Windows Mobile on a satellite phone, but it'll cost you

What seemed to be light years ago, we reported during the 2009 CTIA that Terrestar was developing a Windows Mobile satellite phone. It now looks like Terrestar and AT&T are partnering up to bring this phone to market. According to Wireless Week, Terrestar is planning on launching a communications satellite on July 1, 2009 to be used in this endeavor.

The satellite phone is reported as being capable of 3G speeds while on AT&T's network or on Terrestar's satellite networks. But all this comes with a hefty price. On top of the estimated $700 price tag for the Windows Mobile satellite phone and AT&T service, it is expected that users will have to shell out $1 per minute to talk over the satellite feed. No word as of yet on how much data roaming will cost.

There was no information available on when this service or the phone will be available.

 Via Pocketnow

Phil Nickinson

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