Windows Phone 7.8 gets teased on a Nokia Lumia 900

The details on this video are scarce but what we can tell you is this is evidently an early release of the Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade for the Nokia Lumia 900.

The video is all of 0:37 seconds, meaning an extensive tour of all the new features is out the door. In fact, there’s not too much one can glean from this outside of the fact that 7.8 looks fast and smooth on the 900. We do see a new Xbox icon and the tile resizing, but nothing else is revealed.

The good news is we probably only have another 60 days or so before we actually have this on our devices.

Source: PhoneCatTV (YouTube); via GSMArena; Thanks, AgentTheGreat, for the tip

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • I want, so bad.  
  • funny thing is the new Blackberry 10 is coming in 60 days! lol So the question is if this update is enough to keep the Qwerty phone cutomers who is thinking about to switch to blackerry 10 because no windpws phone 8 has any damn keyboard phones...
  • Get out troll. We can tell you are a troll because of your spelling.
  • Let's be a fan of Windows Phone, but not make a religion out of it ;)
  • Uhhh yaaa....whatever you say.
  • The market has shifted away from keyboard phones and only Samsung and Motorola make them now.
  • The first bb 10 device is going full touch no qwerty
  • BB10 is a completely new OS. WP7.8 is a major, but kind of a small, update.
  •   It is correct to say that the Zune app Music + Video won't receive a redesign??? This was the only thing I hoped this update! Or the option to use the double tile??? Neither this??
  • The double title is there, the animation is the same as wp8 but the Xbox logo is replaced by Zune.
  • I'll agree the windows Xbox music apps need some work. However the good far out ways the bad. Playlist syncing, smart DJ and steaming on my phone. I have the Xbox music pass and love it!
  • If, however, you rely on playlists with local music, not just cloud, the goods do not always outweigh the bad. As a Zumba instructor I rely HEAVLY on local music in my playlists. I know Microsoft is working on the issues (because I've been in constant contact with support on Twitter) but playlists that sync in the cloud, which contain local music, do NOT pick up the music that I've moved to the phone. Now, I have NO problem with cloud based services, if they work correctly. There are far too many problems with the way music syncs and problems with the way playlists recognize (or don't recognize) music on the phone. I had offered my input many times to MS on Xbox Music during the Windows 8 iterations and how the functionality just wasn't there, and I know others did too because of the reviews for the app in the store during the preview process. I only hope Xbox Music matures to a point where the interface doesn't get in the way of functionality.
  • As much as I enjoy my L920, Xbox Music is an absolute NIGHTMARE to use! I truly miss Zune functionality and syncing on a desktop is horrid. Be carful what you wish for! :)
  • Listen to this man!
  • I really miss Zune -.-
  • Fail comment, just use windows media player
  • Which does not sync media that is downloaded from Xbox Music that contains DRM. So no, Media player is NOT an option.
  • Then just redownload it
  • If it hits before I get my yellow NL920, I may forego switching. It is ridiculous for Nokia to be so far behind with all of the manufacturing experience they have.
  • I think the problem with the 920 is that its too popular + the few bugs they had to work out in the later manufacturing batches..
  • I don't get it!
  • Icons are small in the tiles. It must be custom rom
  • Better & longer video...
  • anyone know what is under "network" in settings?
  • What I do hope is that settings in 7.8 should have at least some of the new options available in wp8, like backup and audio(equalizer)
  • No backup, no equalizer in 8858, and I doubt the final version will be any different than the RTM...
  • Network has a call waiting toggle on and off under it.
  • Not a make bill free option that you would hope for
  • See the tile with the n on the bag that on T-Mobile
  • No. That is how the marketplace icon looks like on all Lumias since Tango. Nothing new here, please move along.
  • Look like that on the Lumia 800 of my girlfriend...
  • On which Lumias with Tango doesn't it look like that? Those that have never connected to the marketplace?
  • AT&T Lumias.
  • Looks like that on any Rogers, TELUS, ATT, lumias I've seen.
  • Does anyone know if 7.8 will have screen capture added to it?
  • No
  • perhaps NOT...its a wp8 feature that cant be given to wp7 devices because some features use that special hardware that wp7 devices dont have (sarcasm)
  • internet explorer icon on tile was very small. i am having very bad feeling abt this.
  • The new medium tile size is larger due to the removal of the gutter on the right side. It looks like they didn't increase the size of the icons on the tiles to better fit. It looks like a step back design-wise from the 7.5 start screen. This could be an older build as WP8 looked like this at one time but I think they eventually made the icons a bit bigger.
  • i hope they do, i dont want an ungly phone
  • The office still has the old logo. I thought they said that'll be updated. I think this is a custom rom.
  • This is not a custom rom, nor is this the final build.
  • Trying not to get too excited into January but id love a new start screen I've reworked mines almost every two weeks trying to make it perfect. I'd also love to know if we will be able to screen capture thats something I miss having.
  • I saw SIM Application in the Settings, do you know if USSD works on 7.8?
  • "60 days or so" until 7.8 is available, but 6 months to a year until AT&T pushes it out...
  • +1
  • Stupid video!
  • +1
  • Only 60 days. Understatement of the year?
  • for AT&T devices yes...for everyone else no...
  • When you say "our" devices do you mean yours at WPCentral, or everyone?
  • ... Everyone. WPC still get their updates the same way we do. Hopefully 7.8 won't be carrier controlled, otherwise we'll have 6 months of complaints from AT&T users in every.single.article. :P
  • You will likely be able to force update like everyone did with Mango and no worries
  • That only works if the carrier gas started pushing an update.unless you mean finding a ROM image somewhere.
  • 60 days. Lol okay
  • That's what I thought.  I am getting a little aggravated with sites such as WPC leading us users on.  Either way, it's a bit contrary to the information they went over on the PodCast.
    Also, what is the deal with WPC servers?  I can't post a comment from the App on Wi-Fi or data and the website is also lackluster lately.  Hopefully they get it under control by June, or March, or 60 days ;)
  • You can't post because you got caught in the spam filter. Our servers are fine, but thank you very much for the backseat diagnosis. As far as "leading users on" we've been saying Q1 2013 for awhile now and didn't spread the nonsense about it coming out this past Wednesday.  Look, 7.8 is finalized. It's off to carrier testing. It's not far from the truth to expect it by the end of January.
  • Daniel you seem a little butt hurt over feedback. I reader gave you information to help the site and you bash them? Although that is your standard response so I don't know why I seem surprised.
  • Shitty information.
  • You know you don't have to come here right? Don't be such a douche bag.
  • +1
  • The information was just bunch of bitching...and he was wrong...I've pissed Daniel off before...he's like a rabid wolverine when he's mad
  • Q1 is a very reasonable time frame to expect. If you cannot wait that long go get a WP8 device. If you can't get a new device then I am sure you will find a way to wait a couple of months. The features that are coming aren't exactly revolutionary, (although they will be nice) and aside from aesthetics, there isn't really anything new being added to the overall bones of OS, so I don't understand why everyone is getting so antsy. Maybe its me who is missing something.
  • It's just the same attitude of entitlement
  • Not sure how I got "caught in the spam filter" when trying to use any device.  Maybe a frontseat diagnoses as to how this happened would be beneficial.
    Either way, my "bunch of bitching" that someone else mentioned was hardly that.  Most frustrating is the functionality of the site and the app that I paid for on my phone.  If you want to push that back on me, then that is fine...I am, obviously, not nearly as sensitive as many others on here.
  • What leads us to believe this is not a rom? The office logo looks the same. But I am glad to see the text message preview in double wide tile.
  • the 900 doesn't have an unlocked bootloader so you cannot install roms on it...
  • +1
  • If you go to the Youtube video link on the site the uploader has mentioned in the comments that he found a demo unit running an early build of WP7.8 during the WP8 launch event, he just made a quick video of it during that time and happened to upload it now.
    So this is NOT a custom ROM but an early build that MS used for demo during the launch event when they announced WP7.8 and WP8.
  • This is not a custom rom.
  • Has anyone noticed something new in WhatsApp update?
  • Nothing
  • it works now like keep wifi alive
  • So you mean it doesn't work right? :)
  • does anybody noticed the preview on the messaging tile??? :) nice!
  • Its amazing!
  • Yeah, but... After the first message you dont see the text of the second, only the first one. I hope they will add this later so there would be an transition between unread messages.
  • I don't think they will add it... i mean, it would be awesome but i really dont think they will give this "extra feature" to the preview on the tile...
    I only want to have 7.8 on my phone, then ask for more extra features lol :)
  • this feature is there on 7.8 to preview the first unread message and the messages cound on the biggest livse tile. But it lack of transition between the unread messages, so if you have 2 or more you will only see the first that arrived. So this is no extra :)
  • Oh! Now i get it! that would be very useful... hope they release it with the final version (doubt it). 
  • The real bummer here is that they made the part when they tapped on the Xbox tile a bit on fast forward because when you open anything from start, there's a 1 second delay and it's really annoying. Its like 7004 all over again.
  • Yo welcome guys :)
  • I don't care about 7.8 anymore. I'm just waiting to get my Windows Phone 8. All of this teasing on when 7.8 it's coming out is pretty much played out. Can't wait for my 920.
  • And that's why they delayed it... ;-)
  • all you cry babies are you happy now that it is for sure coming. Also you cry babies who keeps saying where is 7.8 on the windows phone Facebook comments. Dorks!
  • Say "cry babies" again. Its mature.
  • You say it cry baby. Be lol
    You haven't made any comment on that - and there it is, for all to see! FINALLY we get to increase font size!
  • No :) there is no font size changing in 7.8 ease of acces have some functions but all from tango. TTY- TDD-modes
  • I think most WP7.5 users what more ...
  • Great, cannot wait. AT&T is not that bad about rolling out updates, far better than t-mobile imho. Presently there is nothing wrong with 7.5, it does everything I need it to do, so I am in no rush to get the update, but I am excited about it and the awesome new features it will bring.
  • You got that backwards
  • Must be old, Zune music
  • Microsoft should atleast give a month of release date e.g. "Windows Phone 7.8 update will rollout to most phones in January 2013". But... They won't :( instead we will just wait and see.