Windows Phone 8 images reveal pinnable credit cards and new lock-screen notifications

Pinnable CC's and new notifications

Many of the new features of Windows Phone 8 are already known due to the leaked SDK over the summer but exactly how some of it will look is still a bit unclear.

Take for example the NFC Wallet app. It’s a safe assumption that it will allow many different options—storage of coupons, deal cards, frequent flier pass and of course your credit cards. It’s also not too wild of a guess that Microsoft will allow you to pin those to your Start screen for quick and easy access.

Reader Hommus01 noticed in one of the new Nokia 920 videos a nice and bold Master Card tile on the Start screen (see image above). The tile reads ‘Master Card x6597’ with the last 4-digits used to ID and separate your holdings. There’s little doubt that you will need to enter in a security-code to go any further with the tile but it’s kind of cool to see it in place.

The other image comes from Nokia’s press shots and there we can see those new Start screen notifications. We first broke that story even before the SDK leak that users would be able to pick and choose which apps showed icons on their screen, as Windows Phone 8 allows developers to enable this function.

In the image above, we can see some system icons like Skype,, Exchange and Yahoo! Email, but one of those icons is clearly the Associated Press (AP) notification for a 3rd party news app.

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Skype in action

Will having five-notifications for consumers be enough, especially since there does not appear to be a notification center? We’ll just have to see but it is certainly a solid start. In a recent poll conducted here at Windows Phone Central, the desire for Microsoft to add a Notification Center was a top priority for our audience.

Finally, in another Nokia video reader Lerimer S spotted Skype. We get a good look at what Skype integration will look like in a call and while nothing mind blowing, we can't help but be excited over its inclusion in Windows Phone 8. It is neat to see the Bluetooth icon there meaning users will be able to use stream audio-out during Skype calls too.

Source: YouTube, YouTube 2, Nokia; notifications via WMPU

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