Windows Phone smokes quad-core HTC One X in Malaysia

Although the "Smoked by Windows Phone" campaign will always be controversial due to its selective nature, they're still fun to watch and occasionally surprise us. Malaysia is now getting in on the action and while this contest business is a bit "old" for us we have to understand that for a lot of folks, it's not.

In the above video, a different Ben from Microsoft takes on others in the challenge to beat Windows Phone during various predetermined tasks. Nothing new there but at 1:50 we do see a challenger with the brand new quad-core HTC One X, considered by many to the new top of the line Android phone (see AndroidCentral's review). The challenge was simple: take a photo of yourself, upload it to Facebook and tag it, but due to some fumbling around with the One X, the poor participant gets his beat fairly easily.

Of course it doesn't make the One X any less impressive as this contest is a bit fixed with tasks that favor Windows Phone. And perhaps with a different user the One X would have been a lot more effective at competing. But the purpose of the "Smoked" campaign is not to be fair but rather to demonstrate the efficiency of Windows Phone for common tasks that users are likely to use everyday. That focus on simplicity is important and while Windows Phone may not be the absolute winner, it does hold its own against Android and iOS.

By the end of the event, we can see Windows Phone had 98 challenges with 92 wins and 6 losses. Not too bad. And kudos to Microsoft for showing Windows Phone getting smoked by a beaten up, six year old Nokia 3250.

Source: YouTube; via SoyaCincau; Thanks, Johnny, for the heads up

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • The guy is sooooo funny!
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  • Smoked by a Windows Phone in Germany :)
  • It got beat by a Nokia 3250 that had obviously seen better days. The Lumina 900 lost out to it's predecessor.
    Also the HTC One X? I don't believe it has a dedicated hardware camera button correct?
  • "It got beat by a Nokia 3250 that had obviously seen better days. The Lumina 900 lost out to it's predecessor."
    That is the Lumia 800 the WP guy is using. The 900 isn't even out in Malaysia yet. But I agree, that 3250 looks pretty beat up. Not surprised how the latter managed to beat the 800, since it uses a fixed focus camera compared to the latter, hence the faster picture taking.
    "Also the HTC One X? I don't believe it has a dedicated hardware camera button correct?"
    No, but it does have an on-screen camera button, similar to any other Android devices and the iPhones. It's just that the guy didn't know how to use it. Didn't amount to that much of a challenge if you ask me.
  • well, no one can call the guy with the one x an expert ;)
    But it's still funny :D
  • I love my Lumia, but I'm really starting to hate this "Smoked by Windows Phone" campaign. The whole campaign sounds like it was invented by a child that no one wants to play with... "Oh look at me, I'm better than you!" Trash.
  • Lighten up:)
  • Based on your username, it looks like youve already taken your own advice!
  • lol!!! That was too funny : )
  • " this contest is a bit fixed..."
    A bit? :-P
    The contests do generate some fantastic headlines (like this one) but they mean nothing to me in real life.
  • This guy was awesome, very animated. Glad they show they it can lose but still if you don't know your phone than no matter the challenge you will be taken done by a WP.
  • Lol it got my attention
  • The guy with the One X didn't know how to use the phone, still loved that we smoked him though
  • The one x guy derped it up, he tried to take a picture of himself, no FFC?
  • Well in that round they were supposed to take pictures of themselves. And it does have one. Clearly he has no idea what he is doing with the One X.
  • Noks rock! My Lumia I mean. I like my E61i too.
  • Its fixed, but a LOT of people do it. Bye One X
  • What about it is fixed? That the tasks are a fixed set? That the challenges show off features of WP7? What is 'fixed' about asking someone to take a photo, tag it, and upload to FB? That happens all the time. The challenge is to show that regardless of hardware specs, WP7 will most likely be able to do it faster.
  • Precisely. Thank you for "getting it." :)
  • Smoked by Windows Phone was cute and funny at CES... it's getting a little cheesy now... time to move on :'(
  • Still no short links with Microsoft SkyDrive.. Sick of MS
  • SkyDrive shortlinks are now active for Twitter photo shares. New update last week, and more to come. Check out Desktop Folder syncing soon to come too, by the sounds of it.
  • I like this guy. Definitely a good Ben fill-in. And the Smoked by Windows Phone campaign might be getting old for us, but each time Microsoft opens up a new market, it's fresh all over again.
  • Stop making pathetic excuses for the one-X we already know WP excels over Android in many things
  • Love this campaign, anyone who doesn't like it need to listen to the competition, they make me ill with the crap. Just clean fun but they are SERIOUS.
  • yeah to all those people who are "sick" of this, it's new in these other countries and still, it's entertaining to watch. I'm sure the campain will end soon but still it's fun to watch.
  • I tell you who also got smoke were George, Rich and Paul. Dan Rubino was on fire this weekend with WP story after WP story. Actually looking at Weave for all the tech sites Dan easily out paced everyone with WP stories.
  • Bye bye Lumia, Nokia 3250 will be my next phone
  • Are u stupid or something
  • He was joking... chill out yo
  • Lol the guys attitude is priceless
  • They designed the OS for taking a picture of your sandwich and posting it on facebook?  No wonder there's no database app. 
  • What the hell are u talking about? Stop posting nonsense
  • Where is the fingerprint reader and retina scanner?
  • yeah.....if you can't use your HTC oneX....than stay home :-) I'm a fan of WP but THAT wasn't even near of "smoked by blablabla" cause this little boy can't handle this phone....
  • HtC one X sucks big time..not surprise at even with quad core also lagging what..
  • Each and every phone be it WP or Android has its strenghts. My Lumia is good at a lot of things but also lags at others. Android does something else better, so does iOS. There is no reason for you to bash other phones IMO.
  • I'm sure it will die out eventually. It was funny when it started but now I think it's run its course.
  • There should be a challenge to see which device gets updated to the next major version of the OS the quickest.  (Jelly Bean vs WP8).
  • Yeah, its getting a bit old now, and its sort of rigged, but I think it was a clever move. Ask anyone what they thought of the old Windows Mobile and without a doubt, you will get answers like "slow", "laggy", "boring". The fact that there can even be such a contest gets the message across that the new Windows Phone is different. 
  • And faster.
  • The Smoked competitions are designed to point out a very interesting fact about users... consistently, nobody really knows how to use their smartphones. On an iPhone, there's too much fussing about with which app(s) to use for a series of tasks... there's no efficiency at all. On Android, they've got the tools, but the tools are too complicated for most people to figure out or develop any efficient tricks. Enter Windows Phone... the tasks people do are easy to find, easy to use, and fast, so people can discover them easily.