Windows Phone 8.1's separate volume controls exposed in new screenshot

As we get closer to Build in April, it’s probably not too shocking that more leaks of Windows Phone 8.1 will begin to drip out.  Today, we have a simple screen capture revealing separate volume controls.

While the text in the image is in Chinese, we can explain better what exactly is shown in the screenshot.

Confirmed 8.1 volume controls

The first slider is for ‘Ringer + notifications’ while the second slider is for ‘Media + apps’. Heading to the bottom, the left icon is a toggle for Silent mode, and then on the right we can find cog icon that takes you to the sound settings page. We're also told that this controller won't appear every time you want to alter the volume, but rather it is context dependent. For example, if you're in an app, changing the app volume (as opposed to ringer volume) takes priority.

The source of the image is WPbar, based in China. We have been able to confirm with people familiar with Windows Phone 8.1 that it is indeed, authentic.

Separate volume controls is one of those seemingly simple additions to the OS that will go a long way in improving the user experience. Currently, Windows Phone 8 only has one ‘master’ volume control, which will change levels for notifications, games and music in one fell swoop (users can also set it to vibrate or none).

As we discussed on yesterday’s podcast, Windows Phone 8.1 will have a few big features, like ‘Cortana’ and a notification center, but the OS will also have improvements on every other aspect, including the keyboard, backups, VPN and more.

While separate volume controls are in and of itself not groundbreaking (we’ve reported on their inclusion numerous times), it’s great to get a peek at the dropdown menu coming in 8.1.

Windows Phone 8.1 is expected to be revealed in April during Build, with new hardware landing in June, give or take a few weeks.

Source:; via WMPU

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