Or so these leaked images from WalkingCat would have you believe (h/t to the folks at Neowin). What we're looking at here could turn out to be Samsung's first attempt at a headset for Windows Mixed Reality.

The branding is clear on the side of the headset in one of the images, as are the motion controllers you can see in the gallery below.

All we know is what we can see. There are no specs to go with it, no word on a name, nothing at all. Just some images of a headset that may, or may not come to market. The Mixed Reality headsets that we know are launching in October are all fairly similar in hardware terms, so it'd be easy to assume Samsung's may follow suit.

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What is interesting to see is the AKG branded headphones accompanying it. Samsung has partnered with the audio company on some of its recent Android products, and some decent audio with a HMD like this would always be welcome.

Whether it comes to market or not, only time will tell. They're pretty final looking renders, at least.