Windows Phone App Review: Sports Now

SimzzDev has a nice sports information application out over at the Windows Phone Marketplace. Sports Now will bring the latest scores, news and standings for several sports leagues to your Windows Phone.  I say "several" instead of "favorite" because the app only covers the NBA, MLB, NHL and NFL sports. It is our understanding that eventually more sports categories will be added but for now, the app only covers these four leagues.

Still... Sports Now looks nice, takes advantage of the Windows Phone tiles, and does deliver a good amount of information to your Windows Phone. You do have the ability to tag teams as a favorite for quick access and the ability to pin games to your Start Screen.

The layout of Sports Now is fairly simply and relies heavily on tiles. The main screen has you choosing your sport and each sport page has a series of tiles that will send you to editing your favorite teams, view your favorite teams, view scores, view standings, view stats, view news, view tweets, and view the developers About page.

From the Scores page you can pin individual games to your Start Screen that will keep you updated on the game. Games will automatically update every 20-30 minutes or you can manually refresh the page with the refresh button found on the Scores Page.

It appears that all information is pulled from ESPN so you have to ask "why not just use the ESPN app?". After using Sports Now for a few days, I think that Sports Now has a much easier, user friendly interface than ESPN ScoreCenter. Sports Now is limited (for the time being) on the number of sports categories but the navigation is more straight forward.

I think if Sports Now will add more sports categories (collegiate sports is a must) and dial down the automatic refresh rate, it would be a really nice sports information app for your Windows Phone. Twenty to thirty minutes for an automatic refresh is a little too long of a delay.  In most cases that's half the game.

As is, Sports Now is a decent sports information app for your Windows Phone and worth a try. Sports Now is a free, ad-supported app that you can grab here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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George Ponder

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