Windows Phone Game Review: LeaderFlip

I really had no clue on what to expect when I first started playing the Windows Phone game LeaderFlip. It's a jumper game where you jump various world leaders as high as you can in an effort to reach the moon.

Now you might say, "Joy, another jumper game" but LeaderFlip was surprising fun to play. You have enough bonuses to help boost your way up the screen (some in a rather creative way) to keep things interesting. And in the end, while I don't see playing LeaderFlip for marathon sessions, it's not a bad time waster for short bits.

The main menu for LeaderFlip has options to view the developer's website, Facebook page, contact information and to rate the game listed beneath the world leader's mugshot (Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel). Below the mugshot you have options to play the game, shop the store for bonus items, view the online leaderboard and equip your character with items purchased at the shop.

Game play with LeaderFlip is like every other jumper game in the Marketplace. Tap to start your jump and tilt your Windows Phone left/right to steer your character up the screen. In jumping from platform to platform, there are some rather unique bonus items. A pint of beer will give you the shakes, a whoopee cushion will give you a boost up the screen, a stick of dynamite will blast you higher, and a green pepper will give you gas that will boost you higher (sound effects and all).

You also have platforms that halt your jumps and to resume your ascent, just tap the screen. Finally, there is a propeller hat that if hit, will send you back down the screen.

The goal is to jump as high as you can and if you miss a platform, you fall to earth and the game ends. Now I've jumped a distance as high as 300 and have yet to find the moon that is mentioned in the Marketplace description and the only world leader playable is Chancellor Merkel. There's not a help section, which would have been nice, to explain when or if you get to advance to additional leaders. If the German Chancellor is all you have available, LeaderFlip is not a complete loss because the game is a fun time waster.

LeaderFlip does have a novelty feel to it but it also has an entertainment value that seems to grow on you. There is a trial version available to let you try before you buy and the full version of LeaderFlip is currently running $.99.

You can find LeaderFlip here at the Windows Phone Marketplace


George Ponder

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