Microsoft's working with Hardee's to offer faster fast food

Microsoft is working with Hardee's and TGI Friday's to help speed up orders for food at their restaurants by using Windows 8.1 devices. One is a self-serve order system while the other gives tablets to servers in place of paper and pens.

Microsoft announced these new partnerships during the annual National Retail Federation Annual Convention today. It described how it is working with Hardee's to make selecting items from the fast foot chain even faster with Windows 8.1-based kiosks that let customers order directly from a touchscreen. Microsoft says:

"These in-store kiosks are being tested currently in 30 restaurants with plans to extend that test to additional restaurants soon. Each kiosk allows customers to review the menu and order food and lets managers run sales and shift reports, while dramatically reducing wait times."

Another such pilot program is being conducted by TGI Friday's. Servers in six cities in Texas and Minnesota have been given 8-inch Dell Venue Pro tablets with Windows 8.1 installed. Microsoft says:

"With the Friday's Service Style technology the customer's order is processed right at the table, the device also helps manage the waiting list and queue. The solution helps ensure orders are correct, reduces training time, and streamlines waitlists."

The pilot program will expand to 80 additional restaurants in March.

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John Callaham
  • I shall now go to Hardees to show my support.... Yeah... That's the reason...
  • Hhhh, good comment
  • I would, but I don't know where any Hardee's are. There are none anywhere close to where I live that I know of.
  • It's good to see Windows in our lives, now bring an official app :)
  • reate an app for KFC & MC .. Open that app . Check near by restaurant. And see what's special food today . Select it & pay online . That will store in QR CODE inside your phone. Move to restaurant. Show that QR code or pay with NFC & eat it .. This will reduce so much of time .. You can also gift that QR to other to enjoy food
  • Agree! An app that can transfer an order and payment with readers both inside and at the drive through (unmanned "express" drive-through for app users) and now you have innovated something. If such an app could be vendor nuetral (allow them to utilized a menu standard create by the app) and can do location-based/proximity search, and even market specials, this would be a really valuable app for both consumer and business!
  • You have to wonder with Windows 8 being a touch based OS why every touch based kiosk doesn't run on it. So many of them out there don't work right or are super slow.
  • Now if they would just offer better tasting food that wasn't slapped together by a fifth grade attitude.
  • Hmm didn't know Hardees was still a thing.
  • They're still around. Some are great, others not so much. Depends on who is running the restaurant.
  • Seemed like they disappeared from the Chicago area many years ago, but they've recently come back and opened a store very close to me. I haven't tried it though...
  • That's what I was thinking, I live in the Chicago area and there are none by me.
  • Awesome!
  • So I am allowed to say Seems Faster?
  • Not for a Hardee's. They will still wait 5 minutes to check and see if someone ordered on the kiosk, then will walk as slowly as possible over to prepare the order. Policy is that they can't have an order out in under 10 minutes, because the employees are paid by the hour and aren't getting the $15/hour yet. They have to make up for it by moving slower.
  • Oh that makes some kind of sense. Hopefully they can spend those 5 mins on Windows ;)
  • You can never speed up a place that hires slow people that don't care about service times! Not even Microsoft can do this! Hardees, quit franchising to shitty owners!
  • Perhaps they can enable a WinRT app running in Kiosk mode to update when an App update goes out to the store...
  • * Fast food chains not fast foot change. Type carefully.
  • Oh yes
  • Nacho nacho, na na na nacho...
    My Desi boys will get ^
  • You mean Carl's Jr?
  • Lol, right! It doesn't belong in your face if it doesn't get all over the place!
  • Right! It's known as "Carl's Jr." here in California, but when I visited Minnesota last summer, I saw "Hardee's"
  • I'd like to touch as few things as possible in a fast food resturant.  At least resturant workers by law SHOULD practice good heigyne, customers not so much.
  • Great job! MSFT. Now push out Lumia Denim updates
  • Not surprised by the Hardees kiosks. Im sure most fast food type restaurants will be moving to this soon. Much cheaper and the tablets don't want $15 an hour.
  • I don't care who you are, that's funny right there. "tablets don't want $15 an hour." I have to agree with typoon62_1, though. I'd probably have to put on a pair of rubber/nitrile exam gloves to use the kiosk. However, since I don't eat at Hardee's, it won't affect me any. I eat at Chick-fil-A for fast food, everything else is a place where I'll sit down and let someone take my order, bring it to me, then come take my money for generally $30 or more per person per meal. Probably why I prefer eating at home. What I need is an app for my 8.1 touch laptop that will turn it into a kiosk, so I can place my order for what I want to eat for supper, then my laptop will cook it, serve it, and wash dishes afterward. Yeah, that'd be great. And I want it by 5:00pm tonight, it can't lag, and I want it for free without any stinking ads! Oh, wait... that's how other WP users demand, not me. ;-)
  • I love Chick -Fil-A....
  • Really. I find the food over hyped. The fries are good but everything else is about standard for fast food and overpriced.
  • Then go eat Hardee's and get fat. We'll eat at Chick-Fil-A and get fit. #1: The food is better for you. #2: The atmosphere is the most family friendly atmosphere for those who have young children, like me. 
  • I do love me some Chick fil a too. Their wraps and salads are good. I try to limit the fried food but every once in awhile I need a chicken sandwich. I also really love their new coffee. I have to get a sugar free vanilla iced coffee when I go.
  • Fast food burger automation is next. Coming soon to a burger place near you, untouched by human hands.
  • I got a fast metabolism bitches! Imma gettin this app.
  • That's good and efficient.
  • If only they would help them make an app
  • I'm not fat and I eat at Hardee's all the time.
  • +1 for better customer service.
    -1 for the probable lost jobs. Though I could be wrong, but greater efficiency in businesses typically goes hand in hand with fewer jobs.
  • Since these places have the order taker pulling double duty and getting all the things in the bag or the tray it should be about the same.
  • Dude Carls Jr is legit.
  • The biggest improvement with the most benefit a restaurant can make would be giving the waitstaff the ability to swipe cards at the table instead of walking away with them.  I hate losing site of my credit card.
  • never eaten Hardee's before, but I don't trust em'...their commercial are too sensual. 
  • The UI is terrible
  • After watching the video, I feel the worst part about self order kiosks at restaurants is that I would need to touch a screen that some booger fingered kid just touched and then have to eat my food with my hands. Ewww!
  • Now if only they could make the food good...
  • Why is that woman so happy feeding her kids drunk food
  • Faster fast foods lol. I love fast foods, it's faster way to fill up your tummy.
  • Great Yummy Idea ;) Thank you Microsoft!
  • im sure this Software works well, but why it have to be so ugly?
  • I love fast foot