Windows Phone Brazil expects 7.8 update in Q1 2013

Sure we love bringing you folks the latest on Windows Phone 8 or what executive is leaving Microsoft this week, but what many of you really want to know is what about the 7.8 upgrade?

While we still don’t know what it will contain, or rather if it will have more than just a new Start screen, we always knew it was destined to come after Windows Phone 8 comes out. Now, Windows Phone Brazil (official Twitter account), has responded to a question about that update to current Windows Phones.  The answer is that the 7.8 update is expected for Brazil in Q1 2013, which sounds about right to us (and is vague enough to leave some wiggle room).

We’re going to take a guess that such an announcement is not actually official and that tweet may even be deleted. What’s more, it could vary with regions and of course carriers too. In other words, there is still plenty of mystery and did anyone really expect this before Christmas?

Source: Twitter; Thanks, Igor M., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • MS Could release it in Q1, but AT&T would hold it up until June, 2013 citing testing reasons
  • With their track record I'm not holding my breath that's for sure..
  • I wouldn't count on it at all from AT&T. They could have up dated our Windows 7.5 phone a long time ago! The disappearing keyboard drives me absolutely crazy on my HTC Titan!!
  • Not defending AT&T, but Samsungs and the Nokia 900 have all been updated months ago. The Titan has been ignored by HTC.
  • No, that's not true.  ATT has NOT updated the Samsung Focus.
  • Why? We always have to wait long for something with windows..dang!
  • I am starting to feel a pull towards Android. Sure, WP is great, but at least with Android there are more options when official updates are "delayed". Guess I really shouldn't be surprised... It should be expected by now. Honeymoon's over.
  • It's deja vu - in a bad way. I really hope wp7.8 is worth the wait.
  • Same here
  • Yea go to Android where there's not a guarantee that you'll ever get an update yea that's smart
  • Two year old galaxy nexus got jelly bean 4.2 today! Not that bad by android
  • It was, however, the undeniable flagship phone for a long time, meaning it was a high-priority device. As long as you pick up a high-priority phone, you're likely to get support.
  • Yeah thats one device out of 10-20... How much android device are out there with 2.3 3? Far more then with 4 4.1 4.2 that says much of the updates of android
  • All i ment is that android is not that bad on updates if you pick the right phone
  • Android is much much much worse about updates!!!  Especially if it is on AT&T.  You won't see any improvment on Android.
  • Android updates here in sweden is not that bad. Same with or without carrier
  • I felt that urge not too long ago, and got myself the Galaxy Nexus unlocked straight from Google. For buying a phone off-contract, you can't find a better deal. The same can be said of the new Nexus 4. Plus you avoid the whole OS upgrade nightmare. The new Nexus 4 is on sale today, and 4.2 is being made available for the unlocked Galaxy Nexus from the Play Store. I find that my phone gets an update about 3 days after the announcement. It is a nice feeling to have these updates.
    Having said all that, I miss my Lumia 900. I had a few opportunities to sell the thing, but never pulled the trigger. Sometimes it was because I wanted a few more dollars or because I decided that the buyer was just too far away for driving in rush hour traffic. I've decided to keep the phone, and will switch back once 7.8 hits. There is a lot I miss about WP.
  • Agreed!
  • Well here in the states it isn't Microsoft so much ad it is our carriers. (I'm talking to you At&t). They are notorious for this
  • +1
  • I have to feel bad for my poor counterparts in the US...for as much as Rogers gouges us in the Canadian market, I've never had issues getting updates in a timely fashion, and I'm using a plain ole Focus...
  • I'll leave Santa my Lumia 710 with milk and cookies and exchange for Htc 8x + Nokia Purity Pro
    But Not Even Santa can make it happen in this economy
  • I think a lesser update before Christmas should be reasonable.
  • Oh dear! No bobody expected it to be released so late. I really thought it would have been released within weeks of WP8 hitting the market. To be honest, I have my doubts as to whether it will indeed come at all, as most Windows phone owners will probably upgrade to WP8. 
  • I was thinking the same thing. Yet, in developing nations I'm sure 7.8 will be sold for at least another year.
  • I don't think it is late... Ms do have their hands full at the minute, and 7.8, while important, isn't the hugest if priorities... If it come q1 2013 I'll be happy
  • That`s LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Q1 2013 = late march/april I presume. Sad.
  • April isn't Q1..
  • Could be Q1 depending on their fiscal calendar. Unless they mean Gregorian calendar Q1...
  • They should have released 7.8 at the same time as they released windows phone 8
  • Agreed but I think they had their hands full with WP8, seeing as that finished so late too.
  • The longer this update waits the less point there is to it at all. Here's a tip for MS, free of charge: if you are going to release an update for a dead end OS to attempt to appease it's users, it is best to do do before the majority of them have access to the next version of the OS. Delays make this update nearly pointless.
  • +1
  • "it is best to do do before the majority of them have access to the next version of the OS."
    Well that is exactly the point. That way more people are likely to see the benefits of the new OS version and switch over, instead of installing a superficial update, not seeing the benefits (because they maybe even get a few of the new enhancements), conclude that they are satisfied and decide that they can stick to their old phones for lower monthly subscription costs (outside of the US) for a little while longer. Also, I doubt that they have put any work into 7.8 until now, I think 99% of the workhours went into WP8 and they have just now started work on 7.8.
  • While this may be true, it would be pretty disingenuous to the consumer. "Don't worry, we're still going to get you the most important interface change. Nut we'll purposely make you wait so long that it will be nearly pointless.". I'm actually not cynical enough of the new MS to believe that's true.
  • Oh no. This is soooo not good
  • ...
  • FTFY: ATT -"non Lumia" WP customers should be expecting the 7.8 update Q4 2013 ... or more likely ............ never. I can imagine it now. 
    ATTrep: Hello, my name is Cheryl, how can I help you today?
    ME: Hey Cheryl, where is the 7.8 update for my HTC Titan? ATTrep: I was not aware that Microsoft had an update available. ME: WTF!? It was released to Nokia Lumia customers several weeks ago and to other WP customers on the other carriers! ATTrep: Oh was it now, let me check?  .......checking....... Thank you for waiting, it seems like it was pushed out to our Lumia 900 customers.  I am not sure why it was not pushed out to other Windows Phones though.  I will have to talk to my supervisor about this, please hold on.  .........talking.........Thank you for waiting, my supervisor stated that it will be coming to your devices ... sometime, but right now we do not have a release date yet. ME: ARRRRRHHH! -angry face! .... hangs up phone. ...........................................several months later...............................................repeat same conversation. True story that I didn't make up.  - In fact, I had that same exact conversation with an ATT rep about the Tango update.  -Thank god for XDA :)
  • lmao oh gosh I read this twice. Im at work and literally BOL I almost got in trouble
  • Lololol - that Cheryl from ATT grinds my gears! Anyway. It's so true, that it's funny.
  • Sad but true.
  • Microsoft is bypassing the carriers with this update.
  • Unfortunately, we do not know if this is true or not. MOST likely it will not bypass the carriers....which was probably the reason why most WPs on ATT did not get the Tango update. As soon as MS announced 7.8, ATT probably cancelled the Tango push to the other phones bc they would have to do it all over again....but then again, im just speculating here as carriers do not like pushing updates to their customers. They want their money and updating phones does not get them any closer to that. Why update when you can just get a newer phone? Which is also why this 7.8 update is probably being released so late by MS.
  • The moment its out officially you can install it using the cab sender method which is very easy, please stop complaining!! (lumia 900 user)
  • Way later than expected. Guess that's what we get for being early adopters. We should of known better.
  • Also its kinda obvious they just trying to get us to upgrade.
  • I kinda regret for being early adopter..
  • I definitely regret jumping to WP in 2010. Granted, I can upgrade now, but those were a painful two years.
  • @aubreyq - What was painful during those two years? I'm a Gen1 Focus user. I get my email, my text messages, and my phone calls. When I'm in the grocery store and want to look up a recipe for xxxxx, Internet Explorer works.  Where is the pain??
  • Yeah, I don't get aubreyq either... WP was still the best platform for those two years. People that still have a year to go have a much bigger problem...
  • Agreed, if I was so upset with the platform that I'd find it painful, I'd be ditching it entirely. In fact, given the system is only 2 years old, if I had pains within the first month, I would have returned the handset and gotten a galaxy most likely. Most smartphones have a 2-3 year lifespan, and I can still transfer most/all of my information to the next device within the same general ecosystem. We're getting continued support to make things better for everyone that can't upgrade at the 2 year mark. In Canada, I'm stuck with 3 year terms instead of 2 year terms for phones where I'll probably need to bully my carrier through retention to get a proper upgrade for my focus, if I can't upgrade to a 920 right away, I'll be more than happy to use 7.8 to get the most out of what I've got.
  • Where's the pain??? Well, some YouTube videos still can not be played, still no bluetooth file transfer, my live tiles completely stopped being LIVE some months ago and I don't know what happened so I need a fix...
  • Windows is trying to fool around with us. It just keeps on delaying the update
  • I think you mean Microsoft. and it's not really delayed when they never announced when it would be released.
  • Out! I will keep my 900 as a backup. Nexus 4 will be my phone for the next year. Hope Wp8 blows up and over takes all so I have reason to come back. Later, I know I'm a fair weather fan but after a focus and a lumia I paid my dues MS should value me not leave me hanging.
  • I don't understand what switching gains you.
  • Ohh Microsoft why, why? Always making our competitors laugh at us...smh :'(
  • Am I the only one remembering Belfiore saying it will land 90 days after WP8 launches? That means late January. Why any of you thought otherwise I don't understand.
  • I think you are the only one
  • No - I remember hearing the same thing....90 days.
  • Can anyone point me to a source where this was heard? I totally missed this...
  • Actually... YES I DID expect it before Xmas lol. Dafuq MSFT!?
  • Well. I upgrade in March anyways. I guess it will give me a sample of WP8, provided it comes before then(in the US) and for the Focus. Hopefully the 920 or 8x will be dirt cheap by then :-)
  • The 920 is dirt cheap now for the hardware you get. Although I had an interesting story. I went on release day to buy my L920 and the clerk said they don't have the wireless chargers in stock and they need to be mailed. In order to do that they would discount the phone $50 more to just $50 and then I would just buy the wireless charger for $50. At the time I had cash on me and my wife had taken my debit card and he couldn't order the wireless charger without a debt or credit card. So he wanted me to call him later that day to take care of it and order the charger. I then found out Nokia will be giving them away for free on the 16th so I never called the clerk back. Long story short I got my 920 for $50 and I will get the wireless charger from Nokia. :)
  • ;)
  • LOL nice!
  • Yeah I expected it before Xmas. Seriously, they always knew that WP8 was going to be separate OS for years as MS have stated so surely they would've decided a long tome ago what they would do with WP7 so surely they would've been developing WP 7.8 while they've been developing WP8 so I don't really see why there has to be such a huge delay a part from the reason they want WP8 to sell big first. So I say just get it out already cause i know a heap of people i recommended Lumia 800's to and are a bit annoyed that they could be missing out on because of purchases that were made only 4 to 6 months ago.
  • Wtf man, we still have to wait till 2013 q1? Nah..
  • wp7.5 doesnt have multi core processor, no real multitasking, no nfc and much more of nothing. So i dont think holding the 7.8 update this long will help selling the wp8 devices. They are so different. This is just another bad decision in a series of decisions that threw MS off the smartphone race. wp8 devices are all high end smartphones. So releasing wp7.8 update for the low end windows phone can only help them. I dont know who takes these decisions for MS but i do feel sorry for him/her.But you have to admit,mango runs so smoothly compared to the same range android phones. Thats the reason i got this phone and i hope this update doesnt screw it up.
  • This is like giving someone a bad tattoo. I personally, if I was Microsoft, wouldn't want "ugly" 7.5's being carted around, possibly turning potential new customers away. Now it doesn't really matter in the whole scheme of things I know. But id push the update sooner then later just to have as many flashy "7.8/wp8 start screens out there.
  • If they are going to wait that long there is little point in it at all
  • Exactly
  • Seriously.
  • I think while they are pushing the live tile adverts with celebs etc, they will not push the update as they probably think new customers will get confused, and purchase "older" & "cheaper" handsets and lose cash on new handset sales
  • Finally someone getting how things actually work...
    MS will not release WP7.8 now, because many people would not get a brand new WP8 otherwise. Simple math...
  • I disagree. When you go into an AT&T store or best buy, the phones there are NEVER upgraded. If MS gave us 7.8 now, I guarantee that the Lumias, Focus 2s and Titan IIs would still be on 7.5.
  • If that is the problem, then it's easily fixable by deploying the update only to existing consumers, and not allowing the update to come preinstalled on phones. Don't you think?
  • Love my L900 and have been holding my wife off updating her iPhone to the new one, with a view to getting her into WP8.
    Still waiting for a release date for the HTC 8x in AU..... That coupled with the frustration of waiting for any official notification about 7.8 (not complaining about the wait, but the lack of info), I simply couldn't keep trying to sell WP to her any longer. She's now happy with her new iPhone 5.
    I was really looking forward to both being on the same platform. After setting up her iPhone, it's just so painfully bland.
    Seriously, how hard is it to treat your loyal customers with a little respect.
    Whoever is calling the shots at MS needs a bullet.
    Rant finished, I'm now officially over it!
  • Argh as much as i want to get a 920 or 8x, i spent $$$ on my Lumia thinking it will last my whole 2 year contract, i mean come on. im very tempted to get the 920 off contract but still, i felt like i just wasted my money buying the 900. Yeah im just bummed with all these rumors. They should of at least told us when 7.8 is comin!
  • You wasted money because you can't have new tile sizes? Seriously? I'm so over people complaining. Does your phone not do everything you want it to right now?
  • Sadly the complaining will never stop
  • It won't stop cuz the OS still needs some fixes... And NO, the phone is still NOT doing what it should be doing...
  • I made an account just to say this is BS. As a WP user I feel like im being put to the side, much like 7.8 is. Its like c'mon I've only had my Lumia900 a couple months and its outdated. No WP8 or its apps. At the very least give me 7.8 this year. Im bummed...
  • You should of just waited a few months and gone straight to wp8. Again, your phone isn't outdated. They haven't even announced new features for 7.8. For all you know you are just getting new tile sizes. How does not having the update make it outdated?
  • And for all we knew, we thought we would be getting the Apollo update (WP8) on our phones up until the announcement date. I would hold my breath...
  • I feel the same, was hoping to get 7.8 before xmas. :( 
  • Lucky for me I should be getting my 8X in the next couple of days and selling my HTC HD7, so I will not have to wait for this update which takes a ridiculously long time.
    I always thought that when WP8 came out Microsoft wouldn't be in a hurry to sort the loyal WP7 users out with the update.
  • Anyone knows when 7.8 comes too europe?
  • Updates are usually released here in Brazil with about 6 months delay for the rest of the world, if WP 7.8 is expected in the first quarter, certainly will be released in the U.S. and Europe later this year.
  • I was thinking the same thing but assumed everyone on commenting on the post was from Brazil. I hope USA gets it soon.
  • They lose me with this update nonsense. I'll try android next.
  • You say that like android is better? My last android handset got 1 update and then I was cut off!
  • Where you probably won't get an update at all. Not the smartest idea.
  • I expected this update before Christmas. Im disappointed. With the what seems to be WP8 related bugs, Lumia bugs and delays im starting to seriously doubt it will succeed in selling and they are seriously putting my down. This is bad all across the board. Microsoft have great ideas and products, but they need to finish them, promote them, stand by them and support them. They are destroying them selfs. :-(
  • There still hasn't been proper "official" statements, so don't rule out anything until we actually hear more first
  • Android is buggy as hell!! Don't do it!lol
  • +1
  • Android sucks with updates too...they only update the most Popular phones
  • Interesting
  • we have to get 7.8 right now! IS A MUST!! 
  • i was expecting it till new year... So 7.8 and 8 can sell side by side, 7.8 a little bit cheaper but with good hardware, and 8 more expensive but with wp8 and a great hardware, the the best solution for evey market you cover then the price range from 130€ nokia lumia 610 (7.8) od the 510 to the nokia lumia 920, htc 8x, samsung ativ s... So you have all these devices for everybody. And not everybody is gonna buy outright an wp8 if they not in tech like we all here. Europe could be a good market for low end devices like 710, 800, 900 and the titan titan 2, samsung focus 2 because here are a lots of people buying a phone without contract... The same is with asia and china.
  • That is truly disappointing for us early adopters. We should be rewarded for being the first to commit to a new mobile ecosystem.
  • Or at least reward the die-hards. I think MS could have done with 7.8 what they did with Mango, which is release a beta that us techies & evangelist can run now and let the others wait. Use us to sell the product instead of pushing us to the side and angering many.
  • The big problem is nobody at M$ and AT&T care about customer service to us early adopters. M$ should of never let carriers control updates, does your ISP control if and when you get an update on you computer? M$ should grow a pair and force AT&T to release any and all updates in a timely manor. Someone could make a legal case that AT&T is allowing our devices open to an attack for "blocking" updates.
  • I honestly wouldn't mind the waiting if Microsoft just came clean about what features will be on 7.8, if it's just the Start screen at least say it already.
    I don't think they can announce something and then never talk about it again for months and still keep people happy. You can't have post-facto secrecy. Anyway, I'm still happy with my Lumia and the mystery of 7.8 will have to do until I'm eligible for an upgrade.
  • AWW!!! totally BUMMED! :(  was hoping to have it for Christmas as MS' Christmas Gift looks like that's not happening. OK. so I can expect it as a Birthday Gift in March! Fantastic! 
  • It feels like MS doesn't give a rat's ass about early adopters and those who have embraced the platform by getting 7.5 phones (which we knew that wouldn't be incompatible with WP8 anyway).
    What's so difficult about releasing an update for the main screen for instance? Didn't we shell cash out for those things? Didn't we get to suffer the endless smart-ass remarks about how fool we were for not getting Androids or iPhones?
    MS should at least give us SOMETHING, not a "maybe next year, who knows" b.s speech.
    I don't believe those MS corporate dudes would hang the 7.8 release fearing people would favor it instead of going for a WP8 phone. It makes no sense at all.
    Geez, don't make me go back to the fruit side of the force!
  • It feels like MS doesn't give a rat's ass about early adopters and those who have embraced the platform by getting 7.5 phones (which we knew that wouldn't be compatible with WP8 anyway).
    What's so difficult about releasing an update for the main screen for instance? Didn't we shell cash out for those things? Didn't we get to suffer the endless smart-ass remarks about how fool we were for not getting Androids or iPhones?
    MS should at least give us SOMETHING, not a "maybe next year, who knows" b.s speech.
    I don't believe those MS corporate dudes would hang the 7.8 release fearing people would favor it instead of going for a WP8 phone. It makes no sense at all.
    Geez, don't make me go back to the fruit side of the force!
  • A colleague of mine, who never belief in a smartphone, just bought a Lumia 710. Called me at the point of decision, asking about 710. I told him the necessary facts, and he bought it anyway. I guess, not everyone on earth are like us wanting the most latest. But for WP7.x, the market is still there, at least it is in Malaysia. I guess it may be the same in China and India. By the way, he is using iPhone 4 under our corporate smartphone entitlement. His wife is using a Samsung, he is not impressed. 710 is his personal phone. Another feature phone conversion. :D
  • All want is the start screen and the equalizer that the 920 has...
  • no way..