1.  It is much more usable and more efficent to navigate.  Changing to vertical swipes instead of horizontal swipes makes a lot of difference.  On W8.1, I had to swipe several times to see all my 200+ apps, but now it takes only 1 vertical swipe to see them all.  The Hamburger menu, task bar and action menu are really helping out also.  I used spend 70% of time on desktop and 30% on tablet on W8.1.  Now that numbers has been reversed on W10.  It is easier to jump from one app to the another in the W10 tablet mode than in the Desktop mode.  One feature that I would like to see to be added to Tablet mode is the Folder Tile which will make apps organization even more efficient.
  • I'd like multi desktops added. Just because we are on tablet mode does not mean we don't kneed the organization off screen or grouping of multiple apps making the thumbnails that much larger too.
  • Not possible, because the design if the OS prohibits this. Told them early in preview to turn the desktop into a start screen including dynamic tile and widget areas... and let the user choose between a W7 start menu and a full screen app list/drawer. Did not happen.
  • I'm not sure we're using the same tablet mode :) Tablet is ok but I use it in desktop mode more often. I'm on hybrid and like to have both touch and keyboard active together pretty much. Did you try e.g. ALT-TAB-ing from app to app? it's a disaster : )) And pretty much all I tried in tablet mode is a bit of a lower grade comparing to desktop mode. May be my impression only though, I seem to be the only one complaining of that
  • Still, best is so far Win 8.1. Win 10 is never be in current state. It needs a lot of bug fixes and feature improvements.
  • Windows 10 is better than Windows 8.1 in so many areas it's not even funny. Many things about Windows 8 were very good and better than any Windows OS ever, but it was a failure for a reason.
  • It wasn't bad. It failed because it was way different than previous versions and it then it became some sort of trend to say "Windows 8 is soooo bad".
  • Overall, Windows 10 is better than 8.1, but 8.1 is far superior in tablet mode. Far superior.
  • And since Microsoft is moving towards vertical apps, it'll stay that way. Their news app was great I'm windows 8, now it looks messy. Maybe their next tablet will have a 4:3 ratio a la apple
  • yep - I like win10, I'm MS early adopter on most things (and for a long long time) - but I love my Win8.1 Vaio tablet (hybrid), I'm not sure what to do really (except that Sony isn't giving us much choice atm but to wait, so thanks Sony).
  • Best indeed - but it feels a little like "I AM ROBOT".
  • The best windows yet turned to be a painful upgrade to me. After upgrade all the apps started crashing immediately after displaying the splash screen. Tried all command prompt things like sfc. When running a troubleshooter for apps, it said "service registration is missing or corrupt". I did not know how to fix it. Raising a question in the community did not help. A chat support agent tried creating a local account and that did not help either. He said the OS is already corrupted. I wish I had stayed on 8.1 now. Now he asks me to downgrade to 8.1 again. My question is, will I be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free another time? Or is there any other way to save my laptop? This may not be the appropriate place to ask, but I have seen many enthusiastic Windows 10 fans, active content writers or at least many Techies here.. That's why I thought of asking for help here.. Sorry and thanks in advance
  • If your current Windows 10 installation is activated, then you are eligible to do a clean install of Windows 10, which should solve your problems.
  • Yes, it is activated. And, thank you. I'll try that out. So glad I asked here before blindly clicking on the "go back to Windows 8.1" button when I was asked to by the chat support agent.
  • Grow, grow, grow lay the eggs and rise! It's a metaphor
  • I like to take it literally, now bring on the eggs!!
  • Now I'm hungry. Thanks
  • more 25 million to Go !!
  • .......and then another 900 million lol
  • Infinity and beyond!!!
  • MS sells roughly 300 million pc/tablets a year.Starting this fall, that means roughly 25 million new Windows 10 devices entering the ecosystem per month.  Plus there are roughly 1 billion installed pc's.  If Microsoft gets 30 % of these computers switched over, you are talking close to 500 million windows 10 devices by next summer.
  • I hope you don't mean that's for the 1 billion mark.
  • 1 billion w10 DEVICES not solely laptops desktops
  • Who said anything about laptops and desktops. I was pointing out his potential math error. 75 million + 25 million does not = 1 billion
  • 7 billion to go
  • 10 trillion to go
  • Our worlds population is 7.5 billion so don't talk 10 trillion
  • Go Microsoft :D
  • That is a lot, but I was expecting more than that after a month.
  • More? You do realise that Windows 8 had like 200 million in a YEAR? This is a lot for just a month dude...a lot.
  • You do realise that Windows 8 was a commercial failure? Not really a fair comparison.
  • Windows 8 was a commercial failure and had 40 million licenses sold--SOLD-- after one month. Windows 10 has 75 million--just 35 million more--in the same time period and they gave it away for free--FREE. Ergo, I expected more.
  • the update is still pushing out in waves. some did not even get theire free windows 10   im only at 3/6 devices (1​ is preview)
  • I am 4 for 4.  Stuck with a 2 plus year old 928 phone.  Works great.  no complaints, except i am stuck with Verizon who could not give a damn about window phones.  I had to wait almost year for Denium to be approved my Verizon.  No more contracts for me.   Do need to replace my laptop.  Surface 4 Pro?  I do need a keypad with a number pad, which isually menas a 15" tablet.  Maybe they can shrink the pad a bit to fit 14".  Love my Surface 3.
  • watch out for corporate rollouts.
  • A lot of Enterprises skipped win 8, if they jump on win 10 the numbers will be ridiculous! :-D
  •   The enterprise is waiting for the first adopters to expose the errors.  They may start rolling out their adoption afte the first of the year.  Doesn't the enterprise have to pay for the Windows 10 pro version?  No free updates to the Pro version? Plus Office 2016 rolls out soon which offers better integration with Windows 10 and Onedrive.  
  • The vast majority of those 40 million licenses were never installed to an actual computer until a while after Windows 8's launch, according to internal Microsoft data. I don't know why people bought them, but never installed them, but that's what happened.
  • Seems they are OEM licences bought by manufacturers to ship on new PCs- which were bought n activated later
  • Looking through the old reports, I think you're right. A vast majority of those licenses were ones sold into the channel, but consumers obviously didn't want it when it debuted.
  • It would be more of MS could push it out fast enough, I know of people still waiting to be notified the update is ready. Even one of my laptops is still waiting, I could go the ISO route but most people won't do that. Also it's out pacing Windows 7.
  • Serious name another non mobile OS that achieved those numbers in such a short span...
  • This is not about mobile, it's about the Desktop.
  • Yes I know but it all adds up you see the more desktop laptop tablets netbooks notebooks running the windows 10 is the better you see let's say in three years let's say they get to the billion device Mark that there aiming for and when they say devices they mean not only PCs but phones to and tablets now now if you were a developer wouldn't it make since to make a universal app instead of a app just for pc it would cost the same but you would be on a billion devices not just pc yes the majority will be for pc but then you got phone tablet pc Xbox and even hololens and if they get to a billion device Mark I will be hard for developers to ignore them. So if you was a developer what makes more since to you pay the same amount and make app just for pc or pay the same amount and have you app on phone pc tablet Xbox and hololens no brainer in my head
  • It hasn't been a month.
  • It has when you consider the headstart Windows 10 had with the Preview.
  • The update still has not been pushed out to everyone yet. My friend just got his this weekend. If most users were better with tech, I imagine they would have installed it from the .iso already.
  • You don't need to use an .iso if you want to manually initiate it. The update software tool is available and easy.
  • just WOOOW! waiting for sony to increase the number  
  • Also Lenovo. Have 2 Lenovo laptops, none got an update yet for me.
  • Wait for when the new line of windows 10 PCs, laptops and tablets are released. We should have over a 100million by Jan. 2016
  • Jan 2016? October 2015.
  • September 15
  • At this rate, it will be over 100M by the end of September.  Windows PCs sell in the range of 300M a year.  That is 25M a month.  Granted, there will still be Windows 7 machines sold to companies for some time, but if even half of the new machines sold in the next month are running WIndows 10, only another 12M+ older machines need to be updated.  There could be 200M+ Windows 10 machines by the end of year.
  • Very good considering business will follow suite in about another 6 months and we haven't really seen a lot,of new computers out with the operating system
  • ....and I'm not one of those 75 million. When is Windows 10 coming to my 8.1 Embedded PC?
  • 8.1 Embedded? That's not included... it's just Windiows 8.1 for Bing, Home, Single Language,, and Pro... sadly.
  • But the notification popup came for me, saying my upgrade is reserved. What gives?
  • Well you have it then, but you have to force the upgrade by using Microsoft's tool to download Windows 10 manually.
  • Just download the windows 10 installer from Microsoft. Why wait for the stupid rollout schedule.
  • I was expecting a lot more... We really need those 1 billion devices running W10 if we want a big push in phones.
  • So you were expecting 1000 million installs in one month?
  • No, I was expecting something like 150-200 millions because of the first figures that came out last month but apparently they were fake.
  • Relax.  The goal is 1 billion machines running Windows 10 by the middle of 2018.  That is 36 months to get there.  I think it will be sooner, but 75M at this point is great.  To get to 1B machines in 36 months, there needs to be a little under 28M new or upgraded machines running Windows 10 every month, so they are well ahead of that pace.  There will be 1B Windows 10 devices, but it will take some time.
  • That's an insane expectation. 300 million PCs are sold per year, which meas that Microsoft only needs 100 million upgrades. They're 3/4 of the way to that goal.
  • There will also be the devices with W10 mobile to come in the next months, and as people and corporations adopt W10, the ones stuck on the previous versions will jump on the boat as well. We might have 250-300 mil by the end of the year
  • Now, if marketshare is truely what drives developers there is no relevent arguement against making W10 apps. I'll be wathcing with antici...........pation.
  • Breaking that word up at the end there caused me some serious anxiety
  • Someone has been watching Rocky Horror
  • Can Windows Central write an article demonstrating how these numbers would look from a developers PoV.
    Like if I am an Android developer, is 75m attractive now in comparison to android and iOS, or not yet, and when based on this rate?
    Maybe throw in more comparisons and analysis regarding these numbers, I am sure alot of Windows phone users want some reassuring on the situation. No one is reporting this angel.
  • I think developers just need to be attracted to the PC market share. If they are, they will, almost certainly, make universal apps, which will run on phones, PCs, tablets and everything Windows.
    Keeping that in mind, 75 million is a large user base for a PC OS and therefore, developers should be attracted to it.
  • Compared to Android (1 billion devices) and iOS (600 million devices) it's not something developers would jump at, right now. But with 75 million new devices within a month adoption rate is skyrocketing. If this continues we should have half a billion devices by januari (excluding the existing 100 million WP users)
    Combined with 6 times more apps installed vs Windows 8.1 per devices.
    Developers should seriously take notice by then. I expect them to start taking Windows 10 seriously in 2016.
  • I am learning app development BECAUSE Windows is being ignored. I'll take that money. By the time the big players take notice of the platform, upstart guys like me will be the known names.        
  • Hope you do well. Good luck.
  • You are right. No one is reporting the numbers properly. Also, let me ask this: Why would a devleoper NOT want to make an app that could be attractive to 75 million+ potential users? Is that number of people really not enough to make a profit? How many users is considered the point of which it would be stupid not to make an app for?
  • It's not just about numbers. We need to split the 75M between touch and nontouch devices. Apps are downloaded mostly on touch devices. The new UI is decent for mouse and keyboard but still you would not create an universal app if your main interest is to reach desktop PCs.   This is not to say I'm not optimistic, I'm just saying plain numbers do not say everything.
  • The new Universal apps automatically adjust for input between touch and mouse/keyboard. No extra programming required if you program according to the API.  Keyboard and Mouse friendly with the apps and being able to be in a Window on the desktop is why 6X more downloads per device on Windows 10.  Desktop PCs are the perfect target for Universal apps. Get a store listing and BAM. You can get noticed. Otherwise, you've got to pay for advertising to get your app noticed.
  • I skipped Windows 8 entirely and in the 1 month I've been running Windows 10 on my non-touch screen laptop I've downloaded plenty of games (mostly Xbox enabled) and apps (Radio and video related mostly). I did try the Facebook app, but it's much like the Windows Phone experience and needs an overhaul. For me, the cross compatibility with the Xbox One is a huge selling point and I'm glad Microsoft are leveraging this with cross platform play with things like Killer Instinct, Fable and Bloodstained, it will have a huge impact. Now, if they can leverage that aspect more on Windows 10 Mobile and make Groove a far more user friendly service, then I would never need to use another eco system and they would see plenty more paid for downloads from me.
  • This is your opinion, me and many desktop users would disagree and would always prefer a win32 app to a modern app, this is not to say they won't sell, I have a few of them installed too, I'm just saying the equation is not so simple. W10 apps still do not look suitable for very complex applications. Maybe we developers just need a bit time to rethink the way we design them, I do not know...  
  • Thanks, Paolo, for your input. You do realize, though, that all win32 apps can be converted to a modern app and retain all the features/functionality of the win32 app? It's basically a win32 app that get's "sandboxed" and made available on the store. It makes people be able to trust it doesn't contain a virus and will be safe to run and easy to uninstall if needed. Universal apps can be as powerful and robust as you want to make them. Check the new Excel app. Awesome. They can be quite suitable for complex situations. Thing is, you can take the same app idea for the desktop and develop it in its entirety into the Universal App API, and use C++ if you like.  The big limitation you're going to get with apps is that they are sandboxed, so while they can communicate with the OS, they cannot communicate with each other. If you write an app that is supposed to make changes to another app while that other app is running, it can't be done as a universal app, because a universal app doesn't have access to the memory space of other apps. Think "CheatEngine" here. It can't exist as a universal app and will always have to be a desktop/win32 app. However, other things like AutoCAD, PhotoShop, etc. are actually possible, but those companies have not decided as of yet to invest the time into creating such an app because of the limited number of installs of computers that could take advantage of them. It's not that it's not possible, it is that it is not justifiable until the user base is there. Expect it to get there within the next year or so. I am a retired developer. Yes, it is time to rethink the way things are done. At the very least, it is time to explore what the possibilities are and will be. 
  • If you are a developer, the time to get in is now.  If you expect these numbers to continue to increase, you want to be ahead of the curve, as they say.
  • Windows 10 has an advantage iOS and Android don't have, which is support for AAA games, take for example Project Spark or Disney Infinity 2.0 which games are free, but have in-store purchases, that is the future IMO for developers which want to take advantage of Windows 10 platform. Windows 10 works on phones, but it can also take advantage of discrete graphics and latest CPU from AMD or Intel. Just my 2 cents.
  • Windows 10 in the context of this article is PC.  iOS and Android are both mobile operating systems.  Radically different ecosystems.   The proper comparison would be Windows 10 vs. OSX and Linux. 
  • That apps per device statistic is rather surprising, though definitely a good sign for developers if it's accurate. I wonder where that big boost is coming from, or if it's misleading in some way. Edit: Well actually, if they're including Windows 7 devices in the "old" stat, it would make a lot of sense. Maybe a little misleading, but still indicative of the growth in demand for Store apps.
  • No, it specifically says 6x more than Windows 8. I think the boost is that people now actually want apps in their start menu. I noticed with an acquaintance that he had W8.1 and hated the start screen, so he wanted nothing to do with it and didn't use apps. Yet he was willing to use a few and their live tiles with W10.
  • That's how I read it the first time. Then I thought they might be talking about Windows 8 Store apps per device. The wording is a little ambiguous. But comparing it to Windows 8 devices makes more sense.
  • Maybe Microsft's comment is real simple.  essentially, they say most people had a hard time finding the store in Windows 8.  So, they never looked for apps.  Who knows.
  • This is where its coming from... Modern apps no longer annoy the living hell out of desktop users by being full screen only. They now work like traditional win 32 apps. Microsoft has 4 new major 1st party apps that are very popular and updated via the store which helps with store discovery (ex. Office apps, Edge, Minecraft, Cortana). This will only increase with the release of their AAA gaming titles (Gears of war, Fable legends, Gigantic, Killer instinct season 3 & Tomb Raider)
  • Curious as to what the unique user install number would be.  I personally have it installed on 3 seperate devices.
  • I don't think MS can properly track unique user installs as now, Windows is linked to the hardware rather than the user's account. But maybe they can track them by seeing how many devices have the same account registered to them.
  • You think they can't track unique user installs? hah. Think again mate..
  • Waiting for Sonys driver update for my laptop.
  • I 'm responsible for 5 devices.
    Number 75.000.001 is currently being installed :) It's impressive to see 90.000 unique configurations are running without big problems.
    They deserve more respect, Apple only has some 100-ish different configurations ;-)
  • Responsible for 2 here. Both my own desktop and laptop. Both are old generation while desktop using 1st Gen on Intel Core and laptop using 2nd Gen one. Both work great and perform fast
  • @Yahoe:
    This! My thoughts went in the same direction.
    Android might be activated on a billion devices. But a few days ago I read a report that these one billion are supported by "only" 20.000 different configurations of devices. Still we all know the mess that is Android fragmentation and the ducked up state of Android security.
    So Microsoft getting Windows 10 up and running on 90.000 different configurations of devices is damn impressive.
  • If those windows haters isn't spreading false information I think the number must be 3times bigger than now
  • 75m in less than one month is huge. windows 10 is just released for desktop, laptops, 2in1 and large tablets right now xbox, mobile, small tablets, iot and embedded has to follow   20m xbox by the end of 2015. 100m phones and small tablets by the end of 2015 up to 300m total devices running windows 10 at the end of 2015 would be my estimate. 500m+ one year in (as a conservative estimate)  
  • There are currently about 14M xbox units sold. I doubt that by the end of this year there would be 20M xbox RUNNING WINDOWS 10.
  • something like 95% of all xbox one are connectet to the internet   they will get the auto update notification and will upgrade to windows 10. ms sold nearly 3 million xbox one in the us alone last holiday season. 20m+ is achiveable  
  • My 7" baytrail HP Steam tablet  I bought for $79 from the Windows Store loaded last night and installed today.  Just starting to see how it works.
  • I do believe that all those tin foil hat-ers will come to their senses eventually
  • Yes, positive but early days yet.
  • I am the one responsible for w10 on 8 machines and one was manufactured in 2007!!
  • Wow, great news!  Now if we can get a Command & Conquer game that is made specifically for touch devices.
  • @shryx86:
    Well, you do know that EA gives a duck about Windows, don't you?!
  • All except me. I was so excited to try this new OS but, according to the MS Support Tech, my motherboard may not be compatable with the new OS because of outdated drivers and BIOS. I've been struggling with upgrading and Microsoft Support since July 30th yet still no upgrade - even with the ISO.   I hope the other 65 to 70 million users enjoy it because I'm stuck with Windows 7 until a fix comes down - if ever!   And before anyone points it out, YES, I am bitter and whiny because Microsoft won't play with me!     
  • Well, drivers and BIOS must be updated by your motherboard manufacturer, not Microsoft.
  • Stay with 7. If youre a gamer thats the right choice. If you dont want to have issues stay with 7. Win 10 is basically win 8 with a start menu and some addition carried over from windows phone. Was an insider till nvidias drivers killed half lf my pc
  • Terrible advice. Gamers should be one of the groups most excited about Windows 10. DirectX 12 is kind of a big deal and offers 10% better performance on games that take advantage of it due to it using both the integrated GPU along with whatever dedicated one you might have.
  • Sounds like an Nvidia problem, not OS.  I've had zero issues with Windows 8 on gaming. 
  •  I have used Windows 10 since it was  technical Preview builds OS and predicted it would be a success due to how it was being developed in the Windows insiders Program builds. Windows insiders are still getting new builds of Windows 10 and will give Microsoft some knowledge of how well some of the new fetures and updates are working out before the General public gets them. Windows 10 will improve as time goes by.              
  • Just make a commercial and release it on movie theatre trailers,tv and then see it would definitely cross 300 million.
  • Screw windows 10. Back to windows 7 it is.
    To much problems with nvidia win 10 drivers , and windows not installing or liking new hardware. And those auto updates make it unable to rollback drivers . Also to many issues with Hardware anyway .
    Build 10166 worked best for gaming and multicomputing. No idea what sentalla or whatever indian boys name is did to windows 10 but it sucks now. #FanboyTimeIsOver.
  • Ok   bye !!!
  • Microsoft isn't responsible for your bad choice of hardware.
  • Bertram Hein, what a swine.
  • Bye have fun outside..
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, our new troll has arrived!!!!
  • Great! Now if they could just get their weather app to function as well on my Surface Pro 3 as it did under Win 8.1 that would be great. No live tile and no refresh on opening is pretty pathetic for a weather app. These are the top two items for feedback on this app.
  • Give them as feedback from the app
  • Installed it on a PC from 2005, runs better than Windows XP, and 7. I did the mistake of installing Windows 7 OEM a few years back
  • Now if only missing features like placeholders, decent tablet mode and full featured system apps were added we'd be set.
  • +1 for placeholders
  • I've got a 2004 Dell desktop running W10... Beating the official figures by 3 years! :)
  • Hey I also installed Windows 10 on a PC in my project lab which was made in 2004...running great..but I'm wondering why Microsoft isn't counting those computers!!!
  • Need at least 200 mil active devices to get dev attention. Hope it will reach that point at the end of the year.
  • Hope windows phone 10 cud do at least 50% of this...
  • The first 3 related stats are cute, but the last one is very important. 6x more downloads is great news for the platform since it means that not only are people interested in Windows 10, but the Windows Store too. I am shocked, shocked I tell you, that the BI article about "no one will download apps from the store" is dead wrong.
  • Exactly, the 75 million installation figure only becomes interesting to developers in conjunction with the Windows Store download numbers figure.
  • 75 million in a month.
    900 million for the first year.
    Another 450+ million next year.
    So 1 billion in three years not a big deal. But They should improve app quality for the better future.
  • This rate has to be constant
  • No way it will be, you can already see a slowdown of userbase incrase on StatCounter, which is of course logical.
  • It's time for some f****** developers to rethink about Windows as a universal platform for future.
  • Does it count those who went back to 8?
  • Running on 10 year old hp pavilion dv6626us.
  • Looking forward to the billion mark:-)
  • 90000 and people hope Windows 10 upgrades are 100% sucess? then calling how it's beta OS and how it sucks. I mean, clean install it's the best thing. it's the best windows so far.
    if people think Windows 10 is beta, then 8 and 7 and vista were more beta, because they don't have features that make Windows 10 amazing. yeah sometimes some bugs happen, pin and unpin or maybe you uninstall an app and you can't reinstall until you restart. minor things like that. but it doesn't change my clean installed PC and my dad's upgraded laptop from 8.1 work really well after proper drivers of course. I had to find drivers on Dell site for my dad's laptop and stop Windows from updating videodriver. and now it works 100% bestest.   75 millions sound really good. for less than 4 weeks. I am sure it will eventually slow down but not that much. new pcs, old pc upgrading, companies upgrading, everything will make good numbers. plus Windows Mobile 10 and Xbox one getting Windows 10 should count on it.
  • "if people think Windows 10 is beta, then 8 and 7 and vista were more beta, because they don't have features that make Windows 10 amazing" That logic is flawed. Beta or not is not a matter of features but rather of stability.
  • 7 wasn't really stable until SP1. Vista took a while to stabilize and still gets flack for it. XP, as amazing as it was at the time, still had stability problems on its release, they just weren't as bad as ME. It was in fact so much more stable than ME that XP got a free pass on a lot of it. It took 2 service packs before it really stabilized.  10 is no worse than any other OS on first release. Look at the last iOS release. Borked a lot of phones, until they issued all the fixes. They only had a few configurations of hardware to worry about and still messed it up. Microsoft has made it work on 90,000+ different configurations of hardware.  Looking forward to Threshold 2.
  • That's an average of more than 120,000 successful upgrades every hour. 2000 every minute. 30 every second. Honestly, I have to take my hat off to Microsoft for pulling that off. Good luck to any other software vendor pushing out successful OS upgrades at that rate.
  • Glad to see Android now has real competition (talking about number of activations on phones vs number of activations on PC/laptops/tablets) This is still far away from the 1 billion mark, just 925 million to go, but to be honest this is very positive for the Windows ecosystem as a whole since almost 30 days after launch reaching 75 million is a huge success for a company that some sectors thought it was not cool anymore. (Gartner, IDC 2 years ago predicting the death of the PC, they were wrong).
  • How many of the 1 billion Android devices are broken POS cheap smartphones?  Tablets?  The original idea was that newer PC's would upgrade and older OC would be replaced?  But what if many old PC's are updated and 2 in 1/Convertables and Phones are integrated into the individuals information infrastructure?  Would this have a material impact on the wintel ecosystem?  My PC works fine on windows 10.  How about i replace my wifes iPad with a Surface 4 Pro?  Or wait a bit longer for a boxtron powered Surface 4?  Doubt I can get her to give up her iPhone.  Although she does not seem to need or want a new iPhone.  I refuse to go on contract and she does not like the idea of paying $700 for a new phone.
  • Not detracting from it's obvious success, but wasn't it just last week when reports said that Win10 had plateaued at just over 50 million?
  • Yep. Sure was. Don't you love how the Microsoft haters are going to try to make it look like a disaster when it's not. 
  • It so could easily of been 90,001 but it refuses to install on my Mums PC. Installed on all the other crap she has around her just not her most recent desktop version. Joking aside that is a lot of devices to make Windows work on so hats off to them.
  • If only upgrading was a straight forward affair?! 100 % download, 100 % preparing to install and then fail to install. Thats six plus hours lost for nothing Microscrouogle.
  • I think i pull out all my old PC's out of my basement and see if they will download and install.
  • This makes me so happy. Being in the sales industry all of this positive feedback is making my life so much easier. It was so hard to sell a PC with 8.1 on it to older people, they wanted their same OS. Just today I had an older couple giggling and smiling when I showcased Cortona. 20 years from now I can see articles showcasing Windows 10 like we just saw with the anniversary of Windows 95.
  • 75 million and still no apps. I wonder what happened to that universal app idea. Guess it's dead in the water once again.
  • Did you read the article? Less than one month in with Windows 10, and already 6X more apps per device have been downloaded than in 3 years of Windows 8/8.1 combined!  While you are correct that apps haven't magically appeared yet, the fact is that people are starting to use the apps that are in the store at a high volume rate right now, and with this kind of explosive growth and universal apps finally getting used by Desktop PC users, it means that developers will take notice and start writing apps so that they don't get left out of the money that's to be had here.
  • I hope you're right. But people were saying house it was just gonna "magically" happen when 10 came out. Now I'm sure people are saying windows 10 mobile. As easy as Microsoft makes it seem, there should be some big names in the a already.
  • "Even some devices manufactured in 2007 have upgraded to Windows 10." - hey, that's ME!
  • Congrats! 
  • One of the three devices in my house running Windows 10 is a 2009, so I'm not to far behind [ahead of?] you! :-) Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
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  • Truth be told right now people dont need pcs. Smartphones are pcs.... only geeks need pcs or work. After that smartphones. So i think Ms must strategise very deep on decisions they make. Posted via the Windows Central App
  • This is really good news! Now, let's see that energy translate to phone and XBox, and most importantly - to a Windows 10 app surge, and I'll say Windows is in great shape! At the very least, this is definitely a promising start! p.s. "it would appear on the surface that things are paying off" - pun intended or no pun intended? ;-) Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • My old pc is part of the devices manufactured in 2007 that are mentioned in the article, though part of it was first bought in 2005
  • I installed Windows 10 on my old netbook and runs almost the same or faster than Windows 7 starter. The added Windows 10 functionality also made this netbook more useful.
  • With these numbers, Microsoft and all app writers are able to access photos of so many million devices with any restriction, as windows 10 has no privacy policy for photo access. Shame on Microsoft
  • If it wasn't a free upgrade I doubt the user base would be 10% of that Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If every Android app I use was available for Windows phones I'd still use Android Posted via the Windows Central App for Android