Windows Phone 7.8 features confirmed in leaked Nokia presentation slide

A presentation slide, reportedly from Nokia training material, has been leaked containing details of some features included in the upcoming Windows Phone 7.8 update. Microosft has promised to those who own Windows Phone 7.x handsets that more features are on the way to keep the experience current. While features highlighted are already known, it's good to see official confirmation through said material.

The new start screen is mentioned, as well as the three Live Tile sizes that users can manipulate to create unique and personal experiences. More themes are included (20 in total) to match what's available in Windows Phone 8. Internet Explorer is patched with security upgrades, and the system supports the editing of MP3 files for ringtone creation. 

Windows Phone 8 also enables owners to customise their lock screen with Bing wallpapers to be displayed instead of a single photo - this is also highlighted in the Windows Phone 7.8 Nokia presentation slide. We expect to see more closer to the time of release. Microsoft is expected to include more goodies for consumers who will remain on legacy hardware on top of what's already been mentioned above.

So who's still looking forward to the Windows Phone 7.8 update?

Source:; thanks, hengxiang32401, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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