Windows Phone continues to top mobile OS CTR

Windows Phone has been top of the charts when it comes to advertisement CTR (click-through rate) for some time. Smaato has provided Q3 data and the trend remains the same with Windows Phone heading the way and Symbian close behind. iOS has moved from 3rd to 4th place however, with RIM moving up. This is comparing numbers and placement with Q1 data.

While the average user may not understand nor care for CTR, for developers it's key when using advertising over app purchases for revenue. The question of CPM or upfront payments has always been a tricky one to answer, but should your app be popular with adverts being displayed, the above data would suggest you should rake in some clicks. Interesting to see Android still trailing behind.

Source: Smaato, via: TechCrunch

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • This is so very true. Wp 7.5 OS is best and Fast and also best part very stable. Not like junky iphone problems and also android laggy and battery eating phone.
  • Only problem I'm having in the past few days is neither Windows Live Calendar nor my Google calendar are sending alerts to my phone and I don't know what's wrong. Everything is set up to sync properly and alerts are set properly so have no idea what setting got changed. They were working flawlessly up until a couple of days ago. Other than that, this HTC Titan is the most awesome phone I've ever had. And I went from an iPhone, to the Evo 4G, to the Droid X to the Samsung Infuse and now to the Titan and this is where I'm staying. It can only get better from here on.
  • WP sales seemed to have been boosted this week with all the promotions. Here are the sales rankings on AT&T (66 devices offered)
    18. HTC Titan (50. last week)
    30. Samsung Focus (27. last week)
    32. Samsung Focus Flash (32. last week)
    57. Samsung Focus S (51. last week)
    59. HTC HD7S (62. last week)
    62. HTC Surround (53. last week)
    66. LG Quantum (66. last week) T-Mobile (32 devices offered)
    11. HTC Radar (19. last week)
    27. HTC HD7 (18. last week) Verizon (52 devices offered)
    40. HTC Trophy (36. last week) Sprint (50 devices offered)
    29. HTC Arrive (30. last week)