Bible Verses Free

If you are so inclined to follow Bible verses, take a look at Bible Verses Free over at the Windows Phone Store. The app may not appeal to everyone but it's a nicely laid out app to deliver over 2,000 verses from the Bible.

Verses can be side scrolled by swiping at the screen or you can use the on-screen directional arrows.  Verses can be bookmarked for easier reference and shared via Twitter, Facebook, email and SMS. Bible Verse Free can easily be adapted as a verse-a-day app.

Bible Verses Free

Bible Verses Free is a simple, yet effective app for your Windows Phone but there is some room for improvement. For starters, the main pages feel a little cluttered. You have one view for bookmarked verses and another for the main library of verses. I would have rather seen a three dot menu available for sharing the verses to give the app a little cleaner look.

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The other standout item is the lack of a search button. Granted not everyone is going to miss a search button but if present, you could use this as a reference app.

While there is some room for improvement, overall I found Bible Verses Free to be a nice app. It won't appeal to everyone but if you are looking for a Bible Verse app, it's worth checking out.

Bible Verses Free is, as the title implies, a free ad supported app that you can find here at the Windows Phone Store.

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