AccuWeather gets a slight UI revamp and more in latest Windows 10 app update

When it comes to accuracy in weather AccuWeather tends to get the nod as being the most reliable (also the creators of the very neat 'RealFeel' measurement).

The universal Windows Store app for AccuWeather just received a bump to and with it some well-deserved improvements.

AccuWeather changelog

  • Feature updates
  • Design improvements
  • Localization enhancements
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance enhancements

The biggest shift in the UI is a move away from the 'centered temperature in a circle' design to a slightly larger, left-aligned one with no border. It makes the app certainly fit more in line with the Windows 10 aesthetic, and it looks much better. The individual tile areas for Video, Current, MinuteCast, Hourly, etc. have also been left-aligned instead of centered as well.

Personally speaking, I felt iffy on the original revision to the Windows 10 AccuWeather app when it launched a few months ago, but now I have to say this newer layout is much more pleasing. It could still use some more flair, but it's getting there. One thing I like about the AccuWeather app is that it's very fast to launch and refresh (and the animated weather background is a nice touch too). Their Live Tile is also one of the best I have seen especially on mobile (easy to read at a glance).

While it's an optional $3.99 to remove the ads if you use the app regularly (it syncs across devices via your Microsoft Account, nice touch), it may be worth the investment. Either way, at least you now have the option to keep it cleaner looking. Interestingly, AccuWeather charges $1 more for the ad-free experience compared to Android. However, that difference is likely due to it removing ads on PC and Mobile, which is something not available to Android users.

Weather apps are a personal choice, but if you feel like trying something new maybe see if AccuWeather fits the bill.

Download AccuWeather for Windows 10 and Mobile (opens in new tab)

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Daniel Rubino

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  • ugly still...
  • ...still, it works very well and has a Live Tile that works consistently. I got you. (Ellipsis abuse).
  • Weird, my live tile for accuweather never works, and it is turned on in settings.
  • I use The Weather Network app as it works better for Canada.
  • I like the look of the app now, but the text on the live tile is too small for my 950 XL. Otherwise I agree with the article.
  • I like the improvements but find one fault: In the multi-day forecast it eliminates the 1 at the beginning of temperatures over 100, which in Arizona's deserts is most summer days. The Accuweather app for 8.1 did not do that.
  • ...agree but this is the only app works at my location... I like the animation feature!!!
  • I like it especially the animation tile with radar...
  • Nothing can beat the W10 MSN Weather app for me :D
  • The MSN Weather app doesn't work for many countries in the world.
  • Yeah, that's why I wrote "for me". It works just fine here in Hungary :D
  • Works good in Czech Republic too. But is not accurate in my home country/state. It's off at times 10 degrees (F). They need to give us the ability to change what source is used for wx data.
  • Germany as welll
  • Thailand, too!
  • Now if they would finally just get their live tile working. This is the only reason it jsnt pinned to my start screen.
  • Hey there. It works for me on windows 10 mobile. I haven't tried to pin it on my computer though.
  • It's the opposite for me. Works on my desktop but not my phone.
  • I use MSN weather....
  • I like the new design
  • Can't even use it. I enter my location and the app crashes every time. Given up with it now Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • MSN weather is alright for me
  • I like it as well, I found that accuweather used more data
  • Pretty nasty looking, still. A third of the screen just shows the temp and the rest of the information is in tiny sections. Not the best use of screen space. Looks rushed. And the live tile defaults to Fahrenheit, regardless of settings.
  • Agreed. I have sent several suggestions to them when it first came out. But none implemented. It is a terrible use of space and we need the ability to rearrange the layout and remove the radar from live tile for those of us that like transparent tiles. For me, I don't care for the videos being at the top. I want weather info first.
  • MSN is good for me too. Works perfect in Greece
  • still disable lock screen
  • They just released a huge television commercial for AccuWeather showing only Apple and Android store links in the ad... Thought it was an odd commercial for an app, first one I think I've ever seen on TV.
  • I still prefer Appy Weather. I think it has the best Live Tile, the cleanest design and the best forecasts - because it is mostly text. 
  • Yes, a big +1 to all your points. Love that app. The developer mentioned in the past that he is slowly working on Appy Weather 2. A UWP Appy Weather would be great.
  • I'd be very happy to see a UWP Appy Weather.
  • Hi Dan.... The accuweather app has managed to fail me everytime i had pinned my hopes on it.......However there is a nice little alternative to all weather apps....strawberry works like a tiles perfect notifications always on time....and has never crashed.....and has been my go to weather app replacing the msn one.....i would suggest eberyone to give it a try....and its universal....the best part is the developer is very responsive.....
  • Fugly app. I'm staying away.
  • Ugliest **** i want stay old version
  • just wondering why clicking the download icon still redirects me to the browser/store website instead of the store app. Is it a WC App issue, or Windows still doesn't have a direct connection for opening store links in store apps?
  • Live bile not working on my Lumia 640. Just getting a picture of the sun on my system background.
  • Tried it but the UI was a turn off. This revamp, looks better, but still not that great. Will try it for a few weeks, though.
    I liked Amazing Weather HD, despite its price, now use the built in MSN Weather app, which is okay.
    Yahoo needs to bring their app to W10, as their app for iPad looks gorgeous and is dead accurate for my area down to a minute
  • IMHO the Accuwether app layout for mobile is actually much better than the desktop one.  It is also one of the few apps where I think it looks better in light theme than dark theme.  I agree with Daniel that it is fast to load and update weather - but I found the overall speed to be slow since the slowest thing to load is the ad - by far.  Since I use this on all of my devices paying $3.99 to get rid of the ads was worth it, as it is much faster and the layout looks better, especially on mobile
  • Wish MS would let me uninstall the stock app that has no reliable data (100% chance of precipitation on a day where it shows no hourly chance over 50%). I hate having redundant apps installed, especially whne one has a reliability level of 0.