Windows 10 is now on more than 14 million devices just 24 hours after launch

Microsoft took to a blog post this evening to talk a little bit about the first 24 hours of the Windows 10 rollout, noting that the OS is now on 14 million machines, and reiterating some support channels through which users can ask questions about their upgrade if you run into issues. From Microsoft:

As we've shared, our top priority has been ensuring that everyone has a great upgrade experience, so, we are carefully rolling out Windows 10 in phases, delivering Windows 10 first to our Windows Insiders. While we now have more than 14 million devices running Windows 10, we still have many more upgrades to go before we catch up to each of you that reserved your upgrade. Rest assured we are working 24×7 to continue the upgrade process and are prioritizing the quality of your upgrade experience over anything else. We are grateful for your excitement and enthusiasm and we appreciate your patience over the days and weeks ahead as we carefully roll out Windows 10 in phases to all of you that have reserved.

That's quite the impressive number for just the first 24 hours, and it will be interesting to see how widespread adoption becomes in the coming weeks.

Microsoft also took the opportunity to highlight the positive reaction that Windows 10 has enjoyed from reviewers so far, and showed off some of the company's favorite pictures from launch events that took place around the world. If you'd like to reminisce over the past 24 hours and look into the support channels that Microsoft has set up for the launch, you can read the full blog post at the source link below.

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Source: Microsoft

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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