AccuWeather for Windows 10 on PC, Mobile, and Xbox gets new auto theme and videos

A new update for AccuWeather brings some new features. Here is what's new for the app on PC, Mobile, and Xbox.

AccuWeather brings crowdsourced weather to its Windows app with AccUcast

AccuWeather users will can now access AccUcast, a feature that allows users around the world to crowdsource weather data for others to see on a dedicated map.

AccuWeather adds Xbox One support and more in latest update

AccuWeather has updated its universal Windows 10 app, adding support for the Xbox One console, among other new features.

AccuWeather is one of the best weather apps for Windows 10

The Accuweather app has been around since the early days of Windows Phone 7 and has evolved with the platform, now being built for Windows 10. The app delivers a host of forecast information to your PC or Mobile device to help you better plan your day or deal with those unexpected showers or storms.

AccuWeather gets a slight UI revamp and more in latest Windows 10 app update

AccuWeather for Windows 10 and Mobile just a nice UI refresh. Here's what's new.

Get AccuWeather Premium for half price until June 6

The AccuWeather app for Windows 10 on PC and Mobile has a special deal that will allow users to ditch its banner ads with an in-app purchase for $1.99 until June 6, or half its normal cost.

AccuWeather for Windows 10 adds future radar for predicting what's coming soon

AccuWeather has updated its app for Windows 10 on PC and Mobile. It now includes a future radar feature that tries to predict when storms are coming up to two hours in advance.

AccuWeather app updated for Windows 10 with new video content

Popular weather app AccuWeather has been updated for Windows 10 PC and Mobile with some new video content available in a number of different playlists.

AccuWeather snags new dark theme in latest update

Popular weather app AccuWeather has snagged a new dark theme on both Windows 10 PC and Mobile in its latest update.

AccuWeather's revamped Windows 10 app now available on mobile

AccuWeather's revamped Windows 10 app is now available to download for Windows 10 Mobile devices, just a day after launching on PC.

AccuWeather's revamped app brings to-the-minute forecasts to Windows 10 for PC and Mobile

AccuWeather today has released their brand new weather app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. Here are all the details.

AccuWeather app updated to include new MinuteCast feature and more

One of the best weather apps for Windows Phone, AccuWeather, has received a new update today that includes MinuteCast, which offers a way for users to learn how much rain or other kinds of precipitation is expected at a location down to the minute.

App Update Roundup: Molome, PicHit.Me, AccuWeather and more

Just before we head into the weekend, there have been a number of updates pushed through the Windows Phone Store over the past few days. Molome joins PicHit.Me and more as consumers are notified of new versions available for download. Head past the break to see which apps have been updated and what's new.

It’s a beautiful day for a big AccuWeather update on Windows Phone

If you’re a fan of AccuWeather’s app for Windows Phone, you’ll want to grab the latest version, which has just gone live in the Store.

What’s new? We have the full details of the latest update to grace Windows Phone this month.

Accuweather for Windows Phone 8 with lockscreen support lands in the store

Accuweather for Windows Phone 8 is now available in the Windows Phone store. The Windows Phone 8 version adds lockscreen integration and customizable live tile sizing to the already impressive list of Accuweather features.

Lockscreen integration provides current conditions from your default location and an weather image illustrating the current conditions. While it would have been nice to have seen more options (e.g. extended forecast) it's a start.

Non-special Accuweather app heads to Nokia Collection for Windows Phone

We’re not sure where Nokia is headed with this one but there is now a second Accuweather app in the Windows Phone Store, but this latest one is for Nokia Lumias only.

Now before every non-Nokia owner out there throws a fit, there is no difference between this version and the open one for all Windows Phone users. In fact, it’s slightly older being at version 2.1 whereas the common app is at version 2.2. This is similar to the Nokia SoundTracker app, where as far as we know there are no differences either.

Accuweather gets bumped to v2.2, brings a little speed to the table

If you use the Accuweather app on your Windows Phone, you'll notice an update being pushed through this morning. Version 2.2 doesn't bring any new features to the weather app but instead is more of a maintenance update to address a few bug fixes.

We have noticed that after updating, whatever fixes that are put in place seems to give Accuweather a little more zip. Pages load faster and navigation smoother. brings Mango into the forecast

The popular Windows Phone weather app,, has gone Mango. The update gives the app the fast resume feature and, most notably, the ability to pin multiple weather tiles to your Start Screen.

Just go to your locations, tap hold on a forecast city and you can choose to pin the location to your Start Screen and give it a custom name. Tapping on one of these tiles launches the app and sets the weather information to that location. is a free application for your Windows Phone and you can download it here at the Windows Phone Web Marketplace.  If you happen to see any additional changes to feel free to share in the comments.

Thanks goes out to Miguel for tipping us on this!

Windows Phone Weather App Roundup

If you search the keyword "weather" over at the Windows Phone Marketplace it will yield you about one hundred results.  Everything from Accuweather to Nude Beach Weather, the choices cover a lot of territory.  But which one is the best?

You've got Windows Phone weather apps that will deliver the basics such as your current conditions and an extended forecast. You also have weather apps that will throw radar imagery, videos, and more weather stats into the mix.  Then there are non-weather apps that have weather features.

After taking a look at a handful of the weather apps on the Marketplace, we've rounded up the ones that stood out. After the break, found out which weather apps we think should find their way to your Windows Phone.

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