Windows Phone Game Review: The Little Skunk in the Forest

The Windows Phone game The Little Skunk in the Forest sounds more like a children's book than a gaming title. Even the games' graphics give The Little Skunk in the Forest a children's book feel. But the game isn't Scholastic Book's latest title but a decent little game for your Windows Phone.

Little Skunk's game play has you playing the role of the skunk whose mission in life is to stink up the neighborhood.

The main menu for The Little Skunk has options to play the game, view the How-to screens, choose your difficulty level (easy, advanced and pro), contact the developer and mute the sound.

The Little Skunk is a multi-level game with the first level being a tutorial that walks you through the controls and game objectives. You move your skunk by tapping/holding the skunk tail and sliding it across the bottom of the screen. Your targets will pass across the screen and you'll need to spray them with your scent by tapping on the the screen.

You have a limited number of shots (depicted by the carrot graphics in the lower left of the screen) that can be replenished by snatching up mushrooms which in turns pulls up a crate of carrots you can collect. Any critter crossing the screen is fair game except those wearing red.

If you're not quick enough, a wild boar will sneak on the screen and start eating your carrots. Lastly, you can collect apples that will give your scent shots a further trajectory to hit elevated targets. Clear your targets and you move to the next level. Run out of ammo and the game's over.

The Little Skunk in the Forest is a decent game but it's not going to appeal to everyone. Graphics are nice but, again very reminiscent of a children's fairy tale book. It's not a bad target game but I think if the animals getting hit by the skunk would run screaming from the screen or go belly-up when hit the game would be a little more appealing. Then again, if that was the case The Little Skunk would probably lose its fairy tale feel.

There is a free trial version that will let you play the first level and let you get a feel for things. The full version of The Little Skunk in the Forest is currently running $.99.

You can The Little Skunk in the Forest here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

George Ponder

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