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Windows Phone continues to make market gains in the U.S.

Kantar World Panel has released it's U.S. market analysis for the three month period ending February 2013. While Android slipped into the number one spot  with 51.2%, ahead of iOS, our Windows Phones has made a nice jump with its market share.

Compared to the same period in 2012, Windows Phone's market share went from 2.7% to 4.1%. Apple experienced a decline falling from 47% to 43.5% and RIM fell from 3.6% to 0.7%.

Kantar World Smartphone Numbers

As far as U.S. carrier sales of smartphones is concerned, Kantar World indicates that Verizon is the top carrier with 35% with AT&T coming in second at 26.7%.

Keep in mind this report only focuses on the U.S. market. It will be interesting to see how the new Blackberry Z10 (opens in new tab) or how Sprint's re-entry into the Windows Phone market will impact things as we move forward.

Source: Kantar World (opens in new tab); Thanks, everyone, for the tip!

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Ohhh yeaaaa!! We've only just begun ladies n gents!
  • Well yes, at only 4% I sure do hope that we've only just begun.
  • Lol
  • Yes... We did it 2 years ago!!!
  •   Hypnotized by drums Until forever comes You'll find us chasing the sun
  • Not Bad
  • I'd say the availability of devices on Verizon has helped. If good devices come to Sprint that should add at least another .5% which doesn't seem like much but every little bit counts.
  • I like to think that when we hit a certain threshold, maybe 10%, we could see a big change. Samsung and other OEM's would have to take WP seriously. Likewise, app developers will be much less inclined to ignore WP. Finally, the public awareness would finally take hold as people would actually start seeing these phones in the wild (I still hardly see any other person with a WP). So given all three of those factors, I think you could see WP market-share dramatically increase. We just need to get to that magical threshold.
  • +1
    Also I like to think with over 10% market share, google may start making apps for their web services. I can live without google, and have begun to do so almost entirely on principle lol, but there are many fence sitters who can't come over to WP because they are too invested in google services.
  • Well yes, usually it goes like that...

  • That graphic looks a lot like what I think the iPhone is experiencing. All the early adopters are now moving to other platforms. Though the iPhone is still extremely popular it's at the beginning of the downward slope, kinda like a marble at the apex of the hill just barely starting to roll and pick up speed. Right now Android is the big heavy hitter, but I give that 3 or 4 more years and it'll start its downward slope.
  • While the L822 and 8X are stellar phones, watch what happens when the L928 hits VZW. AT&T has had the 920, but vzw has the user base. Add the two together and just watch ...
  • Agreed! The build quality of the 8x is atrocious. Blackening corners are unacceptable.
  • They would sell more if they sold the 920 and 820 unlock with pentaband in the U.S (T-M).
  • Or even if Nokia didn't strike a deal with AT&T to make the 920 exclusive to them in the US. While I still added to the WP marketshare by buying an 8X (a device I'm very happy with), I would've bought a 920 if it came to my carrier.
  • True dat.
  • I hope Verizon brings out the 928 soon. The One and S4 on Verizon will surely eat a chunk of the market share and the sooner the 928 is launched, the better for Nokia and WP. However, with no announcement date in sight, I have almost no hope it will be launched before these other devices.
  • You'll see it during April
  • I think it will depend. In my experiences with Verizon, they seem to know who is set on a phone and who they can sell what they want to that meets their (Verizons) needs. If they want to push the One, S4, or 928, that phone will do extra well and the other will mostly be people upgrading from older versions of a previous generation.
    The one thing the 928 has going for it, in my opinion, will be iPhone 4 users ready to renew a contract. I know my wife is now sitting on an upgrade waiting to move from the iPhone 4 to a 928. Every single day she asks if I have read about a release date. She's so desperate that she has even looked into it, which is a huge deal. It will be interesting to see how many other dedicated Verizon customers tried the iPhone and have grown disappointed with it.
  • Verizon will push the 928. Why? Because, accoding to our forum VZW insider, they are significantly cheaper to support. Apparently it costs a lot less per WP8 phone sold than for Android.
  • It good to see windows phone picking up...
  • Did they count the regional GSM, and all the CDMA market (prepaid and postpaid) which does not carry wp8 devices?  They did not, and assume only the three carriers represent the entire cell phone market in the US.  Once that company includes ALL the cellphone carriers in the US, their numbers will always be inaccurate and way exaggerated.
  • Two possibilities, a) you have studied their dataset and are correct. B) you are making assumptions about a world famous market research company and should be disregarded. Until you prove me A), i will presume B).
  • If you bother to look at the report. It has all 4 major carriers plus an "other" category for prepaid, etc. Clocks in at 13% of the market.
  • I'd say nearly every smartphone sold on a pre-paid operator is Android. That's a decent little chunk of their 51%.
  • Pre-paid market offers lower profit margins but Android completely dominates this market. I'd say it makes up at least 10-15% of the Android total. Microsoft has to put a ton of money promoting Windows Phone. Samsung was prepared to pay a billion dollars to get to the top plus they far outspend everyone, probably including Apple, to promote their brand. Spend big to promote their big bet.
  • Since when are there no CDMA Windows phones? You do know that Verizon, a very large CDMA carrier sells the Nokia Lumia 822 right?
  • The 822 & 8x on Verizon take a sim card for LTE to work. I don't know alot about how Verizon is setup now but when I got my phone they called is a GSM phone not CDMA.
  • Yes LTE is a derevation of the GSM spec but voice on Verizon is still very much CDMA.
  • Step by step, ooh baby.
  • Gonna get to you girl..
  • wow we broke 3%, not bad!
  • No, it is not:
  • Except it really IS April, (comma) fools! lol just clowning... =P
  • One of the biggest problems....EVERYTIME someone sees I have a Windows Phone and asks, "I'm on the do you like that phone?", before I can answer, some duesch bag with am iPhone chimes in, "they are crap". Even after I ask what is crap about them and show they know nothing about WP, the still go on to convince the original questioner that they are garbage.
  • But they are crap.
  • you're a dork HelloJed.  But anyways...
    I had the same experience in a Micorosoft store no less!  I was just checking out the glossy finish of the yellow 920, since I have a black one, when two teenage boys walked up to the display across from me.  One of them says, "I'm thinking of saving my money to buy one of these." and the other one says, "Don't!".  I couldn't let it go.  Obviously geek#2 had no idea what he was really talking about, so I pulled my phone out of my pocket to show him I speak from experience and told lad #1 to go with his plan because it really is a great device!
  • I've never had an issue with iPhone users. It's all phandroid scum. Look at all the trolls on here. Phandroid human garbage. Hate filled douchebags.
  • Alot of trolls have been on here lately.
  • That only proves that WP is picking-up, enough for the trolls to notice and to think it's now worth their while to troll here.
  • I'm a neutral fandroid.
  • I thought you were nube_android? =P
  • You need to improve your arguments then. Show them what the phone can do. Show how much smoother, prettier and easier it is to use than an iPhone. Indeed, just let the phone talk for itself. You'll not only convince the person on the fence, but have a chance at winning over the iPhone douche.
  • Windows Phone outsold BlackBerry 6:1 :-o
  • There's work to be done, but good news indeed.
  • How many actual handsets in total does 4.1% amount to?
  • arent you only looking at 1.4% growth? so wouldnt the better question what would 1.4% growth translate to in terms of sales?
  • Year over year growth for WP would be 51.9%, which is a great number.  You're doing a simple difference of the % values.  That's not how it's done in the financial world.  Although we're looking at only a single 3-month period here it is good news for WP any way you cut it.
    Apple is looking at a 7.4% decrease YOY and Google a 12.8% increase.
  • Actually you are looking at 51% growth to go from 2.7 - 4.1, which translates to 1.4 points in the market.  In terms of sales they are 51% higher.
  • If you translate the numbers from the release last quarter to now, roughly 10-11 million handsets looks like the number. If the 928 release, followed by releases on TMO and Sprint, can keep up the momentum, WP8 will likely be in the 50 million range by the end of the summer. We could see, potentially, 70-80 million by the end of the year, but that requires that the momentum be kept up.
    Typically, these things are like snowballs. You keep rolling this tiny litttle ball, that takes for ever to become a noticeable size, but, before you know it, the thing becomes huge and is rolling down the hill at high speed. This happened to BB, then Apple, then Android. WP8 may be next, but we'll see. What will be interesting is to see what happens in 3 years and see where all the players are at.
  • Thanks for the explanation guys.
  • I'm gonna be pissed if this is an April fools thing!
  • And how does this affect u?
  • 10 % in 3 next years for nokia would be fantastic.
  • Wow Verizon is number one!?? I wonder if the 822 is responsible for the jump.
  • Probably and since the 928 is coming to Verizon that will also help..since they will have a 900 version of the phone:)
  • verizon has sold more lumia 822's then at&t has sold lumia 920's, maybe nokia should have made the 920 an exclusive on verizon?
  • They need to cut exclusivity already...its about time and time is market share =P
  • April Fools?
  • If it was April fools they would have Wp as #1 and Iphone dead last.
  • LOL that would be a good day. I will dream of this tonight apple in dead last :)
  • This was actually quite impressive jump! Good job guys, keep showing off your WP xD
  • With the Lumia 928 coming to Verizon I have a feeling that it will sell alot...helping the cause.
  • Its ridiculous over at Engadget. No one can simply say "Good job windows phone". Very irritating.
  • They wrote an article about this earlier this morning. It was actually well written and very unbiased but, I digress...
  • I was talking about people who commented on the article. I know Engadget wrote about it but many of those who commented stated "The real news is IOS lost such and such".
  • Indeed...
  • Nokia has a lot to do with WP growth and I hope MS recognizes that.
  • Damn straight since they seem to do all the the support Nokia gives their products
  • Hahaha no nokia should thank Microsoft for saving there ass for almost going out business using that stupid Symbian crap no one uses. Thanks to Microsoft for developing a awesome OS is what counts.
  • Both have been equally responsible
  • Like Android did, slowly and surely. Then Windows Phone hits a point of critical mass and BOOM!
  • I'm waiting for Microsoft to take smartphones innovation to the next level, because I know they have the funds to do so... They should have release a phone that was ahead of its time but also well refined... This would have prompted app developers and wireless carriers to jump onto the Windows Phone bandwagon... They should have planned all of this out better when they first launched then they would have been playing catch up like they are now... Release a phone that others brands try to catch up to not a phone that tries to compete with the rest
  • This is great news. We are making steady progress.
  • How could it not gain market share. Nokia and Microsoft really got something here these phones are truly beautiful device's and I think people are starting to take notice. Now it's up to Microsoft to keep it going in the right direction. Keep our fingers crossed
  • King Nokia, and Lord Elop has done it again!
  • Wow nice 4% but to make a difference it has to be 10%+
  • Awesome :D
  • Doesn't that mean that for every 10 iPhones there is a Windows Phone?
    That is much better than a while back... I'd have expected there to be a lot more iPhones given the head start.
  • If MS could cut a deal with Samsung to have them push the ATIV as hard as they push the Galaxy (starting with a name change), and release it on all major carriers with the latest and greatest tech, I'm sure they'd see a huge jump. Something like reduced license fees, reduced android royalties or a device sold milestone bonus might be a nice incentive to get Sammy on board and boosting the sales numbers. Nokia's a nice friend to have for global sales in mid to low tier markets but you need Sammy on your side for the US.
  • i've been meaning to create a forum post on this but i'll just explain here. Outside of Apple, Samsung's biggest threat is Nokia. With uncertain adoption of Windows phone and Nokia tied so closely to it, anything that helps WP gain critical mass will be a boon for Nokia. Samsung is afraid of this and are pretty much trying to slowly kill windows phone through abandonment. They still make handsets as per some contractual agreement with Microsoft, but they have put zero effort in actually trying to promote the platform. There's also the Tizen angle where they hope to be independent, but the biggest threat is a strong re-emergence from Nokia.
  • No excuses, Samsung! =P
  • Awesome! Like, totally blazin' awesome, yo.
  • Happy happy joy joy!!!!
  • Looking at the numbers it becomes clear that Nokia and HTC have done better than many expected. Still to get market share in the US and in Germany, there will be no way around Samsung. The Ativ S and Odyssey are only a small sample of what Samsung can deliver. Samsung is a very strong brand and makes many more products than just smartphones. Samsung is not Android centric, but volume minded. Samsung can make many WP8 devices, provided that they use components common to their Android line.
  • No excuses, Samsung! =P
  • Slowly but steady
  • Yea slowly but steady wins the race.
  • Yup once sprint finally gets wp8 on board there will be thousands of happy HTC Arrive users who will want to upgrade there 7.5 wp or former htc arrive users. They all can't wait use that unlimited data use :-P
  • Did anyone seen latest nokia tv commercial of grant hill basketball player who uses windows phone now. So cool
  • Honestly, I'm not surprised with Apple's number starting to fall. That's what happens when your platform's user interface remains the same over several years. Windows Phone is slowly, but surely gaining more market interest. Let's hope that Sprint makes a splash with their return to WP. Android is really picking up due to more interest in the platform, but that's because the OS is becoming the social norm in society. RIM......need we say more?
  • Amazing that isheep just continue to buy iPhones with a stale and boring GUI that hasn't changed in 5 1/2 years..
  • We'll see an exponential rise over the next year as Windows 8 becomes more mainstream, because people tend to choose and buy what is "familiar". This is true in many "sales" environments. This has been the wave Apple has ridden for years now... But they fell into the trap of not innovating for fear of losing the familiarity. As more people actually use Windows 8 and it becomes the thing you see on just about every PC, you'll see them pick Windows Phone as well. The corporate world will certainly help the adoption rate as well, as BYOD gives way to manageable devices like Surface and Windows Phone. The hole that BlackBerry left will, in fact, be filled by Windows Phone. Exponential growth coming soon, with spurious growth of the number and quality of apps for both Windows Phone and Windows 8.
  • Come on, Sprint! =D
  • How to get that grey color for my tiles?? WP8 lumia 820 user!
  • Steel
  • I will help with marketshare as soon as someone builds a 5-5.5 inch WP with an SD slot. I am ready to leave android, just need a device. I am on prepaid (Straight Talk) so I can't stream music, I MUST have SD support. And the screen size, well, as I get older the text seems to get smaller..
  • I think that's been one of windows phone's biggest problems - the devices are not good enough to match the high end android phones and there isn't enough to choose from. All the windows phones released seem to always use last year's hardware. I'd love to see HTC one-like or galaxy note-like devices running wp8 and how WP would run optimized for a Qualcomm 600/800 too. I guess as WP grows the OEMs will start giving us more variety and the latest hardware.