WP ooVoo

If you're not familiar with ooVoo (www.oovoo.com), it's a popular proprietary video chat and messaging service (as if we haven't enough solutions already) that's already available on iOS and Android. Eric from the ooVoo team has revealed on the official forum that they're indeed working on supporting Windows Phone in the future.

"We will be developing an application for Windows phone 8. I am unable to provide you with the time schedule regarding when it will be released. Stay tuned!"

Unfortunately no details have been provided, so all we can suggest is a patient mind. Once the team manages to release their Windows Phone client, you can expect to see features that include video calling and messaging, file sharing and instant messaging. Paid features could also be added in a later release if not available from the off (video conferencing and more).

It's good to see yet more support coming from established developers and providers.

Source: ooVoo; thanks, John, for the heads up!