Windows Phone 7.6 "Tango" to feature native Google+, Skype in alleged screenshot [Updated]

File this under rumor, folks, as these screenshots can easily be faked, but is reporting that Windows Phone "Tango" will be known as Windows Phone 7.6 and has the build number starting at 7.20.1050.5. More importantly, they allege that it will include Google+ in addition to Skype. Via Bing Translator:

"In this early beta phase, the implementation of Skype and G + is still rather experimental. Telephoning via Skype seems to work not as yet, but it is prepared. G + chat and Skype chat work but already well. The front camera, which will be the next generation of Windows phones standard, is included in the Skype video calling. It is thus possible to receive video calls and to make, but in the pre beta with some problems and crashes. That Google Hangout, the video calling G +, will also follow, is likely, but the timing is still unclear, given that the API of G + is still not so far advanced, to make this possible."

In other words, the reason we have not yet seen an app for Windows Phone is because Microsoft has evidently pushed up the integration from Apollo (Windows Phone 8) to Tango (Windows Phone 7.6), making this update much more significant. In addition, Microsoft is also evidently pushing out Google+ into the mix which makes sense from a "cover the market" perspective, but should be surprising to many including those on Android, assuming it is true.

Hopefully we'll find out more in the coming weeks as to the validity of this leaked image and the content therein. But if accurate, "Tango" looks to be quite major, indeed.

Edit: As pointed out in comments by J45PER, the font for the o's in "Google" look and are spaced differently than "Facebook", calling into question the validity of the image. However, it's not clear if is claiming the screenshot is real or were just using it for illustrative purposes.

Edit 2: The source,, is denying that they faked the story or image. We of course have doubts like you, but we'll find out soon enough. Link to the "new" watermarked image, for what it's worth.

Source:; Thanks, Benjamin, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • I'm not even sure if the word rumour covers this... Very sceptical about the google+ integration but will be impressive if MS include it...
  • Perhaps Google changed their minds? They are really desperate to plug Google+ wherever possible...
    Also, didn't they recently fixed Google Calendar and GMail to work with WP7 properly?
  • Yes they did... So maybe they're giving Microsoft a break.. Would be smart to include G+ in WP7 more market to explore..
  • how would that be smart, may I ask?
    It is a horrible idea. Google has refused to create a Youtube app for WP and is blocking MS from do so also, according to reports.
  • Why should MS not let consumer to use the service?
    It's better for MS because you've one thing that you use and can use it on your windows phone.
  • Yeah google+ is just a matter of time as is Skype.. They will both more than likely be included within the people hub
  • Busy. Busy.Busy!
  • Why would Microsoft even put google+ in there, no one uses this.
  • Not sure if that's true but certainly it's questionable. Saying that it does mean those migrating from Android would find the transition even easier, makes sense in terms of winning marketshare
  • Google+ is integrated with Google Talk also, when you are in google+ on the website or phone u can chat with gtalk
  • I use it, and so do hundreds of thousands of others. What you meant to say was "why would they implement G+? I don't use it and no one else matters".
  • There's a difference between the number of accounts created and number of active users.
  • There are over 90 million accounts, I said hundreds of thousands of users. That's an extreme understatement; there are probably millions of active users.
  • I doubt MS is going to include google + they already have enough trouble as it is getting YouTube API what sense would it make for google to have Microsoft windows phone do google + natively and better than their own android? I still think Skype app is coming soon. Perhaps this is really Apollo and not tango...
  • It kinda makes sense then that MS and Google to come to an agreement, MS integrates G+ to help it grab some footing and in return Google removes the YouTube roadblocks. Everyone wins.
  • MS doesn't deal with YouTube or its API, so no, they don't have any trouble with that. Individual app devs are the one that make YouTube apps...
  • Rumour has it that Microsoft had proper Youtube integration from day 1 (I.e not just a mobile website app), but Google have prevented them from using the APIs. Or something.
  • If this is true, then MS would only need BBM for Windows Phones to become the ultimate in text-based communication.
  • It'd still be missing iMessage.
  • WhatsApp has more active users than iMessage and should surely be supported.
  • Microsoft should buy Whatsapp too!
  • Proprietary messengers like iMessage suck, and neither company would allow MS to implement it anyway. BlackBerry is going down shortly anyway, BBM will be dead too.
  • Skeptical isn't even the word. Flatly, I'll believe it when I see it. Skype on the other hand is very believable. It would be even more impressive if it wasn't a third party app. That would make it just as fast as the first party app. Big.
  • Google What?
  • Looks very fake because of the fact the font lookes slightly thicker on Google and Skype compared to the other lettering, and the spacing between the "OO"s are different from Google and Facebook.
  • Very good catch!!! I call fake too!
  • why would the watermark be behind the font too right
  • Yep, noticed that as well. This screen capture my very well be for illusration purposes. MS has stated that Tango would be for emerging markets and the lower end speced devices. I wouldn't be surprised if MS changed their minds, and thought that Apollo the release of Apollo would be late and management is pushing to get critical features into Windows Phone ASAP. Of course, this is all speculation as this point. I hope MS is indeed working on Tango as a much bigger release than they originally were saying it would.
  • I'm toward believing Thi rumor. It would explain the delay in the Skype app. The want wp7 to have a much richer integration. I'm cool with waiting for that.
  • Who would've thought MS was gonna put Xbox live games on other OS? Sounds like a good move to me.
  • Definite fake.
    Even ignoring the font issues, the watermark is behind the text!
    Looks like whoever Photoshopped this got their layers muddled up.
  • Haha! Good catch!
  • Definitely odd. OTOH, is a pretty major site and it'd be strange for them to totally fake a story, especially so badly. Perhaps they did maniuplate the image but only to do that "watermark" below the layer... Certianly raises flags though...
  • +10000
  • It is not really behind the text - look at the edges, it never touches the antialiased edges of the text. This suggests that it was added by modifying the screenshot.
  • I agree it looks fake, but the watermark thing is actually quite reasonable. Use the magic wand tool and select the white of the text, then copy it to a new layer above the watermark (probably donr for legibility). Now if they had only gotten the fonts to actually match. I think its probably just a demonstration image, not an attempted fake.
  • its a png image though, watermarks can go behind the text using a program like snagit to edit/apply the watermark.
    fwiw, im skeptical of this but ruling it out based on the placement or layering of the watermark...
  • Well I definitely want google chat. I haven't been able to talk to my friends since I switched from Android
  • You do have options now though on Windows Phone...IM+, GChat both do Google Talk now.
  • IM+ is slow and buggy, GChat has no "offline" so every time you use it, you need to type your entire password, which is a deal breaker. GChat also isn't showing icons.
    There are no acceptable gtalk clients yet.
    The best one is palringo, which is currently closed private beta only.
  • I used Palringo on Windows Mobile back in the day. Wonder how far out they are from releasing their app?
  • Even if it were to be true the image looks fake. The watermark is supposed to be on top of the plus sign , available and Skype but not behind them .
  • wow nice fake pic! besides microsoft WOULDNT include G+, someone wants to be on news today!
    Logo behind text! thats the first time i saw. you know, if it wasn't behind the text why would it create the black border? ;)
    but only by "G+ in WP" was enough reason to think these rumors are fake ha!
  • I'm also going to call a fake on that picture. Looks pretty obvious to me.
    However, we do know for a fact that Skype will be baked in at some point. As far a G+ it's a bit more questionable but totally plausible. Microsoft is opening up developing key apps for other platforms (including upcoming Xbox Live games), so Google might follow suit and support WP7 a bit more.
  • It is clearly a fake: to have the watermark inserted behind the text, it must have added google & skype after.
    Very bad fake :)
  • Looks Fake as hell.
  • The font rendering is seriously blocky, there is a white color difference in the text, there is a lot of black attached to the white letters, the 'o' spacing... Not to mention the watermark, which could be explained though.
  • It's a FAKE. Said the guy who was sure.
  • FAKE! This looks shopped. I can tell from the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time. Besides, why would Google, who has attempted time and time again to sabotage its own services on Windows Phone, allow Google + to be integrated in WP?
  • lol, I dunno...why would Microsoft allow Xbox Games on a non-Windows Phone? Just saying, that's not a very good argument ;-)  The image part, yes. The content part, who knows.
  • Its faked!
    The PocketPC logo is putter underneath the google + and skype text.
  • It's obviosuly a fake photo, the Google and Skype text is Grainier around the edges, the other are not
  • So fake!
  • Stranger things have happened, I guess.
  • I would rather fully functional Facebook in the peoplehub over Skype, g+, bbm, whatever. The Facebook app sucks and the Facebook in people hub is crap too.
  • It's a faaaaaaake!
  • Fake!
  • Skype.....Skype......MS,we're still waiting
  • Its fake. If windows phone can't get a native, full functioning official YouTube app from google or Microsoft, why bother with google plus. Besides, hasn't Microsoft just announced an skype app coming very soon for windows phone? If so, then it wouldn't be fully integrated to the os, it will be more like the app vevo where new videos are shown in Zune hub, therefore I assume Skype app contacts will be also shown in recent people in people hub.
  • Daniel,
    Is there any update on GroupMe being a part of this skype integration?  App has been super buggy...and no updates since August.
  • That's all nice and all, but how about adding EAP-TLS support which is bizzaringly missing and likely hindering adoption across university campuses and corporate networks.
  • The WP devs are focused on consumer services right now. Business features are expected in Apollo later this year.
  • While true, I would say that this is not a business feature anymore because a lot of college students who are on the forefront of the target "casual consumer" are dependant on this to access their university networks...
  • Haha, the watermark is behind the text! :D
    Sure this would be possible but it is hard work with Photoshop and even not necessary here. This is a fake!
  • Ohh I wish this wasn't a fake.. It would be awesome to have native Skype and g+
  • Oh, and btw it wouldn't be "Google+", but rather "GTalk" when it comes to instant messages. Nonsense :)
  • Not necessarily. Google+ Messenger is included in the iOS and Android apps. That said, I'd much much prefer GTalk over Google+ Messenger.
  • Don't know if this is true, but it makes sense!
  • claims that it is a real screenshot btw.
  • The concept is believable, but screen shot is definitely a fake
  • Is that a big foot in that pic?
  • I call "Bulls#@t" on that
  • This is photoshopped (or something like that) because if you look closely the "o" 's in google + are differently shaped than the ones in facebook and aren't as smooth (more jaggedy edges) and they managed to get the words above the pocketpc logo/watermark so its edited.
  • "Google+" is the correct name (no space), but the image has "Google +" (with space) so it's definitely a mockup at best. That's not to say the feature isn't real (hopefully it is because Google Talk support would be fantastic). With Microsoft now pushing more apps to Android and iOS, it's not inconceivable to think they can collaborate with Google for more WP 7.5 support (they've already confirmed on the WP blog that the new Google Sync support was a collaborative effort). Here's hoping all devices keep getting updated.
  • What will MWC hold? What secrets will be reveled?????
  • I hope this is true. Don't really care about google plus though.
  • I hope google+ integration is true... However MS already announced that Skype will be an app long before integration is ever ready, which makes me doubt the entire article more than the fake picture.
    But... That picture is so bad it can't be fake XD no one is going to believe a mspaint job that bad (don't glorify it by calling it a shop), so maybe its the real deal. Heh
  • If you go to the YouTube website on your Windows Phone you will notice that now we get the same look in the website as iOS and Android!!! Thanks Google =D
  • can clearly tell that is fake.
  • Looks fake but hope it is legit.
  • I agree. As Jay said it just a rumour but I think Microsoft would do that if G+ catches on but I really doubt Microsoft would do anything to bolster its credibility now because G+'s future still looks a little doubtful at this point.
  • Would be good if google+ arrived on WM, but in not holding my breath.
    Looking forward to Skype for sure.
  • I'd be pretty cut if WP had G+ inbuilt and Google still wouldn't let Microsoft use Youtube's API's natively.
    MS should hold back G+ integration until Google agree to allow Youtube.
  • I'm not convinced either way, but I will say this...
    When zoomed in very tight, you can easily see aliasing around the G+ and Skype letters. As someone who has used Photoshop professionally for 16 years, it looks to me as if whoever made this image used the magic wand tool to remove the background behind those words to insert the watermark on a layer below the text. Which would explain both the extra space between the "oo" in Google and the black halo around Skype where it overlaps the watermark. If it was faked, it would have been much easier to simply put the text on top of the watermark which have been anti-alised. I'm not saying it's real, but i don't think the mistakes that were pointed out are valid.
  • the intergration of google services just makes sense. gives a android user pause when deciding to upgrade his phone to a new droid or WP7. Ive personally cut google out of my online stuff, but this seems to be the right move if its indeed true.
  • Google + is far too 'unproven' to be weaved into Tango. I call 'fake', but still, it's nice to see the start of the rumours flying around.
  • I think it is possible that Skype integration is coming with Tango. Remember, Skype App was announced for end of year 2011. Until now, no app and no info available. Tango should appear in Q2 2012 as well as Skype. G+ - not sure about this one but hey, everything is possible ;)
  • G+, c'mon, man!
  • I don't know a soul who uses that social media.
  • I really hope G+ comes to wp7. I would use it alit more often. I have an account but check it at least once a month.
  • I hope to god it's not true, because G+ is in the gutter anyway. Who uses that crap? Why would MS try to give legs to a social network by it's mortal enemy?
  • I know a lot of registrations are hitting G+ but I only see two of my "circle" people post regularly. Active users vs registered; that's the difference. But it would be nice to have I guess. The screenie looks doctored as many others say.
  • May I remind you all who think this is a "fake" of two things? One - PocketPC (Like Daniel said) is a pretty big site. Do you think the editors said, "Hmm, I think we should fake something and ruin our good name!" sounds crazy right? Two - Tango is still far away people, how do we know what early builds look like? Do you think MS got the Mango build perfectly and all bugs fixed in one try? No! This could be a very early build that still has some links to work out. And, if not G+, Skype is defiantly coming.
  • held a private event with Nokia a couple of days ago. So it's pretty obvious where they got their information from.
  • The image looks fake. Why is the watermark BEHIND the text in the screenshot? That's not even possible without photoshopping it that way.
    Besides the Google text is marginally bolder than the other text if you look closesly. Compare the o's to the o's in Facebook. The difference is easy to spot.
    Obvious fake. And a bad one at that.
  • It can be seen from an airplane it's a fake screenshot.
  • That 'fixed' image made me laugh. People complain about watermark behind text and different font used in "oo"s so they fix it with watermark above Facebook? I mean, seriously guys?
  • Would love plus on wp7
  • I would love to have Google+ integrated into WP, but will see if that happens. I see benefits for both Microsoft and Google, so it not unreasonable.
  • Why is this fake?
    - The "l" in "on call" is thiner than the one used above in "available"
    - The "o" in "Google" is thicker than the ones used in "facebook"
    - "available" seems shopped from the facebook link above
    I got credible sources that this is the real deal! Can't wait for the added services.
  • Well...there Was 99 comments so I figured ild make it 100
  • It's a FAKE. Just enlarge the picture to like a 300-500% - completely different font smoothing used in Skype+Google and the rest of the list and a slightly different shade. Take it out guys, or put a big "fake" on the news.
  • Dude, this is a screenshot for an early development release - they might have actually used different incorrect font (something to be fixed for the final release).
  • Why do people keep saying Youtube doesn't work. Its been fine for a few months now at the very least. Mango helped with IE updated and google changed the mobile site, HQ now available.
  • You don't even need a Youtube app to watch videos. It's straight up through the browser now.
  • Really excited about this.   Would also love official google voice app/integration too.
  • Microsoft will add G+ because it's not about what MS wants or hates, it's about what the people want.
    This is the great thing about WP7, Do you think Microsoft really would like to put Facebook or Twitter when it has it's own Windows Live ? No but, they make it so people are happy and get what they need in a phone.
    I just want a leak so I can check it out on my phone... manually updating the Cabs to new versions works perfect (I did the 8107 before my carrier released it), just wish we could get some leaks so it could be like the OLD Windows Mobile 6.5 days, getting new builds every other day.
  • So fake, the google and skype entries look like someones used PAINT, yes paint, to put them in. There is no anti-alising on the bottom two entries which makes it even more obvious. I could make a better fake in 30s with photoshop.
  • I was going to comment about how obviously fake the image is, but it looks like a few folks got the jump on me. Yay weekends.