Windows Phone App Review: MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal for Windows Phone

MyFitnessPal is a neat app for your Windows Phone to helps you track your workouts and diet as you work towards an established weight goal. It's a rather simple tracking app that taps into a healthy amount of resources. MyFitnessPal boasts the largest food database with over 1.2 million items and based on using the app over the past few days, I believe it.

The interface is easy to pick up on and a bar code scanner just in case your meal isn't listed in the database, MyFitnessPal is an impressive fitness and health app for your Windows Phone.

When you first launch MyFitnessPal, you will be walked through an account (free) setup wizard. You'll enter your height, weight, weight loss goals, exercise routine, and other various tid bits. Once you've set up your account the app sends you the main pages.

The main pages of MyFitnessPal includes:

Home Page: Here's where you can find your daily calorie count. The calorie count is established when you set your weight loss goals and exercise routine. Up top you'll see your daily goal, current calorie count, any loss from exercise, and your net calorie intake.

At the center of the screen you will find your remaining calories for the day and below that is your nutrient intake summary. Your nutritional summary displays your current intake, a daily goal and balance remaining.

You can add a meal via the Home Page or from the Diary Page.

Diary Page: This is a more detailed layout of your food intake and exercise. Up top you have your daily activity summary (just like you find on the Home Page) and then your breakdown of your meals and exercise.

To add a meal, tap the + sign to pull up the entry screens. You choose your meal and search the for the food item. You can search by keyword or by scanning the barcode on the food's packaging. You can save meals that you eat regularly to speed up the process.

You also have button bars up top to access your frequent and recent foods, your added foods, your meals and recipes. There is also a "multi-add" button at the bottom of the screen for you to add your complete meal without a lot of back and forth.

At the end of the day, you go to the bottom of this page to finish logging activities.

Progress Page: Here is where you can chart your progress towards your weight loss goal. You can track you weight as well as your neck, waist, or hip measurements. Just enter your daily measurement and a progress chart is graphed.

More Page: I guess you would call this your app maintenance page. It holds options to edit your profile, edit foods and exercises, tap into MyFitnessPal's settings, view FAQ, logout and view the About screen.

Settings include two options. One to show all meals for favorites lists and another to show complete entry button on the Diary page. If you ever need to change your weight loss goal, all you need to do is edit your profile and MyFitnessPal will adjust things accordingly.

MyFitnessPal also has web interface to allow you to update your daily activities from a desktop computer. (opens in new tab) also provides a social network community to offer support while getting and staying in shape.

In using MyFitnessPal over the past few days I found it to be a helpful app to track fitness and diet activities. The user interface is simple to pick up and the app does help push you in pursuing your weight loss goals. I like the web access to your MyFitnessPal in that it lets you continue to track things when your Windows Phone isn't available.

The only downside to things is that your data doesn't appear to stay on your phone. Instead you have to connect to the MyFitnessPal server to retrieve your information. It does save a smidgen of space on your phone but it does slow up the process just a hair.

All in all, I would easily recommend MyFitnessPal to anyone who is tracking thier exercise and diet. MyFitnessPal is a free app that you can grab here (opens in new tab) at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • I approve of this app, it's better than the Android equivalent, which is a nice change.
  • It is a neat little app, but my biggest gripe is that you can spend several minutes on it and use several screens to search for food items and input them, but then when you want to exit the app, there is no way that I can find other than hitting "back" about 100 times. I know a lot of Windows Phone apps are annoying like this, but I haven't seen any that were obnoxious to this degree, simply because the only way to exit is to hit "back" however many pages you visited, and because of the sheer number of pages you access in any given session.
  • Can't you just hit the home button? I'm confused.
  • No you can't it would pause the app in multitasking.
  • But he said to exit the app. You exit by hitting the home button instead of hitting back so many times. What's the difference?
  • This is great!
  • I highly recommend this to people trying to lose weight. It was the best thing I did. The first month I lost a ton. After a while you start to be very aware of what you eat and how much. It becomes fun to use once you get into it actually
  • Great app with and brilliant website and database. Here's hoping we get a live tile in the near future.
  • I love this app. I was stuck at around 54 pounds, and this app helped me keep going. I am at 112 pounds down as of today thanks to this app. I like the fact that you can post your excercises and weight loss progress on FB and Twitter. It helps hold me accountable.
  • I used MyNetDiary on an iPhone and on android to lose 30lbs. This app is a reasonable alternative but not as functional or easy to use. To be effective you need to be able to add your meals and snacks quickly and easily. I found that it was quite cumbersome. Maybe with more use I'll get used to it but at the moment it's too clunky.
  • This is the app I have been using for a few weeks now and it's great. I would say that the required internet connection slows it down a lot more than a hair, but the fact that all my data can then be accessed on the desktop is worth it.
    My biggest gripe is the lack of social interaction on the phone side. It's great on the desktop website, but not here yet. Otherwise fantastic. Great review!
  • One of the most used apps on my phone. Improve the social interactions and you have a all around winner.
  • Fantastic app.  Integrates nicely with my Withing scale, Endomondo, and Microsoft's Health Vault.  Out of all the health mobile apps that I use, I use Myfitnesspal the most.