WP7 experiences higher CTR [Developers]

It seems, according to Smaato, that advertisements displayed in apps on the Windows Phone 7 platform receive a higher CTR (Click Through Rate) when compared against competitors in the above chart. Symbian trails WP7 in second place, while Android has the worst CTR being beaten by iOS and RIM.

What's interesting to note is how this reflects a chronological comparison with all operating systems. One would expect Symbian to still be presently top of the books in regards to advertising click throughs etc. or even iOS with many apps that feature both in-app advertisements and purchases. Also, this makes the question for CPM or upfront payment slightly more difficult to answer. Pass through the break for more juicy data.

The second chart above narrows the data down to just USA CTR conversions. Again, WP7 tops competitors. Gigoam emailed Smaato with an inquiry and received a response from Harald Heidhardt (CMO of Smaato):

Even though Windows Phone devices from Microsoft are not that successful yet in terms of market penetration it is possible, that the novelty factor of new Windows Phone devices is contributing significantly to the higher mobile advertising performance measured in Click-Through rates.Microsoft’s own SDK is not delivering ads outside the USA yet, and it might be possible that overall there are less mobile ads presented in Windows Phone devices – therefore more attention is given to the ads in apps or mobile websites.The metrics are looking at click behavior of anonymized smartphone OS owners that are averaged out over a large number of worldwide mobile inventory and therefore give an indication on what advertisers could expect from campaigns targeted to different smartphone OS.

Some interesting figures to entice developers, especially those on the iOS platform. With the recent release of the iOS to WP7 API Mapping tool and now data that puts WP7 ahead of Apple in terms of potential advertisement revenue, there seems to be little reason why one should avoid Microsoft's new OS. What do you think of the data and the potential developers have while the OS is still young?

Source: Smaato, via: MobilityDigest, Gigoam

Rich Edmonds
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