Microsoft's working with Hardee's to offer faster fast food

Microsoft is working with Hardee's and TGI Friday's to help speed up orders for food at their restaurants by using Windows 8.1 devices. One is a self-serve order system while the other gives tablets to servers in place of paper and pens.

Microsoft announced these new partnerships during the annual National Retail Federation Annual Convention today. It described how it is working with Hardee's to make selecting items from the fast foot chain even faster with Windows 8.1-based kiosks that let customers order directly from a touchscreen. Microsoft says:

"These in-store kiosks are being tested currently in 30 restaurants with plans to extend that test to additional restaurants soon. Each kiosk allows customers to review the menu and order food and lets managers run sales and shift reports, while dramatically reducing wait times."

Another such pilot program is being conducted by TGI Friday's. Servers in six cities in Texas and Minnesota have been given 8-inch Dell Venue Pro tablets with Windows 8.1 installed. Microsoft says:

"With the Friday's Service Style technology the customer's order is processed right at the table, the device also helps manage the waiting list and queue. The solution helps ensure orders are correct, reduces training time, and streamlines waitlists."

The pilot program will expand to 80 additional restaurants in March.

Source: Microsoft{.nofollow}

John Callaham