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Accuweather for WP7 - A closer look

The other day the official app was released over at the Windows Phone Marketplace. We briefly touched on it in the announcement post and now that we've had some time to tinker with the latest weather app, we'll take a closer look at things.

Accuweather for Windows Phone provides you with:

  • Ccurrent weather conditions
  • A ten day forecast
  • Hourly forecasts
  • Weather maps (Bing maps with animated radar and satellite views)
  • Lifestyle forecasts, and video clips from

You can preset up to seven locations in addition to your current location. Changing locations is simple in that all you need to do is tap on the temperature banner at the top of the screen and your listed locations appear. If you need to pull up weather information for your current location just tap the cross-hair emblem on the current conditions screen. Accuweather will then use your Windows Phone's location services to identify your location.

Accuweather for Windows Phone has live tile support that will display your location, current temperature and any weather alerts. The live tile updated immediately when running on my HD7S but has yet to update on my Samsung Focus.  Settings are limited to turning on/off your live tile and location services as well as choosing Imperial or Metric readings.

There are a couple of stand out features to Accuweather. RealFeel Temperature takes into account various weather conditions to reflect what the outside temperature feels like. Accuweather also has a red exclamation mark that appears on the Current Conditions page and Live Tile to alert you of any weather alerts for your area. Just tap on the red square and the app will pull up the details on the alert.  Lastly, Accuweather has a Lifestyles section that will give you a summary of how the weather matches up with a wide variety of outdoor activities and conditions.

For the most part, Accuweather is an impressive weather app for your Windows Phone. I would have liked a few choices for the app's background to give Accuweather a little more color. The app ran stable but at times, it was a little laggy. For example, I could tap the Lifestyles or Locations buttons several times before the page would load.

So, how does Accuweather compare to other weather apps for your Windows Phone? I'm not ready to give it the edge over the Weather Channel and it may be a notch better than the Weatherbug app. I guess we'll need to do a round up eventually comparing the available Windows Phone weather apps.

Regardless of how Accuweather measures ups to existing weather apps, it's worth a try.  You can download your free copy of Accuweather for Windows Phone here (opens in new tab) (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • This video is private Hmmmm LOLI don't like this app because of its lagyyness and the live tile keeps reverting to imperial until you access the app again.A welcome addition of course and will improve with future updates i'm sure.
  • video fixed.
  • Live tile isn't working on my Focus either. Going back to weatherbug :-/
  • I have a samsung focus and its working on my phone. I pin to start before configuring live tile apps. That works for me.
  • I had the same problem on my optimus 7 in the beginning as well. What I did was turn live tile off, then on again and then, instead of going back to the home screen with the windows key, I went back with the back button, try that and see if it works. It's actually not the first app where I have had to do that.
  • I've noticed that weird thing about some live tiles, too, that using the back button to return to the home screen, instead of using the Windows button, makes some live tiles work correctly. I really hope they fix that.As for AccuWeather, I decided to do a little test and have it, The Weather Channel, and WeatherBug pinned to start. So far, they all usually show different temperatures (though they are all within about 5 degrees of each other). Funny thing is I used TWC as my main one before and it didn't usually update by itself that often, but, so far, it seems to update the most now that I have the others pinned, too.
  • Is the best for me. The Live tile only updates when I enter the app, rendering the concept of live tile useless but it gives me accurate weather as oppose to weather bug.
  • I wish one of these apps would show you the pollen count aswell, I know for the past few months hayfever has kicked in and it would be a welcome addition.
  • I wouldn't mind seeing that as well. Accuweather does have the Lifestyles Feature that will rate pollen/dander conditions. It's a start.
  • I try to pin live tile applications to the start menu before configuring them. They seem to work better.
  • I wonder if the live tile issues are somehow related to the delays in releasing the 7392 update for the focus . I like the look and the live tile as shown on the ATT HD7s It would be nice if it would work on the focus hopefully the issue will resolved in the mango update.
  • Live Tile started working only after I deleted Endpoints and ManagedEndpoints from the registry. Still using WeatherChannel though. Accuweather is horribly laggy, especially when you have more that one location saved and start the app. Before the app downloads all the data for all of them, you can't do anything.
  • A nice app but the lag is definitely noticeable. I'm sticking with The Weather Channel and Weather Bug for now.
  • nice app but the weather channel app is still the best app imo and i like the post to facebook option in the weather channel app
  • Live Tile isn't working on the HTC Mozart. (tried the method posted by MarcXW with no luck)Also here the lag is a killer.
  • Samsung Focus here. No live tile working :-/ The app looks amazing, though it is incredibly laggy. Two things come to mind here.1) Live Tiles are big issue with wp7 (pre-Mango definitely). Much like Koki.v3 said, you'd have to registry hack to get them to work. Would love for this to be fixed in Mango. Not sure now considering this current issue and what I see from the youtube vid.2) Why in the world does AccuWeather and WeatherChannel have ads in their apps? Seriously? You don't need to advertise for your own product! Yeesh...Happy 4th of July Everyone!
  • All live tiles end up eventually working for me, even now getting push notifications from Facebook.
  • My thoughts on all four...1. WeatherBug - love the fact that the weather station is 100 yards from my house - find the live tile undependable in terms of actually updating each day - or whatever I set the interval to.2. WeatherMan - kudos for the customizable data on the live tile but only daily forecast info given (no hour-by hour, radar, pollen) and the live tile is always on a sky blue background - even at midnight - which messes with my head.3. Accuweather - Love the content, love the design of the App. Can't get over the constant black background of the tile - day or night - and hate the start-up lag (12-15 seconds in my informal tests).4. WeatherChannel - HATE the fact that the "WC" blue square is on the live tile - it is just obnoxious! Why can't they write "Weather Channel" along the bottom of the tile and use the space for info like the forecast daily high. Other than that, I think it is the best of the four...and the one I keep coming back to.
  • I like the App. But the live tile does not update properly. It's like it has it's own mind. It shows up as night even though it is day time. If that could be fixed, this app is fantastic. I'm not sure the issue is because I'm running Mango (beta) on my device.
  • Very nice and accurate app. I don't like the looks of the Live Tile though... They could have done better with this. Staying with HTC Hub for now.