Windows Phone Marketplace hits 1,000 app milestone

Well that didn't take too long at all. Just the other day we hit 777 apps in the marketplace and today, just two weeks after Windows Phone 7 went "live" to the world we have hit 1,000.

We still have 14 days before the U.S. roll out, meaning at this current pace we could easily approach 2,000 releases to the Marketplace, in line with earlier estimates. Although WP7 has an uphill battle in terms of market presence, having this many applications available this early is a great sign.

via WMPoweruser

Daniel Rubino

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  • Having browsed through the marketplace, i'm amazed to see that basically every major web service is covered by at least one app. Microsoft really needs to continue to focus on getting key apps from other platforms on WP7 so that the star power of those big names attracts more attention to the platform, and in turn, more apps.
  • I hope they can get more features out soon and open up a few more APIs so we can get more 3rd party apps that we can't seem to get right now, like Skype for example. Come on MS, you gotta keep moving fast after Nov 8th!
  • Dude this is just more proof of why I'm probably going to ditch webos. Before the windows phone 7 is even released it has 1000 apps. And currently webos only has 4000+ in the market place; not including hombrewed.