Windows Mobile 6.1 for Moto Q9h Leaks onto the Web

Head on over to the UK site MOTOMODDING and take a peek, the expected Windows Mobile 6.1 update for the Motorola Q9h has leaked out, as we see from this post from mexiken:

Finally !!!! A very very special thank you to the Verms, aka The Verminator, for without him, none of this would be possible. Thanks dude !!!! Please give all credit to him for actually getting the file. I just downloaded, verified, and let everyone know

It looks pretty legit, too,

SHIP_NORMAN_AP_U_01.09.28R_MODEM4_U_40.11.40R_04_U : This is the official, AT&T branded 6.1 update !!!! Enjoy !!!! (70.58 MB).

“Norman” was (/is) the codename for the Q9h. Installing ROMs on the Q9h is a little more complicated than with HTC's devices, requiring that you use RSD Lite (which is itself a little nefarious). Read through the whole MotoModding thread to get a feel for it.

For those of us who aren't as daring, this is at least a good sign that the official update is coming soon. :D

Big thanks to Mike and Paul for the tip!

WC Staff