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Windows Phone 7 Update: No love for the camera

For the most part, the camera hardware on the new Windows Phone 7 devices perform really good (save the HD7's pink color cast). The biggest headache the Windows Phone 7 camera presents is on the software side. Tweak the settings and when you exit the camera, the phone reverts to the default settings.

MobileTechWorld recently put the latest unlocked emulator through the ropes (which reflects the pending WP7 update) and discovered that the update doesn't address this feature. Camera settings continue to revert to the default settings when you exit the app.

No official word from Microsoft if this "fix" ever made the drawing board for the update or, like the screen capture feature, wasn't brought up enough in research groups. There is a long shot that adding the ability to retain camera settings made it to the update after the emulator was updated but we're not holding our breaths on that one. We can only hope it makes the next update.

Oh and if Microsoft is listening, this (along with screen captures) is a feature we'd like to see.

Source: MobileTechWorld

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  • Totally agree with the camera settings issue. I mostly get annoyed that the anti-shake keeps reverting back to default.
  • I just find this a bit silly/stupid that the camera settings saving was not present in the first version of WP7. I mean is it that hard to implement such a basic feature. common M$
  • is Photo Smart the name of that app shown in the picture, can't find it in the Marketplace
  • Maybe I'm hopeful, or w/e but the build MS gave out with the new tools is #7389 iirc, I doubt this is the final build, MS likes it's nice round numbers so I'm exptecting something like 7400 to be the one we'll see with the actual update to phones. Even then I think the build in the emulator is for testing apps with for C&P support and making any changes one might want to, nothing more nothing else, it could be from a seperate (and probably is) build that just has C&P and none of the other changes in.Either way, only time will tell and the real update itself, not some emulator build that could be how old? Look at the builds they handed out in the older tools before WP7 shipped.
  • I hadn't noticed the odd/even numbering of build numbers, but that's a possiblity. It's also possible that some of the settings for the camera are inthe pictures + camera settings menu. In any case, I'm still waiting for the update to make any real decisions on how I feel they need to proceed. I do wish they'd be more transparent about their decisions, but realistically, they've been more transparent in the past and we've gotten conflicting information, such as what multitasking on the platform would entail and the availability of updates.I just want to experience the joy of finally being to update my phone.
  • I'd use the camera ALL THE TIME if I could save the settings. I understand the decision to forget settings for the average user, but things like anti-shake and wide dynamic range should be on on my Focus all the time. This, and disabling the flash are the first things I do when I load the camera, which makes pocket to picture far less useful. It really hurts because having a camera button as a requirement is brilliant. We're a quarter into the life of this OS and there's already some great photo apps, but for those of us who love to create a photo and not just mash the shutter button, it kills a lot of the desire when you have to go through the same steps to insure optimum image recording.
  • By far one of the most annoying things about WP7, especially in regards to taking videos...
  • The camera software sucks in the worst way. The hardware on most of the phones is adequate, but the software driving it is crap. They insist on using slow shutter speeds that let everything blur instead of upping the ISO. If it comes to a choice between noise and blur, I'll take the noise. The software does the opposite.
  • *Sigh* This is a stupid ass problem to have.
  • this really pisses me off, how hard is it to change this feature. literally everyone that reviews wp7 hates this.
  • Microsoft has a commercial for WP7 were a skydiver takes a picture, and post it to facebook. Then he opens his parachute, before the other skydiver has time to open his camera app. I find it strange that Microsoft would advertise the camera functions in this WP7 commercial, but not fix this problem with it.
  • Aw man. This was one of the few things I found really wrong with WP7 too.
  • they could have atleast made anti shake default on the next update! god... really... i was excited to have this fixed in the upcoming updatemaybe if enough people write to them they can do a quick revision to the update? :P
  • We were thinking about the really minor but annoying problems like this that keep WP7 from being a totally superlative experience (its so so close right now. We thought of others like the fact that MS don't supply access to Compass APIs, the unorganised way that Marketplace search works, the shoddiness of the Youtube app etc. So we thought we'd build a site where WP7 evangelists and fans could post their ideas and fix suggestions and hopefully Microsoft might take notice and stop relying on small (and presumably unrepresentative) focus groups to determine the future of their OS. Hopefully some of you will enjoy this site: