From our perspective, Windows Phone 8 is interesting for numerous reasons: new kernel, over-the-air updates and a re-commitment by Microsoft in making sure the OS stays competitive. In that sense, knowing that a new version of the OS is floating around, especially one for an odd market like China (who have many restrictions) is far from shocking.

Still, in the leaked images of a Nokia Lumia 920 seen above, a development device running Windows Phone 8 OS build 10141 is somewhat interesting. Currently, the retail version of Windows Phone 8 that is on the market is 9903. That’s the one found on every new Windows Phone sold and 10141 is quite a jump in that number. We don’t think that’s due to Chinese localization either as that would presumably be just a small bump in versions.

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So what new features does that magical OS hold, if any? We’ll probably never know but we don’t suppose it’s too early to start talking about WP8 updates, is it? No, of course not.

Source: Sina Weibo; Thanks, Talan1314, for the tip!


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