Windows Mixed Reality headsets to cost £399 in the UK

Slipped out quietly among the bigger Mixed Reality news of the week from IFA 2017, Microsoft has applied a £399 price tag to British folks looking to get in on the sweet headset-based action.

While the HoloLens, which is aimed at developers and used by NASA and Audi among others, costs thousands of pounds, the new headsets and motion controller bundle will be priced at £399.

That's £399 including the standard design motion controllers as part of a bundle, an expensive enough add-on in their own right. What it doesn't say is which bundles will be £399 specifically, though we're going to assume the ASUS headset probably isn't included in that.

The Dell, Lenovo, HP and Acer headsets are all shown in the image on the Microsoft UK news centre, and given the U.S. pricing for these it's probably safe to assume these will be the ones we're looking at.

Microsoft has just announced that Mixed Reality headsets will be on sale from October 17, though whether that's a global launch date or not isn't 100% clear. We'd certainly hope so.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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