Windows Phone 7 - 2 Million Shipped

Microsoft is reporting that two million Windows Phone 7 units shipped last quarter. This isn't too far from the early indications that 1.5 million phones sold in the first six weeks after release.

All this comes to light through a Bloomberg interview with Greg Sullivan, a Microsoft senior product manager. Sullivan also stated that customer satisfaction for Windows Phone 7 is at 93% and brand awareness is increasing, up 22 points to 66%. The bump in awareness shouldn't be that surprising with the half-a-billion dollars that was made available for marketing the new Windows Phone.

No argument with customer satisfaction either. While there is room for growth with Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has laid a nice foundation to build upon. So how would you rate customer satisfaction? Is Microsoft on the mark or being too optimistic?

Source: Bloomberg Via: LiveSide 

Thanks to Philipp for the tip!

George Ponder

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