Windows Phone 8 Instagram client 6tag gets bumped to version 2.2.1

While the Windows Phone Store now includes an official Instagram app, we still have some very respectable third party offerings.  One of which is Rudy Huyn’s 6tag.

6tag received a minor update that takes the app to version 2.2.1.  There’s not a change log listed in the Windows Phone Store but, according to Rudy’s tweet (opens in new tab), the update adds a hack to prevent your password from resetting while you are traveling.  We will guess there are a few minor bug fixes thrown in for good measure too.

If the official Instagram Windows Phone app isn’t getting you excited, take a look at 6tag.  It is a free app available for Windows Phone 8 devices and you can download 6tag here in the (opens in new tab) Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, Troy, for the tip!

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Best app!
  • The Best
  • I still go for Instagram, just to show those WP haters around me that it has finally arrived.
  • +920
  • +925
  • +1020
  • This hahaha, I dont have an instagram account but still :P
  • +920
  • +520 & 1020  
  • +720
  • Updated faster than the "official" client and more feature rich- all done by a part timer, and yet the company behind the "official" app with millions in the bank can't be arsed to make a decent Instigram app on Android or WP.
  • Is instagram developing the official app or is Microsoft doing for them?
  • It's Instagram itself developing it.
  • Instagram is.  Sorry for the word salad :P  They seem to be pretty douchey.  My friends with Android handsets always complain about the crappy quality of the android version of instagram, and how pictures it uploads are lower quality.  To make matters worse, I heard rumors that they (instagram) were asking for several million dollars just to bring instagram over to the WP platform.
  • Well, he does it full time, but he is juggling multiple apps, so I guess it's basically the same.
  • The instagram app is still beta. Calm down. Its actually pretty good. I have no doubt the finished one will be on par with 6tag.
  • The 6Tag app is BROKEN. Rudy needs to stop getting so much praise. 6Tag does not pick up @<name> mentions in new pictures. ONLY in comments. Rudy has been ignoring this for months now.  If you are using 6Tag, you ARE missing mentions and tags of your account. 
  • The best instagram app. Wish it had lock screen support (wallpaper)
  • God here come all the annoying "iNStagram suxxx 6tag 5ever!! SUPP0rt RUDY!111" comments.
  • It's so true, just look at the instagram Beta reviews at the store 6tag is a lot better and so on. Some people just don't understand the word Beta.
  • Funny, I was just forced to reset passwords on both my accounts today... Prior to update.
  • Yeah happened to me a couple of days ago. Wasn't even travelling, so I'm very confused why it happened. Also happened to my gf too.
  • Been using both. Still love 6tag.
  • I like the official app. Its fast, the notifications are instant like twitter, and its well designed. It needs a lot more features which is no secret, but it is quite good for a first release. 6tag is an amazing app and I hope Rudy keeps working on it.
  • You are so lucky that you able to use the official app. Mine will crashed and exit when i press the camera button. Looking fwd for updates very soon.
  • No problem, George.
  • Rudy also updated his TVShow app as well. Looks to performance improvement...
  • Rudy Huyn is the man! I've downloaded the official instagram beta app to show my support but I still prefer 6tag by far. I love the 6tag dark theme and the official instagram keeps failing to update the feed.
  • Trying to out do the official app. Probably won't take much. I don't use either of them so my opinion is pretty much useless on this point. In fact all my opinions are pretty much useless and stupid and off point and help nobody. Maybe thats the point of my lack of point here. Maybe im ahead of my time, just maybe. Think about that, or don't.
  • Sunnuvabitch! Was wondering why my account kept resetting password while I was in Seattle this week!
  • Still no WP7.8 version as you promised Rudy :'(
  • I believe the reason, or at least part of why there is no WP 7.8 app is because WP 7 can be fully unlocked. Because of this you can extract an installed app and get access to the source code. Some developers like Rudy have worked very hard on their apps but then other people pull them off of WP 7, steal their code, and release basically the same app. The risk is pretty high for theft when you consider how few people are still on WP 7. I saw where this was going and bought a Lumia 928. My poor old Samsung Focus with Windows Phone 7.8 is sitting collecting dust in my dresser.
  • "get access to the source code" ? No. That's not how this works. If anything, you can be access to a binary and disassemble it. That doesn't give you the original source code. Windows Phone 7 is at its end-of-life. That's why developers aren't making new apps for it.
  • Anyone else been getting glitches in their video uploads? Seems once it hits the server, a midportion of the videos I post get distorted. Hope the update fixes this.
  • Rudy here rudy there... *yawn* seems like he's the only Windows Phone developer....
  • Maybe you should develop something then.
  • Maybe I already do?
  • Link?
  • another 2 apps coming next week
  • If Rudy make it free with no ads and video upload limit . Instagram will cry .
  • 6tag is way better than the official instagram app itself.
  • While I was extremely happy when Instagram showed up, my main driver remains 6tag!! Simply awesome!! RUDY! RUDY! RUDY!....
  • Definitely agree with you ^
  • I am glad instagram is here and i commend Microkia for lobbying for it. However when you consider the effort and dedication Rudy has put into this to give us WP users this experience, I have to continue supporting him. I hope instagram would license to him the exclusive to develop their WP app that way 6tag can become the official app. Since they claim development resources are an issue, outsource the development to one who is dedicated. Its a win win.
  • I already uninstalled this app since the official app is already here.
  • No wonder why I keep getting asked to reset my passport recently.
  • Instagram ruins photos.
  • The Best
  • So when is the official instagram app coming to wp7.8 devices?
  • Its better than official
  • 6tag better than the official instagram. Really!!
  • Instagram should buy rudy's app and just slap their brand over it ;)
  • One question. Why isn't 6tag offered on WP7? Are there certain limitations or? ...
  • Now that official Instagram was released, it's time for Rudy to keep improving the app and forcing Facebook to improve their official one :) The same for Vine. And the same to force Snapchat and other services to release their app on the platform. Rudy is being like a hero for us! hahaha
  • I'm so tired of bring ignorer by MS or even indirectly punished, for being so foolish as to be a first lover and buying a Lumia 900 (WP 7.8.)'s not exactly a great strategy to leave us behind by not making the best apps compatible with wp7 time I'm going back to Abdroid og iOs, even though the Lumia is better hardware and WP a better os...silly, just bwcause of a few central apps....
  • I downloaded Instagram just so they can say WP users have downloaded X amount of times. I just prefer and continue to use 6tag.
  • WP 7.8 !!!!??????
  • Please can't they fix a instagram app for 7.8...????!!! Because for me it looks like they don't give a fuck about wp7...... So frustrating.....