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Windows Phone 8.1

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  • Changed region to US. No Cortana!
  • How much size the update is...
  • ca. 330mb  
  • you have to change your language as well. and restart
  • Is it just 330mb?one person said its about 700-800mb?can anyone tell,i need to know:|
  • The update is around 400 mb
  • Anyone installed on the Nokia Icon? Any problems? Thanks!
  • I installed on my Icon earlier this morning. No problems.
  • Hearing problems with video and camera not working have you seen any of these? Thanks!
  • I think u need to change also ur region in e-mails on outlook.com, hotmail.com or live.com , if it doesn't work just create a new one with US, and migrate and link ur all files and contacts in it.. Good Luck! :)
  • I I cant find her either, anyone in the UK got her and How? thanks
  • Tricky for me too in the UK. Have changed microsoft account to US, along with region and language. No joy. No Cortana...   On the bright side, you guys have Bing Squares. Microsoft took them off us...
  • Right - I've sorted it. Downloading the US language settings isn't enough. They have to be at the top of your list of languages. If you have more than one language downloaded on your phone, long press, and then select 'move up'. You'll be told to restart your phone - and hello Cortana.
  • After moving up the language do we still have to change the id's region to US?
  • Think so, yes. You also need to brace yourself to receive news updates from FOX. I give American Cortana a day at best...
  • nooooooooo   Thanks, btw :)
  • what ?
    i only changed the region and removed UK, without changing anything else and i'm using Cortana without any problem
  • Did you look in the app list? Until you've opened Cortana from there, the search button will keep showing you Bing.
  • Activate her from the app list..It should work.
  • Change location to US and ALSO download the language settings for US. It should work then. I got Cortana that time and I live in Dubai
  • Bro I am also in Dubai. Not getting Cortana. I changed the region to US after installation of the update. Can we talk for a while
  • Make sure you change the Language also and not just the region. I had changed just region first and it didn't work. Changing language also helped. 
  • Dude I also live in Dubai and i have aye lumia 925 but for the past 72 hrs I have been pressing my update button but still I haven't got any update do u have any idea why is that ..btw are u some kinda developer or something to get the update
  • set language to English (united States) as the top one... initially i had the same problem. English (UK) was on top...i changed to English (US) then restart...and viola!
  • i am in the uk and after trying for 5 times i got it..unfortunately, i needed to create a account with .com (not .co.uk), then install the update, developer unlock, reset the phone and download US English after that it works :)
  • same here... where is she?
  • Any one installed 8.1 on 520?
  • Me
  • Yeah :)
  • To use cortana you need to activate location
  • change the language setting to U.S too
  • Me too!!!
  • Change the language as well and reboot.
  • Love it! Love it! Love it!
  • I do not like seeing the games in the app list!!!!!
  • Same. I hope they fix this. Soon.
  • Indeed, I noticed this change too.
  • Why not?
  • Makes the list longer...if they added the sort feature like was initially rumored then I wouldn't have minded...but come on Microsoft I don't think anyone ever suggested to add games to the app list.
  • Looks like we got a search instead of a sort.
  • It looks stupid
  • I do. It could get confusing before.
  • I like it, easier to uninstall them.
  • Same here.
  • I'm not able to update to windows 8.1 :-( , can you help me out.I'm from india.I have downloaded preview for developers app and registered as developer.
  • What's ur mobile
  • Run d app. But first go to the appstudio link given by wpcentral in internet explorer only. u'll c appstudio beta at d top. go der nd just sign in again using ur microsoft account (i guess again, 2 times). d loaded page on IE will hv dat same appstudio beta ka page with ur id with d option to sign out. NOW run d preview fr developers app nd proceed until u get ' SUCCESS' on d top. Go to settings, nd check fr updates. u'll get. I got mine nd i'm installing it tonight
  • Still downloading at Starbucks... No WiFi at work without connecting to the VPN.
  • hah
  • Fb integration is awesome! Do I need the app?
  • yes
  • Dammit! Wish people hub was all in one
  • Lumia 720
  • I am from mumbai & I have lumia 720. Wp8.1update takes nearly 3hrs and keep mobile charged during installation.
  • Still Downloading...... Almost End Yahooo I think This will be awosome 
  • i updated the L920 and i had 100% Batery i only did the 1st update( the small One) and it ate ALL MY BATERY!!  now i have to wait to full charge my phone SMH
  • noted, will put it on charger 1st
  • I experienced that with every update I ever did when I had the 920. There was even a few times that I took it back because I thought it was bricked. 2 times it actually was. No issue updating 1020
  • same here on my HTC 8S :) now im charging:) after first update, phone was lagy :( some one with HTC 8S???
  • 8x installed successfully although sluggish for now.
  • Give it little time to get stable.
  • Yeah well silly me it just completed the first install. I went back to settings and see that it's still on the second install. Trying to get this done before work!!
  • I have the 8X as well, did you get the update through App Studio? Any stability issues so far?
  • Update came through as part of me signing up for "Developer Preview". My phone is still in the process of being updated ever since three hours ago.
  • Were you able to get Cortana to work? 8x users seem to be having issues changing "phone language"
  • Cortana works in English, I'm limited in what I can speak therefore I'm not sure about any other ones. I can tell you that all of the sudden the phone is much smoother and fast.
  • Loving it!
  • I migrated my files successfully but when I checked for the big update I keep getting "we are currently unable to check for updates. (80072f8f) " PLEAAASE HEELP!!!!
  • I got that a few times while at work as soon as i got home it worked fine
  • I had the same issue, it turns out it's a time sync issue.  On your phone, go to your date/time settings and turn on the 'set automatically' option, then check for updates again.  Worked for me, WP 8.1 installing now! here's where i found the fix (even though it's for win7): http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/windows-update-error-80072f8f#1TC=windows-7
  • Check you data/WiFi connection.
  • 30 minutes with gearwheels in the screen. Do I need a hard reset?
  • Give it some time... Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • No, just be patient. My gears spinned for well over an hour.
  • If you hate your phone, go ahead. Any other reason: just give it some time. ;)
  • Still downloading its a real big update.... I cant wait to see it... I keep looking at the download % its increasing slow n steady :)
  • I've been updating since 7:40am (-5 GMT). I've got plenty of work to do so I'm not impaitently staring at the screen but it's a long couple of updates. Anyone expecting to quickly run through these before getting on with thier day should not bother until you have a couple of hours you can go without the phone.
  • How to add apps to notification center? Help?
  • Does anyone know if the WPcentral app can be made transparent with the background image? Or does it need an update?
  • Play around with the app's "live tile settings".
  • i've the trial version and it's already transparent  no need to update :)
  • I have the full version. Are you using the large tile? I am, with pictures flipping. Tried the iconic style also.
  • yes it's large not the wide one, i think you need to go to settings turn off live tile
    you can keep the second option On
  • I have tried that also, but no avail.
    Want to try to reinstall, but store has been down here for about an hour now :/
  • Yeah reinstall should fix it
    yeah the store is down for me too i've two phones one set to USA and the other set to Austria (where i live) but still the store down for both
  • 1st world problems: I wish I didn't uninstall the wpcentral app before finding out store is down :'(
    Store down in Denmark by the way.
  • Lol, i had to laugh :P
    Uhm yeah i think it's down all over Europe 
  • upgraded. Really faster. No joke. Animation time has finally been reduced
  • Yes its is really fast and fluid... Lots of laggy animations are reduced
  • Charging l920
  • still spinning.. 13min upd.1 after 17 min it's turning on)) migrating data (1of 19) ..alot  
  • What about Cortana in other regions!!!
  • agreed, can anyone help us?
  • Just change the region to USA :)
  • BUMP!
  • Done awesome...
  • A blast so far I have a red1520 anyone else having a problem choosing a background
  • Same red1520 :) no problems here choosing a background
  • At first,an error showed up saying 'unable to download & save the update'.. I reset my device and its preparing to install.. Hope its done after all.. Huawei W1 Greece here [US region on phone's settings to get Cortana] 
  • Stef, keep us informed how the update goes and the outcome you get from Greece.  !!!cool
  • Upgraded here in Australia. Lookin good, very painless. Now to get used to rearranging everything again
  • Hi it all looks nice, it ate my battery but. When I went into background it isn't there anymore, how do I control what is running in back ground now anyone help at all ?
  • Settings ->battery saver. If you scroll to the right you can see what's eating your battery. If you click on the program you can change settings there. Hope that helps :)
  • Oh yes, lol. Many thanks. As I said me being dum
  • Done!
  • Downloading
  • Still downloading , rotten luck with my WiFi today of all days . Really slow . Comeooonnnnnn already
  • the downloading part is fine.
    "installing" will make you hate yourself.
  • Anyone know where background apps was moved too? I can't seem to find it. I'd like to see what apps are currently running. Also is there any way to remove the games from the app list?
  • Updating right now lol
  • Where is Cortana? Does anybody able to access it on wp8.1?
  • Change region to US and ALSO download the language settings for US. It should work then. I got Cortana that time and I live in Dubai
  • check the app list
  • I am searching too. She showed up perfectly on my 1520, but is apparently hiding deep within my 1320. Can't find her anywhere.
  • If anyone has a problem, a soft or hard reset is very likely to fix that issue.
  • Any way of forcing cortana to always show me temperatures in celsious? I realize she's american only at the moment, but if I ask her to "convert to celsious" she converts as asked :)
  • Background apps are under battery saver!!
  • Wp8.1 Not available in the Philippines. :(
  • I'm from the Philippines, and my phone gets an update. Installing it right now. ;)
  • I can't update but why? I'm using 920.
  • Do you register for Developer Preview?
  • No way! I'm updating it now!  Just down load the Windows Developer Preview but you need to register first... search WPCentral on how to do it!  Now updating my Lumia 620!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!H@#@lll yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is for the ultimate warrior!  Rest In Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I want to know about
    is WiFi direct supported
    can we share videos from hubs(x box video)
    is native support for mkv ,and other extension
    does video player support subtitles
    can we select videos from picture hub as with pictures for sharing,deletion
    zoom,pause support for videos
    Does email. Support file attachments
  •   can i charge during migrating data?
  • yes
  • 1520 got very hot at the back after the update..... Lol
  • Yeah. My 925 also started heating up. After everything was installed and I had it all running for an hour, I just switched off the phone for like 10 minutes just so that it cooled down.
  • Upgraded my Lumia 1520 this morning. The entire process took about an hour, including the time I spent enabling the hotspot on my Lumia 2520 so I could connect my phone via wi-fi and start the download. So far, everything is incredibly smooth. I enabled the background on the start screen. Neat effect, not sure if I'll keep it. Makes things a little busy. Cortana so far has been a breeze to setup. Looking forward to using this when I'm in the car and won't get strange looks for talking to my phone. Biggest fix? Has to be the volume controls. Dear sweet merciful gods, we finally have separate controls for notifications and media! In the previous version volume control simply didn't work after a while (I would frequently have to adjust volume, then hit previous/next in my podcast app to get the change to work). Most wanted new features? Notification center finally gives me quick access to a lot of information that I really want. This was the hardest change for me personally moving from Android to WP. And the implementation is familiar, as well as nicely done.  The shape drawing keyboard is also huge, although admittedly I have gotten used to plain old typing on WP without it. I'm sure I'll be using it almost exclusively again soon. Weirdest thing? The "black bars" on the sides of the screen on my 1520 seem to have gotten larger, i.e. the start screen seems somehow compressed. It's not a huge thing, but it's strange. Tom Warren mentioned on Twitter something about changes in the way 8.1 handles scaling, so maybe that's the reason. Like I said, no big deal, but it was immediately noticeable. Overall loving the upgrade. 
  • hey how did u get cortana ? are u from US or did u use any workaround to get it ? please tell
  • I'm in the US, so it was there by default. Via Twitter, several people are saying if you are outside the US, change your region (under setting) to US and Coratana will show up as an app. Not sure if you have to restart the phone after you change the region.
  • I'm copy pasting what I've told others. Change location to US and ALSO download the language settings for US. It should work then. I got Cortana that time and I live in Dubai
  • Is there an option to use the old volume controls?
  • None that I've seen. New controls appear with a dropdown option whenever you hit a volume key. It's a rather nice implementation.
  • Anyone having issues with the calendar?
  • how to enable cortana for NON US REGION
  • I still stuck at 0%
  • Turn OFF baterry saver and using Wifi network
  • Change Region to US.. And Turn OFF feature GPS.. (Location)
  • did u actualy try it ? because i tried everything .. i changed region , switched off my location. still NO Cortana
  • Download English (US) language pack.
  • My download is stuck at 0%... somebody help...  
  • Restart the phone.
  • THANK YOU SO MUCH I WAS ALMOST CRYING IT WAS ON 0% FOR  LIKE HALF HOUR thanks i pressed battery save and it said "install update" and its by the gears now     :) :) :)
  • Any of the wpcentral team based in UK managed to get Cortana?
  • y i can't use cortana & i don't have option cortana in my lumia 625. jst now i updated my mobile
  • Updated succesfully an hour ago. Looks amazing. The whole process took about hour and half. Cortana and 3 tile row looks fantastic. Looking forward to test the battery and IE.
  • Hi all , how do I get Cortana in uk please ?
  • Downloading update 0% how much time i have to wait
  • Me also
  • Turn off ur batery saver now it works
  • I did that yet it's stuck..  
  • Nigeria: I've successfully downloaded the initial updates, which involve transfer of files, but each time i check for updates i receive this: "we are currently unable to check for updates (80072ef1)
  • I had the same issue, it turns out it's a time sync issue.  On your phone, go to your date/time settings and turn on the 'set automatically' option, then check for updates again.  Worked for me, WP 8.1 installing now! here's where i found the fix (even though it's for win7): http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/windows-update-error-80072f8f#1TC=windows-7
  • India: downloaded the prep update and installing for over 5 minutes on Lumia 822. Progress bar on gears looks like 2% :-(
  • is anybody here not from US and still able to use cortana? please tell me how? i don't know what to do?
  • I'm from the Middle east and Cortana seems to be working fine. No issue. Do you see Cortana installed on your phone?
  • Can you help me to get update. I'm here in Oman and trying Since long back.
  • Hello uKabir, I'm glad to see someone else from the Middle East using windows phone. #WP81 is amazing and I use the preview for developers release of #WP81. Would you like to install the preview for developer release or would you prefer waiting for the on air update from Microsoft which will be made available soon (July- September). Please let me know accordingly I will give you the necessary instructions
  • Is anyone facing issues with Linking the Facebook app and the People Hub ? 
  • There is no more deep integration.
  • Yes. But my facebook notifications aren't showing up in the Action Centre as well. I need to open the Facebook app each time. 
  • If you are using the Facebook Beta app, try using the regular Facebook app. The integration doesn't seem to work correctly with the Beta version.
  • so it is still impossible to edit the forwarded emails? WTF?
  • 1st update took about 10 minutes from download to install on my Lumia 1520. Now downloading the WP8.1 developers preview.
  • Notifications on had a few MS apps, then I got Battery Sense and Words with Friends when these had notifications.
    The biggest notifiers WPCentral and FaceBook have notifications but do NOT show up in Notification Center or it's settings. Does anybody have a clue how to turn these on?
  • IE 11 not showing secretive browsing, was I suppose to enable it?
  • Why would they take out the live music tile... Stupid the green tile is hideous
  • How much longer will this take??
    Im downloading the second update since 15min
  • hei guys.. i shudnt be asking this question in here but please help me. will Lumia 720 also get the more live tile option on the start screen. i doubt it because its a 4.3"display..  
  • Above 4.5 screens will get that. Ot would have been very cluttred on small screens. We should be glad as Microsoft is at least providing is the updates. Android is the worst in this case
  • Wrong. All devices should now have the option for a third column...
  • Yeah right, my L520 got 3 columns and it's pretty neat :)
  • How do you get the third column?
  • Wrong.. I have it even on my 520.. (4")
  • Learned my lesson with beta... gonna wait for the OTA update, for which I still can't find a definitive release date. 
  • still on the wheel of death. urrgg
  • I'm still on the first update, spinning wheels and it shows no progress. It's been going for an hour. Did yours ever finish? I know I only had about 1GB of free space on my L920 and I wonder if that is why it is taking so long?
  • I have the same situation   L90 with ~1GB of free space and still doing the minor update and the gears are spinning and spinning
  • I hate how Facebook was removed from the messaging hub. Using an entirely separate app for different messaging is a pain in the ass. This is almost a deal breaker for me and I might not even update my 1020.
  • AMAZING. its great! Cortana, the backgrounds, three columns and everything. Just great! I'm using the swipe keyboard right now! It's so cool but it will take getting used to.
  • Is there Cortona for Canadians? Or do we also have to change it to US...?
  • Wut arh ewe tooking aboot!?
  • He said Canadians, not Aliens 
  • Has anyone got cortana to work in uk. If so please help
  • Check my update above. Download US language, press and hold the language option. Move it to the top of the language list. I also changed my microsoft account to the US region, although that may be just superstition...
  • Oh got it. Thanks alot
  • Just Amazing. Bravo.
  • Installed 8.1 on Lumia 520, Hungary, took quite a bit of time. Set everything to US, but no Cortana yet. I haven't managed to get screen projection to work, but I'm trying, 3 column home is fine on WVGA, personal favourite is the volume panel. Is there a file explorer? i heard that there should be one. Can anyone post some screenshots of Cortana?
  • After some rebooting and struggling with language and location, Cortana turned up, works perfectly
  • Am I the only one who actually cares about having a live music tile?
  • No you are not alone.
  • It sucks that they would remove that feature.. Pretty stupid
  • Still searching WiFi hotspot
  • Background app will come after official release nly
  • Hungry for the upadte.....
  • Eat it up
  • I'll keep waiting for the OTA update and Cortana for any others country on Europe and Asia.........
  • See? This I like. Wake up -> here, have a new OS to play with.   Now to just remove stuff from the phone to free space and make the update quicker.
  • How much size the update is??plz tell
  • I had 2.6GB, that was enough
  • Microsoft has also worked on UI transition and animations as everything is faster in 8.1 than 8.0.
  • Right, the shorter animations make the whole thing smoother
  • I've got mine installed and it looks good. Cortana is working, though yet to set my preferences. I noticed the Wi-Fi icon is moved close to the cellular bars. It's optimized for the Lumia 1520.
  • Cortana was activated when i selected region US. It is also activated only with Location services ON. Search button activates Cortana but the buttons of Scanning QR codes (or other visual/musical searches) are now gone! Update is just nice, coming from iOS and Android i am not impressed tho. Oh, and i still cannot connect a bluetooth keyboard!
  • I am in UK unlocked 920. Went into settings - languages and added English (US). Then reset phone. Then back into settings languages, held English (UK) and set it as my phone language. Reset phone again and went to app list and then cortena appeared.
  • Facebook version at Big jump from
  • Thought 8.1 would give me an Xtra row of icons. Apparently not.
  • You have to enable it in the settings...
  • go to settings>start+theme and turn on "Show more Tiles" works on Lumia 520
  • Cortana not operating properly for me. If I ask her a question, Instead of a response, I get bi g search results. For example: WHO ARE YOU?
    It does a Bing search for "who are you" instead of giving me a personalized answer. Why?
  • Same here :(
  • Cortana only works in the US at the moment. Are you in the US?
  • is that a real Cortana? 
  • Same problem after searching the forums all ive gotten so far is hard reset the phone.....I'm so tired of doing that (back from the days of other storage problems) plus I really dont want to lose all my subway surfer multipliers.......what to do!
  • Not Got The CORTANA. :(
    Any Suggestions Please. Changed region to US and have Live id of US, but still not got that.
    From India via Lumia 525 Update 1:
    Got the CORTANA after Hard Resetting my phone and then by choosing all settings according to US standards.
    Now CORTANA is downloading English(US) (63MB) Language. I hope this will work after this. :) Update 2:
    I think store is not working properly. Whenever I try to open it, it gives an error "Cann't conect to the Internet, please try later". Hope they'll fix it soon. If someone got the similar problem & got it fixed. Please reply.
  • Same problem here in Malaysia
  • Update 3:
    Okay. After Instaling English(US) as my language, CORTANA is working fine. But the store bug had not resolved yet. Please suggest something to fix it.
  • it's working fine on my phone (not from USA)
    i think you need to check your time and timezone make it to match your country and change the time into your country's real time then go to email+accounts and tap, sync or whatever it says 
    it should work :)
  • Should I set my Timezone to US or my Original country i.e. India ?
  • Timezone should be your orginal country in your case India 
  • Update 4:
    Now Store is working fine.. :D.
    But Now I thinks the phone became laggy. I tried to answer a call, when I tap the answer button, it doesn't respond as quick it was previous. I had tap it 3-4 times to attend the call.
  • so the timezone and checking the email+account helped ? or it fixed itself alone ?
    yes it was laggy on my phone, i think it need time to cach itself or something at first the live tiles won't load the theme and cortana was slow
    but now after 1 reset (shutdown and on) it become stable and a little bit faster than before WP8
    just give it time :)
  • I think change in Timezone works. But store is only opening. I cannot download anything from that. It is saying " We are having troble getting this info at the moment".
  • well, it just stopped working for me too, lol
    my friend just send me the same, i think we should wait until Microsoft fix it :)
  • I think Store got fixed!
  • Damn, now my store won't work :P
    i should wait...
  • It fucked again here. >.<
  • I got the Cortana. But the thing is that she isn't SPEAKING!
    does a Bing search for "who are you" instead of giving me a personalized answer. Why?
  • get her all setup  
  • Well, She isn't doing a search, but she is not using my name when I hit the search button.  Weird....
  • looked through forums best answer is a hard reset of the phone
  • Damn I am working all day! No WiFi here. This is torture, I need 8.1!!!
  • Will someone please help. I am connected to wifi, still I am stuck at 0%. Why?
  • So far loving 8.1, agree that don't like games in app list but Cortana is great!
  • Updated to Windowsphone 8.1 in the Middle East. I changed my region and language to United States and I received the update with Cortana. There is some error with the store though. Looks like a minor issue. Will get fixed soon. Any one else facing problems with accessing the store?????  
  • Can u help me for 8.1 update
  • Yes. Me too. Store is inaccessible.
  • I have a NOKIA Lumia 1020 of which i bought yesterday (31/05/14). My phone came with windows phone 8.0 and when i check "check for updates" in settings my update status is up to date, of which i have run several times with the same result. I live in Dubai which is why i think this may be a regional problem but according to the nokia website of availablility in the middle east the update is available however i am unfamiliar with the terms Lumia Amber update and Lumia Black update.
      Has anyone else has seen the problem? or has any suggestions which will help me update my phone to 8.1 if so thankyou!!!!
     Which model do you have? and did your phone come with windows phone 8.1 or did you update manually.. thanks alot appreciate any help :D
  • I have a Lumia 925. I have upgraded to WP8.1 but this update was not an update through the Windows app store or through Nokia. I'm  currently running the preview for developers. Everyone else who's using WP8.1 on any Lumia other than the 630 or 930 are running the same preview for developers. The preview for developer release of WP8.1 is safe to install and in my opinion you should not have any trouble with this version. That being said you may not receive warranty coverage if anything does go wrong (It almost never ever happens) you can take a look at old Windows Phone Central articles on how to install the preview for developer release of WP8.1. Please read it well before you upgrade. Microsoft  (Nokia) has not released a final release of the OS for any Windows Phone besides the New 930 and 630. The lease for the rest of the phones will be out soon. Please stay tuened. Congratulations... Thats an amazing purchase. Your going to be glad you did
  • How do i use swipe?
  • Just swiping around the keys worked for me. Didn't mess with any settings.
  • Update to WP8.1 took all of 15 minutes for my Lumia 1520. SO all together it took 25 Minutes to do both updates.
  • Awesome, they finally got rid of the extra black space between the time and tiles after they moved the arrow to the bottom. That bugged me so much.
  • store not working after the update  
  • BUGS! BUGS! already a few on my ATIV S! noticed a bit of stutter and lag but theres this annoying bug with the Camera app... the flash doesn't turn off even if u force it to! i hope this will be fixed soon.
  • cant record video as well... app crashes after using it for a while... need to reboot.
  • Camera features require a new firmware which you will only get from the official update. This is one reason why I'm waiting...
  • Am i the only one here who is missing the dynamic lockscreen? 
  • No. I haven't updated yet, but I read somewhere that the dynamic lockscreen feature is not included in the Developer Preview of 8.1. Search around as I may be incorrect but I'm fairly sure I saw that.
  • I'm have WP 8.1 on my Lumia 920. It is possible to enable screen projection with this model? I'm also wondering if new Nokia Cyan update will bring miracast to this model?   
  • Right now only the Nokia 1520, 930, and maybe the Icon. Hardware issues with the other phones.
  • Dear i have no idea for 8.1 update plzzzzz help me guys
  • Will the preview program void my warranty? I am from India and own a Nokia Lumia 920.
  • Guys.. Anyone of you having error connecting to stores?
  • Yep. Me.
  • I can't connect to anything after the update. No Internet connection at all. Can't even turn WIFI on. I can get texts but no internet... what the hell MS!
  • Why dont connect the store ?
  • I got tricked by both of my phones. :(  My 920 I started when I first got to the gym and it downloaded, began the install and then seemed to be finished,  When I go to my desk at work it asked if I wanted to install 8.1.  Huh?  So now staring at the gears again. My 620 which I use as a Zune HD replacement I started at the end of my workout.  Checked it when I got to my desk and it was only LUMIA BLACK!!!!!! AHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!  These phonea are makin me crazy!!  LOL!
  • They need to download an update that allows them to get 8.1
  • I do the update but the Store not load apps
    My region US and I am in Saudi
  • My store isn't available. Gives back some error. Anyone facing this particular issue..??
  • Yes, I think its specific to India. A lot of users are getting this error after updating
  • Alright. Thanks mate.
  • GOT IT. At work now but really looking forward to trying all the features out!
  • Glance screen no longer shows message or email icons and number of new messages/ emails. Anyone else notice this?
  • Have to wait on the firmware updates from Nokia 2 to 3 months before release. Will come from your carrier.
  • Hmmm... mine does. You need to actually open Glance in Settings and it will prompt you to restar your phone, then it will work.
  • Great update..expect for messaging hub(fb integration remove)..  
  • Does screens with 4.3 inch displays have the third column? I hav a Lumia 720!
  • There is option in settings>theme to show three column tiles. Just turn it on. My L620 shows one ful tile and one half tile.
  • I am in Dubai. My region was UAE. I upgraded to windows 8.1. Not able to see Cortana anywhere no tile no app. Bing is working as per normal. Yes some screen changes are there for Bing. Now I changed my region to united states. But not Cortana.
  • change the language too
  • how did u get the update man .. i also live in uae but my phone region and the language is set as US but still , i haven't got the update .. i have been pressing my update button for the past 48 hrs but my phone doesn't show any updates 
  • I freaking love it!!
  • Just upgraded my ATIV S and it is allowing me to enable the extra column of tiles. I thought only 1080p phones would have this? Hey I'm not complaining. I like it, the tiles are tiny but I like more on there!
  • BUG ALERT!!! if you press the back button, until you enter the multi-tasking menu, then you quickly release and tap it again, you will see a start screen flying back, in front of the real start screen. This was normal on wp8, but in 8.1 if you open the multi-task menu after doing this several times, you will see a lot of "Start" apps opened. back or start button closes them.
  • My 1520 is now updated with 8.1. All good so far :D
  • "7 apps automatically updated" IN THE NOTIFICATION CENTER! *tears of joy*
  • can't figure out how to get that cool lockscreen animation setup.   Anyone find that?  
  • Durr...  NVM
    One such feature is the lock screen theming application, which will not be included in the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview, according to Joe Belfiore.
  • Mine working. Developer preview
  • Unable to connect to store
  • I got the update successfully.
  • Facebook integration has changed. I don't know if I like it yet.
  • all games moved to front? aww noooo
  • Me too, how annoying, what's the point of the Games Hub if they are also in the app list, looks messy. Is everyone else having this issue?
  • cannot connect to store..
  • Store not working properly. Updating impossible too.
  • No Cortana????
  • Cortana only for US during the developer preview, If you want to mess around with it then change your region on your phone to US and restart your phone and cortana will apear
  • Yup already did it but thanx anyways :)
  • Is it possible to edit the sources for the news part?  I really don't want updates from FNC on my phone.   
  • Everyone seems to be having an issue with the store! Please be patient... Lets wait for the fix
  • Oh and WP store not available???
  • The update wiped out my Xbox music playlists. They didn't re sync with my music. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a workaround or do I have to add all 100+ songs to a new list manually?
  • 8.1 so far is amazing, but now all the theme colors are washed out and brighter. Cobalt is no longer as deep blue as it used to be. :(
  • yea first thing i noticed, everything else is great but that color is disapointing..
  • First, my phone is really running snappy right now. Can't believe how fast and fluid it is. Second, I was under the impression the three tie column option would be for 4.5 screens and up only. Clearly not cause my 820 has the option as well. Makes the screen a little smaller, so its probably best with a larger screen. But that was a nice surprise.
  • Lumia 520 handles it well
  • Picture hub sucks!
  • STORE IS WORKING NOW... Incase its not working and you still get the error... Do not change to any other region, leave it as United States and restart your phone once. If it still does not work remain patient as its starting to work on most phones...
  • Where to see which apps are running in background?
  • Background services are under the battery settings
  • In UK to chand region and language to it US to get Cortana.
  • UK lumia 920. Wicked this brill
  • WP Store still getting hammered :(  Can't download/update all my apps yet....
  • Don't know if anyone noticed this:  If you install something AFTER this update, it shows a "NEW" indicator under the app name in the App listing just like windows 8
  • Anyone know how to bring Cellular button into Action Center!? tell me how plz :(
  • Yeah I been searching for it too.I guess no quick action button for turning mobile network on
  • Fuck man , i reached 73% , now it shows couldn't download and started from 0% ,im getting mad here......
  • Seems like the Swype feature only works with English. :(
  • Of course not... There's no Swype... But word flow works pretty well :D in Germany it works.
  • Got WP 8.1, so far brilliant! No Cortana yet cause I'm in Ireland but I will be patient and wait for the official update, can't be bothered changing location :P
  • You can have it if you change your region and language to be USA
  • My Lumia 1520 from India got bricked. I see a blue screen " PC recovery" Your PC needs to be repaired!. Now I am downloading NOKIA Software recovery tool :-D  
  • Didnt download yet, still at work. But, anyone from canada who got cortana?
  • Not Canada, Hungary, but you only have to change the phone location and language to US and Cortana will wait for you among your apps
  • Change before or after update?
  • I changed it after
  • I did choose english us as my language, change my region to united states and choose set my phone language. Sid restart but still dont have cortana
  • Error 80188309 on my huawei w1 at 96% I already have GDR3 preview but idk what the hell is happening
  • finally i can honestly suggest this OS to everyone with out having to say well it doesnt have that.  thanks so much microsoft. 
  • Swype keyboard rocks
  • Having Problem with appstore
  • everyone is, me too, try changing location to US
  • Doesn't matter whether you change to US, the store is getting hammered regardless...
  • doesn't help change location ... :( store has con problem
  • Where is quiet hours?
  • Finally upgraded. The update did mess up my time and language settings a bit. Fixed it and updated to activate Cortana. This is truly a massive update, some of the noteworthy changes are; calender app, IE11(its neat and the sync across devices is a great touch), phone list (speed dial), additional column of live tiles, background for start screen, action center, seperate voumn control for ringer/ apps, battery saver, xbox music has some new features (still exploring) and of course Cortana.  
  • Hello everyone. On my Lumia 920 after upgrade does not work WIFI. Someone encountered this problem?
  • I have tried to enable VPN. It did not work, but I forgot to disable it and the WIFI (and even 3G) stopped working. After disabling VPN everything worked again. Maybe it is something similar also in your case...
  • store not working ....can't download apps.....anyone facing similar problem????
  • I have finished installing the first update but having problem downloading the main update. Can't wait to use Cortana
  • Updated with Cortana in Switzerland...changed location and regional format to US and language to English US...
  • My phone(Samsung ATIV S)  is flipping after the update. It was always working just fine. Also other develoepr previews had no issue at all. Anyone else with the same issue?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0xH4BSwbEY
  • A quick search through this thread indicates another samesung user with camera issues. People get too eager to update the OS without firmware from the official release...
  • When is the official update coming? Hope it contains international Cortana... Bing voice thing is just not enough
  • Project My Screen - what's up with that? What sourcery does one have to perform to get it working? I saw them using something like that during Build so there's gotta be a way for common people too? Right? Right?
  • Hey Is store working fine without changing the Location. This CORTANA has fucked up all the things. I think I'll wait for CORTANA after official release to India. Please someone tell me that Store is working fine without getting the cortana or not. So that I can Hard Reset my phone to just my Original Location.  
  • Where is the Xbox music live tile animation???
  • I don't like the games being shown in app list.  Also games hub closes automatically.  Also thanks msft for reducing fonts in headings like games, people etc.  third column support in L620. Wordflow is great. But xbox music will be available in India. Bing Maps also available.
  • Y not cortana in India ? :|
  • CORTANA is in BETA version, so Microsoft is testing that to a limited region.
  • this is so awesome :D
  • Loving the new updated OS.... Especially the new enhancements to the OS...... Works seemlessly on my nokia Lumia 920...
  • They finally added a very simple and user friendly playlist option in the music hub. I know this wasn't a big deal for some. But its absolutely awesome that I can make playlist easily on the fly. But not only that, I can add, remove and reorder songs as well.
  • im from India. using swipe keyboard to type these :) :) so much excited.. im having dialogues with cortana.. no problems at all.. just changed my region to us. language to english(us), time to central america..
  • try usnig store ....you will find problem:((
  • Yeah Store got fixed. :D  
  • so I can't add cellular ( mobile data ) to the quick settings? this is just so stpid
  • found it already..:( but..dude..cortana is here !!!! who cares the rest? i dont, obviously :)
  • Anyone having issues with their WiFi connectivity? Mine keeps disconnecting after the upgrade...
  • Ok! This has got to be a bug. Whenever the display goes off, the WiFi disconnects even with WiFi sense disabled...   I just set the display to turn off after 'never'. Now my connection is solid...
  • All of my contacts got wiped off.
  • Soooo Cortana won't talk to me...
  • Same here.  Won't listen to me either.  She says "Listening" but nothing happens no matter what I say. The only time I can get her to (almost) say something is if I go in and set up my name (Jon) and click the button to hear how she'll say it.  I get a crackiling sound and then just "on."  Sometimes.  Most of the time nothing happens.  It seems that nothing voice-related on the phone works.  Won't read incoming texts either. (Lumia 920, FWIW)
  • UPDATE:  So she was trying to listen/talk, but my Lumia was connected to my landline phone via Bluetooth, so she couldn't hear me and I couldn't hear her.  Turned off Bluetooth and it works.
  • Downloaded and installed update, migrated data, etc, same phone version with no update, restarted phone, same thing. Any ideas?
  • There's two updates, one is "preparation for 8.1" and the other is the "actual 8.1" check for updates again ;)
  • Still can't connect to store any solution
  • Did somebody the wp8.1 update out of Germany, enabled Cortana and still has a working access to the store?
  • i know its not significant but... i like the windows logo on start up 
  • phone just told me that I have a new update available
  • some language support stuff, nothing has changed apparently, still no Cortana
  • Thanks Microsoft for the free update
  • I am not able to open my store after the update ,.. Plz help
  • Hey I cant access the windows store???? Help
  • Updated 8.1 Lumia 820 India
  • I know features like Cortana, Siri, and Google Now are gimmicky for some. I can already see myself personally using Cortana alot.
  • I can't access my store.
    it shows 805a01f7 error
    plzzzzz help
  • I can't access my store
    it shows 807a01f7 error
    plzzzzzz help
  • Anyone able to open the store after the update ? It's throwing a error.
  • Hope so the store comesback soon
  • I can't access my store
    it shows 807a01f7 error
    plzzzzz help
  • I think the store is down due to maintainance ..
  • Ever since installing the 8.1 update the store is unstable. several apps wont download and giving error. also moving to sd card seems also to have several bugs still
  • Updated Lumia 1520 flawlessly! Cortana and swipe typing and notifications are finally here!!!!!!8-D!! I also like the update to the app store! Auto updates are here!
  • Store fixed ....thank god ....working fine
  • Why dont work store, the store dont open and work,
  • Can't remove pics from favourites UPDATE: if you want to then en the pic and tap the heart, the hold and choose remove thing isn't working
  • Same problem here in my lumia 1520
  • After update unable to open store, it's showing unable to connect
  • Same here in germany
  • Same with me. Probably teething problems. Expect it will be up again soon.
  • What is going on witht the Screen still not staying on when playing games?? I really hoped windows would have fixed this by now.
  • Swipe keyboard loving it!
  • Store in my region is down though...
  • Any one having problem with the store I can seem to get on it?
  • I can't get the store to load in the UK. Anyone else had this problem?
  • Yea I got the same problem. It will be fixed at some point
  • Love it!
  • And some apps get very unstable or basically unusable when moving to sd card like dungeon hunter 4 is getting so sluggish and buggy i moved it back to the phone. but some apps seem fine and make use of my 64 gb sd card
  • if the SD is slow, then it's not for games. I use a 8GB class10, Asphalt 8 runs well
  • Ashpalt 8 does run smooth for me on sd card but dungeon hunter 4 will not run good on sd card only on phone itself it does run well. And then some apps dont even download but that must be a store issue.
  • This update is fantastic. Iteration. I am happy.
  • Cannot access to the store, it says error. Why?
  • Love the WP8.1 Developer Preview update on my Lumia 1520! There is a definite lag in opening apps for the first time but seems to have been resolved.  
  • I still cannot get Cortana to work.  Have a CAD localized HTC 8x.  I can change all settings (keyboard, speech, region, format) to United States, and I can move English (United States) to the top of the 'languages' list, but it still doesn't work.  I noticed in the 'languages' list, under 'English (Canada)', it states 'Phone Language: Enabled', but it doesn't say anything about 'Phone Language' under 'English (United States)'?  If I install 'English (United Kingdom)', it lists under it 'Phone Language: available'. I've tried removing and re-adding all the United States options, but can't seem to force it to redownload or anything.  Does anyone have any suggestions before I try wiping it?
  • Just installed WP 8.1.  But this is still missing the ability to unlock the phone with NFC.  I want to designate certain NFC tags (like my nfc ring and in-car charger with nfc) to bypass the password prompt when unlocking. This is a must have after my workplace made passcodes a requirement.
  • I still can't go into the store! When are they going to fix it?
  • Wow, now THIS is an update.   As an ex iPhone users of 5 years, I am finally without want for anything I had on the iPhone.   Well, maybe a nicer way to organize things on the App List side.  That would still be nice :)   
  • Store does not work
  • Testing out the swipe keyboard. Works pretty darn well
  • WTH......wifi is not working in my lumia 620
  • I know how to designate my micro SD Card for apps, but has anything figured out how to move my existing apps from the phone memory to my card? Do I have to uninstall and reinstall each app for this to happen?
  • storage sense does it, just open the phone tab and click an app, it will offer you to move it to the SD, you can also multi-select apps and move them
  • Thanks. After I posted this,I figured that out. After it was done I saw that some apps Music and Video to name a couple were still stored in the phone. Not complaining, I got back over 2 GB of phone memory. Just wondering if anyone knows why these didn't move. By the way, love the new keyboard swyping.
  • In the notification center they really should add the "Alarm" in the quick action menu, and when you text messaging someone in the contact there is "connect" and "add apps" do they should add the Facebook messaging app instead of the Facebook app !!! But all other features are awesome i really like the swipe keyboard I'm using it right now it's wonderful how it works, Cortana is another nice feature for web search and even call someone of text messaging by voice, work better !!!
  • How do I make the time and notifications slanted (and in the middle of the screen) on the lockscreen?
  • Any idea how to add Cortana on a non US phone? I've changed my region settings to USA on both my phone as well as on my email account (I did that before installing WP8.1)...
  • Ok, guys.
    Since I did the update, I am not able to use 3G mobile data to use IE at all. Weather, Store.
    But, for instance, Bing search works, RSS reader...
    I checked my region settings, date and time zone...but still the same.
    I insterted my SIM in another phone - everything works as expected.
    I did factory reset - but still the same.
    Any advice?
    Thanks UPDATE I had to update my APN details. It resolved my issue
  • Downloaded on 1520 and it's pretty awesome. The action center is sweet. I didn't realize that I used it so much before when I had android. A welcome update. Cortana is cool so far. The swipe keyboard works pretty well too. Good job MS.
  • Anyone lose media sounds after update ( keyboard, unlocking click, etc) ?
  • I am having 920, when I enable third coloumn option in themes I see the live tiles are only for half of the screen, other half of the screen is completely blank.
    Please help.
  • you haven't put anything there yet. drag the tiles there
  • Fantastic this OS is. Cortana is fantastic as well.
  • I do not like how my games are shown outside the games hub. Pretty sweet update so far though.
  • Battery is dying faster on Lumia 1520
  • All down now just waiting on the apps to install
  • HELP! I think I just bricked my wife's phone. I did my upgrade (1020), great. Then my daughter's (520), great. Then I started my wife's--a 920. Everything seemed to be going well, but now it's caught in an reboot cycle. It gets to the gears and the reboots, over and over. Could it be an overheat? Should I let it just continue rebooting? If I unplug the power, it gives me a battery-question mark indicator instead.
  • Oh, thank goodness -- it seems to be progressing. The gears are gone now; they've never gone beyond ~10%. IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP: Don't use Qi and be prepared for a HOT battery. If it is an overheating problem, I think I blame it on my wife's case and Qi. Qi, IIRC, has a history of overheating problems...
  • I love the os and upgrades make the phone awesome and been here since the hd7 but i went from 75 to 33 in 5 hours since last charge with hardly any use. Used to go 1 days 12 hours with regular use
  • After installing on Verizon HTC 8X, I cannot access any of my email accounts even though I reauthorized the permissions. Not even my Outlook account works. When I launch, it goes back to the Start Screen. Also, I have no Cortana. Search button does nothing when pressed. If I hold down, it lets me do voice command, but no dialogs show up. I've rebooted, but I still have these problems.
  • Updated my HTC 8X on Verizon & I cannot access any of my email accounts including Outlook. I reauthorized the permissions it asked me to & when I tap to launch any account or tap an email address on a contact card, the screen flashes black, then goes back to Start or the contact. Cortana doesn't work either. Search button does nothing. When I hold down I get the audio prompt for voice commands, but nothing pops up.
  • Hahaha my screen on htc 8x doesnt look good on smaller tiles.
  • How to make live tiles transparent? Doable?
  • Some Live Tiles are not transparent. How to fix?
  • those which are not becoming transparent have a full picture on them, they won't be transparent
  • Test
  • Anyone with 1520, did you get Project My Screen working in wireless mode?
  • Some of my apps won't show up in the notification and actions screen when I have a notification, that's the only complaint
  • Did you guys notice bug in Glance screen?
  • Anybody using Lumia 525 ?. Does WP 8.1 preview runs on 525 without any isssues. let me know before upgrading  
  • It should. Lumia 520 works well, has some minor bugs, but nothing serious.
  • Whatsapp no longer longer notifing me of messages. Viber still working though. What appened to background applications?   Skype never worked still not working, this is underwhelming to say the least!
  • I did upgrade, and here are a few things that I would like to see changed or addressed. Volume. I would like to have a loud key press but maybe a low volume for my ringer. Second, is the app game store. All my games were in the game app. Note they after all in my app list. That really clutters my apps. Put that feature back.
  • Does anyone else experience a hissing sound from the loudspeaker when using the Nokia Camera app after the update? Media volume must be set to at least 1. The stock camera app is working fine, though. (Lumia 520) Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • My L520 is making some weird sound, something like a chainsaw, I have installed the app on another L520, without the update, it does the same, but with a bit less volume.
  • Pretty weird. It's the same with Cinemagraph, Refocus and Panorama but not with the old Smart Cam app... I was worried the noise would leak into the microphone when recording video, but it goes away when I hit record.
  • Anyone else getting 1GB of Settings Data?
  • <p>It's showing up as "Other" data</p>
  • Battery is dying faster on Lumia 1520
  • Microsoft have to add mobile data in the notification centre
  • +
  • I cannot set alarm using Cortana
  • How do I remove 8.1 update and return to wp8? I have a Nokia Lumia 920, since the update, my email won't work, mlb-14 at bat doesn't work, it cut down the range of WiFi, half my apps font work correctly. I hate the new update, anyway to undo it? If I cant undo it, I'm going to get a new phone that has android.
  • Hey is there anyone having the problem to find Asphalt 8 in store. My store is not showing that.  Please reply.
    And one more thing I have Lumia 525 which was under Gameloft offer. The listed games(like Asphalt 7, MC4,etc.) were free before the update to 8.1 . But now it is not showing them free. I think that this is due to the update to 8.1 . Please leave your opinion about this guys. Help me to get them again as free. Send via Lumia 525, India
  • yeah i have 525 ! and im having the same prob in mine too! even the free asphalt 8 is not showing up in my phone ! 
    it works in my friend's 520 bt not in mine ! please help !    
  • New bug found.. Not with wp8.1 but with WhatsApp I guess.. If you use WordFlow continuously and by mistake press the search button .. The phone restarts. Happens with me on my Lumia 920
  • plzzzz help....my lumia 920 not booting after 8.1 update. it shows nokia goes back to the blank screen again, help meeeeeeeee....plsssssss  
  • Anyone installed the update on a Verizon Lumia 928 yet?
  • What is the deal with Facebook opening when I am on my notifications hub or peoples hub?  Also I accidently put down hide notifications in my Me hub, I want them back!  Anyone know this stuff?
  • How do I connect to a l2tp,pptp VPN? Only ikev2 option is available. WTH??
  • i have problem with my xbox games! everytime i opened it, it said "Couldn't open that. Try again. What the hell is happen actually?? i've shut down my phone so many times, in the end, the same thing happend again! i feel so uncomfortable for this matter. Please fix it! :( and i dun even like my games listed on apps list.. And why xbox music is no longer for live tiles?? is this windows phone 8.1 that we gonna face soon? even the preview looks sucks. i'm so regret for update it. anyone help me.. :(
  • Has anyone else noticed your live tiles for third party apps no longer update after updating 8.1?
  • If you have changed your language settings... Go to settings-applications and turn her on.... Found with my Nokia 1520 Cortana doesn't work on Wi-Fi
  • i have updated my lumia 620 to windows phone 8.1 preview for developer release. Every thing is going fine and all announced functions are performing well except cortana, which is not available in our country. TheBig problem which i am facing on my Lumia 620 is that its battery drained out very quickly. A 100% charged battery only lasts for 5 to 6 hours even i have limited use with now wifi and bluetooth which has made it useless.  pls guide if someone can have any tip to get rid of this issue.  
  • Is there an addition of wifi direct option in wp 8.1 update. cos i am not seeing any.
  • how can i get 8.1???
  • Here are a couple additions that I would like to see come. First is a custom field when adding contacts. Second would be a star icon when you are choosing letters for search. That star would be favorites.
  • i updated my new lumia 525 to windows 8.1 ! and i cannot see or install asphalt 8 in my phone and i also tried to copy the xap file to my sd card and when i look in the store it is showing that it is not a supported app for my phone ! what do i do !  
  • Subtitles Subtiles option is available under "Video" but is always greyed out. I have tried placing .SRT and .SUB files with my video files but subtitles never get enable. Anyone know a solution to this problem?
  • Hi, help me plzzzzzzzz. I upgraded to windows 8.1 and now my lumia 525 is not getting started. It showing nokia logo then go to sleep. Again restart the same thing is happening. What can I do.... plzzzzzz help
  • Hello. Am from indonesia, using Lumia 925 (black upgrade). Was checking out win 8.1 upgrade on tis website, and..wow! Cortana. Wow. Did the steps for upgrade, arnd 3mins on the gear screen(indonesian internet is slow), 12mins-ish on data migration screen, battery was not full around 80+%, after update now at 78%, switching to US language and region, restarting, NO CORTaNA! :'(  
  • After a few more updates, installation, my lumia 925 is now on Windows 8.1. Cortana works, but it wont say my name. Clicked on it, "what can i do" and suggestions come on, instead of, "hi, danny, what can i do for you" but it works. Switched tiles around, but have yet to explore all the new updates. Cheers
  • I have a NOKIA Lumia 1020 of which i bought yesterday (31/05/14). My phone came with windows phone 8.0 and when i check "check for updates" in settings my update status is up to date, of which i have run several times with the same result. I live in Dubai which is why i think this may be a regional problem but according to the nokia website of availablility in the middle east the update is available however i am unfamiliar with the terms Lumia Amber update and Lumia Black update.
      Has anyone else has seen the problem? or has any suggestions which will help me update my phone to 8.1 if so thankyou!!!!
  • Anyone got updated in Oman. I;m using 920 and tried alot to get updates but still nothing :(
  • I have a lumia 720 and although I love in dubai I have set the region and language as us. When will I get the 8.1 update??