Sure we love bringing you folks the latest on Windows Phone 8 or what executive is leaving Microsoft this week, but what many of you really want to know is what about the 7.8 upgrade?

While we still don’t know what it will contain, or rather if it will have more than just a new Start screen, we always knew it was destined to come after Windows Phone 8 comes out. Now, Windows Phone Brazil (official Twitter account), has responded to a question about that update to current Windows Phones.  The answer is that the 7.8 update is expected for Brazil in Q1 2013, which sounds about right to us (and is vague enough to leave some wiggle room).

We’re going to take a guess that such an announcement is not actually official and that tweet may even be deleted. What’s more, it could vary with regions and of course carriers too. In other words, there is still plenty of mystery and did anyone really expect this before Christmas?

Source: Twitter; Thanks, Igor M., for the tip!