Windows Phone Internals root access tool updated for compatibility and audio fixes

Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile device owners who feel comfortable with unlocking the hardware should check out the new 1.1 version of the third-party Windows Phone Internals tools. The update comes about a month after the tools, from XDA hacker Heathcliff were first released. which allows experienced users to enable Root Access on their phone or create and flash Custom ROMs.

In his release notes, Heathcliff states:

"This is my Xmas-present for you! Version 1.1 has a fix for the audio-issue when Root Access is enabled and it supports Root Access on the latest Windows 10 Mobile build 10.0.10586.36. You can find the new version of the tool in the Download section. It seems there were extra integrity checks for playing media. I fixed this for audio-playback. I will create a generic fix later, but this will work for now. If you already have Root Access and you experience the Audio-issue, just "Enable Root Access" again on the phone."Best Wishes for Peace, Joy and lots of Hacking in this Holiday Season!"

Small warning: We want to emphasize again that these tools should only be used by people who already understand the underlying architecture of Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile. Using them unsupervised could result in your phone becoming damaged or bricked.

Download Windows Phone Internals 1.1

Source: Windows Phone Internals

John Callaham