Windows Phone App Review: SuperTimer

Here's a nice timer app for your Windows Phone, Supertimer. Supertimer is a combination timer and stopwatch that takes advantage of the Windows Phone panoramic layout and metro style with up to four live tiles.  Supertimer has potential but there are still some hurdles to overcome with stability and the live tiles, while a nice touch, may not be living up to their potential.

Supertimer's pages are laid out as follows:

Timers: You can set up to three countdown timers with Supertimer. Just tap the gear button on each timer display to set your default time, any message you would like to appear when the timer alarms, and the sound setting. You have the traditional buzzer, a beep alarm, an eggtimer and my favorite, the Chinese flute.

To set a timer, you can tap on the default listing or tap on the time display to set a different time.

Stopwatch: It's your basic stopwatch with start, stop, lap, and clear lap controls. What's nice is the lap times and stop times will appear at the bottom of the screen.

About Screen: This is your customary about screen that details the app's version, how to contact the developer, share the app via Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Settings: You have two categories of settings. Global deals with how the app itself runs (run under lock screen, disable lock screen, use accent colors, etc.). You also have live tile settings that turn on or off any of the four live tiles. Each timer can have a live tile as well as the stopwatch. The live tile settings will also present you with option on which icon you would like to use (21 to choose from).

Supertimer is a decent timer/stopwatch app for your Windows Phone but there are a few issues. Supertimer seems to be prone to crashing. I wouldn't call it critical but enough to take notice and be a little frustrating.

I like the live tiles for each timer and the stopwatch. The tiles are nice but they could be better. I couldn't help but think it would have been better for the tiles to show the actual time on the timers or stopwatch. Not being a developer, I'm not sure if that's possible but it would make the live tiles a lot more appealing.  

There's also a odd quirk with the stopwatch tile.  The tiles show the timer's start time and whether or not the stopwatch is on. However, if the stopwatch is running in the background and you tap the tile you will be sent to the stopwatch only to find it stopped and reset to zero.

All in all, I liked Supertimer and I think it has potentialThe Windows Phone app was laid out nicely, I like the concept of having live tiles for each timer/stopwatch, and you have a few choices as to what sound alerts you that time's up. But the stability issues really holds this app back. Improve the stability and beef up the live tiles and Supertimer will really shine.

Supertimer is a free app that you can find here at (opens in new tab) the Windows Phone Marketplace.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Great app. I downloaded this app awhile back and has always been satisfied. It had an update release yesterday as well. A must have app for WP imo.
  • This one is great. I use it for many things. Make a pay version please with no adds :)
  • Love app. Been using for running
  • I appreciate the app, but have had issues with the countdown timer alerting me in vibrate mode. One time I went back to the app and found it had reset (yes, using the Back functionality, not starting it anew) or perhaps it had gone off without any notification. Better alerts would help there.  It looks really promising but just hasn't worked well for me for the timer function. :(
  • Good app, I use it for my tea brew time :P
  • I use this app for a while now and I really like it. the only complaint I have is with the name (and this is something general and true for most of the apps). I now have a couple of apps installed and looking for one in particular using the list in WP7 is a pain because you dont have to look for the timer app, no you need to look for the SUPERtimer app. Took me a while to find it when i needed it...
  • Just use the search icon on the app list page and type "timer" will usually populate after just TI for me ;)
  • I use this all the time when I'm grilling on the BBQ. I can set different times for the different items. Its worked flawlessly every time.
  • Same here. Works flawless while I time my steaks on the grill and others stuff on the stove at the same time and I still jam on my wireless headphones and surf the web. Third phone with it and only once or twice had it lose my background stopwatch time or alarm time.
  • Very satisfied, have been using for several months. I keep 3 " frequently" used timers pinned to start and as I am the cook at my house I use almost every day.
    Been playing around with Multi Timer and like the fact it offers so many custom timers but it has not been as reliable getting my attention as it only goes off one short time and I don't always  hear it  .
  • This is a little bit off topic, but did anyone observed any changes after today's Skype update?
  • I understand the developer is considering stopping  further development in three months when his App Hub term runs out. (A recent note that popped up within the app!)
    Apparently not enough revenue generated. I sure hope this is not true! He should drop the ads and make this a PAID app. This app has the potential to become an essential WP app!
  • I've had it for a while, excellent!
  • Unfortunatly - the live tiles cannot show the running time because we don't actually have multitasking with WP7 - only task switching.  The reason it appears to reset the timer back to zero when you press the live tile from the start screen - you are actually starting a new copy of the program - not returning to the already running copy.  So while it's no the desired behavior - it's not actually a bug either - just the way WP7 was designed.
  • when you choose the tile from your start screen  on an already activated timer when it pops up choose the "cancel" button and it will display the current elapesed time on the previously started timer and will be running as if you never left. Hope that makes sense it confused me at first but does work without re zeroing the timer.
  • I use it for my film development. 3 chemicals, 3 timers. Like it was made for it!
  • just downloaded it and it's my new favourite timer/stopwatch now.  Unfortunately, the only thing holding me back from using it as my primary stopwatch is that it doesn't show the total time after EACH lap time (I need that to track the times of mutliple runners).  Once that feature is included i can uninstall StopwatchXB (which does have that feature).
  • Great app and I don't have any problems with it crashing.
  • Really like that app thanks for the suggestion
  • I like SuperTimer, but I ended up using this app for timing and countdowns:
    It is free (but with ads) and doesn't have live tiles, but it works really well and supports many more timers.
  • I don't understand why this app resets the stopwatch if you re-launch the app. The only way to keep the stopwatch going is to back into the app. The countdown timers on the other hand continue to run no matter how you launch the app. Whatever logic he applied to the countdown app to allow it to keep running needs to be applied to the stopwatch.
    The beauty of a time related app like this is that you don't have to keep the app running in the background. You just save off the time that you started the timer/stopwatch, and everything else is based off of that time.
    Fix the stopwatch and this is truly the best timer app out there.
  • Wow the fact it keeps running after hitting the back button is impressive