Amazing Weather for Windows Phone

Amazing Weather is one of the best looking weather apps available for your Windows Phone. But it's not just a pretty picture.

Amazing Weather present you with an abundance of weather information from current conditions to weekly forecasts to radar images. Amazing Weather is powered by and if you're looking for a nice looking, informative weather app, it's worth a try.

Amazing Weather Main Page and Extended Forecast

The main page of Amazing Weather displays your current conditions along with an animated weather graphic representing the current conditions. Amazing Weather's current conditions include the temperature, humidity, pressure, visibility, wind, dew point, UV index, as well as sunrise/sundown times.  The lower third displays a snapshot of the forecast for the next three days and from the three dot menu you have options to access settings, view the hourly forecast, view radar/satellite imagery, pin the forecast city to your Start Screen, refresh the data and add/remove a location.

Settings cover measurement unit choice, animations on/off, live tile update frequency, location services on/off, a help section and the customary About screen.

Amazing Weather will support up to three forecast locations on the main page. You can add locations by zip, keyword or by tapping the target symbol for your location. You move from location to location by side swiping the main page.

Amazing Weather Hourly Forecast and Radar

Tap on a forecast date and you will pull up a more detailed forecast for the next seven days. The radar/satellite pages aren't too shabby but lack animation. You have radar, satellite ir4 and satellite visible views.

It would be easy to say that Amazing Weather is simply amazing.  While it is an impressive weather app both in appearance, navigation and the amount of weather information it presents, there is room for improvement.  I do wish the radar/satellite imagery was animated and the app had weather alerts.  It would also be nice to have more than three forecast cities.  Three cities just seems a little restrictive.

While Amazing Weather may not have all the bells and whistles of Accuweather or the Weather Channel, to quote basketball great Charles Barkley, "It's not turrible.".

Amazing Weather has a free trial and the full version will run you $.99. You can find Amazing Weather here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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