Windows Phone 7 Series screen shots

Here's what you're waiting on, folks. An actual look at Window Phone 7 Series shots. That's the basic start screen above. More after the break.


Windows Phone 7 Series

Windows Phone 7 Series (Image credit: Microsoft)
Phil Nickinson

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  • I think this new interface won't do well when landscape view is activated because of the large font title. You'll go landscape and all you'll see is the title and will have to scroll down. Unless they fix it and give you a small title when in landscape.
  • They weren't kidding about it being very Zune-like. I'll hold off judgement till I've actually used one, but right now I can't really say I care for it.
  • I just went with an Android phone, but I'd have liked to have tried this out / considered it before hand. The Zune interface is appealing. A little late to the show for me Microsoft. ;P
  • While I do like the content-over-chrome concept, and I'm really glad to see the honeycomb layout gone, I'm turned off by the deliberate lack of text and panel reflow. It looks like Microsoft is attempting an iconoclastic "out of the box" layout, but having headers and tiles continue past the screen just looks tacky. If the UI elements were border-justified, this would be a great interface.
  • Mildly bummed that HTC can't work on it. HTC Sense is dead on WP7.
  • I agree. I don't plan on upgrading to WP7 once I get the HD2.
  • Wow... I think I'll be getting an android for my next generation phone... This looks like all eye candy and no functionality. I don't see how you'd plan on getting much accomplished with that horrible interface. Too many screens just to get somewhere. Hopefully HTC will continue to "port" sense to the android platform as it is by far the best UI i've seen on a phone.
  • I'm excited, this looks awesome indeed! Glad I waited (WM6.1 to WM7). Can't wait for the new phones that are coming.
  • My first impression was "looks good" - but now I m starting to question how easy it would be to navigate and organise a lot of third party apps. How and where are they installed?. There seems to be no obvious programs tabs - does that come under the "me" tab? Also its seems to be very Microsoft centric (obviously) but maybe too much. Will you be able to use thried party apps instead of the zune player or the internet browser? Not sure to be honest