Windows Phone 7 places in the top five innovative products rankings

Windows Phone 7 Series
Windows Phone 7 Series (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 has placed 4th on Laptop Magazine's "25 Most Innovative Products of 2010". Not too shabby for a product that is still in the development stages.

The ranking is due in part because the publication felt that Microsoft built this from scratch, reinventing themselves. Laptop Magazine considers WP7 as, "an intuitive new platform that pushes the user—instead of apps—into the limelight." They also make note of the inclusion of the Zune player and XBox Live into WP7 as pluses.

Curious who ranked ahead of Windows Phone 7? The Intel Core CPU ranked 3rd, the HTC Evo 4G placed 2nd, and the Apple iPad came in at number one.


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  • Complete Rich Media Solution Zune, Xbox Live play integration, Fresh UI, sync with the cloud of Social Integration Office integration taken to ensure good battery life and high demand materials OEM. Does not look like a disaster for me.
  • The HTC EVO 4G was also in the list. This should've been in the list cause it's freaking cool: When you place something in a list of top innovations before consumers have had a chance to purchase it, then it is definitely a premature placement. We are not even 100% sure as to what the phone will have (will it be multi-tasking or not???????)
  • they jumbo-size an ipod touch and that's the top innovative product of the year?
  • Its magical, what's more innovative than that?
  • I get your outrage, but sometimes the size of a product is just as important as what's inside it. You can relax about this.
  • This is very premature...
  • The fact that iPad is their number one innovation in their list, it makes the whole chart worthless. Since when XL size phone is an innovation!? These people need to go back and check the meaning of innovation in dictionary and also look back at history of man kind to see what we call innovation. This chart with iPad is number one innovation is a joke.
  • :-)
    I think some are a little scare to go against the current; I don't see why they put the iPad there. The combo iPhone/iPod/iPad, maybe, but then again it's more for last year. Even the iPhone 4 only added some minor improvements. Let's face it, as time goes by, we'll fewer and fewer "revolutions" from Apple; the "others" have caught up. And soon enough they'll play catch up.
  • I bought a Small size T-Shirt 3 years ago but it wasn't a good fit. Specially this year it look very small and outdated. So this year I bought the same T-Shirt but this time XL Size. Now according to that lame laptop website I can call my T-Shirt the best innovation of 2010 as well.
  • So a product that hasn't been released yet is named one of the top products of the year that is only half over? Yeah, good one.
  • The EVO is #2, while the HD2 is nowhere to be found. That's all that needs to be said.
  • Evo is on the list because it's the only 4G phone out now and it has a forward facing camera. Other than that you have a HD2.
  • My bad! Excuse me but I'm in the wrong thread. I thought this was "Windows Phone 7 places in the top five current and future advertisers in Laptop Magazine" ...
  • Windows Phone 7 deserves this ranking.All its features are quite impressive.the one my favorite is it can also ship with Bing Maps, which has some unique features that are on par with Google Maps.
  • Even i believe that Window Phone 7 really deserve places in the innovative products rankings as gone read regarding the window 7 phone.