Windows Phone 8 version 10141 caught on Lumia 920 development device

From our perspective, Windows Phone 8 is interesting for numerous reasons: new kernel, over-the-air updates and a re-commitment by Microsoft in making sure the OS stays competitive. In that sense, knowing that a new version of the OS is floating around, especially one for an odd market like China (who have many restrictions) is far from shocking.

Still, in the leaked images of a Nokia Lumia 920 seen above, a development device running Windows Phone 8 OS build 10141 is somewhat interesting. Currently, the retail version of Windows Phone 8 that is on the market is 9903. That’s the one found on every new Windows Phone sold and 10141 is quite a jump in that number. We don’t think that’s due to Chinese localization either as that would presumably be just a small bump in versions.

So what new features does that magical OS hold, if any? We’ll probably never know but we don’t suppose it’s too early to start talking about WP8 updates, is it? No, of course not.

Source: Sina Weibo; Thanks, Talan1314, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • I wonder if it is because of the hardware spec difference that the 920T China version is getting and what the rest of the world is getting?
  • But then, why is the number so high? Normally it is a few numbers higher so that newer updates on other phone's don't get confused with this phone. By maybe it is.
  • It would be wonderful if they moved the Emergency Call button back to the lower left hand square of the dial pad instead of creating this awkward blank space at the bottom of the screen.
  • You are so right. It is totally awkward. It isn't very "metro" to create such an odd gap.
  • Not sure what you are referring to. I never had an emergency call button on either my DVP or my L900. So, I'm not missing anything on my L920.
  • Yeah, I've never seen an "Emergency Call" button before either
  • On the L900 the emergency call button is on the dial screen when you enter your password to unlock your phone.
  • Oh right, I've never bothered with a password which is why I haven't seen it ;) Thanks :)
  • Yep, I can see it on that screen wedged in the bottom-left corner
  • What? A new thing to complain about now?
  • I find that very annoying as well. I didn't even notice the button in wp7.x. Now it is just ugly
  • What are you talking about? Screenshot, please! :)
  • Lol that's kind of messed up...but yes image please
  • The emergency call button on wp7 looked awkward on other languages (ie Korean, Japanese) though
  • I wonder what that label is the person is covering with their kind of looks like the NFC tags.
  • I think WP8 is not quite as stable as WP7.  Glad MS is pusing out updates.  However, I still need apps...
  • Why do you think so?
    Did you have crashes with your WP8?
  • Devices like the HTC 8X do on occasion soft-reset but me thinks that's more firmware than OS.
  • That's scary in that HTC in the past seemed to care little for supporting their WP devices after launch... maybe that's just my Titan experience and maybe AT&T has a hand in that as well.
  • Not sure what you mean... I've had heaps of updates for my HD7. My carrier doesn't block updates though
  • Well heck, every phone I've ever owned has had random reboots on occasion. I've always concluded it was random radio weirdness.
  • Yes. My Omnia 7 still crashes at least once a week. Thats probably because Samsung dont really givs a s***, not because WP7 is unstable.
    These things will be fixed on Nokia and HTC devices. But Samsung? Who knows, they cant even get their device out in time.
  • On my Lumia 920, I found that certain apps and games (cut the rope, angry birds, facebook, BofA, NetFlix) don't open with regularity when pinned to the home screen and minimized to the smallest tile size. It works just fine whe run from the app list, or pinned to the home screen with the default tile size.
    The Me tile will shopw that I have a FB notification, but it won't show the new notification. It only shows FB notifications after manually opening the FB app, then going back to the Me tile.
  • I have the same issue with cut the rope. If I launch it from its own live tile, it doesn't always launch. If I launch from the games hub, it works everytime.
  • This is a Cut the Rope issue...even the test version was very buggy that I had awhile ago. Not sure that's an OS thing though...
  • the weirdest thing that happened to me on the 920 was the start screen was super zoomed in i had to do a soft reboot to get it normal other than that everything works fine on my end. may have been just an isolated incident.
  • Go to settings and scroll down to ease of access. See if you have screen magnifier on. If you double tap with 2 fingers it magnifies the screen.
  • I haven't had that happen to me, buy I've noticed that a few times I'll put in password, it will unlock, and the start screen will be fuzzy and slightly larger tiles all around. Not larger like they changed tile size but larger like resolution dropped and it was readjusting. Never had that happen with my previous Lumia 900. I think its something to do with the whole 60fps all the time ClearMotion or ClearView I forget the marketing term for the feature.
  • Are you outdoors in bright light when that happens? I think thats so you can see the screen in bright light.
  • What makes you say that? Just wondering.
  • I have been using it since last Friday morning.  I noticed that WP8 needs some work.  It has issues with some Apps and seems to have trouble with playing video too.  I understand it is a overhaul of the platform, but iOS and Android already have a head start.
    As for apps, I found that the platform is behind iOS by some big margin... It needs to catch up.
    With above said, I still likes the OS, because it handles certain things really well, and the live tiles is well organized and helpful.  The phone, L920, is speechlessly good.
  • Which apps specifically are you missing?
  • Tango is missing. Just tried Skyping from my Lumia 920 to a Galaxy SIII, both on WiFi, video was wonky and pixelated. Wanted to troubleshoot by trying Tango when I noticed its not in the Windows Phone 8 Store.
  • How is it behind iOS? It can do alot of things that iOS simply can't do.
  • i personally think that wp8 is on par with ios applications will come patience is a virtue!
  • no offense, but when I see people like you, I know I am not a fan boy yet.
  • Wow, reworked battery and camera in this model.... guess ill wait a bit before buying the 920 right away :P!
  • the battery on the current version is really good
  • Not on mine!
  • yesterday, it is unpluged from 7:30 am to 11 pm.  The battery was at 47%, and I think I used it a lot.
  • For 3 hours it went down to 70% and all I did is watch 1 YouTube video and made 1 word in words with friends all other time it wasn't used, its crazy, plus it charges so slow
  • Turn off 3G... If you have poor reception it will drain a lot faster too
  • Are you serious? What worse the phone if it can't handle 3G/4G properly, plus 900 was doing better job then 920, plus over heating, other then this I love it 100%
  • Understand your pain.  I notice the heating thing only happens when it is streaming videos.  I think it is a WP8 issue.  iPhone can play online video for like 9 hours on a 1400 mAh battery.  WP8 needs to be more efficient for sure.  But again, I think the battery like is still great... How many background apps are you running?
  • The thing is I think battery is on the bottom of the phone but it heats up where camera is, I think it's a processor, cuz everytime I play a game, basically make processor work that's when overheating starts, I hope there's no defect in snap dragon processor and it can be fix with just a simple update.
    And all I have in back ground is wpcentral, Nokia drive and amazing weather
  • wow, I think we have a lot of common understanding.  I noticed exactly the same thing.  However, i think the processor is actually already very powerful.  it should not have no problem handle some of the most demanding mobile games.  if it is not the hardware, it has to be the software, thus WP8, or maybe the Apps themselves.
    your battery issue is a myth for me.    After nearly 4 hours unplugged, my battery is still at 100% with three backgroud tasks and two push email accounts.  I so far did some browsing, emails and phone calls.
  • Sucks for me then, another 2 hours and I'm at 50%, and all I did is music and Nokia drive for 20 min in my car, I hope it can be resolved without replacing the phone, I love my white 920
  • Pick an android phone... They all rip through battery with poor 4G reception. If I have great reception  and I do not use my LG Revolution, I get 20hrs or more stand by. If I make 2 hours worth of phone calls an do some google+ and gaming... I get 6hrs max.
    I think they will fix these issues.
  • 3G drains the battery super fast... You don't need awesome speeds when it's in your pocket. My HD7 lasts about 3-4 hours on 3G and 16+ hours on WiFi or EDGE data.
  • I to0 experienced the long charge times and quick batter drain out of the box.
    Since Saturday I've had the the chance to have it completely discharge and charge twice in addition to regular nightly charging. On the second complete discharge, yesterday, I was able to go from 0% to 100% in a little under 3 hrs. Night and day improvement over charge times over the 4 day span I've owned the 920 (It took 3hrs to charge up 100% from 63% at one point.). Battery also doesn' drain as fast and Location and some background process are running full time (Not Drive though).
    Still having heat issues when calling, skyping, watching videos. Not sure if its a chip or battery problem. Hopefully an exchange will net me a cooler 920.
  • I'm thinking of calling Nokia and AT&t to see what are my options, hate doing this after having it since day 1 and all customizations done
  • Support for alphanumeric PIN is a must if they want business customers. I am really surprised that was not included in the gold release.
  • Well, right now I have an update available.  Dont know is if just to add Skype.  I also Installed already. Also several apps are asking to be upgrade too.  My current OS is 8.0.9903.10.
  • Any more info on that sign up for enthusiasts? A while back there was talk of a way to sign up to get WP8 updates without carrier interference. This is one of the things that's keeping me on the fence from moving to WP8.
  • Not happy to hear Daniel mention stability issues with soft restarts on the 8x. I just pre-ordered one that I should be getting on Thursday. Damn, and my Trophy has been such a great and dependable phone!!
  • The HTC 8S that I have has 8.0.10211.204 (and includes wifi on even when screen is locked setting)